DAO Maker Clone Script | The White Label Way To Launch A Fundraising Platform

Whitelabel Fundraising Platform Development Solutons: DAO Maker Clone Script

By Suffescom Solutions

June 24, 2022

Whitelabel Fundraising Platform Development Solutons: DAO Maker Clone Script

Searching for DAO Maker Clone Script takes you here, great! This post is created by keeping in mind that you are already aware of what DAO Maker is. And you are looking for how you can create and launch a DAO maker like an app or website. If it is true, “Congratulations” you are on the right page. Here you will find all about developing a DAO maker like platform with a clone script. Importantly, the post also involves 3 amazing rewards for the startup projects that can cut their project cost. So, keep scrolling!!!

DAO Maker Clone Script

DAO maker clone script is a ready-made IDO & IGO launchpad script embedded with robust features and functionalities for websites and app like DAO Maker. The fundraising platform is designed to provide a similar solution in budget with an instant development approach. The platform is also backed by top blockchain technology and integrated with customized crypto wallet features. There is a lot more to know and understand about websites and apps like DAO Maker. We have covered almost every aspect of DAO Maker Clone App Development. Check out with us or call experts for quick assistance.

Launching DAO Maker From Scratch Vs. White Label Solution

DAO Maker From ScratchWhite label DAO Maker
Everything developed on the platform is executed from scratch.Experts only customize the existing solution and basic features.
Development from the ground is more time-consuming.Ready-made solutions take less time to build.
Platform building from scratch cost comparatively more.White-label DAO Maker platforms are less expensive.
You can decide every element of the DAO maker project.Have the option to custom user-friendly features in White label DAO Maker solutions.
You will get a unique platform at the end.You can enjoy a DAO maker similar platform.

Why App like DAO Maker so Popular?

There are plenty of reasons for the popularity and growth of apps like DAO maker. Here we have listed a few for your assistance.


Traditional apps keep much of their business operations internal, whereas the DAO maker app is embedded with decentralized blockchain technology. Every transaction and process conducted on the platform are transparent, can be viewed by the public, and stored permanently.


DAO maker platform offers a complete set of democracy. Every member has the right to vote and participate in the event, rather than sticking to traditional ways. Where elected members will take decisions on behalf of others. The fair and equal hierarchy hurdle boosts users' trust and enables careful members' thinking.


DAO platform rules are embedded in smart contract codes where rules are enforced without labor, discrimination, manipulation, and errors of human intervention.

Removal of Third party institutions

Members can carry out transactions without help like law practitioners, middlemen, regulatory bodies, and more. For instance, if the members want to make some amendments to platforms, the DAO maker platform can execute the plan with voting only.


As the DAO maker platform is virtually operated, that serves the liberty to users to work from anywhere and anytime. Anyone holding tokens has the right to participate in company voting. The platform gives recognition to members for their work, not how they look or other credentials. It prevents discrimination and fosters business growth.

Build Your Own Decentralized Community with DAO Maker Clone Script

Our DAO maker clone script empowers you to build a robust and secure decentralized community with ease. Get started today and revolutionize your governance model!

We have a list of exclusive DAO Maker clone script platform features. Let’s check out them, also your first reward can be hidden here.

Crypto/Digital Wallet Integration

Users can operate platforms with digital or crypto wallets such as MetaMask Clone, Ethereum, Coinbase, bitcoin, or more. We have the expertise to build customized multi-currency crypto wallets. Embed this feature on the DAO maker-like platform and get the first reward of up to a 20% discount (call our expert to know more).

Instant Token Allocation

Crypto investors have the complete right to invest in tokens and participate in listings on the platform, quickly. This is a reason for the increasing usability of the platform.

End of Sale

When the IDO or IGO platform ends sales, the complete details regarding sales price, participants, and other details can be viewed in the project information section.

Unplug Swapping

The feature helps in avoiding the need for changes on the platform and it is based on decentralized lending protocols.


You can allow the burning and swapping of former tokens on the platform through smart contracts.

List of staking modules

Our designed platform grants a space for listing staking modules that boost efficiency and bring more participation to the platform.

Live Sales

One-click information can define the live sales status to users and they can participate in them.


To keep customers engaging with the platform, we have created a wishlist that will send notifications for new listing updates.

Understand the Functionality of our DAO Maker Clone Script

Understanding the functionality of DAO maker clones is very crucial before launching your project. Here we have given insight into the project.

Step 1

To begin with the project investment or listing, users need to sign up with a social media account.

Step 2

DAO maker clone platform will verify your project details and then makes it available for users for crypto investments.

Step 3

Same lies to users once their account gets verified, users will be able to invest in native tokens before participating in biddings.

Step 4

Investors have a high opportunity to raise funds by contributing to the liquidity pool.

Launch Your Blockchain-Based DAO with Our DAO Maker Clone Script

Our DAO maker clone script enables you to launch your own blockchain-based DAO quickly and securely. With our user-friendly platform, you can streamline your governance model and take your organization to new heights.

Top Blockchains for platforms like DAO maker

When it's about building a platform like a DAO maker, you cannot miss the top technology information. It will help you to make faster decisions:


One of the legendary blockchain technologies that most applications choose to follow to create smart contract and token standards. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) helps other blockchain technologies to thrive.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is one of the most valued blockchain technologies in the ecosystem. The network was designed to achieve faster transactions at a lower cost.


The layer 2 solution enables quicker transactions at an affordable cost. The network becomes widely popular in NFT marketplaces for swift and responsive ERC token standards.


A blockchain technology is used for the proof of stake to validate transactions and solve scalability, security, and decentralization. Although the platform is not so popular, still there are many eyebrow-raising NFT platforms constructed in harmony with blockchain networking.


Avalanche is one of the latest entrants in the blockchain world, but gained massive recognition at low cost and high speed. A lot of exciting projects including IDO launchpads are choosing Avalanche to make a perfect platform.

Find out our DAO Maker like App Development workflow

DAO Maker Clone App Development process goes through several stages until the client ensures that the project complies with requirements. These stages include:

Use-Case Analysis

Our experts conduct an initial analysis of your business and platform requirements. For this, we schedule a free appointment with a technology advisory team (second reward) that guides you on the latest technologies which fit your needs and budget.

Choose Your App Name

The next step is to choose your app name. If you have already shortlisted a few names in, great! Otherwise, our expert can also help you to select industry-oriented names.

Create a Cutting-Edge DAO Platform with Our DAO Maker Clone Script

Our DAO maker clone script empowers you to create a cutting-edge DAO platform that revolutionizes your organization's governance model. With our robust and scalable solution, you can create a secure and decentralized ecosystem that drives growth and innovation.

Select A Color Scheme

Once you find out your DAP maker clone app name, the next thing is to decide on the app theme and design accordingly. You may find it a very common step, but it's crucial too to ensure your app should stand out from the crowd. And we really believe that every customer is unique and deserves a unique platform too.

Look for Design

Navigation that has the potential to make or destroy your business reputation. To handle this aspect effectively our developers focus on user-friendly features and functionalities. We have already designed and developed a launchpad application that offers extensive customer experience. Therefore, we are sure about our work.

Select Technologies

Selecting technologies is one of the most crucial business decisions. As it is something that goes a long way. For this, our developers help startup entrepreneurs to choose the right set of technologies for the front end as well as backend. The right set of blockchain technologies is also guided by our blockchain consultancy team.


After technology selection, a further step is to develop a DAO similar platform. For front-end technologies, you can choose Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Native Script, Felgo, and more. For backend programming - PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, etc.

This DAO maker cannot be designed without a smart contract, crypto wallet, and Tokens.

  • Smart contract: we are a top smart contract development company that designs and develops contract codes in various blockchain technologies. We provide customized solutions to write new codes, and audit and update existing ones.
  • Crypto Wallets integration: We help our clients with crypto wallet development services. You can also click our service page to know the tech stack and more information.
  • Tokens: We develop and deploy custom tokens like DAO Maker Token with ERC 721, ERC1155, ERC720, or any other token standards.


Once we are done with the development segment, thereafter testing comes on the way. Our Quality Assurance team tests your platform at various levels and on several parameters to ensure it must be bugs, errors, and cybercrimes-free.


Once our customers get satisfied with the project development and for no more changes. We help our clients to launch their projects successfully. We also provide 1-month maintenance and upgrading services as a reward for our new customers.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like DAO Maker?

To build an app like DAO maker, could cost around $50,000. The cost can vary based on your platform selection, blockchain consulting, token standards, features, and functionalities. Another significant factor that affects your app development cost is your decision whether you plan to build from scratch or choose a white label decision. As discussed above White label DAO Maker has always been a budget-friendly choice whereas app development from scratch involves customized features & technologies.

Why Suffescom Solutions For DAO Maker Clone Development?

Suffescom Solutions is one of the leading DAO blockchain development companies providing top-notch DAO development services around the globe. We have been a top choice of customers for 13+ years to build metaverses like technologies, IDO, ICO, IGO, NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, token standards, and more.

Here we have more reasons to choose us:

  • End-To-End Services
  • Team Of Blockchain Experts
  • Multi-Chain Compatibility
  • Latest Tools & Technologies
  • Secured Finished Product

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