Wallapop Clone | How To Launch An Classified Wallapop Like Website

Wallapop Clone | How To Launch An Classified Wallapop Like Website

By Suffescom Solutions

April 28, 2022

Wallapop Clone | How To Launch An Classified Wallapop Like Website

Gone are the days when selling unwanted or old products was seen as an arduous task. With the popularity of online commerce marketplaces, consultation marketplaces or websites like like Wallapop, selling cars, smartphones, furniture, and rental homes is now a child’s play. Sellers can post their products online, add descriptions, and pitch their products to thousands of buyers on the platform within a matter of minutes.

With the soaring popularity of buying and selling nearby marketplaces, budding entrepreneurs invest in Wallapop clones and launch their classified ad platforms. Guessing your presence on this post, we assume that you are too planning to launch your Wallapop-like platform.

We at Suffescom Solutions have the right tools and tech expertise to make your unique business requirement a success. Connect with our app development team to discuss your business requirements and move a step forward towards making your dream a reality.

This post will discuss everything related to the Wallapop clone step by step. Here’s what you are going to read further in this post:

  • What is Wallapop?
  • Why Wallapop Become An Instant Success Platform?
  • Major Points of Developing Wallapop Like Website
  • Prominent Features Of Our Wallapop Clone Script
  • Top Buy And Sell Nearby Apps Like Wallapop

Before moving further, let’s start with the basics first.

What is Wallapop and Why to Clone It?

Founded in 2014, Wallapop is a Spanish company started with the purpose of allowing users in a nearby location to buy or sell products online. In the early phases, Wallapop was primarily available only to mobile users. Within the 4 months of launch, the app has been downloaded by over 3 million users as users find it extremely helpful to sell their products on the app.

Within a matter of two years, Wallapop evaluation increased from 0 to 100 million euros, making it a popular marketplace app. Want to know how the platform became an instant success? Then go through the next section of this post.

Why Wallapop Platform Become An Instant Success

Launched in 2017, Wallapop became an instant success even when there were well-established giants such as Amazon and eBay. If you are interested in knowing the reason behind the marketplace's success, then this next section is a must-read for you.

Here’s How The Wallapop Platform Become an Instant Success:

  • The buy and sell platform allows users to sell anything just by posting a photo of the product online.
  • The listing and trading on the marketplace take place without commission.
  • Wallapop marketplace mainly focuses on targeting audiences with mobile devices for better results.
  • The in-app chat feature makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to communicate on the platform.
  • The platform can recognize the product and list them in their respective categories just from the product photos.

These are just a few reasons that helped the Wallapop marketplace become an instant success even with fierce competition. With time the platform added additional new features that overthrew all competitors and made Wallapop the number one platform for buying & selling.

All set to launch your Wallapop like website, but don’t know where to start from? Fret not. We have got you covered with this next section, where we will analyze the basics of developing a Wallapop clone application.

Launch An Classified Website Like Wallapop With Us

We offer the expertise and resources to launch a classified website like Wallapop. Our team can handle everything from design and development to deployment and maintenance, ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

Major Points of Developing Wallapop Like Website

Like any brick and mortar business, developing a Wallapop like website needs proper market research. We have created a list of major points to simplify the development of Wallapop like a website for you. Let’s read about these major points in detail-

Idea For The Platform

Launching a buying and selling platform like Wallapop is not enough. You need to decide whether the site will work as a garage sale, flea market, or for selling niche products in a specific category. To find what’s best for your marketplace, you need to conduct a market analysis, find what’s selling hot among target customers, possible future products, competitor analysis, competitor app features, and product analysis. You need to find loopholes or problems users face with the existing app. Try not to repeat the same mistakes and find a solution for the product.

Engaging Users

Simply building a marketplace application is not enough. You need to bring users onto your platform, and they need to be stimulated to do so. Here’s how you can create a healthy connection with users-

User Communication

Active communication effectively keeps users engaged with the platform and attracts new users. This can be done with attractive bonuses, promotional offers, birthday/anniversary discounts, or similar offers. There is no hidden fact that users like surprises and gifts, and for the same reason, these effectively create healthy user communication.

Individual Offers

One of the most efficient ways of engaging users is through individual offers. However, it is vital to remember that these individual offers must be relevant to a user's search history and interests. If a user is searching for cars or spare parts for cars, then the app must show relevant offers and promotions as per the user’s interests.

Launch A Test Version

Launching a test version of the application is ideal for testing the waters before going all in. You can provide basic functionality to the users (basically what they are looking for) to enable them to buy and sell products with the test version. You can also test new features and know what’s working and what needs an adjustment. The test version of the application won’t cost you much and will act as an effective advertising method for reaching the masses. You can launch a test version, and with soaring popularity, you can launch the app's complete version at later stages.

Start Your Own Online Marketplace With Wallapop Clone

We offer a ready-to-launch Wallapop clone script to help you start your own online marketplace. Our clone is fully customizable and comes equipped with all the features and functionality of the popular Wallapop platform, making it easy to launch and manage your own successful marketplace.

Prominent Features Of Our Wallapop Clone Script

Till now, you have read about how the platform became an instant success and major points to keep in mind before moving on to app development. Now let’s move on to the vital features a must-have for your buy and sell platform like Wallapop.

Easy Sign-In & Sign-Up

The sign-in and sign-up process must be simple and do not require users to fill more than three fields. User information such as name, password, phone number, and email will be sufficient to create an account and access app features. Adding autologin and social media logins will make the overall process smooth and swift for users.

User Dashboard

Users can edit, update or delete their personal information on the platform whenever they like from the user dashboard. Here they can also view messages, purchase/sale history, add or remove wallet or card details, and much more.

Choose a Preferred Location

With this feature, the users can choose a preferred location depending upon their device location. Depending upon their specified location, users will be shown listed products with the platform for buying.

Upload Product Image

This feature allows users to click the product image and upload it on the platform. Sellers can also add, update or delete product descriptions to help buyers understand the product and assist in making the buying decision.

Buy and Sell Products

The buyers on the platform can purchase the product after going through the product description, selling price, and photos uploaded. After uploading the product description, photos, selling prices, and other relevant information, a seller can put a product for sale. Depending upon what they are looking for, a user can act both as buyer and seller without feeling the need to switch the profile.

View Offers

This feature allows users to view the current offers running on the platform and get additional benefits while making a purchase.


The platform allows users to place both free and paid ads on the platform for better reach. With this, users can move their products or ads on the top, thus increasing the chance of selling their products online.


With this feature, users can list or select products from the different categories using advanced search filters like price, size, type, color, and so on.

Search Bar

This vital feature allows users to find products on the platform by typing names in the search bar. Users can also categorically lower the search results with the help of filters and make the search more accurate.

In-App Chat

The in-app chat feature allows buyers and sellers to interact with one another for any specific query about the product and bargain product price.


With this feature, the buyers can mark any specific product as a favorite in order to buy them in the future and purchase later.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an efficient way of informing users about the latest offers and chats sent in the offline mode.


If you plan to target users in multiple locations worldwide, this is a vital feature for your marketplace. Add selected languages at the initial stages of your application, and later on, expand the list.

Third-Party Apps Integration

This handy feature allows users to share the product posting with their friends, family, and subscribers on social media and other platforms.

Wallapop Clone: The Perfect Solution for Your Online Business

With our Wallapop clone solution, you can benefit from a proven business model that has already been successful in the market. Our clone offers all the features and functionalities of the original platform, ensuring a seamless user experience for your customers

Top Buy And Sell Nearby Apps Like Wallapop

Many buy and sell nearby marketplace apps like Wallapop, which gave it fierce competition. And it's not a success if you don’t have any competition. The simplicity of the application is one of the biggest reasons that helped Wallapop achieve success and reach the next level. Users can post products, add descriptions, fix a price, and list them on the marketplace for selling with a smartphone.

Let’s have a look at the top Wallapop-like app that offers similar features to users.


Letgo app is a competitor that became a partner with Wallapop in 2017 and is used by over 10 million users from around the world.


It is another free app that allows users to buy and sell products online just by posting pictures and descriptions of the products. The app also provides seller ratings, posts or read reviews, views product details, and more.


With this app, users can buy and sell used, new, or even unknown items and that too without any charge. All they have to do is click the product’s photo, upload it on the platform, write a description, set a selling price, and they are good to go. With in-app chat features, buyers and sellers can interact to negotiate or discuss the product.


Tradesy app makes the reselling of products fast, simple, and stylish for users worldwide. The app only sells authentic and genuine products to offer peace of mind to its users. Tradesy offers image enhancement features to make the product look more amazing and stylish, thus increasing the product’s selling chances.


The app makes it easy for users to buy and sell locally. Users can see the seller's rating, badges, selling records, and previous transactions before making a buying decision. Buyers can see tons of products such as furniture, phones, tablets, cars, and other deals from their nearby sellers.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Wallapop Clone App?

So now you have read everything related to the Wallapop clone app. It’s time to address the big elephant in the room. Yes, you have guessed it right. How much does it cost?

The development cost of your Wallapop clone is directly dependent upon the various factors like:

  • Features of your Wallapop application
  • Wallapop App development company.
  • Location of your app development partner.
  • App development company total expertise
  • Hourly rates

Some of the vital factors that directly impact the development cost of the Wallapop app are as follows:

  • Native Android/iOS
  • Tech-Stack
  • App features & functionalities
  • App complexities
  • Expertise and ability of the development team
  • UI and UX Design
  • Maintenance Plan

As you can see, there are multiple factors that are involved in app development. Thus it is not possible to share the exact development cost. However, if you want a cost estimation, we can do that for you.

Get in touch with our development experts over a 10-minute consultation call and share your app requirement. Our team will share the estimated cost of the project within one business day.

So, what are you waiting for? Call today!

Wrapping Up:

With a reliable app development partner like Suffescom Solutions, developing a new marketplace app like Wallapop is easy peasy. Our development team first understands your project requirements, complete market research, and project feasibility. Only after a thorough project analysis can we offer you the best software solution to make your app idea an instant success.

Suffescom Solutions is an experienced app development company to launch a marketplace app like Wallapop with best-in-class features.

Get in touch with our experts to further your business requirements in detail.

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