Blockchain based loyalty program

Blockchain Based Loyalty Program

Create your blockchain-based loyalty program and provide customers with unparalleled transparency and security. With a blockchain loyalty program, incentivize repeat business and foster customer loyalty while leveraging the benefits of the emerging tech of blockchain.

Loyalty Programs On Blockchain

Loyalty Programs On Blockchain

Initiate a new way of investment with loyalty programs on blockchain technology. Using the highly transparent and secure DLT technology, all transactions on the program become faster and safer than conventional web2 loyalty programs.

Blockchain integration eliminates the interference of intermediaries and allows for accumulating rewards in a single wallet. It’s also an innovative way for businesses to deal with low account activity, low redemption rates and poor customer retention.

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Our Services For Developing Loyalty Programs On Blockchain

Loyalty programs on blockchain offer the advantage of the DLT technology and incentivizes customer loyalty with crypto and digital assets. Blockchain loyalty program takes your business a step forward and incorporates advanced tech to help you meet your customer retention goals.

  • Blockchain Integration

    Blockchain Integration

    Integrate powerful blockchain technology into loyalty programs. Increase customer’s control over data and allow for better tracking of data and reward points across different platforms.

  • Wallet Integration

    Wallet Integration

    Crypto wallets allow for a seamless management of reward points. Users have the liberty to redeem loyalty points for crypto and have the flexibility to manage points as they wish.

  • Smart Contract Development

    Smart Contract Development

    Build smart contracts for your blockchain based reward system. It’s secure and transparent tracking of rewards leaves little to no room for errors or frauds in customer loyalty systems.

  • Loyalty Token Development

    Loyalty Token Development

    Loyalty programs on blockchain allow businesses to explore different types of rewards. Take the unconventional route with NFT based loyalty rewards for better customer retention.

  • Web3 Loyalty Program Development

    Web3 Loyalty Program Development

    Brands can integrate web3 loyalty programs to give NFT or crypto based loyalty rewards to users who engage with their products and services in a way that’s valuable to the brand.

  • Blockchain Loyalty Program Testing

    Blockchain Loyalty Program Testing

    Our services start from creating a PoC to conducting a thorough blockchain loyalty program testing. We identify any vulnerabilities and optimize it for a high performing final product.

Start Building Customer Loyalty with Blockchain Today!

Implementing blockchain technology can help you build customer loyalty through increased transparency and security. By leveraging blockchain, you can provide your customers with a trusted and immutable record of their interactions with your business, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Build your blockchain loyalty program with us!

Types Of Blockchain Loyalty Programs

Choose from the top loyalty programs to reward your customers and provide personalized experience to them. Explore what each one of them serves and go with the one that suits your business needs.

  • Rewards and Points
    Rewards and Points

    Rewards and loyalty points offer an opportunity to get back a small portion of every spent dollar. It could be from earned points accumulated in the user's account. Later, the users can shop for anything in exchange for these points. Points-based systems also help track customer behavior and allow customers to improve their experience.

  • Wallet & Gifts
    Wallet & Gifts

    Wallets and gifts let the users enjoy surprises in their wallets. Platforms can offer exciting prizes to shop NFTs at heavy discounts from a particular marketplace. Also, users can shop around similar stores, like gamers can buy or get free gifts of particular attributes, weapons, dresses, or more.

  • Referral

    Another option is rewarding users who refer your platform to friends, family, and colleagues. It helps businesses keep existing users engaged with the platform and brings new users. Besides that, it helps to increase brand awareness, identify loyal customers, increase conversion rate, and more.

  • Buy One Get One
    Buy One Get One

    Buying one and getting one option is a proven strategy to boost sales and engage customers. Gaming, ecommerce, and many other sectors introduce these loyalty programs to empower their platform and encourage users to purchase more items. It is mainly focused on sales promotion.

  • Coupons & Vouchers
    Coupons & Vouchers

    This blockchain loyalty program generates more foot traffic by motivating customers to buy more products. Coupon codes and vouchers attract customers big time and aid in boosting business by improving loyalty, increasing traffic, enhancing brand awareness, and increasing sales volume.

  • Discounts

    Discounts are the most common way of tempting customers and persuading them to buy pricey items. It is a proven business strategy that drives sales, helps elevate the reputation of the brand, improves customer experience, offers special discounts, and helps brands build recognition.

Ultimate Features Of Our Blockchain Based Loyalty Program Solutions

Our personalized blockchain loyalty programs solution has fantastic features that automatically elevate the overall experience and add supreme value to your business. Focus on building terrific brand-customer relationships and inspire them to align with your business goals.

  • Customer Data Management

    Customer Data Management

    Blockchain in loyalty programs helps businesses handle and manage data smoothly without wasting much time. Our robust solution leads to providing exceptional customer experience and making accurate decisions based on gathered data.

  • Real-Time Rule-Based Rewards

    Real-Time Rule-Based Rewards

    Our blockchain based loyalty program solution embraces a real-time basis rewards system. This means you don’t have to wait to upgrade the system. As soon as the users conduct a transaction, rewards start fluctuating in their wallets.

  • Multiple Redemption Options

    Multiple Redemption Options

    One need not be stuck with one option, as blockchain in loyalty programs are available to get redeemed anywhere, anytime. Our designed blockchain based loyalty program solution provides users with multiple redemption points.

  • Customization


    Everyone loves a personalized approach by a brand to offer the desired loyalty program. You can offer rewarding options by building a deep segmentation approach for customers based on past experience, behavior, and more.

  • Campaign Tracking
    Campaign Tracking

    Helps track campaigns, customers availing reward points, platforms they are using, and understand the real scenario in detail. This helps in better understanding of the customers' behavior and expectations from the platform.

  • Analytics & BI Tools

    Analytics & BI Tools

    Our Blockchain loyalty programs solution comes with powerful analytics & BI tools that help understand the psyche behind purchasing. These dynamic tools analyze customers' activities by gaining insights from data.

Top Industries Leveraging The Potential Of Blockchain Loyalty Programs

Introducing blockchain loyalty programs in various businesses increases revenue growth, minimizes the churn rate, strengthens customer retention, and greatly influences brand affinity.

  • Finance

    In finance, loyalty programs blockchain attract new customers and keep others engaged by delivering attractive offers on credit cards, saving accounts, fixed deposits, or saving through mutual funds like schemes.

  • Retail

    In retail, blockchain in loyalty programs offers customer rewards programs over every minimum purchase, allowing customers to return and choose your product or services over competitors.

  • Food and Beverages
    Food and Beverages

    Blockchain loyalty programs in the food and beverages business by incorporating NFT offerings into their loyalty programs, generating massive sales and creating a superior brand experience.

  • eCommerce

    In eCommerce, blockchain in loyalty programs allows businesses to offer rewards to their users so that they purchase items at a minimal price and shop more, leading to more sales and profits.

  • Travel and Hospitality
    Travel and Hospitality

    In hospitality, blockchain based loyalty programs enable enough guest retention by enticing the users to make plans for the next trip and make a swift move towards buying tickets before points get elapsed.

  • Gaming

    Loyalty programs blockchain in gaming encourage users to make purchases timely and increase the gamer's interest. It also results in optimized brand loyalty and fosters customer engagement.

Blockchain Loyalty Programs Examples

Blockchain loyalty programs are adopted by several renowned businesses to reward their loyal customers and motivate them to make frequent purchases. With the ongoing popularity, numerous brands associated with different industries are keen on providing blockchain-based loyalty programs to their customer base.

Benefits Of Blockchain Based Loyalty Program

Blockchain based loyalty programs have the ability to integrate multiple loyalty programs under a unified umbrella. Harness the power of blockchain, offering a decentralized ledger to handle your customer's rewards conveniently.

  • Optimized Data Management And Analytics

    Optimized Data Management And Analytics

    Blockchain in loyalty programs helps make data-driven decisions by generating superior insights, thereby aiding in better data management.

  • Better Efficiency And Reduced Costs

    Better Efficiency And Reduced Costs

    The role of intermediaries is removed, which lowers the transaction costs, making the system extremely efficient for the customers and businesses.

  • Competitive Edge

    Competitive Edge

    Brands adopting blockchain loyalty programs are proven to attract more customers, helping them gain a competitive edge with their customer base.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    Enhanced Customer Experience

    The process of transferring and redeeming the rewards becomes seamless with blockchain based loyalty programs enhancing user experience.

  • Transparency


    Customers have full control of the rewards that exhibit enormous trust within the blockchain loyalty program, making it more reliable and trustworthy.

  • More Referrals

    More Referrals

    Blockchain in loyalty programs greatly entices customers and subsequently encourages them to share it with their family, friends, and colleagues.

  • Frictionless Process

    Frictionless Process

    The customer rewards are credited into the same wallet from where they have been redeemed, making the entire process frictionless.

  • Better Customer Retention

    Better Customer Retention

    Modern users make buying decisions based on pricing and other factors like engagement level, rewards, discounts, etc., that keep users connected with the platform.

  • Redeem Points Anywhere

    Redeem Points Anywhere

    Users get the superior option to redeem points on any platform. This ultimate feature keeps the users engaged with the highest offering points platform to use and redeem them.

Why Is Suffescom The Best Blockchain Based Loyalty Program Development Company?

Suffescom has held a reputation for being the best blockchain development company for years. With an exceptional team of blockchain developers, we have the skills to help you build your blockchain based loyalty program with all the features you need.

  • 6 Years of Blockchain Expertise
    6 Years of Blockchain Expertise

    Suffescom’s blockchain expertise spans across a period of 6 years. We excel in building blockchain loyalty programs in different blockchains like Solana, Binance, Ethereum and Hyperledger.

  • 24x7 Customer Support
    24x7 Customer Support

    Our technical support team is available 24x7 to assist you with any query related to our services or your project. Reach out to us via email, chat or call and we will find the solution to your problem.

  • Blockchain Testing Services

    Blockchain Testing Services

    We ensure maximum efficacy of your blockchain loyalty program with thorough testing. Our blockchain testing services involve a complete audit of the platform and its architecture to ensure highest performance.

  • Post Deployment Support

    Post Deployment Support

    We ensure your platform’s performance never faces any issues. Our team keeps track of every detail and makes the necessary adjustments and upgrades to ensure a seamless functioning of the platform.

  • Free First Consultation

    Free First Consultation

    Talk to our blockchain professional and discuss your project needs. We offer a free first consultation where you can talk with our team about your requirements and get an estimate about the technology, budget and duration of the project.

  • 50+ Blockchain Projects

    50+ Blockchain Projects

    We have delivered over 50 blockchain projects to businesses across different niches. With our experience, we can deliver blockchain solutions for loyalty programs for any business in record time.

FAQs Related to Blockchain Loyalty Programs Development

Answering the most commonly asked questions about blockchain loyalty program development.

  • Can You Build a Blockchain Reward System On Any Network?

    Yes, Suffescom can build you a blockchain reward system on different blockchain networks like Solana, Hyperledger, Binance and Ethereum.

    How Is Blockchain In Loyalty Programs Useful?

    Blockchain in loyalty programs helps customers to exchange rewards or tokens securely and also offers management of rewards in a decentralized manner.

  • How Do Blockchain-Based Loyalty Programs Grant More Flexibility And New Opportunities?

    As it allows the customer to redeem and exchange loyalty coins into other cryptocurrencies and capital, it provides flexibility. Customers can connect with other programs from different brands and use loyalty tokens that never expire.

    What Are Some Examples Of Blockchain-Based Loyalty Programs?

    A few examples of blockchain-based loyalty programs known as Air Miles, Starbucks Rewards, LoyalCoin, and KrisFlyer. These programs offer a broad range of redeeming loyalty points for customers.

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