Transform Your Gaming Business With Role-Playing Game Development

Transform Your Gaming Business With Role-Playing Game Development

By Suffescom Solutions

September 20, 2022

Transform Your Gaming Business With Role-Playing Game Development

Are you planning to create your own role-playing game? If yes, stay till the end of this blog to create an authentic role. In this guide, we’ll discuss the process of role-playing game development from concept to completion.

RPG (Role-playing Game) is a complex yet popular game genre in which the gamers control the actions of game characters. Every RPG game is equipped with immersive features that generate high ROI. The players consider themselves the in-game character to fight their opponents to unlock special rewards.

Create and release role-playing games on popular blockchains such as Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Hyperledger. Suffescom Solution Inc. offers comprehensive blockchain game development services from game design to production, deployment, and marketing.

Let's move forward and gather the basic knowledge of Role-playing games.

What Is A Role-Playing Game?

As per Wikipedia, a role-playing game, or RPG for short, is a type of game where players take on the roles of characters in a fictional world. Players assume responsibility for carrying out these roles in a story through acting or deliberate character development decisions. Many games include a formal set of rules and regulations determining whether certain actions are successful or unsuccessful.

Role-playing video games come in a variety of formats. While live-action role-playing (LARP), often known as the original form, is conducted through discussion, players in the tabletop role-playing game (TRPG) act out their characters' dialogue and actions.

Role-Playing Game Genres

There are various role-playing game genres, but we'll explain the primary six game categories.


This category allows users to play as single players using character panels to create their avatars. The leading role-playing and unity VR game development company creates an interactive play through by offering various pathways to the users.


It combines massive multiplayer games (MMOs) and role-playing games (RPGs) that involve multiple users fighting by featuring various showdowns. This improves gamers' battle skills by playing in real-time and combining with other players to win over their opponents. Some popular MMORPGs games are Fortnite, World of Warcraft, etc.


Roguelike RPG is a role-playing genre following the game Rogue from 1980 with a defined gameplay aspect. The game characteristics include dungeon characters to navigate game levels, character's death, content, etc.

Action RPGs

This RPG genre places a major emphasis on combat rather than on characters or a narrative. The Witcher, Dark Souls, and many other action RPGs feature popular fighting games.

Tactical RPGs

Tactical RPGs have a significant influence on tabletop games. In turn-based warfare, the objective is to obtain as much of an edge as possible. Board games like chess, risk, and war games set the parameters and the framework for this kind of game.

Sandbox RPGs

These RPGs, designed for global exploration, are the largest and most difficult to finish. Several well-known illustrations include Roblox, Minecraft, and others.

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Factors To Keep In Mind While Creating Role-Playing Game

Game Concept

Consider the scope and storyline of your Role-playing game before you begin the development. Ask yourself:

  • What limitations can you bare?
  • Is your story engaging enough, or is it uninteresting?
  • Do you have developed characters?
  • Is it simple for the player to follow the storyline?

After responding to the aforementioned queries, you can move on to the second phase. It will assist you in determining whether or not the game is worthwhile.

Always remember:

  • The concept must be original.
  • The idea must be practical to implement.
  • The story needs to be interesting.
  • The scope ought to be clear.

Creative Thinking

RPG players often have high standards. You must therefore use your creative side in this situation. The game must be engaging since it centers on a narrative. To make the game incredible, you must include enough surprises.

Make sure the people, settings, and events are distinctive. It will aid in keeping the player glued to your game. The gameplay must be engaging while remaining simple to understand. After all, you don't want the gamers to leave because of the game's difficulty.

Player’s Game Control

You can provide player control and character modification. Before today, the alteration was only partially possible. The character's appearance or the items they carry are examples of alterations.

This lengthens the player's session with your game. A player will spend a long time playing a game the more work there is for him to do. Therefore, be sure to provide the player with some degree of control.

Technology Advancement

The most recent technologies must be employed, just like our developers use at Suffescom. AI implementation can make gameplay more intense. AI can assist in the creation of non-player characters (NPCs) in games. It will enhance the user's immersion and excitement in the game.

Moderate Game Obstacles

Using common enemies or barriers, you can construct an RPG (role-playing game). However, the higher level ought to be challenging. It ought to inspire the gamer to give it another shot. Don't, however, make the difficulty too great. After all, you ultimately want the player to win. If the game villain seems nearly unconquerable, the player may give up.

Game Audio & Graphics

You can get started on the audio by making a game's theme song. This song ought to raise some eyebrows. Additionally, ensure that the game's sound effects are audible and clear. Your player will be able to hear the sound as well as feel it.

In terms of graphics, you must put in a lot of effort. Role-playing game players have unreasonable expectations. Fewer people will play your games if the graphics are bad. Therefore, include stunning visual components in your game. Make sure they appear genuine.

Unique Game Elements

Every well-developed role-playing game (RPG) has something special to offer. So, be careful to include something distinctive. What distinguishes your game from others and makes it worthwhile to play? The game's uniqueness isn't necessarily due to the sound or the graphics.

It might have a distinctive story, characters, unexpected difficulties, etc. If you combine this with excellent graphics and sound, you can create something original. However, Suffescom Solutions Inc. is where you can find a fantastic Role-playing game.

Ultra-Fine Gaming Experience

The game should excite the gamer and not leave them confused. You can add a distinctive component and develop an engaging story, but you must be subtle about it. Your game will be played by the player, not by you. As a result, design Role-playing games with your gamers in mind. Additionally, keeping things simple will enable cost savings.

Game Testing

You have an original idea, a compelling story, a superb range, and an intriguing concept. But what if players continue to dislike your game? Well, it's possible. So test your game with real players when you're almost ready to release it.

You can choose a limited release or ask for volunteers. You'll gain a better understanding of how players react to your game. In this manner, you can also determine whether or not the idea is simple to understand.

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Features To Be Considered For RPG Development

Virtual Avatar

The characters or avatars are the main features of role-playing game development. The gamers play the role-playing game with their customized virtual avatars.

In-game Assets

The in-game assets (sword, gun, cap, attire, etc.) are the most necessary features that gamers must equip to play any mission or war-based role-playing game. These assets help gamers to choose the game avatars. Other in-game assets are the NFT digital asset that the players purchase or win as a reward. The NFT assets are the real world's unique value.

Virtual Wallet

A virtual crypto wallet is the only way to exchange fiat and crypto money for NFT gaming platform. This money exchange is used to invest in buying the platform NFTs.

Unique Objects

The unique objects are the special NFTs gamers can have while reaching higher game levels. The players can also purchase these objects which make games more engaging for the players.

Audio/Visual Effects

Game sound and visuals are the first things that any gamer notices. Headphones give gamers a unique sound experience while listening to any game notifications. VFX (Visual Effects) plays a key role in giving a more professional look to the game.

AR/VR Support

The RPGs with AR/VR support are the most necessary game things as they create many monetization ways for gaming businesses. Creating AR/VR featured games is not everyone's cup of tea and requires a very high gaming experience.

We at Suffescom Solutions Inc. facilitate our clients with the best role-playing games that include all the advanced game features and functionalities. We are the leading NFT, and crypto wallet development company globally with more than 6 years of experience providing virtual game development solutions.

Role-Playing Game Development Stages

RPG game development is categorized into three stages:

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

On Explaining,


In this phase, the game concept begins. It defines the game details, including why you need the game and what you need to create an RPG game. Our team will discuss your game idea, the story that needs to be included, and the tech stacks used.

Before proceeding to the production phase, you must be clear about:

  • The game & the game audience.
  • Market competition
  • Platform to publish the game
  • Game monetization ways
  • Game development time
  • Resources to be used
  • Estimated project budget

This phase covers 20% of the game production time. The info shared and discussed forms a Game Design Document (GDD). It clarifies all the concepts to start the project with a great vision. Another benefit of GDD is that it helps in finance pitching before investors.


The production phase is the most time-consuming phase of the RPG development process. It usually covers 1 to 4 years to complete the process and gives shape to the game. The discussed story is refined, in-game assets are created, rules and levels are set, and the game world is created. Further, there are many milestones in the development process. These are:

  • A prototype is the game's initial testing.
  • First Playable gives the first and better gameplay look. As it is just a first look, artwork and higher quality assets can be easily replaced or added.
  • You can pitch your game sample to investors as a Vertical Slice. It provides your game's first-hand experience.
  • The Pre-Alpha stage is for major game content development. At this time, elements may be added or deleted per the game requirement.
  • The game is fully playable with all the main features in the Alpha stage. All the game functionalities and other controls must work seamlessly without any errors.
  • Further, content and other in-game assets are integrated, and the team focuses on optimization in the Beta phase.
  • The game reaches the Gold Master phase when it is ready for public release.


Once the development process is completed and the game is published to the public, the post-production phase comes into existence. The team members maintain the game by creating patches and fixing bugs & errors, if any. All the game assets and documents are stored safely for future use.

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Whom To Choose For RPG Development In The Market?


The least expensive option for game production may be freelancers. Even so, there are certain losses for the business corporation even though the work can be completed at a low cost. It makes sense that using freelancers for development can be a cost-effective solution; however, the issue is their dependability. Will they be able to create the metaverse platform?

In-house Team

Any firm may find it advantageous to create an internal team to manage the entire development process. But the focus divergence is what causes concern when assembling an internal team. It would be challenging for owners to manage the project in such a situation.

Bonus Tip: Hire the Best Role-Playing Game Development Company

Hiring the best Blockchain game development company gives you a complete solution to create a game platform with the most reliable options. As these companies have great experience working on many projects, you can easily trust them for development.

If you still have any queries about the game development concept or need to create your own Role-playing game platform, stay in touch with us. Suffescom’s game development professionals are happy to assist you!

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