White-Label Mobile App Cost

How Much Does A White-Label Mobile App Cost

By Suffescom Solutions

July 10, 2024

How Much Does A White-Label Mobile App Cost

A wise person once said that the way to get the finest outcome is to value smart strategies over tedious ones. If you are looking for app development, the tech world has a more innovative solution for owning an app, which is white-label solutions. The idea is to leverage a pre-built app and tweak it to set as per your needs. It can allow you to speed up the app development and actualize your business idea. You can be a solopreneur with an inventive concept or a business looking to advance its offerings. In either of the cases, you can leverage a white-label mobile app.

The notion of a ready-to-use framework can sound alluring, and we guess that's exactly what brought you here. However, learning about the related aspects is essential before you take advantage of any of it. You need to identify whether these apps can go well with your industry needs and the costs they can have. Also, are you aware of all the aspects related to the white-label app?

You need to address many areas, and we will help you do that. As the title indicates, this blog will inform you about what comes under whitelabel apps, their costs, and ways to ensure they are ideal. 

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White-Label Apps: What Comes With Them?

Call them pre-made or white-label; these are already-built apps you can customize to your business's requirements. You can alter the visual designs and remove or add features depending on your needs. The notion behind white-label apps is to provide a product that many can use as it is. These apps are an ideal solution for start-ups looking to enter the industry without spending a big buck. However, is cost saving the only benefit you can avail yourself of with a white-label mobile app? Let's find out here:

Lesser Resources and Costs

Purchasing a pre-built app can save development time, the need for expertise, and eventually the costs. This method also saves you from testing and revising to meet the desired requirements. Meanwhile, in the remaining time, you can focus on several business operations.

Unique Offerings

Yes, you can offer unique branding with whitelabel apps. A pre-built app is a smart alternative, offering a quickly available product that fits your brand's needs. At the same time, you can add the unique elements of your brand to the app. This allows you to put your app on the market faster.

No Development Stress

Development can indeed bring magic. However, you can't always invest the time and energy into it. That's where you can count on Suffescom to bring you the finest alternative with a white-label mobile app. You no longer need to hire an in-house team or outsource, as there is no development task.

Lesser Bugs

With white-label apps, there are fewer chances of encountering bugs and errors in the codes. That's simply because these are built by reusing the existing app code. Besides, the codes have already been tried and tested. Well, this can ensure the sustainability of the app. The maintenance and sustainability of whitelabel apps are already an advantage.

Improved Customer Engagement

White-label apps have a customization option, allowing you to add unique features. This can improve the UI/UX of the pre-built app and make way for your app to attract more user base. While there are benefits of custom-app development, investing in white-label apps is also a smart and reliable option.

At Suffescom Solutions, we are aware of the need for individualized solutions. We don't just understand them but we also know how to help bring them to the table. We have wide offerings for your certain needs, all built with reliable payment security needs and free from bugs. Whether you are a business owner or an app reseller, you can count on us to save you from much work. Take a quick look at what makes our white-label apps stand out:

Third-Party Integration

You can count on our apps for their ability to support integration with third-party plugins or APIs. With this, you can own the apps with the broader possibility of expanding the functionality. All of this while meeting the specific needs of the market.


Security is paramount for us. That's why we have implemented necessary security features with our white-label apps. We follow compliance regulations to ensure that the apps we work with do not have loopholes.


Imagine how unfair it would be to choose a product, knowing it's less costly, and then being asked to pay the hidden fees. You don't need to picture or live any of these situations, as at Suffescom, we believe and offer transparency with our apps.


Just because you opt for white-label apps doesn't mean you will have to stick with limited alternatives. We value innovation, and that's why we stay updated with the most recent or state-of-the-art alternatives for white-label apps.

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How Much Does It Cost to Own a White-Label App?

Low costs in the long run are one of the main reasons why businesses and start-ups prefer white-label apps. They are said to take only a fraction of what it takes for custom-built apps. However, how little is the amount of funds you still need to put into a white-label app? Also, what factors play a role in the cost? Let's find out:

When purchasing a white-label app on sale from us, you can expect the cost to start from $20,000. However, the exact figure for the sum you must pay here can depend on various factors.


Apart from the basic features a white-label app has, areas you can expand can contribute to its cost. While our apps offer the most advanced features, the specific feature requirements encompassing your brand's needs can affect them.

Customization and Branding

Of course, you need to make your app stand out. However, the number of features you add to customize and add your branding elements can be another factor contributing to the overall cost of the white-label app.

Native or Cross-Platform (iOS or Android)

What's the cost of a white-label app for iOS, Android, or all operating systems? While an app that runs on a single platform can cost less, the price of an app that operates on broad operating systems will be higher. The cost difference occurs due to the additional development needs for different operating systems.


Your industry can influence the cost of white-label apps. Every niche has different needs, which affect the features, integration, and add-on requirements. This can affect the overall cost of the white-label app. We will discuss this in more detail in the coming section.

White-Label App Cost For Fintech Industry

Fintech covers the software or apps that can automate or enhance traditional financial formats for businesses and customers. The term is not limited and can cover many areas, including baking platforms, neobank, crypto-exchange, and more. If you opt for a white-label fintech app, the cost can surround $50,000. The factors that can play a role here are user interface, user experience, and navigation. The price for a white-label crypto exchange can go around $13,000-$38,000.

White-Label App Cost For the HealthCare Industry

When it comes to healthcare, the industry can need apps for a wide range of needs. These can include scheduling, telemedicine, mental health, diet management, etc. Let us say that you are planning to build a telemedicine app. As per the industry standards, the cost can range anywhere from $30,000 to $1,00,000. Also, just like other apps, many factors can influence the price.

White-Label App Cost For Education

What do you think comes under white-label apps for the industry? It covers platforms offering a digital learning experience and other benefits any learner can expect. However, for an entrepreneur looking for a white-label app for the education industry, the cost can go from $20,000. Your business's requirements, whether they need add-on features, can make a difference.

White-Label App Cost For Real Estate

Your real estate business can leverage a white-label app for virtual listings, virtual tours, and streamlining property transactions. At Suffescom, we offer white-label apps for the real estate industry. This can bring you close to multiple features like user onboarding, purchase and sale of properties, database and listings, and personal needs of your business. The costs can start from $20,000 and go upto more as per your needs.

White-Label App Cost For eCommerce

An eCommerce store is no less than a virtual store for you to make a big buck. It lets you sell to a wide range of users irrespective of their geographical language. While the platform offers a pool of benefits, there is still a need to estimate the cost of a white-label app for eCommerce. The app can offer basic features like a product gallery, shipping options, and a shopping cart. Additional factors can affect the overall cost.

White-Label App Cost For Gaming

A whitelabel game app with fewer features or the minimum viable cost can have lesser costs. However, to offer the finest experience, you can include factors like multiplayer capacity, appealing design, leaderboards, graphic editors, and more. This can affect the cost significantly. Despite these, you can expect the price for white-label gaming apps to begin at $10,000.

White-Label App Cost For Crypto Wallets

Isn't it great to see how technology innovates now and then, bringing the finest offerings like cryptocurrency? However, with this, traditional methods of transacting need an upgrade, and solutions like a crypto wallet need to be upgraded. You can also look into investing in crypto exchange software. Whatever you plan to do, the costs can begin from $13,000.

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White-Label App Cost For dApp

When choosing a dApp, you need to consider many features. It has to be decentralized and offer other options, including open source, data integrity, intelligent contracts, tokenization, and much more. Now, depending on the features you want to add and the complexity of your app, the prices can range from $30,000 to more. However, the basic versions of the white-label dApp can start from $10,000 onwards.

White-Label App Cost For Taxi

The concept of a taxi app is one of the finest ones. When buying a similar app, you can always choose from native to cross-platform, but let us share a trick: go for an app that a wide range of users can use. Now, let us talk money! How much do you think a white-label taxi app costs? Depending on your requirements, the price can come under the $10,000- $50,000 range.

What Else?

That was all we had to your query on how much does it cost to own a white-label mobile app. We have also covered many other related aspects of the price of these forms of apps. By now, there is one thing you can conclude and that is a white-label app is a countable process. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it offers many other benefits that stand out as well.

Besides, our team at Suffescom has prioritized innovation and transparency. From fewer bugs to the finest integration offerings, we have ensured that we offer the top-notch product in the market.

Now, when it comes to costs, we have already mentioned that they can depend on many related factors. However, every business is different just like its requirements. Considering that, it is best that you share your expectations with us, and we will come up with the ideal quotation.

At Suffescom, we have developed the finest approach to white-label apps. All you need to do is connect with us; our team of hundreds of design experts will take care of the rest. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now.

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