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Decentralized Taxi App Development Company | Taxi dApp Development

By Suffescom Solutions

March 20, 2023

Decentralized Taxi App Development Company | Taxi dApp Development

Booking taxis for longer or shorter destinations has become the norm. With the online availability of taxi applications on mobile phones, traveling has become very convenient. In the centralized taxi booking apps, the biggest limitation is the authority that lies in the hands of the platform owner. Also, there were certain other issues related to security and constant data breaches. With the decentralized taxi app development, the problems related to the safety of user information and giving access to the customers and the drivers are solved.

The market has taken an upsurge in the decentralized taxi app business. Due to this reason, the businesses want to create opportunities and invest in such platforms that are not only helpful to them but also to the end user.

Are you planning to develop a decentralized taxi app for your business? Not sure how to go about it? Well, do not worry; we will help you out ! Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a leading dApp Development Company aims at creating powerful, scalable and dependable decentralized apps using smart and secure blockchain technology. Talk to our experts and begin your journey.

Before looking at what the decentralized taxi software has to offer, let’s peek into some of the challenges faced by conventional taxi apps;

Difficulties Faced By The Traditional Taxi Applications

Third-Party Interference

The traditional taxi apps are all about the third parties that develop the add-on features. Even the service providers that connect the customers to the drivers charge a percentage of the total fare. This is usually a little value somewhere between 10-15%, but still charging it from numerous users is profitable for them. This is just a not-so-lucrative option for both the customers and the drivers.

Reduced Transparency

Traditional taxi apps do not possess transparency; there are times when we see a sudden rise in prices, which we can’t evaluate. This is because of the lack of transparency, as there is no explanation for just insane prices.

No Privacy

Businesses work on the principle of privacy, which is the fundamental requirement of any enterprise, whether small, medium, or large. Data is the most expensive right now and no company can afford to lose it. It is directly related to the security of the user's sensitive information. In this era of digitization, there are several fake identities which means access to users' data is so much more convenient.

Taxi Allocation At The Peak Hours

There are times when during peak hours, no driver comes in the first place. This situation occurs mostly during office hours. It purely depicts the poor performance of the application. Also, in some cases, the drivers first confirm the ride and then cancel it, which is so awful. The bookings and cancellations of the rides are based on the algorithms. The execution of poor codes corresponds to low-grade operations.

This issue can be resolved with a prominent blockchain development company. Suffescom Solutions Inc. is capable of building taxi apps with Decentralized Taxi Software. Contact our team and start your development process.

Replacing centralized taxi apps with decentralized ones is the most important factor contributing to safety, flexibility, and transparency.

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Our Decentralized Taxi App Development Process

Drafting An App Strategy

Firstly, there needs to be a proper strategy that will aid in developing a robust application. You should know the ultimate business goals and objectives. It requires adequate planning and research. Market research is crucial; it tells about the customers' pain points and their needs. After that, we properly analyze what issues are being faced by the customers. Based on that feedback, we build features that resolve the problem. Everything from outlining the roadmap to designing, developing, testing, launching, and post-maintenance comes under this action plan.

UX/UI Design

The user experience and the user interface are the key attributes for the success of any application. The app needs to be customer-friendly. The interface should be built in a way that every characteristic of the screen, sound system, icons, buttons, and other visual elements should be top-notch.

The same goes for UX design, where usability and operation of the product are the prime factors directly linked with boosting sales. The more the customers are satisfied with the product, the more product will be sold. It also aids in the popularity of the developed app, which is the ultimate goal of businesses. That’s why more focus is put into this phase.

App Architecture

To build a taxi app, adequate architecture is necessary. It signifies how the application is presented to the user. For that, proper infrastructure with advanced programming languages needs to be chosen. Mostly the combination of javascript along with HTML and CSS is preferred. Moreover, the concept of security, logging, and authentication is taken care of while deciding the architecture. The emphasis is laid on reducing the complexity, which is possible through a structure that allows data storage and transmission across all layers.

Creating API Structure

Application Programming Interface(API) builds communication among applications. There is a secure exchange of data that simplifies the software development process. It includes the functionalities and features that need not be built from scratch. A perfect API architecture separates the front and the backend, thereby removing the dependencies. The API- aided architecture allows diverse technologies and stops time wastage.

UI and API Integration

The backend applications are developed that assist different UI applications. Now, the applications that are developed are API kinds of applications. These applications are authorized to kind of use functional logic in various applications. First and foremost, creating an API application without adding any dependencies is required, followed by testing the stand-alone API app. The request for API is sent that initially requires the app configuration with the user interface.

In-Depth Testing And Deployment

When all the development stages are fulfilled, then testing is performed. All the elements that slow down the application's performance are eliminated during this phase. After testing, the Decentralized Taxi App is set for deployment. When the Decentralized Taxi Software is free from bugs and errors, then the developed app is set to launch on the dedicated server.

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Web3 Taxi Software Development Features

The decentralized version of the taxi software exhibits the following features;


The Decentralized Taxi Software has a transparent model. To get any information, the decentralized network has recorded every detail. The distributed ledger plays a huge role in fulfilling this thing. From the ride booking to the payment process, the driver, customer, and admin have access to every piece of information.

Ride Reservation

The Decentralized Taxi Software enables users to reserve their rides in advance. This feature was unavailable in the typical taxi apps. This attribute has come at a time when during peak hours, the cabs are unavailable. The ride reservation feature helps pre-book the taxis when attending special events like parties, going to railway stations/airports, going on trips, etc.

Secure Transactions

The non-involvement of third parties acts in favor of data storage and safe payments. Moreover, the transactions usually take place very swiftly. The Decentralized Taxi App Development discards the role of banks as there is no central governing authority. Eliminating the banks also results in a cost-effective infrastructure, a win-win situation.

GPS Tracking

Web3 Taxi Software Development lets the drivers and the customers know about the location. This helps drivers reach the customer's place without any hurdles. On the other hand, the customers get minute details from booking the taxi. Also, while boarding the cab, the GPS tracking shows the route that assures the customer they are on the right path.


The significant feature of the Decentralized Taxi Software is the referral program. These tend to build a robust business relationships. It’s a great way to drive sales by inviting new customers. These referrals work so that the already existing users, i.e., drivers and passengers, are allowed to send an invite link to their friends and family. This link contains details such as the date before which the link expires. Also, the discount information will be provided to the users that download the app via that link.

Social Media Profile Creation

To get access to the Decentralized Taxi App, the user needs to create a profile, i.e., customer and driver. They need to sign up for the platform by inserting all the required details, such as name, email, contact number, etc. The added benefit of the Web3 Taxi Software Development company is the linking of the social media profiles, which provides a smooth user profile creation and login.

How Decentralized Taxi App Development Will Help Businesses in Boosting Sales?

There is a huge market for transportation. Just like Uber, Lyft captured the market and hit the at the core problem. This boosted the transportation industry greatly, but the constant data breach several times obstructed the users from using the application. This eventually ended up as a lack of security for data and transactions, which was the concern of the users. The entreprenuers have found the solution to this problem through the implementation of Web3 Taxi Software Development.

The ultimate objective of businesses is to get maximum profit which is reaffirmed by the web3-enabled decentralization. This adds advantages, like infusing popularity digitally and amplifying sales. The blockchain-supported transactions take place in cryptocurrencies and possess a decentralized storage system where the data is stored across diverse computers at a lesser cost. Web3 Taxi Software Development also makes use of advanced AI algorithms that predicts human behavior and helps them to make superior decisions to cater well to their customer.

All these things, when added together, provide necessary business growth by creating opportunities that helps in generating revenue through crypto tokens and decentralized advertising. That is why businesses are keen on investing their money in decentralized taxi apps.

Unlocking the Potential of Decentralized Taxi App Development

Unlocking the potential of decentralized taxi app development means creating a more efficient, cost-effective taxi dispatch software, and user-friendly ride-hailing experience.

Why Choose Suffescom As Your Decentralized Taxi App Development Partner?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a prominent web3 development company, working on technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, NFT, etc, for almost 6+ years now. We have a great pool of developers that have technical knowledge of contemporary software standards. We have successfully delivered projects that are according to the client’s requirements and within an affordable budget.

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