Crypto Asset & Portfolio Management System Software Development Company

Crypto Asset & Portfolio Management System Software Development Company

By Suffescom Solutions

April 29, 2022

Crypto Asset & Portfolio Management System Software Development Company

Secondary assets like cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are the most popular investments for people worldwide. Investing in these assets has been proved to be a game-changing decision for many businesses as it offers high return value quickly. Multiple trading platforms are available for these investments. And all the platforms are built over blockchain technology with smart contracts solution.

Cryptocurrency trading is free from any government taxes, so people are rapidly entering this field of business. However, it is also true that the digital assets market is vulnerable to risks and highly volatile. Therefore proper management of digital assets is mandatory. So, now you can realize the role and need of the Crypto Asset Management Services for the traders and investors to secure their digital money.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Digital Assets Management is based on the technology to control, access, and report the digital assets between multiple parties like customers, organizations, suppliers, and partnerships. The systems focus on providing real-time content on the devices with the features to track and measure the digital assets across an organization.

We all know that handling digital assets is more complex than managing normal media files. Extra information and metadata about the digital assets are needed to manage carefully. In simple words, DAM means handling the digital assets along with their complete metadata. Metadata can be a name, creator, and other details like creation data and owner rights. If we talk about the complex side of metadata, it may include speech extracted after converting a text file into audio and the fees associated with using a digital asset.

Build Your Crypto Empire with Our Crypto Asset Management System

We offer a comprehensive crypto asset management system to help you build and grow your crypto empire. Our system provides secure storage, real-time market insights, and automated trading strategies to maximize your returns.

What Exactly is a Crypto Asset Management Platform?

Crypto assets trading is the next big thing in the digital world. Therefore effective solutions are required to manage all the digital assets. The solutions offer immense functionality to the investors to measure their assets and performance.

The Reasons Behind The Emergence Of The Crypto Asset Management Solutions:

It is quite complex to handle the crypto assets for novice and ordinary investors who do not know much about the field. Creating and connecting your wallet safely and transferring the tokens is challenging. So, the role of the Asset management solutions comes in.

The crypto assets domain updates every day. Investors have a diversified portfolio that is complex to handle without using smart solutions, and the DAM platforms are everything that an investor or a trader needs to beat the competition.

Digital assets management platform is an ecosystem that offers a centralized place to handle the digital investments and the portfolios of traders efficiently and systematically. The platform simplifies the whole process of managing the assets, crypto wallets, and multiple accounts.

Things To Consider Before Selecting Your Crypto Management Platform

Selecting the right assets management software is challenging when the market is flooded with multiple options. Therefore, you should put all your efforts into researching the best one to match your requirements. Unfortunately, if you pick the wrong one, you may suffer from distractions, hacking attacks, and wasted efforts. To avoid all these, you need to focus on certain facts before selecting your solution. Here is the list below you need to follow:


Every exchange platform has different and unique laws and regulations depending on various exchange policies, offerings, locations, etc. During account creation, the exchanges need to complete the KYC/AML (Know Your Customers/Anti Money Laundering ) processes.


Security is the first aspect that the traders consider before selecting a platform. If a platform is safe for the users, it can gain a huge audience in less time and can generate high revenue. Every platform has different security measures with different mechanisms. Below we have listed the top security mechanisms that any digital assets management platform should have:

  • Data encryption
  • SQL injection
  • DDoS (Anti-Distributed Denial of Service)
  • HTTPS authentication
  • DoS (Anti-Denial of Service)

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Multiple cryptocurrencies are available today in the market for users. First, if the user decides what cryptocurrency he wants to trade in, he should look for the solutions that support that currency before going ahead.

Data Volume

Trading platforms are built based on the concept of several users that can participate on the platform. And the total amount being traded on the platform. It is also a major aspect to consider when choosing digital assets management solutions.


Liquidity is what users demand after the security offered by the platform. Without sufficient liquidity, the asset value and transaction execution will get compromised. And this is what users cannot afford. To get a fast transaction speed, the system must offer proper liquidity.

Fiat Exchange

An exchange should be compatible with the fiat currencies as per some traders' demands. It helps the traders to transfer the national currencies easily. Not all systems offer this facility, so you need to find a specific management system that facilitates you with this option.


There is a specific fee charged for every trade by the assets management system. However, certain crypto exchange software is available that is free of cost. All the systems charge a different price for the trading that is happening on the platform.

The requirements vary from person to person, but the points mentioned above are very basic and describe any trader's primary needs. Therefore you must look for these qualities in a management system.

What Are The Advantages of A Digital Asset Management Platform?


Trading is a business where every minute of you holds a great value to win the race. The digital assets management solutions offer you a fully automatic system to manage the workflow while maintaining quality. It allows us to collaborate in real-time. It is like a centralized hub to manage wide trading portfolios to save your precious time.

Protect Your Brand

Making a brand and keeping it in the top positions is not easy. It demands a lot from you. Digital assets management system offers you all the factors that contribute to business success like usage history, version control, compliance workflows, etc. It ensures that the right data reaches the audience and the old branding is locked away for historical analysis and inspirational motives.

Make Digital Content Accessible

The easy availability and accessibility of the content make it more valuable. Digital content is easy to share, and anyone can use it whenever required, unlike a book or piece of paper. The digital assets management system allows for organizing the content, relevant users, and sharing the digital content with the right people. It also allows granting permissions to manage the content flow in terms of its usage.

Unlock New Opportunities

The possibility of more time and budget flexibility allows for testing more use cases to know which one is best for you. All the projects will be managed and completed with new and better efficiency, which improves your business processes and teams.

Create a Diverse Crypto Portfolio with Our Asset Management System

We offer an asset management system that helps create a diverse crypto portfolio for our clients. Our platform allows for easy management and allocation of assets to optimize returns and minimize risk.

Essential Features in a Digital Asset Management Platform

Before investing in digital management software, you need to select the top essential features for your system. Then our blockchain experts will put all the possible efforts into meeting your requirements.

Marketing Calendar

Managing multiple tasks in one go can be a hectic job for the teams. So, here comes the role of the marketing calendar, which helps you create and remind the campaigns and the other steps you need to get ready for. The marketing calendar offers you a lot more than only a weekly or monthly view of the tasks.

Annual Campaign Calendar

You can view all the ongoing marketing processes in a single location. It facilitates you with a timeline and grants view access options and filtering options based on weekly, quarterly, and yearly periods.

Team Calendars

Team calendars encourage team collaborations and allow the teams to view the in-process projects. It comes with a drag and drop option to manage the projects, adjust the timeline, and focus on the agile planning of tasks.

Task And Campaign Drilldowns

This feature enables you to get a detailed view of each task and the campaign to get insights into who is working on which process, and also, you can track their progress on the business processes. This feature makes you realize that it is an ultimate feature without which the DAM system is incomplete.

Advanced Filtering and Visualization

Advanced filters allow you to focus more on what matters the most. You can get the most user-friendly visualization of the data associated with the projects. Following are the various filter options:

  • Target audience
  • Customizable metadata
  • Geography
  • Channel

Wrapping Up

The digital assets and the crypto landscape are evolving at a faster pace. It also expands the amount of crypto assets portfolios of traders and investors incredibly. Therefore advanced tools and software are in great demand in the digital asset management industry. If you are also interested in the DAM solutions, you can reach our experts anytime. We offer you diligently build high tech solutions for managing your assets. You can share your business needs with our smart contract development experts!

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