Virtual Product Demonstration Marketplace | How To launch Product in Metaverse?

Virtual Product Demonstration Marketplace | How To launch Product in Metaverse?

By Suffescom Solutions

July 13, 2023

Virtual Product Demonstration Marketplace | How To launch Product in Metaverse?

Are you finding it difficult to market your products? I assume your answer is “Yes.” So, why not try the virtual route instead?

People nowadays don’t find it fascinating to have a regular overview or demo of any product. The reason could either be a busy lifestyle or a lack of engagement. Similarly, they are unsatisfied with the simple 2D online representation as they don’t get to experience the product. This is where virtual product demonstrations come to the rescue.

Metaverse provides a perfect virtual product demonstration marketplace that gives customers a realistic view of the items.

The whole concept of virtual reality demonstration revolves around VR technology which has the potential to create realistic simulations and help users view the scenes with the help of VR headsets. In this blog, you will get to know how VR will create an effective and interactive way to market your products to a much larger audience.

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Key Highlights Of Virtual Product Demonstration Marketplace

  • Seamless interaction with their products in a 3D environment
  • Providing realistic experience with zero latency
  • Exploring a variety of features in a short duration
  • Amplified customer satisfaction
  • Improved sales and marketing
  • Enhanced product visualization
  • Increased conversions and generating leads
  • Access to insightful analytics

Before proceeding further, let's see why virtual product demos are gaining much attention.

Virtual Product Demonstration In Metaverse

Metaverse or virtual reality is a relatively new word when it comes to providing an immersive experience to users. Many entrepreneurs are finding it interesting to launch their businesses in the metaverse. Highly popular brands have already come forward and contributed a lot to virtual shopping. Metaverse technology is revolutionizing virtual showrooms and product demos in several ways.

The reason why virtual product demonstrations entice businesses is because of the way it provides more customized and worthwhile experiences to their potential customers. Moreover, virtual reality demonstrations are absolutely time-efficient and are available at economical prices. There is no obligation to create a real-time showroom which is so expensive and consumes time while giving product demos.

Launch Your Product In Metaverse

We have expertise in using ultra-modern technologies. like AR/VR, AI, blockchain, 3D modeling, etc., that will aid in launching your product in the virtual realm

Popular Brands Using Virtual Product Demonstrations

Various brands have already started giving virtual product demonstrations to their customers; a few of them are mentioned below;


The biggest footwear and apparel brand has created its own virtual showroom in metaverse. People can try out the clothes and shoes at their own convenience and gain a better understanding of the products.


IKEA is a popular name for selling phenomenal home furniture items to customers at affordable prices. They have also introduced their furniture showroom in metaverse. The customers can envision the furniture item in their space and make the choices accordingly.

Mercedes Benz

Another brand that is featured on our list is mercedes benz which has built automotive showrooms in metaverse. Here, the customers can experience a test drive of the vehicle in an immersive way.


This top-class e-commerce company has set up its ecommerce store in metaverse that allows customers to view the products effectively. It is a virtual 3D shop that helps compare the items and elevates the shopping experience for customers.

Virtual Product Demonstration Marketplace Features

Friendly Integration

Integration is something that can’t be overlooked. The demo marketplace built by us comes with the feature of tech-friendly integrations. It gives an opportunity to the marketplace owners to scale the functionalities and augment the flow of data across diverse platforms.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our developed virtual product demonstration marketplace possesses an intuitive dashboard. It gives complete information about the key metrics using top-notch BI tools. Every data is represented comprehensively, i.e., via graphical illustrations depicting sales, profits, loss, ROI, and more. On that basis, you can make decisions that elevate your business.


The in-built feature of automation works very well for advanced sales demonstrations. It cuts down on expenses as there is an automatic streaming of the demo bookings. There is even no space for confusion while curating schedules. Such bottlenecks are removed swiftly by sending alerts before the demo starts. It also reduces the setup time and results in skyrocketed sales with greater retention rates.

Collaborative Experience

Demonstrations should always be two-way. Our virtual product demonstration marketplace has the feature of providing a collaborative experience to the customers. Due to this attribute, the users can give feedback and offer inputs. Having a question-answer session will transform your whole experience onto another level. Through this feature, you can build a more friendly and trustful relationship with your clients.


To cater to diverse people across the globe, this multilingual feature proves to be very beneficial. Your customers, irrespective of their geographical region and language, will be able to understand whatever is happening in the demonstrations just by switching to their native language.

Product Listing

Last but not least, the essential characteristic of the virtual reality product demonstration is product listing. Without this, the product whose demo you want to illustrate to the users is not feasible.

Alluring Benefits Of Virtual Product Demonstration

Virtual demos have really influenced the way of marketing. Things have become so much more convenient than they used to be. All credit goes to the metaverse, where virtual reality combined with other technologies like AI and IoT have transformed the customer experience. Businesses are finding many opportunities with virtual reality demonstration techniques that have led them to great results. Broadly speaking, it benefits both the end customers and the companies.

Build Brand Confidence

There has been a distrust among customers lately regarding sales, but virtual demonstrations have regained their impact. A complete 360-degree virtual experience is provided to the users explaining the features and functionalities in-depth, enhancing product confidence. All the doubts and concerns of the consumers are handled extremely well.

Enhanced Progression To The Next Stage

The biggest challenge that a lot of conventional marketers face is the long-format documents that don’t engage the customers. Instead of that, the virtual reality product demonstrations portray the brand story in a unique way through 3D visuals. Such graphics develop a high-octane impact on potential customers, forcing them to take the next step and purchase the product.

More Personalized Experience

There is an option for creating a personalized experience for the customers. It is completely based on catering to specific needs. The traditional aspects lack offering a fully-tailored visual experience to the users. This develops a great connection and understanding between the customers and the products, leading to convincing sales.

Greater Flexibility

Traveling miles to have the product demo is a waste of time, and this pain point is easily solved by virtual space. The only things that you will require are your headsets, smart devices, laptops, VR headsets, etc. The demos are held online, and several booking slots are available to save time. On selecting the ideal time, one can move forward to attending the live demos at their convenience.

Increased Conversions

Virtual demos act more comprehensively when it's about quickly converting clients. The brick-and-mortar methods are not capable of conversions in a small duration. On the contrary, the features of virtual reality demonstration grab the customers' attention and allow them to make purchases on the first go, thereby increasing conversions.


In virtual space, there is no requirement to hire salespersons to conduct face-to-face demos. Firstly, the process of sending a person to somebody’s house is tiring and cumbersome. On top of that, one has to pay for their work resulting in high expenses. This proves valid in case the client belongs to a foreign country; in such a scenario, virtual reality plays an important role.

Virtual Reality Product Demonstration- Adopt A New Way Of Marketing!

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Shift Gears Of Your Business With Virtual Product Demonstration Marketplace Development!

There is no doubt about the potential of a virtual product demonstration. It has acted as a vital tool to increase revenue along with providing an immersive experience to the customers. We have been in the business for over a decade and have 5+ years of experience working on emerging technologies. Let’s give you a glimpse of our capabilities.

Matchless Assistance

We provide world-class technical assistance to our clients, whether for solving queries or developing platforms that require utmost precision. We always believe in building friendly client relations by catering to their requirements.

Use Of Advanced Technologies

Our development team is well-versed in adopting futuristic technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence that help develop modernized and interactive platforms.

Timely Project Delivery

We follow an agile methodology that results in the systematic completion of the project. The entire project is delivered to the client flawlessly within the decided timeframe.

3D Modeling

Our developers have a knack for creating 3D representations of objects by using advanced 3D modeling software. We have the expertise in developing virtual platforms that give a complete 360-degree experience to users.

Enhanced Security

We ensure that our developed platform is fully secure, and for that, we employ top programming languages and high-level infrastructure so that they are not susceptible to cyber threats and attacks.

If you want to develop such a dynamic platform, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts and get started with your virtual product demonstration marketplace development journey!

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