Biotechnology Virtual Lab Development - Harnesses Cellular And Biomolecular Processes With VR

Biotechnology Virtual Lab Development - Harnesses Cellular And Biomolecular Processes With VR

By Suffescom Solutions

July 26, 2023

Biotechnology Virtual Lab Development - Harnesses Cellular And Biomolecular Processes With VR

The word Biotechnology comprises two words “Biology” + “Technology.” Biology signifies living organisms, microorganisms, microbes, cellular components, etc. In contrast, technology defines the application of scientific knowledge to achieve practical ends. The combination of both designs changed the way of human life in several different areas. The branch of Biotechnology enables users to perform critical experiments without worrying about accidents at physical laboratories. Moreover, businesses can also scale their operations and reduce costs as per desired.

If you want to introduce a new mode of experiments at your laboratory without fear of major accidents and look for their consequences on your business reputation, you are at the right place. Suffescom Solutions, a leading Biotechnology Virtual Lab Development company, offers innovative solutions packed with advanced features, functionalities, and technologies. With more than 13 years of industry experience, we have designed and developed a diverse range of similar platforms. Time to build yours. Share your business idea with our experts, Now!

What is a Biotechnology Virtual Lab?

Biotechnology Virtual Labs are interactive, digital simulations of activities that are performed in virtual laboratory settings. It stimulates tools, equipment, tests, and procedures used to perform testing in science and engineering disciplines. The virtual laboratory enables users to perform the same test multiple times until the users understand it and are able to perform it in the physical world. Also, virtual labs for Biotechnology provide remote access to users. Therefore they can access labs in various disciplines while sitting at home.

What Are the 4 Main Areas of Biotechnology Virtual Lab Usage?

Biotechnology has applications in four major industrial areas. These include 

  • Health care (medical)
  • Crop production and agriculture
  • Non-food (industrial) uses of crops and
  • Other products (e.g., biodegradable plastics, vegetable oil, biofuels) and environmental uses.

Empower Your Business With Our Top-Notch Biotechnology Virtual Lab Development

We will help you to implement an immersive technology-based laboratory that elevates flawless experiment functionalities.

Why Does Your Business Need A Biotechnology Virtual Lab?

Biotechnology Virtual Lab platforms offer several advantages. Whether you are planning to perform hazardous experiments with 100% safety or have plans to cut costs. For every aspect, virtual biotechnology labs are the perfect solution. Here we have highlighted some of the promising reasons to choose a blockchain-based biotechnology app for your business.

  • It enables businesses to perform experiments with safety, and advanced technology helps to retain and inspire professionals.
  • As the platform is backed by blockchain technology, therefore users can access information from anywhere and anytime.
  • Biotechnology, virtual lab Development, enables businesses to control lab costs over performing several failed experiments.
  • For the new learners, it accelerates their learning experience. Moreover, they can also watch videos of previous tests.
  • The advanced technology based on smart contracts supports business operations by reducing burnout.
  • The modern technology-based method helps to save time in finding and fixing accurate chemicals.

Various Use Cases Of Biotechnology Virtual Lab in Education 

Biotechnology Virtual Laboratory development benefits educators in many ways.

Training Lab Techniques

Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory enables educators to implement the latest training techniques that boost learners' learning skills. They can introduce the latest methods, such as learning from videos, conducting quiz contests, and evaluating users' performance. Also, the new means of learning prevent users from accidents during certain experiments.

Introducing New Units

Trainers can introduce new units with the ability of 3D technology that helps learners to understand experiments in a better way. Apart from these, the usage of cellular and biomolecular processes helps to develop new technologies and introduce products in the industry.

Working Through Complex Material In-Person

The platform provides a place for a collaborative learning experience. Learners can lead the immersive experience through virtual labs, and educators can deal with questions on the spot. The two-way process enables faster learning.

Assessing Student Progress

Educators can assess learners' skills by assigning simple tasks. They can find out where the learners are lagging and how they can help to enhance knowledge.

Suffescom Solutions Introducing Critical Features

Our designed biotechnology virtual lab is packed with a variety of innovative features that offer an immersive user experience. Here’s a list of some of these;

300+ Simulations

In the education sector, our designed Virtual biotechnology lab enables educators to diversify their learning experience among various categories. Whereas in professional labs, it enables users to divide testing based on several experiments.

Embedded Quizzes

To empower learners' and users' experience, we have designed various quiz programs that enhance their experience. The subject matter-related quiz empowers their learning and motivates them to conduct more experiments.

Mentor Dashboard

VR-based mentors dashboard helps learners to understand the experiments, just like the real world. A trainer will perform certain experiments, and the learners can understand before physical testing.

Lab Manuals

We design a special segment for lab manuals that assists users in understanding lab instructions.

Supplemental Resources

Besides lab manuals and mentors' dashboards, users can access various videos, images, and theoretical notes from the app.

Prominent Technologies To Build Biotechnology Virtual Lab

To build your cutting-edge platform complying with the present requirements of customers, we introduce high-end features and functions with blockchain security.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain development technology has become a core for virtual reality-based platforms. It increases trust and enhances security, transparency, and the traceability of data shared across various networks. Therefore, learners can perform several experiments and share the reports without fretting about security features.

Smart Contract

Smart contract development has the biggest role in ensuring the success of specific testing. It enables experiments to be successfully performed only if the learners meet certain conditions. The auto-generated content offers simple and flawless functionality.


The integration of AR and VR Solutions features helps to enhance users' experience. Students can conduct experiments with more occurrence and without fear of handling material in a real environment. AR & VR are the perfect practices to avoid accidents at the workplace and enhance business efficiency.

Tokenize Every Experiment

Our designed platform has the potential to tokenize your every experiment at the biotechnology lab. We integrate ERC720, TRC20 ERC720, TRC20, ERC721 and more tokens. You will get the opportunity to secure every work with the ability of tokens.

Hire Our Outstanding Virtual Biotechnology Lab Development Team!

We have a highly professional developers team to build advanced features and packed solutions. Our team comprises market analysts, blockchain designers, developers, and a quality assurance team.

Our Virtual Biotechnology Lab Development Process

We are known for executing agile development processes for various projects. As you share your business idea with our experts, they devise a tactical business plan to benefit you immensely and deploy a project in quick time effortlessly.

Identify Your Business Scope

The process starts as your experts analyze and determine your virtual biotechnology app development idea. We figure out your business scope and potential to unlock the opportunities using. We work on who will be your target audience. Why will they need your virtual biotechnology app? What will be your monetization strategy, and so on?

Data Collections And Preprocessing

After understanding your business idea, our team proceeds with data collection. We find out the following;

  • Why does your audience need a platform?
  • Who will be your competitors, and what are their strategies?
  • What technology and features will you need?
  • What will be the cost estimation for project development?

Choosing A Train Model

As things go well, we select an appropriate business model to craft your solution. We begin our biotechnology virtual lab Development journey by creating a prototype with limited features and functionalities, then ask clients to share their valuable feedback. In this stage, we work on platform design, colors, logos, and content pitch selection.

Build Your Platform

The phase is important as it defines a real picture of your virtual biotechnology app development. Here we build platform design (as discussed with the client), then embed every detail into codes. We ensured every click on the platform server has flawless functionality and is backed with top-notch security.

Test And Validate The Platform

We have designated a special Quality Assurance team to test the performance of your platform. Our experts conduct multiple-level testing and ensure your platform should be bug and glitches-free. We also work on finding user experience while working on your platform and ensure every coding must be functioning in a seamless manner.

Launch & Maintain The Model

Once everything is successfully designed, developed, integrated, and tested, it helps you to launch platforms on major play stores. We monitor your platform performance and make essential improvements from time to time. Our experts keep a bird's eye on your platform (only on customers' demand). 

What is the cost of virtual Biotechnology Lab Development?

The cost of developing a virtual biotechnology lab can generally range between $45000-$178000. But this is not the final price, as there are many factors that enhance the virtual platform budget. Some of these include;

  • Complexity and size of the project
  • Features and functionalities
  • Third-party Integration
  • UI/UX of the app
  • Prototype creation
  • Blockchain technology selection
  • Development team size
  • Choice of tech stacks ( programming languages, framework, database, storage, security)
  • Development model - fixed price or hire developer on an hourly rate
  • Fully customised platform or ready-made solution

Several other elements can also influence the cost of developing a virtual biotechnology lab. You can share your business requirements with our technical experts.

Ready To Build Your Blockchain Virtual Biotechnology Lab Development?

We provide all essential app development services under one roof. So, whatever your business needs, share every detail and get a high-performing solution.

Why Suffescom Solutions As Your Virtual Biotechnology Lab Development Partner?

Suffescom Solutions is a leading company in delivering virtual biotechnology lab projects. With more than 13 years of IT industry experience and above 5 years of blockchain technology experience, we have delivered industry-leading platforms. From tech consultancy to development and deployment, we provide all services under one roof.

Provide Blockchain Consultancy Services

For budding entrepreneurs, we provide free blockchain consultancy services that help them to decide a perfect fit for blockchain technology.

Fully Customised Solution Development

Suffescom Solutions is known to design and develop innovative solutions from scratch. We build solutions that function in real-time scenarios and help users to conduct testing at full swings. Our solution enhances users' interest in labs and controls accidents from wrong testing methods.

Time Bound Project Delivery

We schedule our development plans according to given deadlines and try to complete them on time as our experts understand the importance of hitting the market at the right time with effective solutions.

Team of Professional Developers

We are serving with the best talent in the industry. Our experts are the perfect choice to craft industry-leading innovative projects on your table. We also optimize the solution to fit the needs of the customer.

Availability 24*7

Our services are not bound by the clock. But we are ready to serve around the clock and address your platform issues seamlessly.

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