Tweak Your Ecommerce Store With Shopify Plus Checkout Customization

Tweak Your Ecommerce Store With Shopify Plus Checkout Customization

By Suffescom Solutions

January 13, 2022

Tweak Your Ecommerce Store With Shopify Plus Checkout Customization

Shopify users know that Shopify Plus has all the essential features and functions required to run an ecommerce business. Still, you are modifying the checkout process. Your efforts are being appreciated!!

Every business has different needs and customers expectations - looking for Shopify plus edit checkout is quite common.

But you cannot deny that sometimes your brainstorming efforts can go in vain unless you are not aware of what and how you can change. The mess can waste all your efforts or lose all data. To help you more, here we have shared some secrets of how you can change your online store appearance.

If you are a developer and new to this platform, do not miss any point that can distract you from your goal. You can also hire a professional Shopify plus development company like Suffescom Solutions Inc. to get end-to-end web and app solutions.

So, without further ado, let's have a look at Shopify Plus Checkout Customization.

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Things You Can Control With Shopify Plus Edit Checkout

The basic layout of Shopify checkout is static, and you cannot make any amendments. Still, you have the option to customize your appearance. Find out Shopify plus customize checkout details.

Banner image

You can customize Banner images that reflect your brand value. Normally, 1000 by 400-pixel image is suggested. Depending on your customer device, you can choose a smaller size, make sure, your Shopify plus customize checkout should use text images or pictures that look awkward when it becomes cut off.

How To Do Shopify Plus Checkout Customization?

Click on Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout > Style >Customize checkout (open theme editor)

Go to the BANNER section > Upload image from library > Click Save


The logo is a primary element that defines your brand. Find out it should be clear, easy to identify, and have adequate size. You can position, tagline, slogans, or other messages, here.

How to do it?

Click on Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout > Style >Customize checkout (open theme editor)

Go to the LOGO section > Upload image from library > check position and size > Click Save

Main Content Area Background image

This is the area where your customer enters to proceed with payment and shipping details. Here you can add images or content to make it more attractive and engaging. But, make sure it should be simple and contain easy-to-read fields in the background.

How to do it?

Click on Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout > Style > Customize checkout (open theme editor)

Go to the MAIN CONTENT AREA section > Upload image or add color from here.

  • If you are adding colors, click on Background color (box beside) and pick the right color or enter a hexadecimal code.
  • For image, click image upload and choose it from the library. The image can be vertical or horizontal, but the tile option is a better choice.

Click Save

  • Change or remove an image from the checkout page

You can also add or remove any image from the checkout page that you previously uploaded.

How to do it?

Go to Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout > click on Style section > Customize checkout (open theme editor)

In case of replacement,> click on upload and select from a library

Click save

To remove: Click on the remove option beneath the image.

Add image Alt Text

Alt text in an image helps to boost SEO and improve accessibility. So, do not miss it when you are happy with the image selection.

How To Do It?

Click Update (under the image) > select Edit image > add alt text for image (make it short and descriptive)

Click to save

Change The Font on The Checkout Page

You can choose from a list of custom fonts to give a better checkout page appearance.

How To Do It?

Go to Shopify admin > Settings > checkout > from Style section, click on Customize checkout.

Click Open checkout settings > scroll down to the Typography > select header and body desired font in the theme editor.

Click save

Change Button or Colors on The Checkout Page

You can change buttons, buttons, error messages, and accents like links. Be sure that the new options ensure that customers can easily read text.


Click on Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout > Style > Customize checkout (open theme editor)

Open check out settings > Go to the COLORS section >click on Accents, Buttons, or Errors, then choose the right shade or hexadecimal code > Click Save

Planning to Add Post-Purchase Features

If you want to improve post-purchase features in the app, you will need to add third-party apps that support post-purchase features at the checkout page.

If you need help, you can also connect to the Shopify plus developers.

Steps to install the app in the Shopify checkout page;

  • Go to the Shopify App Store and search for the desired app
  • Click add an app, if you are not logged in, you have to prompt login
  • Click Install app > once the app gets installed, enter configuration settings

Besides these basic amendments in the Shopify checkout page layout, the online store can also be edited with checkout. liquid and checkout.scss.liquid.

If you are making changes from the theme templates, these are quite easy to amend again. But if you are making changes through checkout.liquid, or checkout.scss.liquid, these are hard to remember, especially when you have a team that handles all the tasks.

Maximize Sales and Conversions with Customized Shopify Plus Checkout

We specialize in optimizing your Shopify Plus checkout experience to maximize sales and conversions. Our customized approach ensures that your checkout process is tailored to your specific business needs, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Here We Have Some Best Practices For Shopify plus edit checkout Assistance

Add Custom Code

When you are making changes in the checkout.liquid, make sure you must keep all the relevant codes in a single snippet. It reduces conflict risks and makes codes easy to read and understand. Also, you should add a comment in the beginning regarding what you have changed and when.

Reduce DOM dependency

One of the biggest considerations while implementing checkout modification is to know who dependent your codes are. Why? Shopify releases checkout upgrades after some intervals if your checkout.liquid contains so many codes that make Shopify, plus customize checkout hard to break can ultimately harm your business image. Therefore, the best trick is to minimize the DOM codes and reduce future support debt on your team.

Add kill switches

During the customizing checkout.liquid process, it's quite common that newbies struggle with conflicts. But it can affect the sales process. Therefore, experts always recommend new developers to wrap their customizations in a killswitch. This is a theme setting that allows users to temporarily disable the customization and get checkout functionality quickly. It gives you enough time to deal with troubleshooting.

Form submit

Most checkout customization requires validating data before allowing customers to the next level. This is something hard to ignore on your website too. But you can do one thing to reduce customer hassle, i.e., choose the enter button rather than click to submit the form. It improves functionality and customer convenience.

Limit the Number of Characters in Address Fields

Limiting name characters in the address field helps to reduce website burden. Therefore, add max length attribute to any associate field and limit your customer character hits.

Consider Best Practices

Once you have planned to change the language settings on the checkout page, it is tempting that you should start adjusting every field. It gives a modern look to your website and ensures customer convenience.

Keep in mind, Shopify plus default templates are hard to change, especially from checkout.liquid. You will need an expert's opinion who can perform testing and can deliver the best in the industry project.

If you are fretting about budget, you can also hire a per-hour developer from Suffescom the Our Shopify Web Development Company will work for your website at affordable rates. Do not wait anymore and keep struggling with codes. Book a free consultation with 11+ years of industry experts and get fruitful results.

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