How Much Does Blockchain App Development Costs? | Cost Estimation of Blockchain App

Blockchain App & Software Development Cost Estimation and Breakdown

By Suffescom Solutions

December 18, 2022

Blockchain App & Software Development Cost Estimation and Breakdown

With a market size expected to reach 1235.71 billion US dollars by 2030, blockchain has gained a lot of traction among various industries and businesses. Blockchain revolutionizes existing business processes and enables new and profitable business models. From trust, ownership, decentralization, and immutable to automated and secure transactions and immutable and smart contracts, blockchain app development is no wonder a game-changer.

As businesses embark on the journey of blockchain app development, a pivotal question arises: How much does it cost to develop a blockchain app? 

Well, it depends on a lot of factors such as app complexity, industry-wise app development, consensus mechanism, goals, and much more. Today, we will look at the blockchain app development cost and its factors. But first, let's go through some of the popular blockchain app trends and statistics.

Progressive Blockchain App Development Stats

  • By 2025, the global blockchain market is expected to be worth $39.7 billion.
  • PwC's "time for trust" analysis predicts that by 2030, blockchain will boost the world economy by $1.76 trillion.
  • By 2025, it is anticipated that the market for blockchain solutions for the banking and financial services sectors will reach a value of $13.27 billion.
  • The manufacturing sector sees a 73% growth in blockchain between 2023 and 2026. 55% of healthcare apps will use blockchain technology for commercial deployment by 2025.

How Much Does Blockchain App Development Cost?

The cost of building a blockchain app varies between $20,000-$300,000. However, it is just a rough estimation. The overall cost depends on several factors, including blockchain app complexity, features to be added, consensus mechanism, smart contract development, location of blockchain app developers, and much more.

To know the exact cost of blockchain app and software app development, contact our experts at Suffescom. They will provide you a free quote on the basis of your development project, app complexity, and more.

How Much It Costs to Launch Your Industry-Leading Platform with a Blockchain Solution Provider

The cost of this venture can vary widely, depending on factors like project complexity, features, and development time. On average, blockchain app development may range from $20,000-$300,000. It's crucial to work closely with your chosen provider to define project requirements and align on a budget that ensures your platform's success in the competitive industry landscape.

Key Factors Influencing the Cost of Blockchain App Development

Just like any other mobile app development costs, there are a lot of factors that determine and impact the cost of blockchain app development. It's essential to thoroughly plan and assess your project's needs to determine an accurate budget.

  • App Complexity
  • Industry-wise Application
  • Blockchain App Category
  • Blockchain App Development Process Costs
  • Data Storage
  • Development Team Location & Expertise
  • Security & Auditing
  • Agency Size

Let’s understand these cost factors in detail:

1. App Complexity

The complexity of your blockchain application is a primary cost driver. The more intricate and feature-rich the app, the more time and resources it will require. Factors like the number of functionalities, the type of blockchain (public or private), and integration with existing systems can all increase complexity.

2.Choice Of Blockchain Platform

The choice of blockchain platform matters. Public blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin may have different development costs compared to private or consortium blockchains. The technology stack and tools you select will also impact development expenses.

3. Smart Contract Development

If your application involves smart contracts, the complexity of these self-executing contracts can significantly affect development costs. Writing, testing, and securing smart contracts is a specialized task.

4. UI & UX Design

The design and usability of your app can significantly impact development costs. A more polished and user-friendly interface may require additional design and development efforts.

5. Scalability

Building a scalable blockchain app that can handle a growing user base and transaction volume requires more resources. This might involve optimizing the blockchain architecture and consensus mechanism.

6. Consensus Mechanism

The choice of consensus mechanisms, such as Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS), can impact development complexity and costs. PoW-based apps, for example, may require more computational power and, therefore, incur higher operational costs.

7. Tech Stack

The technology stack you choose, including the blockchain platform (e.g., Ethereum, Hyperledger), programming languages, and development tools, will affect development costs. Some technologies may require more specialized expertise and come with licensing fees.

8. APIs

If your blockchain app needs to interact with other services or blockchains through APIs, the cost can increase. Accessing external data or integrating it with other systems may require additional development work

App Complexity
FeaturesEstimated Costs
  • Basic Smart Contract-based applications
  • Payment apps built with already existing cryptocurrencies
  • Semi-decentralized apps
  • dApps developed over blockchain platforms like EOS, Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth, Ethereum, and other similar kinds of platforms.
Higher Complexity
  • Crafting a blockchain platform from scratch
  • Developing a fully decentralized network

1. Industry-Wise Blockchain App Development

The cost of the blockchain app development also depends on the business domain for which business domain you want to develop the app. Every industry has different requirements and expectations from blockchain developers. Every blockchain-powered app will include different features and functionalities based on the niche. Therefore, this factor can be cleared by your blockchain app development partner more precisely.

Blockchain Healthcare App

Blockchain healthcare app focuses on providing seamless care, securing patient data, omitting frauds, and more. The blockchain healthcare app development cost factors include developing a crypto wallet, AI and blockchain integration, dApp, shared ledger, and more.

Blockchain Game App

Blockchain game development leverages AR/VR technology to build immersive and creative environments for gamers. The cost factors include developing blockchain infrastructure, NFT creation, smart contracts, gaming avatars, wallet integration, and 2D/3D environment development.

Blockchain Education App

Costs can vary with the volume and complexity of educational content, as managing, organizing, and delivering it through the app may require additional resources. Also, interactive features, such as quizzes and virtual classrooms, can raise costs due to development and user experience design.

Blockchain-based Fintech Development

Given the financial nature of fintech apps, robust security measures, like encryption and fraud detection, are vital but can raise development expenses. Integrating with diverse financial systems and payment gateways can lead to additional costs due to customization and compatibility requirements

IndustryEstimated Costs
Blockchain Healthcare App$90,000- $120,000
Blockchain Game App$30,000-$150,000
Blockchain Education App$20,000-$120,000
Blockchain-based Fin-tech Development$80,000-$100,000

Highly Efficient Blockchain App Solution With Low Cost

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2. Blockchain App Category

Whether you're building a crypto-related app (like a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet) or a non-crypto solution (such as supply chain tracking), the complexity and features required can significantly impact costs.

3. Blockchain App Development Process

The development process itself, which includes planning, design, development, testing, and deployment, affects the cost. Iterative development processes may require more time and resources.

Development ProcessCosts
Design$5 to 10k
Development$35 to 65k
Integration cost$10k
Project Managers$25/ Hour
Testing And QA$5000-$10,000

4. Data Storage

Storing data on a blockchain can be costly, especially for large datasets. Assess how much data needs to be stored on-chain versus off-chain.

5. Development Team Location & Expertise

The location of your development team or agency can also influence costs. Development teams in regions with a higher cost of living may charge more. Also, the skills and expertise of your development team play a significant role. Experienced blockchain developers are in high demand and often command higher salaries.

6. Security and Auditing

Security is paramount in blockchain development. Extensive security measures and audits to protect against vulnerabilities and hacks can increase costs. Security audits and ongoing monitoring are essential components.

7. In-House Team Or Freelancers

An in-house developers team can cost you more compared to the other options. Apart from the high cost, there are various other problems when you go deeper. Undoubtedly, you will get a full-time dedicated team in all emergencies by your side. You will get complete control over the development process, like when to execute a certain process, etc. You will have complete transparency about their vacations, working hours, incentives, and other factors.

Selecting the freelancers for your blockchain project development can be the least expensive option for you. However, you may face issues like time management, availability, work quality, etc. Therefore, the cost may be low, whereas the risk factors are quite high when collaborating with freelancers

Best Practices For Cost-effective Blockchain App & Software Development

With so many factors driving up costs, you must be looking for ways to reduce costs at the initial levels. Here are some of the practices you can try:

Define a Clear Scope

The foundation of cost management is a well-defined project scope. Clearly outline the app's goals and features to prevent scope creep. Changes and additions to the project after it has begun can increase development time and costs significantly. It's crucial to have a scope that serves as a roadmap and prevents unnecessary expenditures.

Choose Technology Wisely

Selecting the right technology stack and blockchain platform is essential. Ensure your choices align with the specific requirements of your app. Overcomplicating the technology stack can lead to increased development time and expenses. Assess scalability, community support, and licensing costs when making these decisions.

Prioritize Security

Security should be a primary concern. Building security measures into your app from the outset is more cost-effective than addressing vulnerabilities after deployment. Security breaches can lead to financial and reputational damage. Investing in robust security measures early on is a wise cost-saving strategy.

Hire Expertise

Hiring experienced blockchain developers can save both time and money in the long run. Skilled professionals are more efficient in coding and can help you avoid common mistakes and costly errors. Their expertise ensures that the development process is smooth and cost-effective.

Continuous Optimization

Optimization is an ongoing process- regularly optimize your code, app performance, and resource usage. This reduces operational costs and ensures that your blockchain app remains efficient. It's vital to monitor for potential inefficiencies and make adjustments as needed to keep costs in check.

Choose Suffescom For Cost-effective Blockchain App Development

Suffescom is a leading blockchain app development company with years of developing blockchain apps at affordable costs. We use cutting-edge technology, techniques, and tools to create high-end blockchain solutions for enterprises. Our experts are well-versed in the blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger, PulseChain, Tron, Ethereum, and more. Explore why we are an ideal technology partner for your next project.

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