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Expand Your Car Rental And Delivery Business With Bolt Clone Development

By Suffescom Solutions

June 21, 2024

Expand Your Car Rental And Delivery Business With Bolt Clone Development

Online ride-hailing apps have become quite widespread in today's era. As per figures, by 2028, the taxi app market size is anticipated to be $283 billion, at a CAGR of 4.2% (from 2023-2028). Asia-Pacific is among the most popular regions, and it has been dominating the taxi market industry for a long time.

This is the best possible time for businesses to enter the taxi market and create an all-in-one mobility app. This would allow entrepreneurs to capture mega sales and revenue while beating everyone else in the market.

Bolt Like Ride-Hailing App Development

Build ride hailing app with exactly the same features as the original app. Our developers will even embed certain other characteristics as per your project demands that are unavailable in the Bolt app. Introduce a top-notch Bolt clone app for your users so that they enjoy a comfortable ride wherever they go. Grow your business, boost your earnings, manage your assets, and keep track of performance with Bolt clone development.

Choosing The Correct Bolt Clone App Development Solutions

We offer car rental, grocery delivery, food delivery and micro-mobility service app development like Bolt. Our mobility super-app like Bolt's products and features vary by country. Consult with our experts for convenient package delivery service app.   

How Does Bolt App Clone Work?

Bolt like taxi app operates in a way that after getting registered, users can access the app by entering their specifications, such as contact information and current location. After inputting the travel destination and desired type, the closest available driver is assigned. After the ride is completed, the payment is made through the preferred payment mode, and feedback is provided based on the user's experience.

Suffescom is a leading taxi app development company that offers innovative solutions to amplify its clients' businesses. Collaborate with us and seek massive earning opportunities, leading your growth to new heights.

Features Offered By Our Bolt Clone App

Explore the matchless features of Bolt clone apps that upgrade the experience, offer satisfaction and loyalty. Below , we have categorized the features according to passenger, user and driver apps.

1. Passenger App

Book Ride

Allows passengers to make an online booking for the ride.

Vehicle Categories

Enables users to choose their desired vehicles from the list.

Ride Now or Later

Allows riders to book or schedule rides whenever they want.

Live Tracking

The user views the location of the driver in real time.


Allows users to give ratings and reviews to the drive for their travel experience.

In-App Chat

With this feature, the passengers can seamlessly communicate with the drivers.

2. Admin Panel

Reports Analytics

Allows admin to view sales, profit, and revenue reports to frame strategies for business growth.

User Management

Helps manage the passengers to browse booked/cancelled and completed rides.

Drivers Management

Handles drivers viewing their performance, documents, wallet status, etc.

Referrals & Rewards

Enables admin to create marketing campaigns and decide on referrals & rewards.

Customer Assistance

Offers tech support for the best solutions to users through in-app chat, email support, and voice calls.


Allows admin to make changes in the app content and theme as they like.

3. Driver App

Driver Documents

Allows drivers to upload their driving documents to the app anytime.

Manage Rides

Enables drivers to accept/reject rides depending on their availability.

Route Optimization

Shows traffic-free routes and the most efficient routes, saving time.

Earnings Dashboard

Shows the overall earnings that the drivers have earned so far.

Smart Fare Calculation

With this feature, the drivers can calculate their fares depending on the distance covered.

Instant Alerts

Helps send texts or even call the passengers related to the ride.

Bolt Like App Development: Key Steps

Developing a feature-rich app like Bolt requires high precision. The process in itself is quite challenging and daunting. We have a professional team of experts who will make your development journey effortless. Check out the pivotal development stages as under;

Market Research

The first and foremost step is to perform extensive market research, identify the target audience, and carry out competitor analysis.

Creating Roadmap

Proper planning is conducted, which is helpful in crafting strategies that are useful for app development. Following this a robust roadmap is created that includes everything from included features and fixing timelines.

UI/UX design

The actual implementation begins with designing an intuitive interface that is visually appealing and user-friendly, offering trouble-free navigation.


This is one of the most crucial steps in the development of the taxi clone app. Everything from the front to the back end is maintained during this phase. Top technology stacks are used to optimize efficiency, quality, and user experience. Moreover, the features are also integrated at this stage, which improves user engagement to the optimum level.

Software Testing

The developed app is then further subjected to testing, which removes irregularities and bugs that hamper performance and responsiveness.

Launch And Maintenance

The 100% bug-free app is deployed to the dedicated server and then finally launched for the users. After that, if technical problems arise, the development team provides the necessary post-maintenance services, making the app ready to use.

Want To Build Bolt Like Super App For Car Rental, Grocery and Food Business?

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Bolt Clone: Benefits Driving Conversions & Boosting Income

Bolt like taxi apps serve high-grade perks to the businesses and the users, offering competitive advantage and helping them fetch valuable insights.

1. For Users

Speed and Availability

A taxi app like Bolt has no waiting time for conventional cabs, thereby providing instant access to drivers in the customer’s area.

Safety And Security

The Bolt clone app offers top-notch security for customers with an SOS button and proper driver verification.

Transparent Pricing

The app offers crystal clear fares by allowing customers to view their prices before making the booking.

Comfort and Convenience

The availability of diverse vehicles, from basic to premium, makes the travelling experience totally unique and comforting.

Time Savings

Prior booking on the app removes the hassle of finding the vehicle thereby saving considerable time.

2. For Businesses

Money Opportunities

Opens doors for splendid money-making opportunities through subscription models, in-app purchases, ads, collaborations, etc.

Increased Customer Experience

The availability of magnificent features and a highly interactive interface grabs the user's attention, enhancing the user experience.

Wide Global Reach

The popularity and demand of the original app make it convenient for the clone apps to enter the existing market, making the app reach worldwide.

Brand Authority

Collaborations with relevant brands and influencers create brand credibility through conversion-driven campaigns that positively position the brand identity.

Customer Loyalty

Bolt clone apps offer discounts, rewards, and loyalty programs to businesses, keeping customers satisfied and leading to customer loyalty

Top Revenue Model Associated With Our Bolt Clone

Witness the alluring money-making opportunities associated with an app like Bolt and elevate your business to the next level.

Subscription Model

The access to premium features and functionalities charges certain fees from the users

Commission Model

When a user books a ride, specific money is charged from the drivers, which is known as commission fees.


Collaborating with similar brands helps create a solid brand image among competitors.

Surge Pricing

The app possesses a dynamic pricing feature, which means that during peak hours, passengers can be charged hiked prices.

In-app Advertisements

Showing third-party ads about products/services as per their runtime within the app adds upto to additional revenue.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Bolt Clone?

Bolt app clone development costs start at $15000, based on the customization level and complications included in the project. Check out the parameters impacting the cost;

  1. Latest tech stacks
  2. Integrated features
  3. App complexity
  4. Location of the developers
  5. UI/UX design
  6. Size of the development firm
  7. Development process

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