Smart TV Application Development From Scratch: Pointing Its Features & Cost

Smart TV Application Development From Scratch: Pointing Its Features & Cost

By Suffescom Solutions

October 11, 2022

Smart TV Application Development From Scratch: Pointing Its Features & Cost

Technical advancement has laid down the trend of adopting futuristic technologies. Thus, smart TVs are the current trend in the minds of everyone. Every second house in millions of localities worldwide has a smart TV installed immediately.

The market for smart TVs has risen considerably over a few years, with a 55% increase year-over-year. During the stressful times of the global pandemic, the demand for Smart TVs grew markedly. The smart TV revenue rose to skyscraping heights from 2020 to 2021, with an 84% total share in the market.

Do you own or want to create a splendid streaming or social media App that you wish to witness on the screens of modern-day Smart TVs? Then knock on the doors of Suffescom Solutions Inc. to get the complete roadmap of your upcoming journey. We have been in the mobile app development industry for more than thirteen years. We work by the client’s preference and create Apps that exceed the client’s expectations.

In this blog, we shall witness the perks of owning a smart TV App to break off all your prior revenue records. Let’s start.

Redefining Smart TVs And The Rise Of OTT Platforms

With the technical advancement of modern times, the television industry is also upscaling considerably. Traditional TV was such that it could only portray a picture with volume adjustment and channel switchers. Other famous web2 platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp were only accessible on mobile and computer-based applications.

Smart TV came along recently with their sleek edge designs and internet connectivity option. The smart TV applications are such that they will enable users to attain access to certain premium features, even video games and movies.

Smart TV applications will allow your users to access premium media content such as movies, shows, video games, etc. With intricate design & development, the smart TV app will display an on-screen menu that includes all of these suggested before, including several available internet channels. The top examples include on-demand Netflix streaming, Spotify, Hulu, and many more.

The Rise Of OTT Platform Era

The pandemic had caused the complete stoppage of daily soap shoes. The daily soap shows were, anyways, just twenty minutes of video, and the rest of the time, users saw nothing but advertisements. With OTT shows, the advertisement time intervals are reduced drastically, thus attracting several new viewers.

The users were thrilled to have numerous series they could watch in one go without the unrequired advertisements. Thus the Smart TV became more popular and immediately got blessed with mass adoption.

The total revenue generation in the current year is expected to reach a gigantic milestone of $119B.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Smart TV App?

Numerous factors manage the charges of developing a smart TV application.

Some of the most important factors are:

Customization Parameters

App customization is an important factor when talking about the factor that the users find the app interesting and relatable.

Favorable Video Hosting Platforms Factors Like On-Premises/On cloud

Because of the high scalability and flexibility offered by Cloud, especially during the covid times, people opt for Cloud. On-Premise carries a lot of expenses and technicalities that the Cloud evades.

Preferred Compatible Device Options

The cost will be affected by the numerous available options for Screen Mirroring/ Media sharing from compatible device options. The cost of the smart TV app you create will be impacted depending on the platform.

The Cost Will Also Be Impacted By:


You can develop the smart TV app at your comfort by creating an in-house team and then developing the app or hiring an efficient app-making company.


Maintainance checks are required after the development phase is surpassed. Application maintenance involves several rigorous procedures, such as analyzing, modifying, and updating the app. Maintenance checks are always a matter of concern to reassure that your app is running to its ability.


The operations team keeps its eye on the holistic performance of the app, be it a third-party-provided app, a custom-built app, or a purchased app.

It is noteworthy that the technologies used to develop the Smart TV App can also affect the cost on a large scale. A rough estimation while predicting the creation cost of a mobile apps and Smart TV app will be between $20,000 to $40,000 dollars.

Categorizing Smart TV Apps


The rise of OTT platforms has finished the vintage cable TV shows. Instead of the daily soap shows, GenZ prefers a series they can watch in one go. The streaming platforms, mostly from the U.S.A., have generated total revenue of $72.2 billion alone in 2021.


The gaming options are constrained to fit the telly requirements that will allow the users to connect their Bluetooth controllers right away with their smart TV.


Many Smart TVs have the option of adding educational apps to their interfaces. The major part of education for the last two years has been online. And the students are switching to several educational video streaming apps with a thousand reference videos online.

What’s more interesting than an educational app on your Smart TV? Users can simply create a login ID and access the numerous educational lectures.

Social Media

When we talk about the present-day tech scenario, digital social media platforms rule the world. From Advertising to Marketing, social media platforms are everywhere. Imagine creating your own social media app that you can access in the comfort of your bedroom on your smart TV.

Things To Consider Before Developing A Smart TV Application

If you want to build a smart TV app, then contact us today! Our expert team will help you in building a smart TV app according to your needs and goals.

Benefits Of Launching Your Ideal Smart Tv App

Adding Completely User-Centric Data:

Usually, smart TV apps are highly user-centric and easier to operate. The more complex the app, the lesser users, use it.

Prioritizing User Preferences:

The smart TV is customizable, keeping in mind a generalized viewpoint of user preferences, or they would hardly find it relatable. Your App will be shaped with all the user preferences kept in mind.

Safety and Security:

An app that provides security or keeps their data safe is desirable for any user. So safety and security are the two main concerns. Without your Smart TV app being secure and safe, users will never prefer subscribing to the premium version, and your competitors will snatch your place.

Using Segments in Your Content for Audience Appeasement:

Content Segmentation is a must, along with content integration, so the app is easy and convenient. The segmentation can be based on the ratings, trends, linguistic options, reviews, and ratings.

Embedding Social Media:

Social media inclusion helps the users to enjoy the perks of accessing their preferred content on their Smart TV. This will benefit users by using their accounts on an LED screen straight from the comfort of their beds.

Collecting Honest Reviews:

The smart TV app will be designed so that it will be easy to collect completely honest reviews.

Completely Reliable Payment Gateways:

A smart TV app will have multiple options for payments such that the user can pay for the subscriptions of his choice via multiple payment options.

Multi-Device Additions:

Most users are equipped with smartphones and laptops; their app would stream on multiple devices. Smart TVs mostly support streaming on multiple devices, and the user can have access to the content they want just in one go. With just a subscription, multi-linguistics is also a splendid feature. The Smart TV App with multi-language options has more chances of attracting customers.

Adding The Following Features:

Streaming On Multiple Devices At Once

Screen sharing features in the Smart TV app can help users access the app on multiple platforms.

Social Media Integration

Adding social media options enables the smart TV to be handier. With the futuristic advancement of technology, televisions are becoming less popular. People prefer to use mobile phones for watching television these days.

Why can't Smart TVs start the adoption of features of mobiles in their interface? Social Media Integration in the smart TV can be a smart move to attract more potential buyers.

Remote Control

The app you will create won’t hang or freeze while inputting commands through a remote. Many smart TVs today face tons of user complaints regarding this issue. Regular maintenance checks can easily wrap off this issue.

Voice Searches

Voice search is a feature that is highly creative and catches a lot of attention. With a voice search-enabled smart TV app, your users can leverage the hustle-free streaming of shows by voice commands.

Secure Payment Gateway

The app will be made with multiple payments options that will reach a massive audience globally. Protecting a user’s identity is our top priority as our apps are customized with care and patience; we ensure that the client gets what they demand on time and securely.

Build Your Own Smart TV App With Us

Looking for a company which help you build a smart TV app, then look no further away from Suffescom Solutions Inc. With our Smart TV app development services you will easily able to build your own app.

Multi-Device And Multi-Lingual Support

The app will, without a doubt, respect and add linguistics of multiple regions to promote inclusivity and unity. A multi-device option will help your smart TV attain instant access on mobile and other devices simultaneously.

Premium Version Features

The smart Tv App your business will get developed will have a classic version with the basic features available for every new customer. With the subscription, users can use the premium benefits of downloading and accessing movies or shows unavailable for classic members.

Integrated Media Player

Smart TV applications will allow your users to access premium media content such as movies, shows, video games, etc. With intricate design & development, the smart TV app will display an on-screen menu that includes all of these suggested before, including several available internet channels. The top examples include Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and many more.


Automated collaborative filtering is another way of mentioning auto-recommendations technically. This system filters your preferences and shows you recommendations that might interest you through its complex system of algorithms. With this feature, users can save time and get immediate suggestions based on their previous searches.

Walking Past the Bottomline

The rise of smart TVs in contemporary times comes from the growing customer trends that have brought owning LED TVs filled with futuristic features. It is high time when you should actually buckle your seats up and drift towards the right company.

The business ideas should be discussed with the chosen company, and the company is ought to follow the obligations it gets presented with. Smart TV apps are not apps but a taste of the future.

Choose Best Company To Create a Smart TV App

Before you make any rash decision to create a smart TV app, you must take advice from experts. Our expert team will help you create an app for smart TV. Take our smart TV app development services to start your own app.

Picking Suffescom For Your App Creation

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has created apps straight from scratch. We just don’t create apps, but we believe in nurturing them. We water and grow your apps until they are ready to dominate the markets with flying colors. We cater our seasoned services to around twenty distinctive industries, from food delivery to Handyman services. We hold a holistic approach to providing the app exactly how the client demands.

  • We have a splendid experience of more than five years in the Blockchain business.
  • We are backed and recognized by national and international media and have 4.8/5 skyscraping ratings on Clutch.
  • We have unbeatable strategic partners like Google Maps and Stripe.
  • 150+ tech experts are at your service for an unmatchable app creation from our company.

Remember, we never disappoint our clients and deliver your technical requirements always on time. Contact us to explore more about Smart TV Apps; we await your presence.

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