Metaverse Concert Platform Development | Launch Virtual Streaming Platform

Metaverse Concert Platform Development | Launch Virtual Streaming Platform

By Suffescom Solutions

February 16, 2023

Metaverse Concert Platform Development | Launch Virtual Streaming Platform

The musical metaverse is here! With the GenZ population using the Metaverse for immersive experiences, the new age concerts are getting organized in the comforts of our living rooms. The global metaverse market is predicted to reach a CAGR of 40% from 2022-2030, with a revenue of $700B by 2030.

Understanding The Metaverse Concert Streaming Platform

With famous pop artists switching to the metaverse and earning millions in virtual concerts, the fans are leaving no stone unturned to follow their icons. The metaverse is a virtual space full of immersive experiences where a centralized system of rules does not govern users. With Web3 and its powerful subsidiaries like the Metaverse, third-party interference is evaded, and the users can conduct P2P transactions in a matter of seconds.

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However, we are in a transitional phase, and the digital world is slowly drifting from Web2 to Web3 space, and this will take some time before we will be completely adapted to the Web3 world. Concerts and Clubs in the metaverse are a new chapter in the entertainment history and a way to the future of media.

Recent advances in the metaverse began after the pandemic hit the world, and everything was left at a sudden pause. This was the actual rebirth of digital wonders like the metaverse. And soon after, gaming platforms also started adopting the metaverse to create an unmatchable gaming experience for the gaming community worldwide. That’s when the musical metaverse started coming into existence. Now, there are several options for creating a Metaverse concert streaming platform.

Are you looking to enter the virtual world of entertainment? Then you are at the right place for leading Metaverse concert streaming platform development services. Suffescom Solutions has successfully delivered more than 50 metaverse projects and has a client base of more than 1500 globally. Contact us now to learn more about Metaverse concert streaming platform development.

In this blog, we will discover the new age of music in the metaverse and the benefits of organizing metaverse concerts.

What Exactly Is A Metaverse Concert?

To understand what happens in a metaverse concert, we can define a virtual concert as a digital performance with a virtual avatar of an artist, which is then projected on the virtual stage and synced to a pre-recorded track. When experienced live with a VR headset or in a gamified stage, this experience is breathtaking. And this can be further justified by the fact that more than 12 million people attended Travis Scott’s concert in Fortnite. The metaverse concert is quite different from a hologram concert altogether; it can be best experienced with a VR headset. With virtual concerts, you can build a community of metaverse music lovers who will enjoy your platform’s streaming services.

Virtual concerts are facilitated more on social connections, and the pandemic has actually helped in fostering feelings of emotional support as well as empathy between people. Your Metaverse concert streaming platform can create flooding revenues with the correct business models. The Genz world can spend thousands of dollars to follow its music icon.

Thus with our help, your event business can be brought into the virtual world, and your ROIs can skyrocketed with the speed of light.

Virtual Concert In The Metaverse: The Future Of Musical Industry

Suffescom Is one of the leading metaverse development companies for building the virtual music platforms in the metaverse for concerts. Select the hosted programs and purchasing and selling tickets in NFT forms, and integrating the secure payment gateway for events in the virtual ecosystem.

Major Tech-Stack For Virtual Music Concert Platform

Mobile Device Processors

They are used for creating amazing experiences by using Augmented Reality. Multiple minor superfast processors will be tailored to VR glasses. To create more realistic graphics, fast mobile processors will be used with enhanced refresh rates and high frames every second.

IoT Technology

Information from the real world can be used for IoT in the Metaverse by connecting the IoT device with a 3D setting. With real-time simulations along with AI and ML assistance, the metaverse environment can be taken to the next level. IoT sensors can collect and process data to interact in the virtual world, like the Oculus VR device.


Mostly Unity and Unreal 3D engines are used along with HTML5/WebGL.


Python and JavaScript are the languages that can be used in the metaverse for creating sceneries and avatars.

Simple Steps On How To Host A Metaverse Concert?

Hosting a metaverse concert in a Metaverse based event platform can be complicated if you don’t choose to go step by step and create the perfect experience for your attendees. Let us have a glimpse of some of the steps:

  • Plan your concert theme
  • Create and design a venue with the right aesthetics
  • Stream Audio/Video
  • Invite people and build a community
  • Interact with the audience
  • Monetize and evaluate to bring back your attendees in the next show

1. Plan A Goal And A Target Audience

The event preparation for online and offline gatherings is similar. You just need to set a goal for the event and stay focused on the logistics, like the budget, promotional revenue, promotional materials, and developing the content.

2. Choose Suffescom To Develop Your Streaming Platform

An efficient Metaverse Development Company like Suffescom can help you develop the best bug-free streaming platform with its massive tech stack.

3. Gather Equipment

Ensure that you have everything required for holding your virtual event, and choose a way to transmit audio/video from the source to your computer.

4. Create A Groundbreaking Design

Suffescom is equipped with seasoned web designers who can use their expertise to design a concert stage like no other. The best way for more user engagement is to develop the virtual avatar as per the concert theme, right visual aids like stage lighting, and artist set to perform.

5. Start Promoting The Concert

Marketing your concert is a crucial step that will attract attendees. This can be done through social media invites, DMs, and teasers. Attending concerts of artists in the same genre can also attract potential attendees.

6. Testing The Stream

Multiple test streams can be set up for testing the stream, and make sure to keep the crowd entertained. After the stream is tested, the live stream can finally be executed.

How Are Virtual Concerts Better Than Physical Concerts?

It is clear that the pandemic was the reason behind the prominence of the metaverse. And with everything being shut down, events and concerts started getting virtual. Suffescom Solutions can utilize the powers of blockchain technology to finally shift your business to decentralization. Let us have a look at how custom blockchain solutions and metaverse help in hosting concerts through the development of a Metaverse concert streaming platform.

Total Evasion Of Unethical Means Of Selling Tickets

In conducting concerts physically, many organizers sell tickets at a low price and leverage services from random vendors to resell those tickets on multiple platforms illegally. The entry of blockchain can ensure that the ticket is not resold on other platforms illegally. NFT Ticketing solutions give attendees a unique identification number for registrations rather than filling out forms.

Linking Crypto With Ticket Sales

Using cryptocurrency to purchase tickets will make the transactions absolute, and a peer-to-peer management system will be an ideal choice instead of a centralized one with third-party interference that takes their commissions.

Venue Management

A decentralized system will help the event managers to connect with venue partners faster with secure peer-to-peer transactions. With the help of Blockchain, event organizers can make value-based connections. The chances of getting more sponsors will also increase with blockchain technology’s superpowers.

No Room For Fraud

The concerts that are managed by a centralized system can have chances of fraud because of currency denomination differences and the influence of third parties. With the use of blockchain, users can easily update their transaction records after the agreement of each party and prevent losses.

Managing Suppliers

With the help of blockchain technology, a system of selling tickets with transparency can be created. The event organizers can create a safe and verified network of caterers, lighting and sound, maintenance, and security. By confirming the authenticity of the suppliers, the payments can be made instantly. The point-based system that blockchain provides will create room for conducting reviews and surveys to help the attendees win rewards. The attendees can benefit from food, accommodation, and much more.

Launch Your Own Virtual Music Concert Platform

Interested in building live streaming applications or building metaverse platforms for decentralized video streaming? For more information regarding developing the virtual streaming concert platform, contact us!

Features Of Our Metaverse Concert Streaming Platform

Avatar Customization

With an AR/VR headset, 3D experiences can be created with customized avatars as per the attendees’ choice. The avatars can be made as per the theme of the concert or the artist. Our metaverse avatar solutions can help people to use their avatars to create social connections in the metaverse and create an entire community. These connections can be the attendees for the next concerts.

NFT Integration

Users can get a chance to purchase NFTs that can be unveiled at the time of the concerts. They can use these NFTs and trade them on NFT marketplaces.

Hybrid Concerts

The concert can be organized both in a physical mode, with some attendees joining the event with their VR headsets. This can make the concert a total hit with countless attendees.

Integration Of Maps

The avatars can use maps in virtual concerts to explore the venue. The venue can have stalls and kiosks for beverages along with other activity areas, as instructed by you.

Virtual Stalls And Shopping

The avatars can enjoy shopping in the concert venue with virtual stalls and brands that have the potential to become sponsors.

Surveys And Polls

Users can answer polls and surveys that can be used for determining the song choices of the concert as well as gathering reviews for collecting audiences for the future.

Benefits Of Suffescom’s Metaverse Concert Streaming Platform Development


With the avoidance of the need to travel to the venue and losing our savings, metaverse concerts can be enjoyed in the comfort of our living rooms. Waste consumption will also be reduced, and environment-related policies can be maintained.

Better Event Administration

Our industry-specific business solutions can be put in relevance as a tool for attracting a global audience. We provide industry-specific business services for concert management and organization. Our experts have been in the Metaverse business for 5.5 years and have worked on several metaverse app development projects.

Seamless Payments With Cryptocurrency

We will ensure that every attendee gets the benefit of owning their wallet on their avatar profile’s dashboard and can purchase assets directly through cryptocurrency.

Installation Of The Latest Features

Suffescom is aware of the market trends and develops products that are not just fitting the industry standards but also lead the market.

Why Choose Us For Developing Your Metaverse Concert Streaming Platform?

Suffescom Solutions has skilled developers that can successfully develop the metaverse concert streaming platform with their expertise. Our technical knowledge, tools, frameworks, and software standards have made us an award-winning company. Our top-most priority is our client’s needs, and we have a wide range of spectrum industries and application typologies.

Contact us now to develop your concert streaming platform now!

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