Amplified Trading Volume with Multi Chain NFT Marketplace | Multichain NFT Platform

Amplified Trading Volume with Multi Chain NFT Marketplace | Multichain NFT Platform

By Suffescom Solutions

April 15, 2022

Amplified Trading Volume with Multi Chain NFT Marketplace | Multichain NFT Platform

NFTs will shape the digital landscape in the near future. These are bigger than any digital representation of the artwork. Yes! You heard it right. It's not new now that there is something innovative and bigger about NFTs blowing our minds and disrupting several industries every year.

With an ever-expanding number of people diving into NFTs creation and trading, the evolution of the NFT marketplaces is also on the path. And from a typical NFT marketplace, it is now leading to the rise of a multichain NFT marketplace that removes the limitations of the current NFT platforms.

Considering the NFT platforms' revenue generation to date, more entrepreneurs are showing interest in launching their own NFT platforms, hoping to gain the same level of success. Despite the advanced and unique high-tech solutions, NFTs face certain limitations and stay constrained.

But, the concept of multichain NFT powered platforms paves the way to limitless NFTs creation to eliminate this issue. To get deeper into the concept, we demystified the idea of multichain NFT and the platform. Before jumping next, let's discuss the limitations of the current NFT platforms, which gave rise to the development of multichain NFT platforms.

Introduction To Multi Chain NFT Marketplace

A multi chain NFT is designed based on multiple blockchain networks. These NFTs can survive on various marketplaces supporting different blockchain networks.

Why Are Current NFT Marketplace Not Matching Today's Needs?

NFTs are created on the most popular blockchain network, Ethereum, which brings many issues and limitations to the surface and fragmentation is on the top, which restricts the NFTs. The problem is that the current NFT user cannot understand the way NFTs work, as many NFT platforms depend on multiple blockchains. Every platform has a different process for the consumers. And top of all, no platform enables the users to sell/buy on the multiple blockchains resulting in a hectic job of trading the NFTs.

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Multi Chain NFT Marketplace- Future of NFT Market

It is a platform that supports NFT trading in multiple blockchain networks under the same portal. As the interface remains the same, it is easy for the users to handle things. If we talk about the examples, then Rarible and Opensea are the top ones. These two popular platforms work on two blockchains but are not compatible with the NFTs built on other networks.

However, the multichain NFT platform is where it is possible to create and mint the NFTs on various technologies. The multichain NFT platform development process requires huge resources, including technical and time/budget. The internal structure of the multichain NFT platform must be fully responsive and functional. The platform must be highly compatible with different blockchain technologies.

What Are The Top Benefits of a Multichain NFT platform?

Cross-Chain Support

The multichain platform allows cross-chain interactions so traders can effectively trade between multiple blockchains. It is the main benefit that profits the traders.

High Security

This NFT platform offers high-class security compared to the single blockchain app development platform. It has various notable security features like end-to-end encryption, Anti-DOS, etc., making it superior to other NFT platforms.

Low Gas Fee

When it comes to the cost, working with the multichain NFT platform ensures a low gas fee adjusted according to the multi-blockchains.

Fully Unique

Multi-chain NFT based platform with all the uniqueness enables the traders to execute the cross-platform trading of the NFTs. The multichain platform has the upper hand over all the other NFT marketplaces features.

Must-have Features of a Multichain NFT marketplace


The shopfront of the multichain NFT marketplace looks just like any other NFT trading platform that allows easy interactions of the users with the software. Users can conveniently access all the required information related to the NFTs. Users can verify the NFT originality by the information stored on the blockchain protocols.

Search And Filter Options

The multichain NFT platform should come with the proper search and filter options so that the users can easily find what they look for on an NFT trading platform. The advanced filters help users search for the required items more precisely and in less time.

Digital Wallet

The White Label NFT Marketplace platform must have a wallet integration option to facilitate the users with safe and secure transactions. Metamask and Coinbase are the platforms that allow the integration of the existing external crypto wallets within the software for a better user experience. On the other hand, some NFT marketplaces have built-in crypto wallets that users prefer to execute the NFT trading.


Users like to get updates and alerts on their devices to stay up to date. They get all the latest information about NFT trading to beat the competition and earn more profits at the right time. The platform notifies users through push notifications or emails as per the users' comfort.

Customer Service

Round-the-clock customer service is a mandatory feature for a multichain NFT marketplace to ensure the uninterrupted execution on the platform. It allows the customers to get instant solutions if they face any technical issue or have any queries. Having a customer support service facility offers better and longer user engagement.

Real Multichain Experience

We call the NFT trading marketplace a true multi chain solution that offers a real and reliable multi chain experience, and is compatible with more than two blockchain networks. The multichain functionality is possible when seamlessly incorporating the NFT trading on multiple NFT platforms.

One Door Away From Creating A Multi Chain NFT Marketplace

Take the leap towards revolutionizing the NFT industry with our expert guidance, and create your own multi chain NFT marketplace with ease. With our comprehensive services, you're just one step away from realizing your dream of creating a multi chain NFT marketplace that stands out from the rest.

How White Label Multi Chain NFT Marketplace Development Will Benefit The NFT Economy?

Get More Users

Every blockchain network offers certain benefits to the users that make it popular among them. When more than two blockchain networks are clubbed together to offer the maximum benefits, users will automatically get attracted to such a platform. Individually users will prefer a specific blockchain network, but in the case of a multichain NFT platform, the user will sign up irrespective of the blockchain network.

Avail Extra Liquidity

Blockchain networks are popular because of attractive features they offer, and liquidity is the most favorite of the traders. But if there is a blockchain network with efficient liquidity but lacks NFTs that can capture the audience, then there is no benefit of such a kind of liquidity that doesn't support the highly enchanting NFTs. So, with the multichain NFT platform, there are improved chances of unlocking the tremendous liquidity in huge volume.

Better Interoperability

With typical NFT marketplaces, interoperability has been an issue since last. However, the multichain NFT platform eliminates this problem by offering superior interoperability. In simple words, it allows NFTs to interact with multiple blockchain networks.

List of Best Existing Blockchain Networks For Multi Chain NFT Marketplace

Major blockchain networks that constitute a multichain NFT platform are mentioned below:

1. Ethereum

Ethereum is the most popular and sustainable blockchain network in the crypto space. Creating NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain is quite simple and clear for beginners. It helps to recognize the metadata and the transaction history, which ensures solving the ownership issues. Tokens like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are the ones that encourage interoperability and make the creation process easy and simple.

Apart from the features, one fact against its popularity is that it affects your pocket due to its high cost but low scalability. Also, the gas fee is quite high, and there is a network issue suffocating the blockchain. All these facts make it unsuitable for microtransactions.

Below we have listed the major features of the Ethereum Blockchain:

Smart Contracts

Ethereum smart contracts are highly utilized and effectively influence the whole blockchain. Most people prefer these smart contracts as it offers better stability in the long run.

Automatic Data Coordination

The decentralized nature of the blockchain network makes it more automatic and secure. So, it is an excellent and well-structured blockchain network that does not need any centralized entity.

Huge Network

It is one of the largest and most reliable networks, as 94% of the blockchain is built using Ethereum. It can run with hundreds of nodes and millions of users seamlessly.

2. Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain has gained immense acceptance and popularity with time. It is best known for developing dApps, Yield farms, and trading platforms. If we compare it with Ethereum, it wins in terms of users and volume. The transaction cost is very low on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. And the speed of transactions is quite high compared to other blockchain networks.

EVM Support

Being part of the best blockchain community, BSC is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is the extra advantage that BSC has as many dApps and smart contracts are programmed in Ethereum. So, the users can enjoy the features released on Ethereum in BSE.

Cross Chain Compatibility and Speed

The cross-chain transactions serve many purposes that benefit the users. The BSC progress is quite fast, with a block time of 3 seconds. It supports tokens from unique blockchain networks.

Consensus Mechanism

BSC follows the proof of Staked Authority Consensus mechanism based on the 21 validators to accept/reject a transaction. This mechanism offers robust security and stability that attracts the users.

3. Polygon

Polygon is the new one in the market but is highly trusted by crypto enthusiasts. It is a two-layer protocol of the Ethereum blockchain that works to reduce the issues faced by the Ethereum network.

Better Security

As it is based on Ethereum, you can avail all the security builds offered by Ethereum. It is the most easily customizable blockchain to offer the maximum benefits to the users.

High Speed

It is the right solution to avoid low-speed transactions with reduced gas fees simultaneously. It can execute huge volume transactions compared to the other existing blockchain networks.

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