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  • 23 September 2022
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While researching Web 5, an impressive presentation depicting web 1, web 2, web 3, and web 5 appeared in one picture. The picture gives a clear understanding of the evolution of all web technologies.  In that illustration, all technologies were arranged in their existing order. The very first, i.e., Web 1, was at the gunpoint […]

In recent times, CryptoArt has created many ripples in the NFT industry. These crypto NFTs have existed for several years in this digitized world, but their relevance is hugely felt in the current scenario. This is all due to the frequent use of blockchains and cryptocurrencies worldwide. More than anything else, it has even changed […]

The Crypto industry is paving the way by creating a new atmosphere in the digital world. The innovative concept includes launchpads that ensure multi-level project verification and build users’ confidence in the investment. In the world of crypto, a launchpad like Pinksale has become a prominent name with thousands of projects listed and millions of […]

Launch innovative crowdfunding projects and draw your investor’s attention to raise funds with a decentralized multi-chain IDO Launchpad platform, TrustPad. We, at Suffescom, provide ideal solutions with a custom-made App like TrustPad. We allow the latest and upcoming modern projects to raise funds with our TrustPad clone script.  harness the Potential of Our Blockchain Expertise […]

As of mid-2021, the total revenue generated by Ecommerce businesses in the US is 760 million dollars. That number is increasing by the day. This indicates that e-commerce is booming, and there are plenty of options. It does, however, imply that there will be some strong competition. Because of the competition, it’s critical that you […]

Real estate is the largest global asset value expected to rise from $2.6 trillion in 2020 to $3.7 trillion in 2025. Somehow, these figures will be disrupted by the introduction of blockchain development. Blockchain technology is a new word in the field of real estate. Commercial real estate executives state that blockchain-based smart contract real […]

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