Cross Platform Game Development | Virtual Gaming World With Cross-Platform

Cross Platform Game Development | Revolutionize The Virtual Gaming World

By Suffescom Solutions

February 15, 2023

Cross Platform Game Development | Revolutionize The Virtual Gaming World

We all might have seen considerable growth in the gaming sector since its existence in the last thirty years. The gamers' experience has changed drastically from watching square white blocks and rectangular paddles to exploring a 3D world in HD with surround sound and now experiencing virtual gaming concepts.

Cross-platform game development means creating games through full-cycle development for multiple platforms simultaneously. It was just for creating PC and console games, but recently mobile devices joined the list. With the constant change in the gaming industry, developers need to keep updated with modern trends.

Want to kick-start your gaming project by creating your own game platform? If yes, Suffescom Solutions Inc., a leading blockchain game development company, strives to provide game development solutions to take your game to any platform that gives you the best results for your time and efforts.

Let’s start by discussing the basics of the topic.

What is Cross-Platform Game Development?

Cross-platform games are the ones that gamers can play on multiple platforms at a single time. Game developers require numerous tools to create a game from a shared code and other art assets. They go through full-cycle development to create or port a game.

As per Statista, game developers still count the PC as the most interesting gaming platform in 2024. Developers usually find it more complex and multifaceted to develop a cross-platform game, but cross-platform game development has its own benefits. It requires only a single code for various systems, so developers don't need to create specific code bases.

Further, it helps you deliver your game to the reach of many players. The gamers need to purchase one system game title to access the game on other devices to play. It saves time and money by helping with easy upgrades by making no changes in two or more code bases.

Make A Make A Progress In Gaming Industry With Cross Platform Game Experts

Bring your game to any platform you desire with Suffescom Solutins- A top-notch Cross Platform Game Development company.

A cross-chain mobile game application is used on various hardware. Consider the reasons and be clear about why and when you need cross-chain game development.

  • You need a cross-platform game mainly because you want to launch your game on different platforms like iOS or Android. Cross-platform development provides a generic code that is adapted by all the platforms.
  • Second, when you are out of time for various native app development, these are written in several languages. Cross-platform game applications are developed with a single code. That is why the development process is faster on cross-platform.
  • Another reason to develop cross-platform game applications is the limited development budget. Launching a native mobile game application in a play store will cost less, but a single cross-platform game will be less expensive if you want to target other markets.
  • You must consider cross-platform game development to target a great audience and reach an extensive market. This will increase your user base and will generate huge revenue. The game features will attract more users.
  • Choosing a cross-platform will help you with a faster and easier updation process. With a single code, you can easily develop one game for multiple platforms without several updates on various platforms.

Perks of Cross-Platform Game Development

Cross-platform mobile game development allows creators to spend less time on platform-specific details and more on game mechanics and strategic gameplay.

Have a look at the benefits of Cross-platform games:

Publish Code Anywhere

Our cross-platform developers may write code once and publish the game on all mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, etc. As a result, not only are you able to save money, but you're also saving time.


The look, feel, and game-play of our cross-platform games are all the same on any platform.


A cross-platform game is more efficient to build than a native Android and iOS game. You may tailor it to work on many platforms using a single code base. Creating a single native game is more time-consuming than creating several cross-platform games, which is good news for any game production company.

Audience Impact

Covering various types of devices will help you reach a wider audience if you know that your potential gamers utilize both PC and consoles and mobile devices.

Improved Revenue Sharing

Cross-platform mobile games have a far greater retention rate and are better for revenue. The gamers can play the game on different platforms.

Time Savings

Making a game that operates on several platforms will save you time and effort in the long run.

Reduced Expenses

Maintaining a cross-platform game is substantially less expensive because you don't need to spend a lot of time coding for each platform.

Streamlined Development;

You should release a game on various platforms simultaneously rather than developing a PC game first and then porting it to mobile devices if you want to do so.

Broader Audience

You'll reach a broader audience by marketing to as many platforms as possible. You'll be able to reach a wider audience this way.


All platforms and devices will automatically update once a new game version is released.;


The performance of native apps is superior to that of cross-platform ones. On the other hand, we create cross-platform game applications that work flawlessly with a wide range of operating systems.

Best Cross-Platform Game Engines To Be Considered

Creating a multi-platform game requires various developers' skills, knowledge, top-notch tools, and some special languages.

Let's explain some cross-platform game engines:


Unity is the most popular cross-platform and P2E NFT game platform development engine. Many game studios prefer to work in Unity, providing a simple and secure setup for cross-platform game development. After the Unity engine installation, you must choose the version and platform to target.


It is one of the most powerful game engines with a visual scripting tool to design visual game elements that are used by various hardware. To install the Unreal game engine, you need to install seperate SDKs for each platform.


Another cross-platform game engine is CryEngine which offers users immense visuals. You must change the code if you want the CryEngine to work across various platforms.

GameMaker Studio

GameMaker Studio is a user-friendly engine where users can point and click to create elements. This is not considered for high functionality but works well for blockchain game development.


It is an open-source game development library that provides API to work for all platforms. It provides a mobile and web game development framework. You need to access the game environment to check your game assets as it comes without a GUI.


Godot game engine is considered for 2D and Unity 3D game development, providing built-in nodes, tools, and editors. This helps to speed up the development process by fixing bugs while creating advanced features.


Solar2D, also known as Corona, is a 2D engine simulator that adapts various resolutions and ratios. The only disadvantage of this engine is that it offers limited options for deployment.


It is a new open-source game engine with various modern features. This gives users the authority to use or modify best-featured tools. There are multiple engine versions available to code in different languages.

Effective Tips & Suggestions For Game Development Process

Implementing Social Features

If your game is multiplayer, you can enable the cross-play feature to let multi-users enjoy the game together. Additionally, you can implement social features that let users compare their final scores.

Internal Tools

While developing the game, the developers face issues forcing them to do repeated tasks. For this, you can develop internal tools that will automatically complete the task without manual work.

Micro-Service Approach

You can easily modify modular or micro-services for various platforms rather than switching the full architecture to resolve a small error. This approach will help you to have a provided development experience.

Reuse Components

You can easily reuse 3D assets, codes of the game, and UI elements to save a lot of time, effort, and other resources. Also, you can reuse the downloaded parts to speed up the development process.

Development Process of Cross-Platform Games

The life cycle of any cross-platform game application is divided into five different stages:


The planning or pre-production phase is an integral part of game development. This phase plans an organized way for a smooth development process. Our team creates an official document to have a project idea and concept with other tech and tools requirements.

Design Execution

This process requires game engines or special tools that involve cross-platform mobile game development. This provides ready-made plugins to create a game based on a shared code for any device. The developers spend a lot of time and other resources to create a cross-platform game.

Quality Testing

Testing is the most important part of the development process, as games contain more bugs or errors than other applications. Our game experts will perform automated testing to perform tests manually. The testing team will find the bug in the game on various platforms and fix those errors before releasing the game. Once all the bugs are fixed, the game will e checked by the people, and they will give their suggestions as a final target audience.

Post Maintenance

Releasing the game to the platforms is not the end step. After a successful launch, the product requires updation and regular testing to ensure product reliability. The best cross-platform game development company provides constant game app monitoring.

Experience the Potential of Cross-Platform Game Development Services

Suffescom Solutions Helping You Take Your Game To Multiple Platforms

You might have experienced a growing craze to develop cross-platform mobile games. Many companies are searching for the best game engines to reduce the blockchain game development cost. They can hire cross-platform game developer that will use single code to target any platform for the development process.

Suffescom Solutions Inc., a leading cross-platform game development company, facilitates clients with various game development services, including cross-platform development. We design, deploy and deliver the best gaming solutions in a given time period to boost your business revenue and growth.

Hire The Top Cross Platform Game Development Company

If you’re interested in cross-platform game development, hire Suffescom Solutions. We offer Cross Platform Game Development Services with experienced developers.

Nowadays, the game development cost is very expensive. Even P2E Game Development Cost millions, so developing cross-platform games is a bit expensive. You can make it easy with Suffescom. Join our hands as we are reliable partners for your game development business, and we will provide you with effective gaming solutions in the best price range.

Few Things To Consider

Apart from the many challenges of developing a cross-platform game, some significant benefits can help you take your business to new heights. Our team of game development professionals brings your gaming ideas to life. We design visually attractive games that include easy navigation and a manageable menu. We also help you market your game on various media.

Contact us, and we will discuss your business details as soon as possible.

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