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Open Network For Digital Commerce: Its Key Features And Advantages

By Suffescom Solutions

January 25, 2024

Open Network For Digital Commerce: Its Key Features And Advantages

Digital commerce has eased the ways of utilizing the technologies for a smooth customer experience. With the facilities associated with this amazing platform, the global business environment has transformed completely. It has provided benefits and created opportunities comprising new key players. These platforms have skyrocketed sales to the ultimate level. Its only limitation is the non-transparency behavior and the enormous advertising cost that is applied to promoting the products. To curb such things, a transparent network known as an

“Open Network for Digital Commerce” is introduced. This is in its initial stages, and it has boosted the way in which the e-commerce business is taking place. This is not just limited to the e-commerce but also to on-demand business.

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What is ONDC?

ONDC is an “open network for digital commerce” that consists of aggregators from all business types, like shopping, food, restaurants, healthcare, medicine, etc. A huge difference exists between how an e-commerce business and ONDC work. The biggest one is that it will include all the big companies like Amazon, Flip-kart, Myntra, etc. There are no sponsored elements like the unnecessary promotion of certain products that takes place in conventional e-commerce platforms.

Technically speaking, it is an open network built with the standard protocols that will feature huge e-commerce companies and multiple sellers. Massive opportunities are created for small and medium-scale enterprises to showcase their products on a wider platform. This will wholly discard the monopoly that is played by a few e-commerce-giants.

Suffescom Solutions Inc., the open network for digital commerce development company, is an all-in-one firm that integrates multiple digital stores on a single platform.

Why Is There a Need For ONDC?

ONDC is developed with the vision of replacing the traditional e-commerce sites and creating a uniform space for the online store companies. Here both the sellers/vendors and the top e-commerce firms are listed and give a fair idea to the customers to buy the product at the prices of their choice. This platform simply compares the prices and takes the decision on that behalf.

We have compiled a list that will explain why ONDC is a must in today’s scenario:

  • ONDC follows an open-source methodology that makes it easily accessible, thereby fostering maximum transparency and security.
  • Encourages interoperability which is a must for the development of the competitive marketplace.
  • Offers inclusiveness and removes biasedness.
  • Provides business-friendly solutions to every level of enterprises (startups/medium/large scale).
  • Curbs the unnecessary sponsored products on the platform
  • To remodel the way in which digital shopping takes place.
  • Be the promoter with negligible public digital infrastructure.
  • Corroborating the fast digitization of medium-scale enterprises.
  • Removes the role of intermediaries.

Key Features Of Open Network For Digital Commerce

The open network for digital commerce has some amazing features, so people are getting attracted to this fabulous network. Let’s discuss some of them below;

On Seller Side:

The sellers will be provided with the below-mentioned attributes;


To be a part of ONDC, the seller needs to register themselves on the network.

Item Listing

Following that, the items are properly listed on the network with appropriate details.

Managing Tech Partners

There is the valid authentication of the integration partnership, which is in alliance with the network’s mission.

Accept Orders

This feature helps accept orders whenever a new order comes.

Catalog Management

The items are arranged systematically, including fixing the prices, product descriptions, and inventory handling.

Delivery Partners Management

This ONDC feature helps in scheduling the perfect delivery partners that will ensure the delivery of the items on time.

On Buyers Side:

The buyers will be provided with the below-mentioned attributes;

Multi-Payment Modes

The buyers are given different payment options, whether to pay by COD, cards, or wallets.

Advanced Search Filters

To filter out specific items, advanced search filters are used in ONDC for the convenience of the customers.

Product Comparison

ONDC allows comparing the prices of the items, which is quite beneficial for the users. This feature is only available on this network.

Real-Time Tracking

The buyers can track their products whenever they want. This lets them know where actually their items have reached.

Ratings And Reviews

The buyers on ONDC can review and rate the products they bought. There are unlimited products of the same category from different e-commerce platforms. This helps the other customers to view the reviews on a single platform rather than visiting the different ones.

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ONDC- The Peculiar Advantages

ONDC is an open network that will surely gain popularity soon. This is not just helpful for a single group but offers perks to everyone involved in the entire process. The open network for digital commerce will act as the evangelist, only promoting the services. The three main categories involved in the ONDC are the buyers, sellers, and the tech-partners. So, taking that further, let’s discuss in detail the awesome advantages;

For The Sellers:

Wide Growth Opportunity

ONDC has opened the gateway for enterprises, irrespective of their popularity and the sellers, by allowing them to register their products. This will give the vast perspective to the customers to make a decision for themselves by opting for a product of their choice. It's a great way of capturing your target audience.

Greater Visibility

ONDC has paved the way for increased online visibility. The brands that were less in demand will be able to garner the customer's attention in a short time. It has emerged as the best choice for businesses with which they can make their items noticeable with reduced investment.

Enhanced Growth Opportunities

The sellers can use the ongoing ONDC popularity to create new business partnerships that otherwise would not have been possible. This is an ideal way of upgrading supply chain management while exploring growth opportunities.

Flexible Agreement Terms

Conventional e-commerce websites have their own set of agreement terms and policies for the sellers. These sites made it a point to comply with those terms even if they agree or not. The ONDC breaks this monopoly by offering numerous choices to the customers to list their products on the ONDC network, accepting the guidelines on their own terms.

No Commission

To place the items on the ONDC network, there is absolutely no commission taken from the sellers. This is the key feature that exists when we write now. This will prevent the selective upliftment of the products and will treat everyone equally.

For The Buyers:

Flawless Accessibility To Sellers

Most of the time, the buyers have no idea which products to go for. There is a limited option for the sellers. But ONDC has opened vast opportunities for buyers where they get to access all sorts of sellers and gain more choices.

Faster Deliveries

The buyers in ONDC have amazing options. This network is supported by fantastic services available from local retailers. Moreover, there is another way to allow quick deliveries without any difficulty. This is due to the collaboration with different delivery partners, leading to faster delivery.

Optimized Feedback

ONDC has a larger collection of products from multiple sellers and different e-commerce/on-demand websites. So this will expand the horizon, and the customers can view the feedback on the items in the form of reviews and ratings.

Hassle-Free Buying

Customers don’t need to visit multiple platforms to look for the desired items. All they can do is view the same products at different times from various sellers and e-com sites. This is a superb way of hassle-free buying.

For The Tech-Alliances:

Faster Growth

This ONDC is a perfect place to onboard the sellers and the platforms. This involves the greater marketing of the listed products, which is open to advanced scaling.

Aiding Sellers And Buyers Platforms

A tech-sound network provides a place for platforms with ample features and enough engagement. Such apps make it convenient for sellers and buyers to connect with the ONDC network and build tech-friendly infrastructure, leading to immense growth.

Launching Specific Apps

With ONDC, the whole network has become niche specific. This gives power to the tech partners to keep their focus on the customer and seller acquisition rather than on the different aspects.

Offering New Opportunities

ONDC has become a pioneer in offering new opportunities to startups. This has opened the options for everyone's business, including the warehouses, new customers, and officially new key players.

Minimized Time-To-Market

Massive business exposure is provided to the service providers, which was impossible before. ONDC has hit the ball out of the park where the customers can easily reach their clients in lesser time. There is no time wasted on marketing; the business offers reasonable solutions to the customers.

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