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Web3 Lifestyle App Solutions With Social-Fi and Game-Fi Elements: Cost, Features

By Suffescom Solutions

June 19, 2023

Web3 Lifestyle App Solutions With Social-Fi and Game-Fi Elements: Cost, Features

Whether you blame it on the pandemic or the general fitness standards, there’s a constant need for new ways to make life better. From overall wellness or everyday routine, a large consumer base wants to make every aspect of life more convenient. Naturally, this is the best market for a business to tap into.

The lifestyle market on its own is growing with a CAGR of 5.99%. Add the emerging tech of web3 into the picture and you are looking at a potentially profitable business venture.

With web3 lifestyle app development solutions, you get to explore the growing lifestyle market using the new-age features of web3 technology. Suffescom Solutions has the resources to build your custom web3 lifestyle app solution. All you need to do is give us a call.

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Use Cases of Web3 Lifestyle App in Different Industries

A lifestyle app is not limited to one industry. In fact, its use case extends to every sphere of human life that you can think of. Let’s discuss a few areas where a web3 lifestyle app can prove to be beneficial.


Music, movies, videos and other entertainment apps are categorized as lifestyle apps. We have the team to help you build your web3 entertainment app. You can integrate custom features and functionalities to personalize the experience based on your business model.

Web3 lifestyle app for music like Spotify and for movies like Netflix are some examples. The only difference is that the emerging technology of web3 will power your app.


Web3 meditation apps can be used to not only help your users meet wellness goals but also to incentivize their progress. With Web3 wallet integration solution, all users can save, hold or trade their crypto or digital assets earned after achieving each milestone.

Zenbase V 1.0. is an example of a web3 meditation app that pays users to perform yoga and meditation. 


One of the best examples of a web3 lifestyle app is STEPN. It combines the elements of SocialFi and GameFi to create a move-to-earn NFT game. Users get rewards for every physical activity and movement on the app.

You can also build your move-to-earn app like STEPN. You can reward your users for running, moving or walking in the form of unique tokens, such as NFT sneakers. The token or digital asset type can be developed based on the business preferences.

You can monetize with the reward system by integrating an in-built NFT marketplace to allow users to trade their assets within the platform easily.

Time Management

Most people need specific apps to remind them of upcoming events or tasks. Businesses can leverage this need for reminders and build web3 time management apps.

You can integrate certain features for reminders and even reward users for achieving a specific goal on their board.


Web3 travel apps are one of the most widely accepted lifestyle apps. These range from flight and hotel booking apps to trip planner apps.

Businesses can utilize web3 travel app development services to launch any travel business in this new internet iteration. The blockchain-backed apps benefit the travel and tourism industry as all transactions can be traced for easy verification. Additionally, there’s minimal chance of data loss in a web3 travel app.


Socializing is an important aspect of human existence. Dating apps make it into the web3 lifestyle apps list. Several web3 dating apps have already hit the market. Two of the most well-known ones are Fame and Gather.

Dating apps in web3 can be integrated with all the web3 elements, including incentivizing users. Businesses can implement the date-to-earn business model where users earn rewards in crypto or any other digital asset for dating or using the platform.


The health-conscious consumer base leans towards lifestyle apps that help them maintain calorie intake or follow a specific diet. Such apps already exist in bulk in the web2 space. With the advent of web3, you can explore a new perspective and launch your web3 nutrition or diet app.

Besides better data confidentiality, businesses can create goals that, when accomplished, can be used to offer rewards to users.


If an app exists in web2, it can exist in web3 too. A web3 exercise app has features similar to the apps you know today. Except these are powered by blockchain.

Blockchain introduces cryptocurrency into the business, leaving you with more ways than one to monetize via your web3 app.

Your web3 exercise app can utilize the move-to-earn business model to generate revenue. These can further be narrowed down to walk-to-earn platforms or exercise to earn platforms.

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Monetization Model for Web3 Lifestyle App

Web3 lifestyle apps can carry forward the business model of conventional apps. But, with blockchain, they can explore new ways to generate revenue too. Here are a few business models for web3 lifestyle apps that you can opt for based on your business needs.

X to Earn

As discussed already, business models can be based on rewards to the users. It started with the Play-to-Earn model and now has multiple variations.

Within the lifestyle app ecosystem, you can explore move to earn, walk to earn, run to earn, exercise to earn, or eat to earn. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is create a business idea for your web3 lifestyle app and convey the same to the web3 development company handling your project.

In-App Purchases

By introducing digital assets like tokens or even NFTs, you can allow in-app purchases as one source of generating revenue. These can be in the form of some bonus modules, native tokens or platform-specific NFT.

You will have to integrate a digital wallet in order to facilitate in-app purchases. The option here would be to go for a pre-made solution or get one built from scratch. If your company’s budget can cover the Web3 wallet development cost, it’s always best to have one built specifically for your business.


Gamification of services is one of the most prominent ways of growing business in web3. For instance, you can Gamify exercise by introducing certain challenges like covering a specific distance or burning a set amount of calories. The financial aspect here would be the rewards given on task accomplishment.


Web3 lifestyle apps like STEPN have introduced elements of SocialFi into their ecosystem. In addition to offering NFT sneakers, the platform also has an in-app NFT marketplace. Users must find a sneaker to match their fitness level in order to become a part of the community.

Gas Fees

If you are introducing digital assets and marketplaces into your platform, you are opening ways to gas fees. For every transaction that is done on your platform or for every sale of your NFT in the secondary market, you will receive a certain percentage of gas fees. And this goes on for a lifetime.

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With IT companies offering services of all kinds, finding a company to build your web3 app is easy. The question, however, is how well does the company deliver on your requirements?

Suffescom Solutions can help you out here.

We are a well-known name in the web3 and blockchain world and are often recognized as the emerging web3 and blockchain development company by renowned publications. Here are a few points that make us a reliable company for your web3 lifestyle app development project.

  • Our team can work on any blockchain network, public or private.
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  • We specialize in blockchain-related technologies and services, so we can easily build tokens, NFT marketplaces, and crypto wallets and integrate the same into your app.
  • Our experience in web3 technology spans over a period of 6 years and includes clients from all over the globe.

Are you ready to take your business to the web3 space? Then call us today and discuss your idea of a web3 lifestyle app. Have a no-obligation consultation to get a general idea about the cost and technologies involved. Whether your business deals with meal preps, calorie counting, exercise routines or meditation, we can build your web3 lifestyle app how you want it.

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