Create A Virtual 3D Shop | 3D Shop Development In Metaverse

Create A Virtual 3D Shop | 3D Shop Development In Metaverse

By Suffescom Solutions

July 11, 2023

Create A Virtual 3D Shop | 3D Shop Development In Metaverse

The e-commerce industry has created a huge buzz in recent years. So many brands have found recognition online that was not possible in offline space. The mood of people has evolved with time. People now don’t like visiting real showrooms to purchase their favorite products. They want everything at their doorsteps. The only concern faced was regarding the trying of the items. With VR, this problem is also now solved, as virtual stores have become the new talk of the town.

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Looking at the situation, several companies are all set to create virtual shops. Leading brands have already come up with their virtual stores. If you are also one of those who want to create a virtual 3D shop to gain more traction, then you have come to the right place.

At Suffescom, as a top-notch Metaverse Store Development Company we help businesses to achieve their dreams by providing ample support and guidance. Feel free to contact our team in case you face any issues.

What Is A Virtual 3D Store?

A virtual 3D store is the virtual representation of the physical stores of any brand. It is built by the integration of various ultra-modern technologies like AR, VR, XR, etc., that provide the immersive experience of being present in the virtual store. With more enhancement, there is the addition of several features and characteristics. Three-dimensional representation is one of them, i.e., generated by holography.

The biggest advantage of a virtual 3D shop is that it gives a 360° experience to the customers while the item is demonstrated. Pushing the envelope further, they are the sole reason for more engagement and visibility. It gives a realistic experience of being present in the physical store. Overall, the shopping journey becomes seamless and, most importantly, personalized without thinking much about the returns.

How Does A Virtual 3D Store Work?

The 3D virtual works in the easiest possible way. The customers just have to pan the camera toward themselves in case they want to try the items for themselves. For home decor items, the process is the same. There are so many options that one can try out while performing shopping. The availability of AR technology will help you with enormous options, and you can choose the one that suits your personality.

The virtual 3D shop provides enormous benefits to the users that conventional or basic online shopping can’t provide. The virtual outlets create seamless 3D models that are much better than boring 2D images. The experience provided makes the person feel like they are trying a real-life product and, based on that, make accurate decisions.

Popular Brands That Use Virtual 3D Store


IKEA is a popular brand that sells furniture. They have now come up with their virtual app called “IKEA place”. The AR-enabled app provides an amazing shopping experience and lets you feel the designs as if they are actually at your place. Everything from the beds, chairs, tables, kitchen appliances, decorations, accessories, etc. are available from the same platform.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a famous clothing brand where people want to purchase their favorite items. There are several places where there is an unavailability of stores. For situations like this, the virtual 3D shop works better. The digital replica of this showroom is built with top-notch features, including alarms and playing songs, with special icons with which you can move around various sections of the virtual store.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury's virtual 3D store provides an immersive environment where customers enter this world through digital avatars known as “Magic Charlotte.” The store helps customers buy their favourite products, explore the choices, and get personally curated recommendations. There is even the facility of being part of any live event. These could be makeup or skincare-related virtual programs.


Another prominent world-famous brand is “Dior.” Its virtual store called “Atelier of Dreams” was developed in association with Harrod’s. The customers got to look at Dior Beauty’s signature tree, night sky, and more. To have an experience of such things in the virtual environment can’t be easily explored in the physical showrooms. Around 91% of the new visitors joined this massive event.


Lacoste, a premium luxury brand, has also opened a virtual store that provides a complete 360-degree experience to shoppers. It has three rooms with a special token-gated room for the already existing NFT holders. This room will also drop loot boxes containing exciting prizes and rewards.

In Sept 2022, its initial selling price was 0.1 ETH, but now they have a minimum price of 0.039 ETH. This value is approx around $50, which includes various pieces that are enlisted on the Opensea platform.

Key Benefits of Virtual 3D Store

A virtual 3D store is a new thing, but still, the popularity surrounding it is just insane. It is due to the advantages that it exhibits. To understand it completely, let’s have a look below;

Increased Sales

A virtual environment supported by AR technology creates riveting surroundings that give the 3D representation of the items. It's a win-win situation for the customers as they get to try on the products and experience mesmerizing visuals. And if they are really convinced, they will not take much time to make a purchase. These things works in favor of businesses as the sales are boosted.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Virtual 3D software gives the feeling of an exceptional shopping experience to the customers. They have the flexibility to move into the store without any other customers. They don’t have to bump into others and can have a seamless glance at other products. Another attribute is that the products can be viewed in numerous colors and designs. The customers enjoy the attribute of having a demo before purchasing.

Data Analytics

There is huge data that is collected by the companies. Every detail lies within them, starting from their contact details, their likings, their transaction history, their location, etc. It serves as a great way to know who your target audience is. There are certain technologies that help in the tracking of eye movement and hand gestures. Such data works best for providing recommendations, improving brand quality, boosting revenue, and attracting new clients.

Get The Real Experience Of Browsing The Products In The Virtual Stores

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Virtual 3D Stores- Premium Features

Our virtual 3D stores come with modernized features that uplift the aesthetics of the virtual 3D shop. Below we have mentioned some of its top-notch features;


This exclusive feature helps measure the data and forms results based on that. Gathering massive data and analyzing it carefully are the prerequisites to see where traffic comes from. Here the data is gathered from every smart device. Several KPI metrics decide the customer's behavior and help businesses to work on those areas, which can drive increased traction. To make the virtual 3D shop an absolute hit, the best possible data tracking attributes aid in appropriately scaling the virtual 3D store business.

Gamification Characteristics

Virtual 3D stores are a relatively new concept. Gamification is one of the best ways to create engagement. The virtual 3D store is developed to provide deep engagement, immersiveness and keep people entertained while shopping. The main motto is to make the customers spend more time in the store. For this, gamification plays an essential role. The provision of providing rewards, throwing challenges, use of in-game currency, etc., automatically makes the mood of the users uplifted. This results in improved user engagement, brand loyalty, and trust-able relationships with their audience.

Real-Time Video Consultations

Virtual video consultations work well in the case of experimenting with beauty products. As we know, in a real beauty store, there are assistants that help the customers in trying out different products. They even help them to know what suits their skin. So, there is a completely personalized experience provided to the users via two-way video calls. Such calls are responsible for the discussion and demonstration of the product. It gives the customers a great chance to try out new looks and styles.

Try-on Attribute

The try-on feature allows the users to try the virtual object in real-time surroundings. The customers can view the products and tap on this feature; the items such as makeup or sunglasses and even the shoes and the clothes can be tried on. But till now, it is found best for makeup and fashion-related items. Globally renowned brands like Gucci, Adidas, Charlotte Tilbury, and more have recognized the potential of this technology and integrated the Virtual Try-On app development into their platforms.

Try-out Attribute

There is another great feature of the virtual 3D store known as “Try-out Attribute.” It allows the users to place the item available in the virtual environment into the physical world settings. It helps in knowing how the items will look in the real world. It’s advantageous for the customer as they can buy products without visiting multiple stores, and this extraordinary characteristic enables businesses to boost their sales.

How To Create A Virtual 3D Shop?

The virtual 3D shop is a big and complex project. Our team of 3D virtual store builders is capable enough to implement strategies, use advanced technologies, and include features to develop a fantastic 3D virtual store. We follow agile methodologies and adopt cutting-edge technologies, which makes for a superior virtual 3D shop.

Planning And Analysis

Our project planners will take you through the right project path. Our experts will hold a solid discussion with the clients. Whatever their idea is, we will understand and take the necessary steps to take your dreams forward. Our competent team of researchers and analysts will perform a thorough analysis by considering the budget and the resources.

3D Virtual Store Development

Our 3D store builders create virtual 360° product images and upload them to the product category. There needs to be a great synchronization of the product catalogue with the product imaging account, which will lead to the automatic addition of products. We also keep cognizance of the AI analytics that record the customer's behavior.

Integrated Features

Our 3D virtual builders include features that help in elevating the visual experience of browsing the products. The three-dimensional assets creation attribute allows the creation of 3D models by utilizing the 3D product imaging software. The fundamental thing that forms the basis of the 3D virtual store is the creation of the virtual environment. It is done by accurately capturing the camera image and identifying the feature points on every surface, be it horizontal, angled, or vertical.

The other integrated features include chatbot integration, motion tracking, and lighting estimation. AI being the prime focus of every application, has transformed everything around. So, the inclusion of an AI virtual assistant in the 3D virtual store is necessary. The lighting attribute creates a uniform lighting system in real and virtual worlds. Besides this, the video recording attribute is also one significant feature that makes the virtual 3D store a massive hit.

Testing, Launch, And Maintenance

Our 3D virtual builders are competent in integrating fantastic features. After that, the built 3D virtual shop is tested for errors. Our testing techniques are responsible for eliminating any issues that hamper the performance of the 3D virtual shop. On the removal of irregularities, the virtual store is then launched.

Any problem can arise after the launch; these issues must be resolved. As a prominent virtual app development company, we take our work seriously and act upon them swiftly.

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