Blockchain App & Software Development Cost Estimation and Breakdown

Blockchain App & Software Development Cost Estimation and Breakdown

By Suffescom Solutions

July 18, 2022

Blockchain App & Software Development Cost Estimation and Breakdown

Blockchain is one of the technologies that will be most widely used in the future. Blockchain is much more than just the digital currency like bitcoin that the majority of people are familiar with. This technology has dramatically altered how companies run and interact with one another. The most accurate way to describe this technology is "digital transformation."

Blockchain is a decentralized network, which is crucial in the world today. Companies have been working continuously to take advantage of the opportunity. Businesses are constantly seeking a trustworthy blockchain development company that can provide solutions that are especially suited to their requirements. But for many, the biggest concern is the implementation costs of blockchain technologies.

We'll walk you through the cost of building a blockchain application in this post and explain every factor that might affect the total cost. Before we explore the considerations, let's first look at some of the factors that why knowing the cost breakdown is important before moving to blockchain app development cost breakdown.

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The Importance of Estimating The Blockchain App Development Cost Breakdown

Blockchain has entered every industry in the last few years. All know that blockchain is revolutionizing the business world. What is your idea about the Return on Investment(ROI)? An increasing number of businesses are adopting the blockchain to increase sales and earn high profits. If we consider the studies, it is anticipated that the blockchain market will globally reach $394.60 B by 2028. This value shows that most tech-savvy persons choose to implement blockchain technology over any other emerging tech in their businesses.

When any entrepreneur wants to invest in a project whether small or big, the most crucial thing is to plan the overall budget and know the overall development cost. Because it can save you from the financial crisis during the development phase as you are already prepared about how much you are supposed to spend on a particular project. If you have collaborated with the investors in that case it is also important to estimate the expenses on the different dimensions of the project.

However, to know the most accurate cost of blockchain development, you can contact our experts, who are confidently working in the blockchain industry for years and knows every minute detail that adds to the blockchain app development cost.

Let’s Understand The Blockchain App Development Cost Breakdown

Type Of Blockchain App Category

There are mainly two types of blockchain applications that are broadly popular:

Cryptocurrency-based Solutions

As it is clear from the name itself, blockchain-powered solutions for all kinds of cryptocurrencies are called cryptocurrency-based solutions. Under this category comes Dapps, crypto exchange platform, crowdfunding solutions, etc. If you are building a dapp, then the cost of implementing the smart contracts in the dapp development will contribute to the total cost.

Non-cryptocurrency based solutions

These applications are independent of cryptocurrencies. These are completely based on the core nature of the distributed ledger and are meant for inventory management systems.

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The Choice of The Blockchain Application Development Resources

The choice of resources depends on your business needs and the budget. The cost of hiring the blockchain app development team plays a significant role in the cost of blockchain implementation. The major expenses are the salaries of the developers which depends on their geographical location, experience, portfolio, etc.

There are a few options available for you when you want to hire the best Web3 development company as described below in this blog:

Time Required to Create a Blockchain App

Blockchain technology isn't just for financial transactions; it may also provide clients in numerous market segments with virtual forms of help. The needs and creativity of the application determine the size of the squares and the development of the application. Any such application's effort begins with 20–30 day proof-of-concept tours. After it is finished, it takes an additional 30 to 40 days to provide a base appropriate item with limited features. Depending on the requirements, it might take many months to send an application.

The technique used to design an app will also affect how long it takes to complete. So let's first grasp the entire process to have a better understanding of how much time is needed for blockchain app development. Although every mobile app development business has a unique method, we are talking about the general procedure here, which is very consistent worldwide.

HireAn In-house Team

Building an in-house developers team can cost you more compared to the other options. Apart from the high cost, there are various other problems also when you go deeper. Undoubtedly you will get a full-time dedicated team in all emergencies by your side. You will get complete control over the development process like when to execute a certain process etc.

You will have complete transparency about their vacations, working hours, incentives, and other factors. However, as you know it is completely a new technology still in the infancy stage, so there is a shortage of experienced blockchain developers. And you have to put great effort including money and time to build a successful team.

Most importantly being an entrepreneur, it is ok if you don't have technical knowledge about blockchain technology. Still, when you have a team to handle, then it can be a challenging job for you when you have other responsibilities to manage.


This option is completely opposite of what we stated in the above point. Selecting the freelancers for your blockchain project development can be the least expensive option for you.

However, you may face issues like time management, availability, work quality, etc. Therefore, the cost may be low whereas the risk factors are quite high when collaborating with freelancers. On the other hand, if you have a small project then you can go ahead with this option otherwise you should adopt the other option to launch a big blockchain project.

Hire Blockchain App Development Company

The feasible option in most cases is hiring a blockchain development company. The blockchain app development service providers offer full-time services 24* 7 or at the most suitable time as per your time zone. And the most interesting part is that you can leverage the benefits of the White label NFT marketplace development agencies across the globe as communication and deployment are possible online.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is the right blockchain app development partner for you with years of vast experience in delivering cutting-edge blockchain-powered solutions globally

If we consider the cost factor, then it is more feasible than building your own in-house team as the cost is comparatively very low. You will get a signed contract from them before starting to work on your project. And they are quite serious about their online reputation so chances are very low that they will deliver you low-quality work. They are responsible for starting the deployment of the product.

And with the Suffescom Team, you get post-delivery technical support if any issue arises. So, working with us will get you an extra advantage! To know more about our services, you can reach us now!!!

Nature of Blockchain Network You Select

Private or public blockchain network for your blockchain-powered project? Yes, you need to decide first and then go ahead with the development stage. Selection of the blockchain type will decide the overall cost for the development of your blockchain application.

The private blockchain network is permission-based- every permission is centralized in an organization. In this case, you have to trust the central entity each time to execute the transaction. And this adds up to the app development cost as the central authority is present.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Blockchain

On the other hand, a public blockchain network is a permissionless network where anyone can take part in the consensus mechanism while maintaining security and safety. If you decide to choose the public blockchain network, then there are pre-existing blockchain solutions available at a lower price. Also, you have the option to create a personalized solution with added features that will cost you higher.

Level of Decentralization

The blockchain app development cost is also influenced by the decentralization degree of the app. With a low decentralization level, the development process will be easy and lead to less development cost. On the other hand, the higher level of the decentralization degree will make the development process more complicated and cause you high blockchain app development costs.

Selection of the Block Explorer

In easy form, the block explorer is like a browser for the blockchain application. You can get access to the individual blocks, the transaction history, etc. So, the cost of the block explorer will also get added to the overall cost of the blockchain app development.

The Complexity of Blockchain App

How complex is your blockchain-powered application? The level of complexity will decide the cost of your blockchain development.

The Complexity Level is Decided by a Number of Factors:

  • Complexity depends on the type of blockchain application you want
  • Purpose of the app and concern for the users

Based on the Complexity There Are the Following Types of Blockchain Applications:

Blockchain Apps With the Least Complexity:

  • Basic Smart Contract-based applications
  • Payment apps built with already existing cryptocurrencies

Blockchain Apps With Medium-Level Complexity:

  • Semi-decentralized apps
  • dApps developed over the blockchain platforms like EOS, Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth, Ethereum, and other similar kind of platforms.

Blockchain Apps With Higher Complexity Levels:

  • Crafting a blockchain platform from scratch
  • Developing a fully decentralized network

Industry Niche

The cost of the blockchain app development also depends on the business domain, for which business domain you want to develop the app. Every industry has different requirements and expectations from blockchain developers. Every blockchain-powered app will include different features and functionalities based on the niche. Therefore, this factor can be cleared by your blockchain app development partner more precisely.

Let us consider an example if you want to build a blockchain-powered app for the transportation and logistic industry. Then this industry will require a completely different solution than the health care sector. And both will cost you different prices!!

Let us know which business domain you are in, and our experts will tell you the features & functionalities you need in your app and what will be the exact cost! So,dont delay and hit the market with blockchain-powered solutions!!!

Why Should You Choose Suffescom for Blockchain App Development?

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What’s Next?

We hope that now you get all the insights for the blockchain development cost breakdown when building a blockchain application. Setting up a blockchain application requires a deep estimation of the cost depending on all the above factors. Above all, the technique of deciding the overall cost and considering right the cost breakdown factors demand professional help.

So, if you have decided to launch your blockchain-powered project, then take a moment to tell us your project requirements. We will get back to you with all the necessary information about the blockchain cost implementation.

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