Build Decentralized Futuristic Gaming Platform

Build Decentralized Futuristic Gaming Platform

By Suffescom Solutions

May 30, 2023

Build Decentralized Futuristic Gaming Platform

Handling the demands of modern players becomes a need of the hour, especially when it comes to online gaming platforms. Contemporary users look for more security, high-class features, content quality, and, importantly, a chance to earn while playing. Therefore, blockchain technology-based games like play to earn, watch for warning, moving to earn, and similar are in high demand.

The revolution of joining the race of blockchain or decentralized platforms has led to a boost in demand for web3 gaming platforms. A permissionless platform allows everyone to access the web without fretting about privacy, security, and centralization concerns.

When we look at the surprising stats of web3 gaming, we find that;

  • Web3 gaming accounts for 49% of all blockchain activity.
  • 47% of PC and Console gamers are interested in interacting with the Metaverse
  • Gaming accounted for 62% of total Web3 startup funding, i.e., $4.49 billion in 2022, followed by Metaverse and Social Networks.

You might be aware of some of the above-mentioned facts, therefore, plan to upgrade your Web2 Game for Web3 Gaming. So, on the journey of your migrating game to the blockchain network, we are ready to help. Reading this blog lets you know all your essential questions. You can also schedule a call with our experts to know how your web3 gaming could be a game changer.

Still fretting?

Upgrade Your Web2 Game For Web3 Gaming: Why?

Everything is managed and owned by centralized authority
Content ownership rights are distributed among builders and users. A decentralized ecosystem conducts peer-to-peer transactions
No equal access
Both players and developers in the decision-making process
Web2 technologies include HTML5, AJAX and Javascript, and CSS3
Semantic web, deep learning, ML, and decentralized technologies, Unity, Unreal power Web3
Aiming to write and read content
Aiming to create content (Semantic web)
Players need to share their personal information to play traditional games
A permissionless platform requires no need to share information while playing
Having a fun is first
Players can earn revenue while playing
Web2 games do not involve any NFTs as a reward to win games
Web3 games involve NFTs and other digital assets as the main elements
As these are no such NFT involved, so no scope for sale in the secondary marketplace
Ability to sell acquired assets on secondary marketplaces
Relies upon trusted third parties
Utilizes economic mechanisms and incentives to operate
Relies upon old infrastructure of payment processors such as banks to fulfill transactions transactions
Utilizes major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for buying or selling digital assets
Web2 apps include social bookmarking, blogs, video sites, podcasts and RSS feeds
Incorporates AI and machine learning, DAO, dApps, 3D graphics, and real life like virtual worlds

Decentralized Game Development Solutions

Decentralized gaming holds the potential to revolutionize the gaming experience. With our experienced pool of game developers, build and launch world-class immersive games for audience and stay ahead of the competition.

Future of Gaming in Blockchain Gaming Industries

According to a report, “The global Blockchain Gaming Market size in terms of revenue was estimated to be worth USD 4.6 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to rise to USD 65.7 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 70.3%”. Therefore, there is a steady rise in gaming platform investments observed, which is ready to drive the blockchain gaming industry to the next level.

Let’s check out how blockchain positively impacts the gaming industry;

  • Cryptocurrencies can make In-Game assets Purchase Easier
  • Play and earn models have the potential to reward outside the game in “the real world.”
  • Virtual events and tournaments can reward participants.
  • Enhanced security will offer an additional layer of security by using encryption systems.
  • Will provide a Safe and Secure Environment for Game Developers and Entrepreneurs
  • Enable Secured Buying and Selling of In-Game Assets
  • Interoperability Profiles of Players
  • Projection of Value on Intangible Assets
  • Allow Players to Securely Store In-Game Assets
  • Players will Truly Own Their In-Game Digital Assets, such as costumes, cars, land, weapons, and more.
  • Players can have Greater power over Their selected Games
  • Opens state-of-the-art Territories for Developers
  • Empower Players to Collaborate with Developers to Improve a Game
  • Enables the Creation of Exceptional In-Game Assets
  • Higher ability to provide Security Against Fraud

Aspects To Be Considered When Migrate Games To Blockchain Networks

There are a myriad of factors that one must consider while migrating games from traditional networks to blockchain-based platforms. It involves;

Payment Migration

As mentioned above, moving from web2 to web3 means you are also shifting from a traditional payment method to a new cryptocurrency payment technique. Therefore, while migrating, make sure you will use a highly updated crypto wallet like Metamask or build your own customized crypto wallet with our technical prowess.

Data Storage

Web3 apps follow different data architecture compared to web2 apps. As you know, web3 apps are application-centric means all the information related to apps is stored on a single server. In contrast, web3 apps are user-centric and distributed network as data access.

In web3 platforms, data ownership belongs to users, whereas in web2, stored data is utilized for personal gain. Therefore while migrating data, a simple storage method of a decentralized approach is considered.

User Flow Changes

Users' interaction is higher in the web3 platform for buying, selling, and transferring digital assets using smart contracts along with playing.

More Factors That Required Your Attention When Migrate Web2.0 Game To Web3 Platforms

  1. Whether users buy or sell tokens, all the information related to current and past owners should be stored in web3.
  2. UI/UX of the web3 platform should be simple to handle, as the platform will also be used by non-native platform users.
  3. With the secured blockchain technology, data privacy needs to be catered to effectively.
  4. Previous information stored in the web2 platform should be safe, and users don’t have to register again and again on the same platform. It could be a daunting process.
  5. Lack of scalability is another major challenge of the web3 platform that needs to be handled effectively to deal with all your business issues effectively.
Build Decentralized Futuristic Gaming Platform

Upgrade Your Web2 Game For Web3 Gaming With Key Features

Web2 platforms are innovative approaches that function with the power of blockchain technology. Web3 platform involves one-of-a-kind digital assets that have actual value as the users can buy and sell these assets.

When migrating web3 to the web3 gaming platform, there are a few key traditional gaming features that are inseparable in nature. With those, a few more are to be added and listed below.

Interoperability and Ownership

Interoperability and Ownership are the two essential features of the web3 gaming platform and distinguish web3 from the web2 gaming platform. The feature defines in-game users' power to buy, sell and collect NFTs. Although traditional gaming platforms also allow users to own in-game assets, once they change the game, all the assets go lost.

Another feature that Blockchain provides is interoperability, where users can carry over assets to the next gaming platform.

Old Game Upgradation

Blockchain-based web3 games act as a gateway to the metaverse where users can create their avatars, interact with each other and play desired games. The whole new approach can keep you one step ahead of traditional gaming & trading experience.

Player-Centric Gaming

Web3 games are solely player-centric games that provide a huge opportunity for users to earn in cryptos while investing time to play. As long as players can play their favorite games, they will also get a chance to get self-sovereignty over in-game assets. Hence, it is a win-win platform for the players.


Web3 games are decentralized and distributed over various networks of computers, making them immune to hacking. DAO-based gaming platforms rely on voting to improve or modify the gaming process. All the players on the platform have equal access, which ensures a high degree of transparency.


Web3 game ecosystems operate autonomously and require minimum transaction costs. The platform involves no authority interference and negligible downtime. And make sure your platform should have game data storage capacity.

Create An Immersive And Innovative Gaming Experience

Launch a thrilling and virtually attractive decentralized gaming platform that excites every gamer. Our developers can help you design a platform with the latest features, functionalities, and attractive UI/UX design. Get in touch with our experts today.

Migrate Your Games To Blockchain Networks?

As you have understood the difference, reason to migrate, future, and features of migration, now it's time to understand how to migrate from the web2 to the web3 gaming platform. It is not as easy as one thinks because it passes through many stages, from designing a model to designing an interface, developing codes for smart contracts, transferring data, then testing and deploying.

Each stage poses a special skill to function. Here is how you can migrate gaming platforms to blockchain technology.

Think About Your Model

The step involves deciding upon what type of model you want to create for your target audience. Here, you need to decide on the scope of improvements in the current model and work on new features to enhance the user's experience. Our experts can help you from this phase by analyzing the need for amendments as per users' demands. We have the experience and expertise to handle everything flawlessly.

Understand Tech Stacks

Now, the next big thing is to understand various tech stacks that will power up your web2 gaming platform and give a new shape to the web3 world. You can share words with our experts, as each game requires different technologies, from crafting structures to development. We recommend you know about the web3 gaming platform and required technology before embarking on the migration journey.

Decide Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is the backbone of the web3 platform. It enables platforms to store information in blocks and a lot more to keep the platform and users' information secured.

Develop Smart Contact: Power up the platform with “if,” “And,” and “Then” conditions.

NFT Marketplace Development: Enable secure buying and selling of in-game assets.

CryptoCurrency Development: Build your own currency to enable the secured buying and selling of digital assets.

Crypto Wallet Creation: Helps to store game tokens and keeps the cryptocurrency under safe custody.

Craft Prototype Of New UI/UX

Once you have selected everything, the next big move is to choose UI/UX for your platform if you want to make changes to the interface. We can create a prototype of your platform on your demand, defining how your new screen will look. If you are not willing, you can also go with the traditional format.


If you are looking for some changes after selecting a new prototype, we go for shaping your design into the web3 gaming world. Our experienced web3 development team craft codes for your platform and add more functionalities.

Third-party integration

The stage goes simultaneously with coding to integrate more services such as metamask like wallet, token creation, NFT marketplace integration, API integration, social media integration, and more.

Migrate Data

Once things go well, we will migrate your data to the new web3 gaming platform. Data migration involves clients' data, gaming information, in-game assets, and a lot more.

Testing & Deploying

The testing stage is crucial to find glitches, bugs, and eros on the platform that can hinder players' experience. We follow top-notch tools and technologies to find issues on your platform. The next stage is the deployment of your platform into the client's server and holding your hand until you will successfully deliver the same.

Start With Us!!

We are a leading web3 development company with experience in providing various blockchain-based services. We are top rated blockchain game development company to migrate your web2 gaming to web3 gaming. Also, you can enjoy a complete web3 experience from changing UI and UX without harming your data. Our top-notch web3 development services include;

  • Data transfer
  • Writing and editing smart contract codes
  • Creating crypto wallet
  • Token creation
  • High-quality images
  • Games with the ability to operate with AR & VR
  • Customized NFT marketplace development
  • Crafting in-game assets
  • Tailor-made crypto wallet creation

Leave your web2 to web3 game migration specification by filling out a quick form, and one of our technical managers will get in touch with you to discuss further details.

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