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Steps For An Efficient Web3 Healthcare App and Platform Development

By Suffescom Solutions

February 07, 2023

Steps For An Efficient Web3 Healthcare App and Platform Development

Web3 is the internet of today with a technology that runs on decentralization rather than on a system of centralized rules. It is generally based on open-source software formed by a big community of contributors. Web3, blockchain based healthcare solutions and other futuristic tech stacks to allow a digital community to innovate new ideas in the healthcare sector with the help of cutting-edge technologies.

Web3 in healthcare platform development is the evolution of the present-day centralized internet where the user does not own their data. With web3, the third-party moderations will be completely wiped off, and the users will be the owners of their own data.

How Web3 Healthcare Platform Helps To Grow Revenue in Healthcare Business?

The healthcare industry is worth $808 billion in the United States as of 2021. With this much of a gigantic sum flowing almost every year, health industrialists can also save lives as well as double their ROIs. The traditional system of governance of hospitals had already caused massive life loss in the pandemic era.

The long queues and hours of wait for consultation had made the hospitals prone to the risk of being a containment zone themselves. It is the obvious change in technological times that the hospital industry keeps on updating itself with the advancements.

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Right now, we are in a transitional phase of the internet, witnessing the shift from Web2 to Web3. With web3 comes a bunch of benefits, not just decentralization but also the storage of data in a more secure way.

The web3 umbrella is transparent, safe, and automated to the core. Long gone are the times of manual labor. Web3 comes with a tech stack that can automate tasks as well as process data in real time. Not just these, web3, with the help of the metaverse, can create 3D experiences that are immersive and can engage a lot of audiences.

The payments that traditional banking institutions later governed are now made peer-to-peer, and the banks cannot access the patients' private data and lose their disproportionate share of the commission.

Web3 And The Healthcare Industry: Highlighting Health 3.0

The most interesting fact about web3 is the ownership of data. To simplify this, the users who decide to test their DNA through any of the labs are actually sending their private data for free to an institution that can later use that data without their permission. Your genetic data is now with a company that will debate on the actual ownership of your own data. It’s the healthcare sector’s upgradation with the change of times that will prevent them from using that data for inappropriate purposes.

To understand better, let us go through some of the use cases of Web3 in the healthcare sector:

Increased Transparency and Record-Keeping

The fuel that runs the world of web3 is blockchain, and it allows the creation of immutable ledgers that are used for storing and managing EMR (Electronic Medical Records) in a much more secure, transparent way and transforming healthcare with web3/blockchain healthcare solutions. The benefits of blockchain technology will help hospitals in updating patient records in real-time without the need for any third-party moderation.

Most Reliable Web3 Healthcare App Development For Managing EMR

Create web3.0 healthcare platform for managing the patient's medical records (EMR) with open source immutable digital ledger technology. Our web3 healthcare marketplace development team is well-versed in cutting-edge technologies to build tailor-made web3 medical marketplace for your hospital or clinic business.

Data Sharing and Interoperability

Web3 will help ease the hospital administration using dApps powered by smart contracts that will enable seamless transactions done at the speed of light. They will also ease the data sharing between two or more healthcare providers and systems. Interoperable healthcare networks will be created as well as the patient data won’t remain limited to a bunch of papers wrapped around a cardboard file. The patient will own their own data and will have the right to share it as per his or her own wish. And the best part about this is that doctors can access this data with a click of a button almost anywhere around the globe.

Unmatchable Security and Privacy

A decentralized file-sharing protocol by the name of IPFS will be used for storing the patient data and also sharing their private data like test results and diagnostic results in time with utmost security. The role of IPFS is to provide high security and privacy as compared to the traditional centralized system.

Accessibility and Costing

The use of the revolutionary tech stack that the world of web3 offers will help the healthcare sector to reduce the expenditures that they normally spend on manual labor in a centralized management. Not just that, the use of these manual inputs has made a huge room for errors that only the decentralized web3 systems can fill. With automation, accessibility automatically becomes efficient, and real-time data processing reduces costs on a very large scale.

Citing Some Examples

To make it easier for you to relate to the importance of Web3 in the healthcare sector, let us state some mandatory examples. These companies are an ode to the strength of Web3 and are all set to transform the healthcare sector with cutting-edge technological solutions.

Wish to be one of them? Contact Suffescom Solutions Inc. for your ideal web3 healthcare platform development.

Now, let us keenly go through the examples:


This is a medical research company and also one of the top healthcare industries in web3 that leverages the powers of blockchain technology to track research data. The firm works with clinical trials for storing and publishing research data on its own blockchain platform. This company was founded by a pharmaceutical scientist Kirt McMaster. This company uses the Ethereum blockchain for data storage and distribution of research data.

Cognition Health

This is a clinical data management and analysis company. It earns a great share of respect for working with numerous hospitals. The company envisions providing the best possible medical solutions with the help of futuristic technologies to improve patient care quality. With the aid of cloud-based technology and a bunch of proprietary softwares, Cognition Health helps medical professionals track the result of treatments. This company offers products like Epocrates, that are basically a clinical decision support tool, as well as other products that help maintain patient safety as well as delivering quality programs. This company has been using blockchain technology since the year 2017 and makes it easier for patients and doctors to exchange their data.

Bloom Health

It is a medical research company that provides blockchain-based platforms for tracking and verifying health data. Bloom Health creates secure, HIPAA-compliant health data sharing and data storage. It offers regulatory frameworks, including Bloom Health Analytics, including FDA, Food And Drug Administration, and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Bloom Health Research is basically a medical research marketplace.

Tech Stack Used For Web3 Healthcare Platform Development

Suffescom has been working diligently and has proven to become a healthcare app development company that provides feature-rich and user-friendly applications.

We concentrate on the following:

1. Programming:

  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Flutter
  • React
  • Kotlin

2. Framework
3. Backend
4. Cloud
5. Database
6. UI/UX Design

What Can Suffescom Provide In Web3 Healthcare Platform Development?

EMR Development

EMR software services digitalize most of your medical information, allowing faster access to patient data records, a considerable drop in medical mistakes, and very complex decision-making.

Hospital Information Management System

With HIMS, you can streamline the processes of storing patient information and storing records of health data, and billing information of patients.

Health Information Exchange Software

This allows patients and doctors, and other health practitioners to access real-time medical data, which will provide a safe and reliable platform for health data transmission as a part of a leading healthcare application development business.

Pharmacy Management Software

Our ace business solutions with streamlined inventory management and a very secure system that even has workflow automation and extensive MIS reports and can help businesses maximize their operational efficiency.

Doctor/Patient Application

With the press of buttons, you can schedule a doctor’s consultation and pay the fees online through very trusted gateway options and receive medicine reminders or push alerts before appointments to keep medical history and records safe.

Medical Billing Software

Suffescom provides Medical Billing Software Solutions and also enhances revenue collection while reimbursement rates and providing automated follow-ups for creating MIS reports and much more.

Wellness & Fitness Applications

The users can track their fitness with the help of fitness monitors and track their health stats with our application. Such as keeping track of the pulse rate, blood pressure, and heart rate as well. You can convince your customers to use the app for better sleep, a better run, and strength by using our application.

Wearable Apps

We also help create health solutions that can be used on wearables that can easily be configured in the mode of a wristwatch, fitness bands, smart cloth, audio devices, and body-mounted sensors that can almost put your health on your fingertips.

Steps For Making a Web3 Based Medical Platform

There is a detailed procedure for creating a web3 medical platform that can be later used for healthcare reasons.

Step 1. Identify The Target Audience

The most important step for web3 healthcare app development is identifying the client's needs and what they wish for their clients. Customers will ultimately want you to clear their problems, which is very important for creating a healthcare app.

Step 2. The Pre-Development Phase

After understanding the client's needs, we start the development phase by kickstarting the project and determining the requirements, and understanding the functionalities as well as the cost and resources required for the project. This stage will ultimately affect the project as the team is chosen, and the certification requirements are determined along with the budget estimation.

Step 3. The Development Phase

The main work begins here after the right professionals are hired and are loaded with the right tools and technologies. The team will include front-end and back-end developers, project managers, a product manager, and a team lead.

Step 4. Assuring The Quality

For building the healthcare app, we have to note that no matter how much testing and debugging is done, the most important step is quality assurance which further removes any blind spots and ensures that the web3 healthcare app is working without any bugs, smoothly. If we debate the importance of developers and testers, they go hand in hand and work as per the needs of the client, respecting the privacy and safety standards.

Step 5. Product Release and Continuous Support

Once the app is developed and deployed, it still needs continuous support. Many companies will determine the stage of external development of the app and later let the in-house team handle it. This might mean the constant iteration of apps to ensure their stability.

Aid Your Business With Web3 Healthcare App Solutions

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Why Choose Suffescom For Healthcare Platform Development?

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