How To Deploy Smart Contract On Polygon | Ethereum Scaling Solution

How To Deploy Smart Contract On Polygon | Ethereum Scaling Solution

By Suffescom Solutions

April 19, 2022

How To Deploy Smart Contract On Polygon | Ethereum Scaling Solution

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur searching for a way to deploy their smart contracts on Polygon, your search ends here!

So, you've written your smart contracts and tested them locally; now it's time to deploy them to a real network. This might be frightening because even a minor blunder can result in significant losses.

But as we know, every problem has a solution. So, for this, we are the solution. Suffescom solution is the best NFT marketplace development company with an experience in the polygon blockchain space to understand your project requirements. We also deliver solutions that meet your expectations.

Read the article further, and learn about Polygon and our polygon development process, including how you can deploy your contracts on Polygon using different platforms.

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What is Polygon in Crypto World?

Polygon MATIC is a sidechain or Layer2 solution that allows you to join Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Because the networks are overburdened with transactions, there are a lot of expensive network fees now that decentralized finance is becoming more popular.

Ethereum is not a new cryptocurrency for those familiar with the crypto space. Smart contracts, NFTs, and other applications are available on the Ethereum blockchain platform. However, due to the transaction fees (known as gas) necessary to operate these operations, Ethereum is becoming increasingly expensive.

So, What's The Solution To This Problem?

Polygon is a solution to all that blockchains problems, such as poor speeds and excessive gas fees, while remaining safe and secure. Polygon designing is a whole platform for building interoperable blockchains rather than just a scaling solution like its predecessor Matic Network, which employs Plasma to process transactions off-chain before confirming them on the Ethereum main chain.

Is There Any Difference Between Polygon & Matic?

There is no distinction between Polygon and Matic in the Polygon crypto universe. Before the project's rebranding in February 2021, Matic was the project's original name. Polygon decided to keep its ticket name MATIC for its functionality even after the rebranding resulted in confusion between these two titles.

Polygon's Framework

Polygon's architecture or framework further classifies four layers; every layer is responsible for its services and functionality.

  • Network Layer
  • Ethereum Layer
  • Execution Layer
  • Security Layer

The Polygon Networks layer is in charge of local consensus and block production, whereas the Execution layer is in charge of the Ethereum Virtual Machine's smart contract execution.

The Ethereum layer and the Security layer are included in the optional layer; the first is a collection of smart contracts that provides services for transaction finality, staking, and communication between the Ethereum main chain and side chains, while the second provides security and validation across the Polygon network.

Can We Invest In Polygon Crypto?

Polygon is a very good investment option for many people. Polygon creates the possibility of a world without digital borders, where people may freely exchange value globally without the need for third-party mediators or gatekeepers.

This means that all blockchain networks will be able to share information without friction in the future. Polygon has already improved industry interoperability and taken significant strides toward a borderless digital world, making it an attractive investment for many.

Investment decisions depend on one's risk tolerance, but Polygon is usually regarded as a good investment, particularly because it addresses an industrial issue inside Ethereum and has far-reaching implications.

Purchasing Polygon is very uncomplicated. You need to visit the crypto exchange sites accessible, such as Coinbase or Binance. You can also get it from decentralized exchanges like Wrapped Ethereum or Uniswap if you're more experienced with cryptocurrency.

Why Should You Use Polygon Blockchain?

Developers use the Polygon to generate post-blockchain networks with attributes relevant to the specific objectives. These may be modified further with a developing number of nodes, permitting programmers to develop sovereign blockchains with more range of power.

Polygon delivers this broader vision through a variety of technologies, such as:

Proof-Of-Stake (POS) Chain:

Ethereum sidechain Matic POS Chain, Polygon's main chain, offers a proof-of-stake (POS) security layer to blockchains developed on the network.

Plasma Chains:

Polygon leverages Plasma, a scaling interface that uses assets to relocate between the root and child chains via Plasma bridges.

Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollups:

An alternative scaling technique that combines zero-knowledge proofs for the final public information on the Ethereum main chain to compress many off-chain transfers into a single transaction.

Benefits Of Choosing Polygon Over Other Cryptos

Polygon is an intriguing blockchain project that focuses on interoperability and scale, two of the technology's most commonly stated issues. The network has already surpassed its initial goal for Matic by delivering a broad collection of tools for developers to construct high-performance, high-scaling blockchain protocols, and dApps.

It is the first scaling solution to fully support the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Ethereum's blockchain-based infrastructure for building decentralized apps (dApps).

Ethereum scaling solution is also unique in that its security technique is optional, allowing blockchains to preserve their independence. As a result, linked blockchains can have perfect interoperability with the Ethereum mainchain without employing Polygon's security-as-a-service method.

Polygon's flexibility is essential for developers to design completely interoperable dApps that take advantage of several linked blockchains.

A well-rounded approach to scaling solutions can future-proof the network in these times of rapid technological innovation. This ensures that if one solution becomes the industry standard, it will not become obsolete.

How To Create & Deploy Smart Contract On Polygon

The Polygon Network is a two-layer solution that is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible. This implies using the Polygon Network to implement an Ethereum smart contract.

Tools or Platforms For Creating Polygons

You may use the same programming tools utilized for Ethereum development as a Polygon developer. You can develop and interact on the Polygon layer 2 blockchains using these platforms:

  • Alchemy
  • Chainstack
  • QuickNode
  • Remix
  • Truffle
  • Hardhat

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The Steps For Deploying a Solidity Smart Contract To The Polygon/Matic Network Are Below.

Connect Polygon to MetaMask Wallet

Firstly, we need to connect our MetaMask wallet to the Polygon network. You need to:

  • Open MetaMask in your first step
  • Then, click on "Add Network."
  • After that, add some values asked

Include Polygon tokens in the wallet

We need MATIC tokens for the polygon network. There are two ways to add polygon tokens to the wallet.

  1. Exchange $MATIC and transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Use crypto faucet:

Create Polygon app

Follow the steps to create your polygon app/node:

  1. Go to your platform dashboard and click "Create App. "
  2. Enter your name and full description asked.
  3. Now click "Create App" and finish creating your polygon node.
  4. Now create a new project in your dashboard with any name.

Download Hardhat & Create Hardhat Project

Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment that allows you to compile, deploy, test, and debug your code. It aids developers in developing smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) locally before deploying to the live blockchain.

Add Project Folders

Next step is to create two new folders in your project under the dashboard area. The first folder is where you'll add your project contract code file. And in the second folder, you'll keep the scripts to deploy and interact with the contract.

Write The Contract

Now, open the project in your editor. Solidity, the polygon language, is used to write smart contracts. Open the "Contracts " folder and create a new file. Copy & paste the content into the file and read the comments to understand the contract.

Connect MetaMask & The Platform To Your Project

We need to connect the MetaMask clone wallet, your platform, and our written smart contract.

Install Ethers.js Library

Ethers.js is a package that wraps normal JSON-RPC methods in more user-friendly methods, making it easier to communicate with and make requests to Ethereum.

Compile The Contract

We need to compile the contract to ensure everything is working so far. You might get some warning, but there's no need to worry about it.

Write Deploy Script

It's time to write our contract deploy script now that our contract has been written and our configuration file has been approved. Further, create a file with "deploy.js" in the scripts/ subdirectory and fill it with the content.

Deploy Contract On Polygon

Now, we're finally ready to deploy our contract. Open the command line and run:

npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network polygon_mumbai

Now you will see:

Congrats! You've just launched a smart contract on the Polygon network.

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Our Polygon Development Process Includes:

Project Discussion

In this development phase, our polygon blockchain professionals discuss and grasp the client's vision and goal for the project.

Wireframe Development

In this development phase, our polygon blockchain professionals discuss and grasp the client's vision and goal for the project.

Application Development

Our staff continues to work on your decentralized App during this period of polygon application development.

Application Maintenance

During this phase, the team resolves any issues following the App's launch and provides ongoing support to ensure consistent performance.

Deployment Phase

We proceed to deploy the final product into the market when the application testing step is completed.

App Testing

The team continues to test quality checks after completing the polygon app-building phase.

Final Words

Polygon MATIC is the best choice when you want to get rid of Ethereum's hefty fees and slow-speed performance. Polygon has shown everyone that it can cover every issue of Ethereum, and that is why it is getting the best response every day.

Suffescom Solutions creates token standards based on blockchain networking so that new technology users can begin making money and fully realize the Polygon NFT marketplace potential.

We are the best polygon NFT marketplace development company in the USA, combining the best of Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

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