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Whitelabel Car Rental App Development Company

By Suffescom Solutions

February 29, 2024

Whitelabel Car Rental App Development Company

We provide top-tier on demand white label car rental apps for businesses looking to build an online presence for their car rental services. We commit to delivering top-notch features, modern UI/UX, smart integrations with social media and CRM, etc. With our whitelabel car rental app solutions, any business can thrive against other competitors and provide seamless services to travelers.

What Makes Our White Label Car Rental App Different?

Our expert team of developers has researched the dynamic trends in the market and has modern tech stacks to build such applications. Our white-label taxi app solution is absolutely bug-free, can render both on Android and iOS, is errorless, and can be accessed easily by any type of user. We have focused on a less click but effective app operation policy, which lets travelers lease a car in a few clicks. Explore more about our offerings:

On Demand White Label Car Rental App Development

Get started with your taxi or car rental business online with our custom or readymade car rental mobile app solutions. We offer cab rental app development at the lowest cost to turn your challenges into successful stories.

Market Growth Of Car Rental Business

Before we go further, it is important to know if investing in such a business or application is secure. Will it last long? Here are some stats to consider:

The worldwide car rental market is growing rapidly and is anticipated to reach a revenue growth of $102.50 billion before the end of 2024.

It shows a CAGR of 3.14% between 2024-2028.

Before the end of 2028, the revenue segment can hike to $116.00 billion, which shows a big reason to invest.

The United States of America will be the global hub of car rental businesses.

Workflow Of Our Readymade Car Rental Mobile App Solution

Our white label car rental application is easily accessible. Let’s see how it gets done

For Users

  1. Users register or log into the application whenever they wish to lease a car.
  2. They provide the location permission or enter the location manually to view the car rental service providers.
  3. Now, users choose a service provider and fill in the date & time they want to take the car on rent.
  4. They compare the price after choosing the type of car they want to rent.
  5. On the subject of availability, their booking is confirmed, and a confirmation email is forwarded.
  6. Now, users can visit the car rental service station at their given time and date or appoint their pick-up location.
  7. Users pay the entire payment online as prepayment or pay the full payment after using the car.

For Business Owners

  1. On a rental request raised by the users, business owners receive a notification regarding the booking.
  2. They can either confirm the incoming booking request or decline it just by clicking a button.
  3. Owners prepare the car for leasing and update its availability on the indicated date of its registration.
  4. After handing over or assigning a driver, business owners can track the driver's live running status inside the app and other information like distance covered, fuel meter, speed meter, etc.
  5. When a user returns the car, business owners can receive payment using the integrated eWallet or other payment options.
  6. Now, business owners can update the booking status or subject of availability of the car.
  7. With our white label car rental app, business owners can easily create loyalty programs, coupons, etc., to admire their frequent customers.

For Drivers

  1. Drivers receive a notification when a car rental business owner assigns them.
  2. They can easily accept and decline the income request on the basis of their availability.
  3. After accepting the task, drivers can view the date and time to take travelers on their trip.
  4. Drivers can easily add multiple stops based on the convenience of the users.
  5. The GPS integration feature helps drivers plan their trip smartly by providing vital information like short distances, nearby gas stations, ongoing road maintenance, etc.
  6. Drivers complete the trip according to the designated in-map route planned by the travelers.
  7. After finishing the trip, drivers reach their station and mark the complete trip in the app.

How To Kickstart Your Car Rental For Sale Business Online?

Start car rental business online with our white label car rental app solutions in USA, UK, and Australia. We have delivered hundreds of car rental apps and software for startups, medium, and enterprises. Consult our team, develop a car rental for sale app, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market.

How To Develop A Whitelabel Car Rental Mobile App?

Developing an on demand whitelabel car rental app requires proper planning, awareness, dynamic tech stacks, marketing strategies, and many more. Our pre-built car hire app solution is cost-effective and does not require the app to be built from scratch.

Market Analysis

The first should be aligning your goal with current market trends. It helps your business to align with the latest marketing needs that ensure its longevity. This process also helps create an effective marketing strategy to run the business.

Competitor Analysis

Market analysis will help you strengthen your business, but by analyzing competitors, you can add plan features, business models, pricing, etc. Try to find out the top competitor’s offerings and find a gap to bridge them.

App Design

Designing a readymade car rental app involves creating logos and choosing relevant fonts, in-app content, animations, color patterns, headers, footers, etc. In this stage, the app’s screens and booking sections are also planned.

White Label Car Rental Mobile App

The development requires the skill set of developers to program the design part using an IDE(Integrated Development Environment). Hire app developers who have vast knowledge of dynamic tech stacks to create a next-generation readymade car rental app.


It is important to test the entire application to ensure the development stage has been done right. A professional QA and testing team is assigned to check the app’s functionality, features, UI/UX, orders, etc.


After satisfactory testing, the app is further processed to be deployed on global hosting servers like Android and iOS. This process pushes the entire production code to the servers that make it available for users to download and use.

Sublime Features To Have In A Car Rental Mobile App

Having spearheading features can increase the app’s accessibility and provide ease in operations. Check the important feature list below:

Driver App

Efficient Registration

Drivers can register with their name, driving experience, driving license, location, contact number, etc.

Profile Management

The profile management feature helps drivers manage their info later on the application if they wish to update it anytime.

Ride Request Management

This feature helps drivers to manage incoming trip requests. Drivers can easily accept and decline a request just by clicking a button.


This feature is important to have in any taxi app development; it helps the driver to manage their trip with the help of an in-built map. This helps them plan routes, check ETAs, distance travel, etc., at a single spot.

Push Notification

A push notification feature is implanted to help drivers notify everyone happening over their profile in an application.


With a communication feature, drivers can communicate either with the traveler or admins via chat or call.

Traveler App

Easily Signup/Login

Travelers can easily log in and sign up with their name, location, email, phone number, etc. This creates a login password for their future login.

Search & Filter

Travelers can search for a car rental service and filter their search by sorting the list with number of travelers, price range, distance, etc.

One-Click Booking

With a one-click booking feature, travelers can fill out a single app page form and click to confirm their booking hassle-free.

Trip Cost Calculator

This consists of a complete cost breakdown of the trip, including service charges, fuel prices, price per head, etc.

Multiple Payment Options

This feature allows users to pay the accumulated fare using different methods like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, net banking, credit/debit card, etc.

Push Notification

The push notification feature alerts travelers about any updates and changes in their booking. It also informs payment status, upcoming bookings, and any messages from the app.

In-App GPS

The in-app GPS for users guides them toward their destination. They can also save the entire map offline to access it even when the internet is down.

Contact Us

Users can connect with drivers and the admin panel anytime to resolve their doubts and get answers to any question.

Admin Panel

Professional Dashboard

A professional admin dashboard lets admins monitor their business sales and happens live in the format of charts, infographics, stats, etc.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Admins can track an operating vehicle anytime on the in-built map by entering the vehicle registration number.

Rate Card

Admins have full control of the pricing and rate of a ride, and they can increase and decrease the price depending on demands, weather conditions, etc.

Payment Management

This allows admins to check the payment status of travel, manage commissions, generate full payment invoices, and manage refunds in the app.

User Management

The user management feature lets admins add, modify, and remove any traveler or driver anytime they want.

Assign Drivers

On a booking request from the traveler, admins can assign active drivers by raising a request to a driver’s ID.


Admins can connect with any driver and travel via chat and call anytime they want.

These are the generic features that are already embedded into our white label car rental app. But still, businesses who are planning to build a taxi app can connect with us to discuss their idea.

Business Benefits Of Whitelabel Car Rental App

Our pre-built car hire app exhibits amazing perks that amplify user experience and drive massive sales and profits for businesses. Let’s explore a few of them:

Immense Customer Base

Adhering to our white label taxi app will help you increase your customer base. We have embedded next-generation UI/UX into our platform to attract users. It also enhances the customer experience by improving convenience, transparency, 24/7 booking service, and accessibility, which increase the likelihood of opting for the platform over others.

High Revenue

With wide customer reach and travel acquisition, businesses can upscale their business and sustain the income flow. Also, our pre-built car hire app has gone through various processes that let businesses practice different money-making strategies.

Improve Business Operations

Our white label rental app for cars is a modern solution that decreases human effort and increases business efficiency. It helps reduce administrative burden, automates several tasks, and aids in making data-driven solutions to let businesses create effective business strategies.

Increase Brand Awareness

A modern UI/UX equipped with the latest features of an application has a higher chance of attracting customers. Also, by having a unique design of the logo, business owners can spread brand awareness beyond the boundaries.

Having a white label car rental app comes with several benefits, and opting for it can lead to various other business advantages.

High Tech Car Rental App/Platform Development

Kickstart your car rental business with multiple payments gateways such as crypto wallets and fiat payment methods. In 2024, tax business services has included blockchain technology thereby providing a safe and secure environment for the businesses.

On Demand White Label Car Rental App Development: Revenue Model

Our white label car rental app solutions exhibit top trending revenue models that help generate additional money for the businesses:

Rental Fee

This is the primary money-making strategy for any car rental business. This facilitates the app to charge rental fees from the traveler based on their travel package and covering distance.

Additional Service Fee

This model includes charging an extra amount, excluding the rental. It is applicable only when a travel add-on includes other items like child seats, type of vehicle, extra number of passengers, extra places to stops, etc.

Insurance Charges

Admins can offer basic liability coverage and damage protection insurance for travelers. In return, travelers have to pay an amount to secure their trip. The amount varies on the level of coverage a traveler is opting for.

In-App Advertisement

It is a popular money-making strategy where admins collaborate with other organizations and companies and post ads. They earn money on the basis of cost-per-click, cost-per-view, pay-per-click, etc.

Subscription Fee

Offering premium in-app features for both travelers is an ingenious way to ensure recurring payment into the business. Premium features like priority booking options, discounts on finishing a trip, and cashback fall under the subscription.

With these strategies, businesses can make a large amount of money from their taxi software like Uber, and generate high ROI.

Why Choose Suffescom For White Label Car Rental App Development?

Our team has over a decade of experience developing intuitive and scalable mobile applications. Our developers are highly skilled in various programming languages and have a demonstrated track record of delivering on-demand projects. We leverage the latest in technology to integrate advanced features and designs that enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the platform.

  1. Tech Expertise
  2. Timely Project Delivery
  3. 24*7 Customer Support
  4. Transparent Pricing Policies
  5. Agile Methodologies
  6. Seasoned Developers
  7. Cost-Effective Prices


What Is The Cost Of A whitelabel Car Rental App?

The complete cost to build such an application varies by different factors. Elements like custom features, 3rd-party integration, app design, complexity, and paid UI frameworks can affect the cost. To get a complete guide on cost, connect with our experts today.

How Much Time Does It Take To Develop A White Label Car Rental App?

The development time has a direct impact on some components like development location, availability of sources, integrations, customization, purchasing of 3rd-party APIs, etc. Business owners can negotiate with us to get an accurate time to get the complete solution.

Which Platform Does Your Readymade Car Rental Mobile App Support?

Our pre-built car hire app can be rendered on both Android and iOS.

Is Your White Label Car Rental App Multilingual?

Yes, our white label solution is multi-lingual that can be translated in various languages.

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