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By Suffescom Solutions

October 26, 2021

Stock trading has become a hobby of many like us as it is an ultimate way to earn more by investing hard money. You can see the uprising of mobile trading apps and Webull is the newcomer among investment brokers. Started its operations in 2018, the platform quickly became popular because of commission-free trade. Specially designed for trading only in stocks and exchange-traded funds. If you plan to build a stock trading app, you are on the right track to building a similar platform using the WeBull Clone script.

With a unique innovation, you can earn hundreds of billions of dollars and change the way people make investments. The question that arises here is how to build a stock trading app that makes millions of bucks? Yes, we are to reveal that secret! So, here in this blog on developing a mobile trading platform like Webull, you will uncover the advantages of building an app like WeBull, the working of the app, the revenue model, and the cost to build that app.

Introduction of Webull Clone App 

Webull is an online trading platform where users can engage in stock exchanges and investments. One unique feature of this platform is that there are no commission costs. So, what is the platform’s revenue model? There are various ways for the platform to make money, as we’ll see in the next sections. Let’s take a closer look at Webull and what it does.Founded in 2017, App Like WeBull is established in the US and is one of the most popular online brokerage platforms. Webull was initially launched to provide investors with charting tools to have a better understanding of equities and invest accordingly. After being inspired by Robinhood, an online trading platform that offers commission-free trades, it became an investing platform.
0 Commissions: $0 commissions for online stocks, ETFs, and options trades.


Trading Tools: Trading tools include various order types and convenient trading functions.

In-depth Analysis Tools: Intuitive charts, various screeners, in-depth fundamental data, etc.

Benefits In Detail:


Free Trades of Stocks, Cryptos, and ADRs: Webull offers free trading on most of the products as the app is in-built with industry-matching products for stocks and ETFs. The platform offers free cryptocurrency trading as low as $1. 
Delivers Good User Experiences: The platform is worthy for advanced traders and also suitable for intermediate traders. This is the only app that delivers an interesting market that no other app seems to offer its users. All in all, the app has the potential to meet the needs of advanced traders and provide ample stock analysis tools to intermediate traders. 


Competitive Margin Trading Rates: Webull Clone offers the most competitive margin trading rates without any extra cost to all the account traders. Whereas other platforms like Robinhood have higher rates.

Webull & Robinhood – The Most Powerful Competitors!

Just like Webull, you also need to know about Robinhood. It is one of the popular online trading platforms situated in California that is unique in offering users an opportunity to trade without paying a commission. Now the big question you can ask here: Why are Webull and Robinhood the most popular rivals? Well, it is said that investors who felt Robinhood lacked some features can turn to Webull. The Webull-like platform carries many features that make it suitable for both intermediate and advanced investors. At the same time, Robinhood is best applicable for beginners and known for its simplicity. Overall, both Webull and Robinhood prove to be the closest competitors to each other in the online trading landscape.

Is Webull Good for Beginners?

Apps like Webull offer a good market value and work great in the hands of almost any experience. There might be features that are beyond beginners, but the platform provides the ability to test the understanding. In this way, beginners can try trading with the available information without risking their own money. On Webull Clone, there are also penny stocks which is another way for beginners to learn trading with minimal amounts of money at risk. So it means that even if you don’t have much experience trading stocks, it doesn’t mean you still have room for improvement.

Revenue Models of Webull Clone

Paid subscriptions: They are the most prominent sources of earned revenue. Users have to pay a subscription fee to perform trading. It is available with monthly and yearly subscription plans. 

Order Flow: For every trading, whether buying or selling, the Webull clone-like platforms will charge a certain percentage of the amount. 

Short Selling: It is a selling where the user borrows and sells stocks. Investors can buy the same stock and return it to the lender. For such a type of transaction, an app charges some percentage of fees. 

Types Of Markets Webull Offers Users To Trade

Stocks and ETFs – The platform provides stocks and Exchange-traded funds in hundreds. The major companies include AMC. Tesla, Gamestop, and many more.

ADRs – ADRs here indicate the foreign stocks. Webull allows users to invest in foreign stocks. 

Cryptocurrency – Webull Clone app also supports cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users trade currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. 

Outstanding Features of a Stock Trading App

Among so many successful stock trading mobile apps, an App Like WeBull is one good example. This app has millions of downloads. This top-ranking investment app follows the policy of zero commissions with no minimum deposits. The development of stock trading apps can be either mobile-based or web-based. So you want to know the features that make the Webull Clone outshine in the crowd.

Multiple platforms: Many trading apps, such as Webull Clone, include both web and mobile versions. Webull refers to it as a Webull desktop program, which can be used on any Android, iOS, or web-based device.

Real-time functional widgets: There is a descriptive market overview with bar graphs, a chart, hourly share ratings, tables of top gainers and losers, and so forth.

Crypto trading: Many online trading platforms nowadays must include a crypto trading option. This is the current craze that is propelling investing apps to the top of the rankings.

Updates: Users of the app will continue to rely on your services and may even recommend them if new features are added. As a result, updates are an important aspect of marketing. 

Webull, for example, has added a number of new features, including 45+ widgets, a customizable layout, and the addition of NASDAQ TotalView for advanced quotes.

Voice commands/ Voice Activated trading: The app’s additional AI features, such as voice commands, make it a viable option for users from all over the world. Those who are new to trading and those who are on the move but are active traders.

Pricing transparency: Trading platforms contain a tab dedicated to pricing lists and other facts such as margin rates, etc., because transparency is the key to confidence.

Now let’s understand what common features all investment apps like Webull:

Login/ Signup: This is a basic overview of the app. The first screen you’ll encounter is a registration form that asks you to fill in basic information such as your email address, phone number, and so on. Some modern apps also offer touch ID login systems.

User page: It is a page that allows users to update and manage their personal data. 

Trade placement feature: While developing your trading software, pay special attention to this functionality. Because this is where traders can execute trades on a variety of assets.

Transactions and payments: One of those features that help manage fund flows and monitor the app’s transaction activities. 

Newsfeed feature: When analyzing trading market trends, the Newsfeed option is critical.

Analytics: If you include performance data, charts, and statistical reports in the app, consumers will find it intriguing and useful.

Steps To Create A Stock Trading App Like Webull 

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What if you built a stock-trading app like Webull and changed the stock market’s face?” It’s a positive indication! You’ll need a project manager, IT developers, Business Analysts, UI/UX designers, testers, and marketers on your side to fulfill your business dream. The steps are as follows:

Market research on your target audience is always the first step in developing an app idea. After completing your study, you can determine which platforms your mobile app will be built on because you can’t work anymore if you don’t understand the platforms. Apps for Android, iOS, and websites are all possible platforms. The best approach is to create a cross-platform program that can be used on any platform. From the beginning, a cross-platform or hybrid app gives improved visibility. 

App development

  • Choose The Programming Language

By now, you must have decided on an app platform. As a result, depending on the app platform, the next step is to choose a programming language. There are many programming languages to choose from, although some are more popular than others. Swift or Objective C are preferred by iOS developers, whereas Android professionals prefer Kotlin and Java.

  • Back-end development

To have a powerful backend, you must create server technologies. Because database and server are the two pillars of a solid backend. As a result, always choose someone who has a lot of knowledge with architecture, databases, and software.

  • Server Framework

The first step is to create a server framework in one of the programming languages available. Many languages, such as Python, Ruby, MSSQL, Oracle,.Net, Java, and others, are available for developing a stock trading application.

  • Front-end development

Before beginning front-end development, engineers must first learn about the client’s preferences. The user interaction side of the application is dealt with by front-end development. Developers should be familiar with and have worked with languages such as Java, CSS, and HTML. Also required are skills in complicated building systems like React, Angular, JQuery, and others.

Cost Of Developing The Webull Clone

Well, there is no exact estimation of the Webull Clone app development. Below is the breakdown of the factors that will help influence the cost of the development

  • App Customization (UI/ UX)
  • Platforms (Android, iOS, or both)
  • Technologies used

Benefits of building the trading app from Suffescom

  • Customizability
  • White-label
  • Prompt delivery
  • Scalability, etc.,


We hope you’ve gained a complete grasp of the Webull clone, from its goal to the revenue sources it generates. If the idea of developing a Webull clone inspires you, contact us, and we’ll modify the app for you.

Top 10 Apps like Webull

Rating (out of 5)
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Why Launch Webull Like Clone App for Crypto Trading?

Our Webull like app is an online trading platform of 2022 where users can buy sell stocks, simply its stock exchanges and investments platform.

What Types of Trade Users Can do on Webull Clone App?

– Stocks and ETFs
– ADRs
– Cryptocurrency

The Best Revenue Model Of The Webull Like Apps?

– Paid subscriptions
– Order flow
– Short sellers

The Best Alternative of Webull Like Apps?

Robinhood is the best alternative of Webull like apps.


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