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Move To Earn Game Development Company | M2E Game Development Services

By Suffescom Solutions

October 10, 2023

Move To Earn Game Development Company | M2E Game Development Services

Move-To-Earn game is an innovative invention associated with web3. This unique concept runs with a vision of physical fitness in the virtual world. Players complete the fitness tasks; therefore, they must be fit and active to complete the sports tournaments. Players get exciting rewards in the form of NFTs, Cryptos, or tokens while doing any physical activity like jogging, running, and walking. The rewards offered by the M2E gaming app attract players towards itself, resulting in staying connected to physical fitness.

Fitness freaks have never been paid for moving or doing any fitness activity. Instead, they might need to pay for the services in the fitness centres. This scenario is soon going to be changed with blockchain-powered M2E game development.

Surprised to Hear That!

Well, the M2E model is a well-acknowledged truth with a strong base. It focuses on improving the lifestyle of individuals in a playful manner. Players of M2E games earn rewards and other exciting offers by which they feel encouraged. So, considering the oncoming trend of M2E apps, businesses can move one step ahead by developing a platform for the users. The M2E game can surely benefit you in the coming future as more and more users will consider this M2E model the best way to stay fit and earn.

Move-to-Earn NFT Game Development Solutions

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is an emerging US-based company leveraging its potential to deliver clients customized M2E games or apps. Contact our experts to know more about the Move-To-Earn model!

Let’s learn more about the M2E model and how it can be advantageous!

M2E Game Development

The popularity of move-to-earn games is rising; therefore, developing and launching M2E apps in the virtual world is soaring. With the M2E games, you can let the users stay fit and healthy via amazing activities.

Today M2E apps are powered by blockchain, which brings some advanced features to the app, attracting users towards itself with impeccable designs, rewards, and cryptos. By hiring experts of Suffescom, you can build a platform to enhance your business visibility in the digital world. If you are urged to build a name in blockchain technology, then Move to earn game development is the best way to do so because the chances of success are high as individuals want to stay physically fit. They can’t keep themselves from these M2E games when they get paid for exercising.

Move to Earn Game Development Process

The Development Process of the M2E Game App Involves Some Steps That Must be Followed.

Step 1: Planning

The Move-To-Earn app development begins with the proper planning of the project. This would include analysing the target audience, gamification, market analysis, competitor list, etc. Once everything is analysed, a roadmap is built to start working on the project.

Step 2: Prototype Development

Following the roadmap created in the first step, a prototype is developed with minimum features. The prototype is shared with the owner to get approval.

Step 3: Backend Development

After this, the developers begin with the development of backend features. This involves blockchain integration, the development of native tokens, and smart contracts.

Step 4: Testing

M2E app undergoes vigorous testing procedures to ensure that it is free from bugs and vulnerabilities. If any errors are found during testing, then those are removed on a prior basis, and the app is made ready for deployment.

Step 5: Marketing

When designing, developing, and testing gets over, it's time to market the Move-to-earn game. With proven marketing strategies, the newly built M2E platform gets easy recognition in the market.

Step 6: Releasing

The last step is to release the app for public use. Here, it is important to get feedback from users so that you can continuously perform the required updation to the platform.

Exclusive Features of The Move-To-Earn Gaming Platform


As M2E apps are based on blockchain technology, security never takes the back seat. All kinds of fraudulent activities and vulnerabilities can be reduced to much extent with advanced security features.

Real-Time Tracking

M2E apps offer real-time tracking features to assist users in tracking their physical activities and bring exciting rewards. All the activities recorded are useful to analyse the frequency of the activities in the future.

Marketplace Integration

M2E games are integrated with the White Label NFT marketplace, where users can trade collectibles such as shoes, sneakers, etc., by connecting their accounts with the marketplace. NFT Marketplace is also required at the beginning of the challenge because users need to buy NFT shoes to compete in any activity.

Smart Watch Integration

Smartwatches are another prominent source of staying in touch with the M2E platform to keep track of users' activities like walking, running, or jogging. Integrating smartwatches also provides easy access to the platform.

Interactive Design

A Move-To-Earn game with an interactive and appealing design ensures a more customer base to the platform since the more the app is eye-catching, the more the chances of increased app users. Moreover, an amazing design also assists in keeping users engaged while doing activities.

Goal Setting

This is another prominent feature of M2E apps. With the goal setting feature, users can set their daily goals for performing any physical activity. Users would feel motivated to perform better at further levels as they keep on completing their goals.


A highly impressive dashboard enables users to see daily activity or activity in progress, future goals, achievements, and many more. This feature lets users stay up-to-date with the happenings in the M2E virtual world.

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Social Media Integration

Social media integration is a feature for users who want to share their achievements with friends. Sharing with friends allows them to stay motivated as well as their friends to follow the same.

Workflow of Move-To-Earn model

The Working of the M2E Platform is Simplified in a Few Steps. Let’s Have a Look:

  • First of all, a user needs to sign up to the platform by providing the required information.
  • Then, the user becomes eligible to buy NFT shoes to perform the activity in the virtual world. Successful completion of activities can generate rewards for the user.
  • User's participation in the higher physical activity levels depends upon the selection of the shoe level. With high-level shoes, the user can participate in upper levels of activities.
  • Technologies like GameFi, SocialFi, and GPS are utilised to monitor the physical activities of the users.
  • When the user starts doing an activity, the M2E gaming app classifies the activity as walking, jogging, or running and begins tracking the user’s movements.
  • The activity will begin only when the user wears the NFT shoe, connecting the two worlds, i.e., the physical and virtual worlds.
  • Once the activity is completed, the energy of NFTs dropdown. Therefore, it would require some time to regain the energy levels to start the next activity.

Now, you might realise how easy is the working process of the M2E games app!

Future Scope of M2E Game Platform

The concept of the M2E model is alluring as it is a great platform providing double benefits to individuals (Gaming and physical fitness). While playing the M2E game, they are actually doing workouts in the virtual world with NFT shoes. With move-to-earn technology, players can earn rewards for every challenge they win.

In addition to this, the fitness industry is also going to benefit from the M2E platform. Shifting into blockchain platforms, fitness industries can attract a significant number of users. Thus, they can also take advantage of the Move-To-Earn model.

Recognising this, there is no denying that the potential of M2E NFTs is huge. So, build your M2E platform right now to earn a reputation and generate higher ROI.

Some of the Top NFT M2E Platforms


This is the most famous move-to-earn app with web3 technology, focusing on fitness. This was built on the Solana blockchain and incorporated with SocialFi elements to motivate users to do activities like running, jogging, or walking.

It enables users to earn crypto rewards whenever they participate in virtual events. Users earn GST and GMT tokens on reaching particular levels in the game that can be traded further. Through these tokens, players can mint sneakers, repair, and upgrade in the entire STEPN clone app platform.

Step App:

Step App, built on Avalanche blockchain, is an interactive gaming platform that combines augmented reality (AR), NFTs, and geolocation technology to offer amazing and enjoyable competitions to users. Step App has its native FITFI (fitness finance) governance token. Users owning these tokens are eligible to vote and make changes to the Step App ecosystem. This platform offers a dual token system, staking, liquidity mining, token buyback, and burn function.


Genopets is highly recognised as a free M2E NFT game worldwide. Being built on the Solana blockchain, it is a role-playing game to provide physical and mental fitness. Players own Genopet NFTs and continuously work to nurture them. Users can record daily activities, compete in the battle arena, and sharpen their abilities. This gaming app also has the feature of “play-for-keeps,” which allows users to compete for in-game items. Genopets have a dual token model with GENE governance tokens.


This is another on the list of top move-to-earn apps. Dotmoovs, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is a sports mining and mobile competition platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computer vision technology. The native token of dotmoovs is MOOV. The cutting-edge technology behind dotmoovs assists in detecting human body movements and limb positions. Players compete against each other all across the world, challenge each other in sports competitions, and win various rewards, including NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

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To Summarize,

Surprisingly, the Move-To-Earn game platform is witnessing huge popularity on blockchain. M2E model aims to deliver a healthy lifestyle to players and at the same time, it offers exciting rewards to users. Overall, M2E game development is a lucrative business opportunity that generates huge ROI for owners and a win-win situation for players.

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