How To Make A Website & App Like Coinmarketcap?

How To Make A Website & App Like Coinmarketcap?

By Suffescom Solutions

May 09, 2022

How To Make A Website & App Like Coinmarketcap?

Building a website or an app like CoinMarketCap is not a cakewalk. I Hope you are aware of it. Therefore you are here to find an adequate solution.

The world’s most referenced price tracking platform for crypto enthusiasts is growing at a faster pace in the crypto space. The platform aims to power retail users with unbiased, high-quality, accurate information to draw effective conclusions. So, planning to Build a Website like CoinMarketCap or Build an app like CoinMarketCap with White label CoinMarketCap could be your great decision. It not only provides more options in the market. And take advantage of their revenue-generating strategies.

What is CoinMarketCap?

CoinmarketCap Clone is a ready-to-launch marketplace with an advanced algorithm that delivers market insights. The platform can provide details of more than thousands of crypto coins. Above all, what is leading in the cryptocurrency industry and why? You can get an opportunity to launch your crypto world instantly with our ready-made solution.

Build Your Own Crypto Empire with Our App Like Coinmarketcap

We offer you the opportunity to build your own crypto empire with our app similar to Coinmarketcap. Our app provides a user-friendly interface, real-time data, and advanced analytical tools to help you make informed decisions and maximize your profits.

Features To Define Coinmarketcap Clone

Events Calendar

Be quick to think about all the important events of the crypto world, such as meetings, workshops, shows, and more, with an easy-to-manage event calendar.


Do not miss what is trending in the market and offer how to grab the opportunities in the crypto market space with our keeping updated newsletter option.

Currency Converter Calculator

Utilize your computer, tablet, or mobile to find the changing price between two crypto currencies. You can also find how you can convert crypto with traditional currency in a few taps.

Crypto Glossary

Discover all the money-related new terms with a unique feature. An amazing feature allows your users to be active with new jargon and motivate them to invest in the world.

Day/Night Mode

To make the crypto exchange experience more lively, introduce a day and night mode that only functions with a single click.

Favorite Coins

Provide an option for your users to bookmark their favorite coins and keep on following in the future. You can keep track of flourishing coins and understand the right time for investment.

Top Risers

An ultimate feature allows the admin to list on the top the fastest moving coins so that brokers can understand the bull market and make decisions on time.

Top Fallers

Faller’s market is hard to ignore in the crypto exchange world. It gives an option to brokers to avail advantages of a bear market. It’s a perfect time to invest in your favorite crypto that has scope for growth.


Bring enhanced features to your online platform where users can sync between devices and go with the right choice. Further, we provide multiple watchlists, shareable watchlists, and find popular lists on your mobile.


This time education also pays, get an opportunity to educate your new users regarding tips to invest in lucrative crypto opportunities and ways to boost your income.

Events Page

The event page on the platform provides a space to see giveaways and promotions. You can gain a market advantage by keeping a close eye on the trending options.


Every day, tech masters are introducing something new in the crypto world that goes beyond boosting regular ranking. Offer a handy option to most crypto enthusiasts with the Alexandria feature.


Bring blockchain and crypto headlines in one place. It allows your users to keep updated with the latest information. So do not let this opportunity go away.

Check Rankings on Homepage

The first thing that may affect your user’s decision is the homepage ranking of various cryptocurrencies. Plus, it's a USP for coinmarketcap like apps and websites too.

Go to Coin Details

An agile approach to going to the coin is the perfect option to attract new users and provide instant information about the coin to existing ones. Make sure you must add this essential feature.

Portfolio Enhancements

Insert the auto-refresh option on the page to get real-time data with the latest prices. We bring back the options like default fiat currency and default cryptocurrency to balance your portfolio.

Build a Website like CoinMarketCap With Advance Our Services

Global Charts

Investigate the global information about required tokens in graphical form. It helps users to better understand tokens and coins than numerical data.

Quick Search

Allow users to search for their favorite currency in a few taps with a robust search filter option. Users can easily reach from the oldest to the newest currency in a few clicks only.

Gainers & Losers

Want to show top performers of the coin marketplace. Provide an opportunity to users to find gainers and losers data in a few clicks only.

New Additions

Keep your website updated with the latest coins and token options. These options show up your business on the top with trending coins.

Historical Data

Enjoy the privilege of finding coins records based on time, price, and years details with the historical data record option.

Build An App Like Coinmarketcap With Blockchain Developers

Mobile Apps

  • Easy To Use
  • Technically Advanced
  • Seamless Mobile Apps

Web App

  • Highly Functional
  • Pro-Customizable
  • Friction-Free In-App Functionalities

Admin Dashboard

  • All-In-One Dashboard
  • Easy To Use Activities
  • Overall Performance

100% Customizable

  • Boundless Customizing Options
  • 24*7 Add-On Support
  • Quick App Transformation

Launch Your Crypto Trading Journey with Our User-Friendly App Like Coinmarketcap

We build a top-noch crypto trading app similar to Coinmarketcap that allows you to launch your trading journey with ease.

Revenue Model: Understand Money-Making Strategy From Websites & App like CoinMarketCap

Subscription Fees For Its API

Start generating monthly or annual revenue through API, just like CoinMarketCap, to define prices, trading volumes, market caps, and many more products.

Job Listing Fees

Earn from employers seeking blockchain and crypto space creating developers job hiring posts. Coinmarketcap is a prominent market for developers, as they want to keep updated with the latest technology and similar industry jobs.

Referral Fees

CoinMarketCap allows users to buy varieties of cryptocurrencies from the platform. The platform redirects to their original site as the users click to buy. This is also called an affiliated program to earn rewards.

Earn Through Advertising

Apps and websites like CoinMarketCap earn a bit of revenue from advertising. These paid ads could be on the homepage or on clicking a particular screen like banner ads. Hence, never leave a chance to earn through an advertising platform.

Difference Between Public And Private Blockchain

What Can You Offer on Your CoinMarketCap App or Website?

  • Offer a free plan
  • Easy to navigate platform
  • Informative
  • Easy to track coins and exchanges
  • A Mobile APP
  • Good API

Things You Should Avoid Offering on CoinMarketCap?

  • Don’t offer enough metrics
  • Isn’t always precise
  • The free plan is severely limited
  • There are some suspicions that CMC favors Binance company, especially when it comes to rankings.

Understand The CoinMarketCap Similar Businesses

Here we have a list of top exchange platforms that work similarly to CoinMarketCap. You can also check out their business model to mix and match another perfect platform.

  • CoinGecko
  • Blockfolio
  • Cryptonaut
  • CryptoCompare
  • Blockchain wallet
  • Coincodex
  • Wallmine
  • Coincheckup
  • Coinsflare
  • Cesium
  • ViewBase

Tech Slacks:

Factors To Put In Place Before Considering The Right Slack

  • Defining your project, business, and customers' needs and resources
  • Make sure you will not copy exactly what competitors have already implemented
  • Build an MVP first and then conduct 360-degree testing
  • Use ready-made solutions like CoinMarketcap with the assistance of experts.
  • Save your data on reliable cloud hosting solutions
  • Think about the future needs of projects and clients in your thoughts

Build a Website like CoinMarketCap

  • Front-end development technology stack - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Frameworks used for HTML and CSS - Bootstrap, Susy, Foundation, Pure, Bulma, Materialize
  • Back-end development technology stack - Web server, Database storage setup, programming language, and operating system

Build An App like CoinMarketCap

  • Programming languages - Kotlin, Java for Android and Swift, Objective-C
  • iOS
  • SDK- Android SDK, iOS SDK
  • Toolkit - Android Studio, Apple Xcode

Build Your Crypto Strategy with Our App Similar to Coinmarketcap

With our user-friendly app like Coinmarketcap, you can easily track and monitor your cryptocurrency investments, set alerts for price changes, and make informed decisions to stay ahead in the fast-paced crypto market.

Most Popular Blockchain Development Platforms

Why Suffescom Solutions Only?

We are leading the blockchain and crypto world in the development sector to build top-notch solutions for tech giants. We have already developed similar platforms like WazirX, RobinHood, Upstock, CashApp, OpenSea, Binance, Metamask, BitPay, etc. You can approach us to build a 100% customized solution for your every business needs. We create;

  • Tailor-made mobile apps
  • Blockchain-powered web solutions
  • Fully featured admin panel
  • Boundless support system
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Crypto wallet integration

To know more about us or your project development to success, schedule a 30-mins demo with our experts!

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