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How To Create A Web Landing Page For Your NFT Project?

By Suffescom Solutions

March 30, 2023

How To Create A Web Landing Page For Your NFT Project?

NFTs are enjoying popularity right now. Their demand in the online marketplace is only going to be amplified. Looking at the current scenario, it is apparent that businesses are keen on developing an NFT marketplace as it's a great way of generating revenue. You would have probably heard the word “NFT,” as it's quite common nowadays. It is in trend for all the right reasons. As per Statista, the aggregated sales value was roughly around $21.1 million. In the forthcoming times, it is going to increase exponentially.

A few years back, when NFTs were not so much in demand, creating and selling them was significantly easier. But with the rapid acceptance of NFT, it has reached the mainstream industry. So, this has resulted in the chaos surrounding NFTs. Every now and then, you get news regarding the NFT drops. Developing a landing page for NFT drops is one big thing that can solve the matter instantly.

Create Your Own NFT Website Landing Page

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Before delving into the topic, it's necessary to understand the landing page and the NFT drops, so here we go!

Understanding The NFT Landing Page And NFT Drops

NFT Landing Page

A landing page on the NFT website is the easiest way of converting visitors into leads. It's a great way of gaining new customers that influences the customers to purchase the assets. So, a well-designed NFT landing page is a must that will make sure that the person arriving at the page has no other choice but to purchase.

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NFT Drops

It is self-explanatory from the name that the release of the NFT is known as NFT drop. In other words, it also depicts that the exact timing of the NFT minting will happen. To be more specific, during the time of the NFT drop, the prices are lower, and this is the best time to make a purchase. After that, the prices are bound to skyrocket.

NFT Landing Page Development Step-By-Step Process

The role of a landing page is essential for an NFT drop, so the procedure followed should be equally robust. As a leading blockchain web development company, we follow comprehensive steps that are adequate for a perfect landing page development for NFT drop. Creating something like this is a bit challenging, but the end result just is just phenomenal.

Without wasting much time, let’s understand the process;


The concept of NFTs is still building in people’s minds. Also, the range is quite broad, and there are various companies that want to explore this world. Talking about ourselves, we carry out proper research on NFTs from different and reliable sources. We have top-grade researchers that have expertise pertaining to blockchain and NFT. They will help you out with all forms of research work; you dont need to worry about that part.

Build A Roadmap

Roadmaps are pivotal as strategies are more important to reach the goal. So, a desirable roadmap is necessary to hit the target audience. A little insight into the NFTs helps in building a substantial engagement with the user. The short descriptions about the date of the sale, when the NFT is going to drop, and details related to the giveaways and the rewards, are all included. Our experts will help you build a NFT marketplace business model that will benefit you.

Add Call To Action

CTA is a button that enables the users to perform an action that you want them to take. Now for the NFT landing page, the ultimate purpose is to compel the user to take appropriate steps. The goal of taking action is NFT minting. Clear-cut slogans like “ Click Here To Mint” or “Mint Now” should be loud and clear, and that too in bold letters. Call to action plays a critical role in enticing customers to take the next step. Moreover, you must add an additional button at the bottom of the page, which signifies “ Buy Now,” to influence people to take action in buying the NFT.

Choosing The NFT Landing Page Development Services

We at Suffescom Solutions have a track record of assisting businesses and entrepreneurs in designing landing pages for their NFT Projects. Just give us a call now!

Exhibiting NFTs

NFTs are virtual assets that represent various art forms like memes, paintings, animations, and more. Whatever they show should be properly showcased. This is to make it easier for people to make them understand what they will buy. The NFT eCommerce development from Web Landing Page is a strenuous task, so whatever impression the users will get, the choice of buying the asset will depend on that. We create a beautiful gallery that is entirely dedicated to the client’s NFTs. The unique factor that will act as an added advantage to your website is surely going to be the images and the graphics.

Create A Story

The thing that fascinates the customers is the very well-thought storyline. It should be somehow related to the project. Develop an outline that should not be too long. Everything should be explained in a brief but precise manner. There should be a history related to the project depicting the essence. We will do that for you by enticing customers and driving them toward your NFT project.

Rarity Tiers Integration

The segregation of basic, medium-level, and epic ones is placed distinctly. There are various notations for that, such as free, common, uncommon, rare, super rare, ultra-rare, legendary, and so on. These enable the customers to make a choice for themselves about what they want to buy. This requires a deep and creative thought process that is reflected in our team of professionals. We have some amazing tags that will build great excitement among the customers.

Introduce Your Team

There’s no better way to create a sense of deep affiancing with the customer. You don’t need to worry about how this is going to happen. Our team component will help you with this. Using this element to give a glimpse to the public as to who’s likely behind this project. It gives an “X” factor to your NFT project.

Embed Discord

Discord is the best place which helps you in presenting your NFTs directly to users. Building community works in favor of the NFT sale. That’s why a discord widget is added to the main site that helps in fetching more people that could take part in the selling of the NFT. The popularity and the sale are synonymous with each other; that’s why embedding discord to your NFT landing page is essential.

Embed social Media Feeds

To make the landing page more charming and pleasing to the eye, you should embed social media feed like twitter feeds, facebook feed, YouTube Video, Instagram feed on website. With social media, you can not only make your landing page more functional, but you can also introduce your social media channels. You can expect to develop a solid social media presence.

Adding FAQs

It's natural thing that the customers will have certain ambiguities and confusion related to the NFTs and the trading process. All these concerns should be well addressed in the form of frequently asked questions. We will help you in creating this section right on the landing page, as it's the best way to boost the conversion rate. The questions should be a mix of both, like basic things like blockchain, NFTs, minting, crypto, digital art, etc. this will definitely help in achieving a wider audience.

Want to build an intuitive landing page for your NFT project? Look no further; talk to our experts now! We are the best landing builders that will help you out with your project needs. This encompasses pre-designed elements with ready-to-use NFT landing page templates. You can choose whatever template you desire.

Test Your Landing Page

After adding the necessary components, always test your landing page. This will ensure dynamic content and a fantastic user experience. Dynamicity refers to the automatic updation of the landing page as it adjusts itself to the type of screen. It should be mobile-friendly, and there should be absolutely no glitches while displaying the content. Check for any inefficiencies and bugs if they appear. It's better to go for the A/B testing as per quantitative and qualitative data.

How Our Designed Landing Page Is Beneficial For NFT Shopping?

The customized landing page attracts customers that leads them to NFT Shopping. A perfect landing page unified with top-level creativity creates an aesthetically pleasing platform. On top of that, a fully functional landing page creates a captivating design with uber-cool graphics while going through the important sections of the landing page.

We will portray your collection of NFTs with outstanding visuals that play a pivotal role in maneuvering the customers to perform web shopping after your first NFT drop. Our designed NFT landing pages are intuitive and built by skilled blockchain developers, as the NFT investors are generally tech experts. Our professionals are pro at collecting data that helps develop a smooth experience on the NFT landing page. The NFT shopping is made more interesting when the inclusion of tech quotes, quick load time, great response action, etc.

Reasons To Hire Suffescom For Your Customized NFT Landing Page Development!

We have a track record of assisting businesses and entrepreneurs in designing landing pages from scratch. Our designs are unique and is crafted for different businesses. With our sheer commitment we can convert your landing page into a lead generation machine. We have an experience of 5.5 years in NFT and blockchain and have served many clients globally.

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Responsive Design

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Complete Ownership

Our clients are the integral part of their project. We let them have a complete access of the technological stacks. These includes the codes, programming languages, login details, frameworks used etc.

Optimized For Conversions

We develop a landing page with a goal of driving conversions. We make sure, that all the conditions are fulfilled that ends up in a amazing landing page resulting in better conversions.

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