Recycle To Earn App Development: An Innovative Marketplace To Improve Recycling of Waste

Recycle To Earn App Development: An Innovative Marketplace To Improve Recycling of Waste

By Suffescom Solutions

June 21, 2023

Recycle To Earn App Development: An Innovative Marketplace To Improve Recycling of Waste

Recycling waste material and protecting the environment become a need for an hour. In this regard, governments and various other organizations are running campaigns worldwide for the effective utilization of waste materials.

To spread the noble cause, many businesses also step in with a feature-packed recycling app that provides an opportunity to earn rewards - named recycle to earn app. These apps enable easy acceptance of the right material before dispose-off. Users can scan the code and understand whether particular material is recyclable or not.

If you want to step into the brandwagon of recycling to earn an app or, say, planning for ecoterra-like platform development, you are at the right place. Suffescom Solutions enjoy the experience of developing several industry solutions backed by top-notch blockchain technology. We hired the right skill set designers and developers team that can take your business to the next level. Share your words with our experts and start today!

Benefits of Recycle Material Marketplace Development

There are the top 7 benefits of building recycling to earn app development for your business.

Increased Efficiency

Recycling apps are designed to boost business efficiency as businesses can track waste material on a real-time database, which helps them to identify various opportunities to streamline the recycling process. A robust analytical reporting feature in recycling apps also enables businesses to track progress and measure success.

Enhanced Reputation

With recycling apps, businesses can conduct various campaigns to save the environment. It helps to boost business goodwill.

Cost Savings

Recycling apps help businesses to save cost on waste material and their proper disposal. Businesses can craft strategies for various waste materials, and scanning features in an app enable customers to identify whether a particular item can be disposed of or not.

Better Data Management

Modern recycling apps are backed by blockchain development technology, such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, and more. These technologies enable better data storage and processing compared to traditional applications. Notably, every piece of information is stored in blocks.

Improved Sustainability

The app can enable businesses to achieve attainable results and achieve business goals. By using the app, businesses can track waste material and create plans for complete disposal.

Better Compliance

Recycling apps enable users to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations. Therefore, while meeting the local waste and recycling laws, various other businesses can also save a hefty amount over penalties.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Recycling and a feature of the platform enable customers to earn something in exchange for contributing to the environment's safety. It helps to boost customer loyalty and keep them connected to your app for a longer duration.

Experience The Best Quality Recycle To Earn App Development For Your Business

A functional and featured-rich recycle to earn app can help your business attain higher level of growth. At Suffescom we design a futuristic and trending app using our advanced tech stack and development technologies

Features of Recycle to Earn App Development

Recycling apps are packed with various ultimate features. Here we have what we offer in our Recycle2Earn Token app development.

For users

Profile Creation

Users can create profiles anytime and anywhere on the app by adding certain details. These could be your name, contact number, address, and other essential information. The blockchain-based platform enables customers to create profiles using existing crypto wallets.

Push Notifications

The push notification feature keeps users engaged with the latest offers on certain recyclable materials. You can target an audience with special rewards such as NFTs as per users' interest. A robust AI-powered business platform enables users to offer customized options.

Inspire The Audience To Build A Connection

Nothing could be better than a word-to-mouth advertisement. The recycling app offers referral programs and enables users to build connections and earn rewards. Also, they can create and join groups over the inbuilt chat feature of the platform.

Track History

One tap solution enables users to track historical records. They can find a quick detail of the number of items recycled along with their picture. Also, users can find their rewards scenario from past records.

Find A Nearby Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)

Finding a nearby RVM is no longer troublesome when your users will have details of all the RVMs in their nearby locations. It saves their time and boosts their morale to recycle more material.

Option to Sell, Stake, or Donate Tokens

Recycle-to-earn apps also offer options for users to sell, stake, or donate tokens to others. Users can utilize the earned tokens the way they want. 

For Marketplace

Connect Companies Worldwide

Recycling the waste is not a one-man game. Therefore companies around the corners are shaking hands to contribute something from their ends. Our designed recycle-to-earn app does the same by connecting various companies at one portal.

Advance Features

Browse, Filter, and find the exact match are the name of a few features that enable businesses to find exact match recyclable material for their business needs. It makes it easy to purchase and integrate the material into their business process.

Flexible Payout Options

Our designed recycle-to-earn app offers various payment options. Users can get exclusive tokens and rewards in cryptocurrency or traditional fiat currency. This makes purchasing of recyclable materials easier.

Scan To Inspire The Audience

The fastest scanning feature with detailed statistics and user-friendly illustrations. These include CO2 reductions, timeline climate impact, and unlocking NFT for every achievement.

How Recycling to Earn App Works?

Recycling and earning can be possible in 3 easy steps. Here these are;


The first step begins with scanning the barcode on plastic, glass, or aluminum bottles. More on the list can include cracked solar panels, expensive brands, clothes, etc. Scanning enables users to find whether a particular product can be recycled or not. Also, it defines various parameters such as brand, volume, weight, and material. While scanning with the AI-powered database enables instant material matching.  


Once you are able to successfully scan the recyclable material, the next step is to upload your RVM receipt to your account. What you all need to do for this is;

  • Find the local RVM
  • Place your recyclable item into the RVM
  • Generate receipt of RVM for your deposits
  • Take a photo and upload it on the app


When the picture is uploaded to your platform, your customer will get an instant reward from the app. They can spend, sell, stake or donate these tokens. The simple and easy way enables users to earn rewards.

Are You Searching For An Expert Recycle To Earn App Development Company?

You are at the right destination. Suffescom is a leading app development company known for customized and futuristic apps. Our experts can design a customized recycle to earn apps for your business.

Our Recycle Material Marketplace Development Process 

Our Recycle Material Marketplace Development process is packed into 7 simple steps. Here are these;

Study Your Marketplace

The right beginning is always cruel for an accurate outcome. Therefore after sharing words with clients and understanding their business and app requirements, our experts conduct a market study. We work on the following;

  • Your business motto
  • Understanding customers & their needs
  • Your competitor's strategy
  • What will suit your business needs the most?

This is the time when we spend most of our time conducting 360-degree research. The step also helps you to save time and effort in building the wrong platform for the wrong people.

Refining Your Idea And Approach

The next step is to refine your idea and approach, which helps you to build an appropriate platform. 

  • Which platform do you want to serve?
  • What are your customers' major issues that will be resolved with your recycle app?
  • Which technologies and tools will be used to build an app
  • How much cash do you need to spend on app development?

Hire Resource

Once your research work is over and implementation is about to start, you need to answer whether you want to go for a one-shot solution or choose to hire experts. We offer two ways to develop your solution;

  • Hiring an expert on an hourly basis: The approach is more fruitful for businesses dealing with an ever-changing environment. Here you can hire our expert, discuss your business requirements and get the desired final outcome.
  • Go with one-shot payment: Another technique where you are well aware of trending technologies, features, and updates. You can define all your platform requirements to our experts, and we will set a fixed budget for your platform development with tenure.

Make a UX design

This step is another crucial step of your app development. The step starts with sketching out the app and making wireframes for what you need and how it will work.

While developing a prototype, we focus on users' convenience and ensure it must work well and be easy to use. Therefore; 

  • We create a storyboard showcasing how each screen fits together.
  • Enabling users' experience, we ensure your users will get the best experience. 

App Development

Once the designing process is over and the client gives approval to the design, our development team starts functioning on developing codes. The coding process involves developing backend codes, front-end codes and integrating APIs. We ensure every function designed by the design team must be functioning properly. Depending on the platform's need, we work on developing codes for both Android and iOS platforms.


The testing phase includes your app should be free from glitches, bugs, and anything else that can hinder platform performance. Hence, we conduct multi-level testing for your apps over cross-platforms. Our experts check your app performance on various devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). We make sure your app should comply with customers' needs and expectations.


We don't leave your app after testing, and we go with you until you are able to successfully deploy and launch the platform. We keep a bird's eye on all your activities during this phase. On customers' demand, we also offer maintenance and upgrade services.

What is the Cost of Building Recycle Material Marketplace Development?

The cost to develop a recycled material marketplace can range between $34000 -$135000 depending on several factors such as tech stacks, tools, functionalities, and features. These are not only the factors. Still, more are in the queue that plays a crucial role in the development of the app. Some of these involve:

  • Project complexity
  • Size of project
  • Development procedure selection
  • Blockchain technology selection
  • Cost of Token creations
  • Wallet integration (whether ready-to-use or customized)
  • Manpower required
  • API integration cost
  • App development process

Apart from these, there are more costs involved in developing a platform. About them, you can discuss them with our team.

Empower Your Business With Our Recycle To Earn App Development Solutions

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