Migrate Magento To Web3.0: Unveil The Secret of Online Business Success

Migrate Magento To Web3.0: Unveil The Secret of Online Business Success

By Suffescom Solutions

February 06, 2023

Migrate Magento To Web3.0: Unveil The Secret of Online Business Success

The success and strength of Magento development solutions is hard to deny. One can start as a small business retailer and, with the growth of the business, have the opportunity to choose a higher version. But now, Magento migration to web3.0 is good news for enterprises who want to shift to web3. They can offer users advanced features and functionality with blockchain security without harming current themes or platform characteristics.

If you are planning to step into the contemporary era ecommerce platform with your most familiar platform, you are at the right place. With our experts, you can offer all new attributes of web3 with the power of blockchain security, cryptocurrency, tokenization, NFTs, AI, and VR. You can find more details about us in “why choose us to migrate magento to web3 services.”

Remember, an early step into the most demanding platform also lets you enjoy amazing business opportunities. If you are finding more reasons, benefits, features, costs, or other factors, then this blog is designed for you only! Keep scrolling or reading until you find your answer. You can also click here for quick support.

Compelling Reasons To Migrate Magento To Web3

Advanced attributes with the security of modern technology are a reason in itself to go with Magento to Web3 migration unless you are stubborn to continue with oldies.

Besides that, we have created a list of powerful grounds to cherish your new platform with modern norms.

  • High-Performance Measurement Tools
  • Simple Checkout process
  • Search engine friendly & Responsive
  • Advanced Security
  • Enhanced Customer experience
  • Easy extension update
  • Database segmentation
  • Easy to handle admin panel
  • Fast and secure product uploads
  • Enhanced customization functionalities
  • Mobile friendly platform
  • Various Payment Gateways
  • Consistent updates
  • Modern tech stack

Enjoy Add-On Features When Migrate Magento To Web3

What else is left? Among an amazing list of interesting factors, we have more in the queue for you. Interested to find out? Check out the exciting features of our web3 magento platform.

Decentralized Crypto Wallet

With the rising popularity of crypto coins like Bitcoin, ETH, Binance, Solana, and BNB, popular platforms like Domino’s Pizza, Planet Express, and Nafa also started accepting payments in crypto. Hence, it’s a perfect time for your business to avail of the opportunity with the power of the web3 platform.

AI-based Shopping Assistants

Moving from traditional magento to web3 platform lets your customers avail smooth and fastest online experience. Assistant shares personalized products based on users' shopping experiences and web searches. Not only this, the role of AI-based shopping assistants is growing from finding the right product to final payment. So, don’t keep your business away from such wonderful opportunities.

AR to Visualize Products

Web3 technology offers an unmatched shopping experience. Users can visualize products like furniture, clothes, mobile phones, and more using the web3 ecommerce platform. It helps in increasing the rate of return. A report also showed that by 2025, one-third of the shoppers would use AR-powered IoT devices, then you should keep your business away from future-ready technology.

Gamifying Shopping Experience

Gamification - an add-on feature of web3 platforms that gives customers additional benefits via discounts and offerings. Researchers also provide that web3 gaming features boosts customers' visits by 108% with a 10% conversion rate. Among gamification, spin-and-win is a perfect example of attracting users. Migrating magento to the web3 platform lets you enjoy the same with additional benefits.

AI-based Chatbots

Whether you want to answer customers' FAQs, assist them in finding specific products, or solve their product-related queries, AI-powered chatbots are the perfect option. These can handle tasks effectively, irrespective of last-minute rush due to the end of sales or else. Chatbots provide assistance in every situation and solve queries swiftly.

NFT-based Reward Programs

Migrate your magento platform to web 3 and offer an NFT-based loyalty reward program to customers. Our designed and migrated magento to web3 platform helps to benefit specific users based on their previous shopping experience. They can redeem rewards with NFTs and enjoy bigger bonuses on ecommerce websites.

VR Product Description Video

Web3 and related technologies are offering an immersive internet experience to users. Businesses can add VR product description video that enables 360-degree product view and helps the users to find more. Importantly, VF product descriptions have a higher ability to convert leads into sales with sensory experiences, touch, and hearing features.

Smart Contract-Based Inventory Management

Web3 platforms can only be forced with smart contracts. That proves an authentic and streamlined experience for every business. You can also set predefined stock levels and automate inventory with smart contracts. Best of all, you don't have to deal with security issues. Everything will be stored in top-rated Ethereum, Binance, Solana, and Polygon blockchain-based smart contracts.

Looking For A Magento Platform For Your Web3 Based E-commerce Platform?

Want to Migrate Magento To Web3.0 for your business growth? With our experts, you can get all new attributes of web3. Give us a chance! Exchange your ideas with our Web3 App Deveopers.

Migrate Magento To Web3 Services Cost

The price of anything is one of the major factors and has the potential to take or step back any decision. Same lies when migrating magento to web3 platforms. If it is your concern, too, here we have split up the cost of Magneto migration into web3 of a platform.

Theme or your website design defines your business and allows your users to stay for a longer duration. But theme migration also bears costs based on your requirement. For instance, you have 3 options:

  • Use ready-made themes that you can pick from existing options or go with theme customization with experienced developers. For this, experts can charge between $1000-$2000.
  • Building a new theme, the solution involves more cost but has the potential to deliver unprecedented results. You can specify the features the way you want. The price could vary from $1500 to $2200.
  • The next solution in this row is the most expensive, where you can hire a designer to create a design and a developer to build a unique solution. The price may vary between $3000-$5000 based on defined elements like logos, color, banner, and more.

Custom Function Migration Cost

Calculating the cost of custom functionalities while migrating magento to web3 is quite complex. The price tag of this section entirely depends on project and theme complexity, extension installations, creating a smart contract according to design, and more. So, the cost can only be best defined by experts. You can call our experts to calculate your magento to web3 platform cost.

Data Migration

Safeguarding and maintaining business data is a crucial decision. It builds your user's trust, but when migrating, it involves cost too. For this, small businesses can pay costs based on data transfer, whereas larger businesses can finalize a fixed amount with a magento to web3 migration company. The price for this can vary between $2000 to $3500.

Extensions Migrations

There are two ways to migrate extensions - one, buy from available in the market or go with customized extensions. The cost for purchasing among current can varies between $900-$1800. Whereas constructing extensions involves charges depending on the difficulty level of your platform.

Settings Migration

Setting migrations related to payment, shipping, language, email, and more seems a simple task. But when transferring in web3, it involves smart contract-backed settings at every step to protect your data.

Other Costs

Other costs involve tech stack, developers and project management, and more.

Note: The above-mentioned costing is applied at the time of writing content. The figures may change based on platform and market demand.

Form of Migration Magento To Web3 Services

There are two forms of migrating magento to the web3 platform - an all-in-one package and custom services.

All-in-one services

This is the most economical solution for businesses and consumes less time than others. Here the merchant defines its needs and platform expectations in advance to the developer for a lump sum amount.

Custom services

Custom services are a highly appreciated method of migrating magento to the web3 platform. Here the developers coordinate with merchants and discuss project requirements to project progress reports at every step. Undoubtedly, the charges for this form will be higher, but it lets users enjoy customized and trending features on the platform.

You can contact us to know things in detail.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions To Migrate Magento Web 2.0 To Web 3.0?

Now, time to choose the best to construct who will construct your platform, and we recommend you go with us. Thinking, why us only? Remember, we have

Web3 Experience & Expertise

We have top-notch web3 developers with experience and expertise to construct any website from scratch or migrate. We have healthy and cost-effective solutions for your needs.

Team of Blockchain Professionals

We have a team of blockchain masters who have the potential to handle any technology with ease. We are working with 350+ blockchain experts under one roof.

Delivered Multiple Blockchain-Based Projects

We have already worked on metaverse-like technologies, web3 platform, play-to-earn, move-to-earn, NFT projects, and more. We have already shared case studies, clients review, and videos on our platform.

Write And Audit Smart Contract

Our experts have the ability to write and audit smart contracts in any blockchain technology. So, just name it, and we can read your project in the most trustworthy blockchain networking.

Want to Migrate Magento Web2.0 Platform To Web3 E-Commerce Platform?

Looking for a reliable web3 development company for the migration of Magento Web2.0 Platform to Web3 E-Commerce Platform? We are here to help! Call our experts and fulfill your dreams of working on web3 projects.

Consultancy Services

If you have doubts about technology, budget, or lack of knowledge, share your words with our experts. We provide A-Z consultancy services that let you enjoy best-in-class services at affordable prices.

Customized Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

The Web3 platform cannot serve its purpose without a crypto wallet. So, you can install or create your customized crypto wallet solutions for your customer's ease. Our crypto wallet involves an easy-to-navigate dashboard that provides all the details in one space.

High-Level Testing

We believe in complete customer satisfaction. So, before delivering any project, we conduct multiple-level testing and deliver once your platform clears all levels.

So, what are you waiting for now? Time to call our experts and fulfill your dreams of working on web3 projects.

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