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Building a Childcare Management Software Like Brightwheel

By Suffescom Solutions

June 20, 2024

Building a Childcare Management Software Like Brightwheel

Ambition is so tremendous and drives people all the time! They utilize career opportunities while balancing their personal life, just like when embracing parenthood. However, this requires you to find the right balance, and the need for it has brought them closer to options like childcare services. These centers offer a sense of security and reliability, making parents count on them. Yet, every parent would prefer updates about how their child is doing. These expectations and rising demands have opened up many opportunities for business leaders and like-minded people to develop childcare app solutions.

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Are you looking for a Brightwheel Like App?

When talking about a childcare app, you may have heard about Brightwheel, a leading name in the domain. Building an app like Brightwheel can simplify many tasks for you. You can leverage the market's awareness and a concept already proven.

Wait a minute! What about the investment it will need?

Also, when building an app, what do you need to keep in mind? Is it OK to opt for clone app development, or should you build an app from scratch?

Why Build An App Like Brightwheel?

First things first, why do you need to go for Brightwheel like app development? What's so amazing about this concept?

Brightwheel provides childcare management solutions. It has simplified many operations for a daycare center with its features. It lets parents stay updated and connected with their children, even at work. At the same time, Brightwheel has generated millions of dollars in revenue, and by developing a similar solution, you can do it, too. Started a few years ago, the concept proved to be a success, with a worth of 600 million. Imagine, by advancing the concept and adding your unique selling propositions, how much you can make of it.

This can include teachers, parents, and guardians. For a business mind like yours, Brightwheel clone development can open up a wide client base and provide an abundance of financial opportunities.

However, nothing begins for free, and you will have to pay a cost to develop a similar app for your business. That's why we are dedicating the coming section to guiding you through the factors that can impact the costs.

How Can You Make Childcare Management Software Work?

Childcare management software is a one-stop solution for every user involved. Care centers and preschools can use it to improve their operational and administrative aspect. Parents can leverage it to connect with their children and the institute. You need to keep these uses and user base in mind before introducing the features and determining the working mechanism of your Brightwheel clone development. Learn about the concept in more detail here:

Features of Childcare App Daycare centers Will Love


Attendance tracking is a crucial part of a daycare center's operation. Including a built-in feature for it can simplify the entire process. Manual processes can be error-prone, but they are eliminated with an application. 


Assessment is essential for preschools, as it helps teachers know about children's learning styles and progress. Your app should allow users to track every child's progress. It should have a dedicated feature for development milestones to support the child's overall growth.


Automation in invoicing and tracking payments can significantly benefit your users. You can offer automatic invoices, personalized payment plans, simplified query responses, and more. Your audience can also leverage due date reminders and automated payments. 


The enrollment process can tell a lot about a daycare center, making it mandatory. At the same time, it is tedious and time-consuming and includes much paperwork. Users can transform the entire process with a few clicks using Brightwheel's clone-childcare app. 

Learning Management

Preschools offer multiple ways of managing learning, from handling lessons to keeping track of a child's assessment. You can either include an inbuilt feature or leverage third-party integrations of learning management systems. 

Curriculum and Activities

This is another feature that contributes to child development. It can simplify processes like generating a curriculum, keeping track of the existing, and even keeping parents updated about the learning process. Management of add-on activities is another benefit to offer.

Staff Management

Effective staff management is important in childcare for smooth operations and high-quality services. That calls for a dedicated feature for scheduling, performance tracker, and in-staff communication. This also helps keep up with staff responsibilities. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Data, data, and more data need to be taken care of. Details and reports regarding attendance, finances, and child development must be provided. These are important to make informed decisions; your app can ensure they find it easy. 

Security and Accesses

Data security is evident for any organization, and a daycare is no different. Your app can offer encrypted communication, cloud storage, and multi-factor authentication. The goal is to provide security for a daycare's sensitive information. 

Features of a Childcare App Parents Will Love


Your childcare management app, like Brightwheel, should improve communication between staff and parents. It can share regular updates like meals, activities, and growth milestones with the parents, allowing the latter to stay connected with their children. 


From banking to ordering groceries, everything is available in just a few clicks, and so should childcare management. Your app should have a mobile-friendly interface to let daycare center staff and parents access the tool anywhere. 


A feature that helps schedule or keep track of activities can be helpful in many ways. The daycare staff can use it to streamline multiple processes that require scheduling. On the other hand, parents can also learn about the planned events for their children. 

Information Management

A dedicated section for information about guardians and parents would be great. Parents can have peace of mind for their child's security and safety. Ensure the tool allows them to access and update any change in emergency contact, pick-up authorization, and more.

Are You Looking For BrightWheel Type Childcare Software?

Seeking a software development company to create a BrightWheel type childcare management software. Expertise in seamless communication, secure data management, and user-friendly interfaces required. Transform childcare with innovative, efficient solutions. Let's build the future together!

What Can Impact the Cost of Building an App Like Brightwell?

Embarking on a business venture centered around childcare development can be greatly rewarding. However, you must be aware of the expenses that can come your way. Here, we will discuss the factors that can impact Brightwheel's cost, such as app development.


How your application will look is a significant factor in developing it. You have to ensure that it appears friendly and intuitive while being used well by childcare centers. However, you need the ideal tools and expertise to obtain the ideal design. Besides, your specific demand can significantly affect the costs.


The platform you choose can have a major influence on an app like Brightwheel’s development. It might be cost-effective to build an app that works on a single Android or iOS platform. However, you can't just make a choice based on cost alone. You need to consider your target audience and app requirements.


The quantity and complexity of features you want to add to your Brightwheel clone can require more resources, which can eventually impact its development cost. However, you need something extra to make your app stand out, so it is best to be thoughtful about what and how you want your application to be.

Third-Party Integrations

Availability of third-party integration improves childcare app's performance and helps add new features. It also enhances the performance and improves the child care platform’s user experience. However, integration with tools like calendars, Quickbooks, and more can invite complexities, eventually impacting costs. So, be thoughtful about what and how much you want to add.

Testing and Deployment

Mobile apps that are not appropriately tested are more likely to have bugs, eventually impacting the user experience. However, this factor can impact the costs of Brightwheel clone development. Yet you need to remember that fixing an error when software is ready to use can be more costly than finding it before deployment.

Team of Professionals

You, of course, need a team of experienced professionals to develop a Birghtwheel-like app. However, you must determine whether you are outsourcing your requirements or hiring an in-house team. When outsourcing, the costs can also vary depending on the location of the team. You need to find experts who offer a balance of expertise and cost-effectiveness.

Why Brightwheel Clone Development Is A Better Idea For Day Care Businesses?

Every reader can have a different version of defining app cloning, but which one is correct? Application cloning refers to gathering inspiration from an existing one with an appealing outlook and using it to build a new application. This process includes blending the ideas taken with your unique features to bring a finer version. Take a look at how Brightwheel-like app development brings you the benefits:

Ability to Customize

App cloning also allows the developer to alter the product as per your specific needs. This can help change and add your business's unique selling proposition to the application. Using different languages during mobile app development can also be another benefit you can expect here. With this, your app can leverage the prevailing concepts and cover the gaps in the market with their USPs.

Leverage Proven Model

Brightwheel-like childcare software development can allow you to leverage its existing business model with a proven record of excellence. Here, you can take a look at its market familiarity and user base. Before commencing, you can identify the areas that work and do not. This can help you add more features while taking advantage of something already in the market.

Shorter Distance to the Market

Developing an app clone can allow you to enter the market faster. This can let you trade as per the present-day user needs and trends. You see, the times, trends, and technology are evolving constantly, and a lesser period to connect with the market can help you out here.

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How Can Brightwheel App Cloning Impact the Cost-Estimations?

If you want to develop a Brighwheel-like app, your developers can use the prevailing frameworks. This can easily reduce development costs, which is far more cost-effective than creating your care center app from scratch. It is also time-saving, which means you won't have to pay much for your workforce. Also, if you are not satisfied with the quality of work you have received from app cloning, you will have less financial burden to fall back on.

Now, let us talk about generating money from your Brightwheel-like app development. This concept can require you to decide the types of revenue models you want to follow. There are many such models, including subscription-based, freemium, and premium. Each has its own ways of generating wealth, but the ways differ. You can decide on them and build a reliable childcare app for your business needs.

Wrapping Up!

They say finances are the backbone of any business. They build, support, help innovate, and expand the business. That being said, being clear about the finances you will need to invest and can reap when embracing childcare app development is crucial.

In this blog post, we have covered a similar aspect. Our focus was on giving you an outline of factors that impact the initial costs of investment. From your chosen design to the features you want in your Brightwheel-like childcare software, everything can impact the cost of development.

Following this, you need to identify the features and functionalities you want to add and the business USPs you want to present in your childcare app. For the rest, you can count on our team at Suffescom. We have extensive experience developing apps for different industries. This has allowed us to understand the business’s vision, which we can leverage to help your Birghtwheel-like app outshine. Get in touch with us and embark on your business opportunity now.

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