Walk to Earn App Development | Earn As You Walk: Completion of Different Tasks

Walk to Earn App Development | Earn As You Walk: Completion of Different Tasks

By Suffescom Solutions

June 21, 2022

Walk to Earn App Development | Earn As You Walk: Completion of Different Tasks

Walk more and get paid for it. Isn't it fantastic?

Whether you're an active walker, a Fitbit addict, or a fitness fanatic who is about to start a new walking habit (while getting paid), this blog is for you.

‘Walk-to-earn’ is a growing industry concept with enormous app launches for the users. It benefits the creators and the users who are using it while turning their steps for money. Suffescom provides you Walk to Earn App Solutions that let you earn cryptocurrency while walking; moreover, keeping you healthy.

So, let’s get down with the best modes of walk to earn application.

Different Modes of Walk to Earn Application

To allure the users, there are several modes that this application offers. Depending upon the requirement and mood of the individual, one can opt for the desired options.

Let’s explore each one of them in detail!

Solo Mode:

In this mode, the users participate in the regular walking or running event all alone. This style is best suited for people who enjoy working out solo and does not require anyone’s company. All they have to do is buy NFT sneakers and move to earn tokens. Such an incredible method to keep yourself focused without distractions with complete focus on your goals.

Club Mode:

If you are someone who does not get motivated to walk alone, this mode is perfect for you. Club mode enables users to walk and run with their friends or family. One can send an invitation link so the others can join the group.

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Tournament Mode:

This mode is excellent for people who like to participate in healthy competition. One can engage in such tournaments that take place on a monthly or weekly basis. Such activities inspire people and always motivate them to bring off the best in them. Some people believe that they usually don't get triggered to do any physical workout if they are not competing with somebody. Thus, this tournament mode works wonders for them.

Background Mode:

Sometimes, it becomes hard to catch up with the regular workout sessions. Especially walking and jogging just becomes cumbersome during our hectic life. For that reason, it becomes difficult to perform physical fitness regularly. But with this model in the background, the users can still earn tokens even if the app is not used actively.

Before digging deep, look at some of the most popular walk-to-earn apps.


It is a free application that can be installed on android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Its functioning is similar to the track stepping app, where each step in a day is counted. Likewise, the features are also closer to other fitness apps. This app gets connected with both Apple Fit and Google Fit to monitor your everyday steps. One can use this app in any situation, whether walking home, jogging in the park, or running on the treadmill.

The only way a difference is shown is through the reward system. Every step the user takes generates the latest currencies that can be converted into crypto or spent on products/charity. There are numerous brands on these platforms, and the customers can reclaim the rewards. This application provides complete transparency and data privacy, making it safe to use. Get demo of Sweatcoin clone walk to earn app at Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Fit Potato:

It’s such a great app where one can enjoy doing exercises like performing yoga, running, walking your pet, etc. FitPotato will provide great rewards for your efforts. You can also challenge your friends online and get rewards for completing sessions. This app has a “FitPotato group” where users can earn a weekly prize by joining the same. There is a well-advanced monitoring system where the user's steps are tracked with the help of an inbuilt GPS.

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StepBet helps users in reaching their fitness goals together and win wonderful rewards. This app allows users to push their boundaries. All this happens with the help of a connection with the tracker. It encourages them to beat customized steps by staking money online. It motivates the users to exercise daily and makes it a priority.

This app works so that users first must set goals and start moving towards them. There is no restriction over the total set steps. This means one can walk their dog, go cycling, run up and down their stairs, etc. Then, after a week, they will be able to win money to buy the jackpot. Such a fantastic application to build a healthy lifestyle and a steady workout routine.


This application allows users to begin by taking one step and then move on to collect rewards and fabulous prizes. The app monitors the work and provides audio coaching in real-time. The users can analyze the data related to their workouts, like how many steps are taken per minute or how many calories are burnt in a given time frame. One can earn through the use of sports coins. The best part is to track your daily steps and work out while encouraging others to do the same. Users can exchange coins for offers, discounts, and prizes, by connecting with their social network.

Charity miles:

This walk-to-earn application is simply superb. It brings you one step closer to a better future. Users can convert miles into cash depending on how far they travel. It partners with top-notch charities to support its mission of making a positive difference in the community. Charity Miles is one app that encourages people to walk and run for fun or maintain their fitness level. It's a great way to push oneself too hard and go the extra mile to achieve your goals.


This is an extraordinary micro-learning app that allows users to live healthier lives. It offers users a variety of inspiring activities and rewards. It improves the quality of your life by providing a personalized, gamified and rewarding platform. This is a customized health coach that uses micro-targets and other activities. It helps users improve their health and wellness, gives them tips, and helps them share fun challenges with their loved ones. Users receive rewards for taking healthy steps to improve their physical and mental well-being.

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Features of the Walk to Earn App

To enjoy walking, one needs to buy sneakers with their own money; only then will they be able to be a part of this fantastic app. After that, several attributes help the users go through the app very smoothly. Some of them are mentioned as under;

GPS Tracking:

This feature lets people track how many steps they have taken. It also analyzes the conversion of steps into currency units. These are called SPC coins. One can use these coins to purchase services, sports gear, and prizes in the in-app store shop. This eventually makes physical activities more fascinating and compels users to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Also, it monitors everything with advanced accuracy and multifaceted data statistics. This displays the total distance covered, the route map, running/walking speed, calories burnt, heart rate/pulse, etc.

Real-time Step Counter:

This counts the steps every time a movement is detected. The steps are counted even if the screen becomes inactive. It converts the steps into the space chain currency (SPC) that can be exchanged into fitness kits, sports, services prizes, etc. The interface is exceptionally smooth and monitors BMI. It has well-tailored exercise goals and regularly reminds users to drink water.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Another essential feature of this app is the Bluetooth connection that connects the smart running shoes with other sports equipment. Apart from this, a real-time audio system continuously provides feedback to the user. It tracks the running form to avoid an injury.

Customized Workout Plan:

Certain people like to work out according to their abilities. So, for such users, there is a fully customized workout plan. It could be for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Also, the workout could be either 5Kms or 10Kms / half marathon or full marathon.

Live Events:

It offers different in-app events and online live races to take part in and provides varying levels of honor rewards. Users can attain such rewards after enjoying running.

These move-to-earn apps are enjoying much publicity in the current world. All that is because there are numerous benefits that they offer. Following are some of the advantages, have a look at them;

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Advantages of Walk to Earn App Development

  • Getting paid for What You Love: Some people love working out, and performing physical exercises are a crucial part of their lives. Now, with this application, they will be paid for what they enjoy doing in their daily lives. So, for them, it is just like a cherry on the cake.
  • Earning Cryptocurrency: Some people have little knowledge about cryptocurrency. Therefore, this application will be a real eye-opener for them. Move-to-earn Crypto is the best way to participate in the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. This means gaining knowledge with fun without investing any money.
  • Acquiring Motivation for Physical Activities: Many people lack discipline and inspiration regarding daily exercises. They need constant encouragement and support to make fitness a part of their lives. This app provides that substitute where you don’t need anyone around you. This marvelous app gives you the additional motivation to work out while earning money.
  • Monitoring Everyday Progress: Move-to-earn games can be proven the most entertaining way to work out. There is the availability of leaderboards and other analytical tools that shows the progress. One can see their performance and compare them with other participants.

Final Thoughts!

Having a fit body is all that people want but the only obstruction they face is the lack of time and strict regime. Some applications like walk-to-earn and move-to-earn development keep the inspiration alive in them. This is done by providing them extra money by walking, running, or swimming. This is an outstanding way to be physically fit and financially abundant.

If you are keen on developing a walk-to-earn app, then we at Suffescom Solutions can help you build same. Our developers have already designed a play-to-earn platform for various tech-based companies. For any queries, get in touch with our experts!

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