Farmers World Clone Script | Launch NFT Farming Game With Our “FarmersWorld Clone”

Farmers World Clone Script | Launch NFT Farming Game With Our “FarmersWorld Clone”

By Suffescom Solutions

June 23, 2022

Farmers World Clone Script | Launch NFT Farming Game With Our “FarmersWorld Clone”

Launch your own NFT farming game with our white-label Farmers World clone script to rise ceaselessly in your NFT gaming business. Suffescom Solutions helps you generate high revenue in the NFT gaming industry by providing top solutions in Farmers World like app. We help you attract your gaming audience by facilitating them with the market-focused features and solutions your business needs.

Launch Your Own Farmer World NFT Based Game

Our team can help you bring your vision to life with our expert game development services. Let us help you turn your passion for gaming into a profitable venture by launching your very own farmer world NFT based game.

Farmers World - Rapid Growing App On WAX Blockchain

Farmers world is the fastest-growing NFT-powered farming game on the WAX blockchain right now. The game app showed constant growth from the time it was launched. There are more than 2000 unique active wallets in a day that show a steady climb to a good level of growth. Gamers require a WAX wallet and tools to start playing the game. Launch your Farmers World clone platform in the world's safest and most convenient blockchain, WAX.

Farmers World Clone Script

Farmers World is the first NFT farming game centered around farmers, fields, and some in-game tokens: Food, Wood, and Gold. Farmer's world clone script is the perfect ready-made solution built precisely like the Wax blockchain-powered NFT game Farmers World. Our farmers world clone app allows users to pick their tools, exploit resources, buy lands and create their own unique farmers world.

Suffescom Solutions is the leading Play to earn game development company that provides NFT Farmers World clone app development services to build your own blockchain-powered gaming platform like Farmers World. This platfrom is unique and customized, represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Suffescom's Farmers World clone lets crypto owners develop a solid blockchain community for gamers that allows them to track their play-to-earn yields.

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Steps To Consider Before Playing NFT Farming Game

Know The Game

The gamers need to learn about the basics of the game, how the minting process is done, and what are the consumptions of the game's mining results. This helps users to have the proper information about the game.

WAX Wallet Creation

Before entering the game, the user needs to create a WAX cloud wallet account. They need to sign up for the game and set up their account by adding their email and password. Read all the conditions before logging in.

Deposit Funds To Wallet

After creation, the users need to add funds to their WAX wallet. They can add through credit cards, exchanges, or by sending WAX from other accounts. From all, the best and easiest way to add funds is to purchase exchanges like Binance.

Purchase Tools

Users must follow the instruction to sync their wallets. Using funds, users need to buy their tools (atleast Axe and fishing rod) from the Farmers World collection to start playing the game. Further, users can easily access the website.

How Users Can Earn Money Through The App Like Farmers World

Sell Resources & Cultivate Crops

The users can make a profit by selling animals and food like chickens, cows, barley, corn, etc in the marketplace. They can easily exchange resources like barley and milk from the animals.

Resource Mining

Gamers can mine game tokens like gold, food, and wood in the marketplace to earn money. USe exchange option in the game to exchange in-game resources with each other. For example, users can exchange Gold for Food.

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The Features We Provide In Farmers World Clone App Development


Mining allows users to grow gold and NFTs with unique in-game tools. Purchase virtual land to start mining, and also users can use the land to build their farms. Every tool possesses some energy loss during the mining process.


Farmers produce food in Farmers World by breeding livestock. The gamer's character needs enough energy to prepare for war with the jungle monsters. They need to store food for that energy. Mature cows interbreed to have calves.


Gamers can build different-sized farms in the game. Expand your farms by building cow stables and coops for chicken. A solid cage on the farm can protect your animals from jungle monsters' attacks and also keep them healthy to grow fast.


It is the advanced and latest feature added to the game. The gamers need to take care of their livestock by harvesting the crops. Build a farm plot to harvest crops, and plant seeds to further exchange fruits with other players.

Wild Animals

Wild animals are known as the jungle monsters in the game. They destroy your land's trees and livestock, and they cause disharmony in the area. The gamers should keep the pets to fight with these monsters in exchange for some reward.

Raising Cows & Chicken

Big cows interbreed to produce calves and those calves are raised to growth. The game farmer keeps hens healthy to harvest eggs to puts them in an incubator. The eggs are then incubated into many chicks.

Build a Farmers World Clone Script With Our Expert Development Services

With our expert development services, you can build a farmers world clone script that is tailored to your specific needs. Our team of skilled developers will guide you through the entire process, from ideation to launch, ensuring that your farmers world clone script is optimized for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Non-Fungible Tokens Of Farmers World Clone Script


  • Ancient Stone Axe
  • Chainsaw
  • Mining Excavator
  • Fishing Boat
  • Fishing Net
  • Axe
  • Fishing rod
  • Saw
  • Stone Axe


  • Diamond Member
  • Gold Member
  • Silver Member
  • Bronze Member

Food & Animals

  • Corn Seed
  • Baby Calf
  • Calf
  • Bull
  • Dairy Cow
  • Chick
  • Chicken Egg
  • Chicken
  • Milk
  • Barley Seed

Farm Building

  • Coop
  • Cowshed
  • Farm Plot

Farmers World Clone Tokens To Exploit Game Resources

Farmers World Clone tokens correspond to the primary resources of the game: Wood, Food, and Gold. The gamers need tokens to exploit the resources in the game. The tokens are represented with FWW (Wood), FWF (Food), and FWG (Gold).


Users can exploit Axe, Saw, and Chainsaw with FWW token in farmers World clone.


Users can exploit Fishing Rod, Fishing Nets, and Fishing Boat with an FWF token.


Gamers exploit the underground mining excavator using the FWG token.

Roadmap to Develop Farmers World Clone


  • Our group of top-notch NFT developers & designers build the white-label Farmers world script by adding amazing characters and resources.
  • Our team started developing UI and tested it daily for a better user experience. Further, our team brings out the UI version to the players.
  • Farmers can receive the standard packages that were released and sold by the drop events or can buy them from a decentralized marketplace.

Short Term

  • Farmers perform their basic work like growing crops, harvesting, and exchanging fruits with others to have a variety of fruit collection and earn rewards.
  • New characters and resources with amazing illustrations and features will be added soon for the development of the Farmers World clone.
  • We are currently developing the clone script to work as a mobile app with both IOS and Android platforms to provide gamers with a fantastic experience.

Long Term

  • Our team is working on providing new clashes in the game. The white and red tribes have discovered the farms and will conquer them. Farmers are forging new weapons, recruiting new warriors, and joining forces to protect their farms.
  • We will provide an ecosystem where players can use resources of other games in the Farmers world clone script. For instance, the gamers can interchange their farmlands and troops from other games to our script and vice versa.
  • Our team is working to further update the farmers' land. They need mining of gold to find the ways to buy new lands in the Farmers World clone to build more farms.

Let Us Build and Launch Your Farmers World Clone Script to Meet Your Needs

Looking for a reliable partner to handle your farmers world clone script development needs? Look no further! Our team of experts can build and launch a customized farmers world clone script that meets your unique needs and requirements. With our professional support, you can streamline and stay ahead of the competition.

Farmers World Clone Like App Development Stages

Thorough Research

Our analytical step begins with demonstrating the goals that must be met. We create detailed documentation about user expectations and business requirements.

Game Strategy

We will define the concept of your game and create a detailed plan to make it a reality. This step requires visualizing how you want your game to look.

Game Design

We go through the design process before creating the game. Prototypes are built to determine how characters and other in-game elements will appear and interact.

Game Development

We create a fully-functional Farmers World clone that facilitates clients and businesses with all the upgraded features and functionalities.

Game Testing/Deployment

All of the game's features and structures will be tested to ensure that the quality is perfect. Our gaming professionals will put the process through several tests.

Post Development Assistance

We also provide additional help to stay up with regular game software updates. Our developers guarantee technical help for any future issues that may emerge.

Suffescom Solutions – Providing Best Farmers World Clone App Development

Suffescom is the top Metaverse game development company that assists you to have the best farmers world clone app development with highly skilled tech experts. We are ready to start your project from scratch while providing a customizable solution.

  • Industry Experience of 13+ Years
  • White-label Solutions
  • 100% Customized Solutions
  • Cost-effective features
  • Efficient Integration
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • User-friendly Interface

Let's work together to create a reliable, updated, and coherent Farmers World clone script platform!

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