Build Groupon Clone App | How To Set Up Your Own Daily Deal Business?

Build Groupon Clone App | How To Set Up Your Own Daily Deal Business?

By Suffescom Solutions

October 15, 2021

Build Groupon Clone App | How To Set Up Your Own Daily Deal Business?

Who doesn't like to get an opportunity to save money? Everyone does! We all are happy in getting good discounts from time to time. With the introduction of daily deals, coupons, and one-day offers in the E-commerce space, winning customers is now like a game. Offering users access to discount coupons is gaining immense popularity today, and the most striking example of such a platform is Groupon Clone. Thanks to such types of Deal-of-the-day sites that benefit both customers and buyers.

Users can access unlimited discount coupons, whereas buyers with such a solution increase their customer base. You can see online buyers are on the rise with no sign of downward as seamless internet facility is here to stay in the world of online shopping. And also, the concept of offering exciting deals and discounts on shopping enhances users' experience and makes it more cost-effective than ever.

Rather than shopping offline, people are now sticking to shopping apps as they keep them attracted with deals and at the same to grab the offers. If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, developing a Groupon clone app is a wonderful idea you can make. That's a way to reach the target audience in a short time.

What Does Our Groupon Clone Script Offer?

Our Groupon Clone script makes it easy for customers to look for deals based on where they are. They can look for deals in their city or use different categories and subcategories to look for deals.

Why Apps Like Groupon?

If you dig a bit deeper, you'll find that mobile apps like Groupon, which offer daily deals and coupons, satisfy the user's needs and make the other linked stores prominent and recognizable. To entice users, they can display their bargains, offers, and coupons. This idea is now gaining center stage in many industries.

Most new firms are ready to use it with their own customized daily deal mobile applications, thanks to the software development company that has beautifully designed the UI/UX of this app. Groupon is a one-of-a-kind platform that has attracted the attention of forward-thinking companies and businesses from all over the world. It operates as a middleman between customers and retailers, offering most offers or discount coupons to users.

So, if you're planning to construct a Groupon Clone app and are stumped as to what features will make it stand out in the market and how much it will cost to build, you've reached the right place. This article covers everything you require to develop a Deal-of-the-day mobile app, as well as the technical criteria and team structures that are needed to get your app to the top of the app store's rankings.

Let's Start From The Very Basic: Groupon - What's That?

Groupon is more or less an eCommerce platform, offering coupons for goods or services. It works as a mediator between the targeted customer and the business to get better deals. With the help of coupon codes, the Groupon Clone script keeps the customers motivated, and in return, businesses also get to promote their services at a larger scale. Only when a user receives the voucher does it receive the commission, and if the target is not met, the partner may refuse to pay the service any commission.

Benefits For Users & Businesses For Users

  • It offers the most convenient and cheapest way to shop online.
  • Users can enjoy deals, exciting offers, and discount coupons every day.
  • It's so easy for users to redeem offers and coupons available.
  • Shopping via a Groupon Clone app is much affordable and engaging.
  • Users can avail Groupon deals directly available through mobile phones.

For Businesses

  • Groupon Clone is the most potential platform to enable you to generate maximum leads.
  • It also helps businesses to improve user engagement and brand awareness.
  • A Groupon Clone script ensures companies with guaranteed user retention and loyalty.
  • Businesses via such a solution vastly promote businesses.
  • An app will also enable you to build a significant relationship between sellers and customers.

Groupon Clone App - What Makes Its Business Model Popular Coupon Mechanism

How do you convince the seller to make a repetitive purchase? Here's where coupons come in handy. To secure the customer demand, businesses can take steps to create coupons. Coupons are needed to measure the interest for the specific products and to monetize the platform. One part of profits from coupon sales goes to Groupon and another to the seller. At first, there was a 50/50 distribution, but it now changed dynamically based on the number of elements.


One thing to keep in mind about Groupon's business model is that it focuses on local offers rather than things that are available globally. This method ensures that purchasers are genuinely interested in services and present at events soon.

Alternative Monetization Models: Model-Based on Commissions:

This Groupon Clone's model can work with or without coupons. The commission is what generates the income in this case. Sellers may be compensated for multiple visits or purchases. You may also make money from a set amount of clicks by using affiliate monetization strategies.

Up-Sales and Cross-Sales

Up-selling gift boxes, special discounts, limited deals, and bundles can help your app make more income.

Exclusive Offers

As your app's loyal following grows, you can experiment with special bargains for loyal users or exclusive offers that are only available with the purchase of a unique voucher. Just make sure you're giving people good value for their money.

How To Build A Groupon Clone App - Step-By-Step Guide

If you are looking to build a Groupon Clone app, then you have enabled some below-listed options in your mobile application

Admin Panel

Your mobile app content and other items will be managed using the Admin Panel. You and your management team can manage material in your mobile app relating to coupons and commodities that you have frequently uploaded. To manage all content efficiently, your Groupon clone app should have an Admin Panel functionality. It might be a key feature in your app, and it will be one of the factors used to determine the cost of mobile app development, similar to Groupon.


Other elements, like UI/UX, are also significant. While utilizing your program, your consumer should not encounter any problems or difficulties. Customers will stay on your mobile app for a more extended period of time if it is smarter and more appealing visually. It will also determine the cost of developing a Groupon Clone app, regardless of the features you want to add.

Advanced Features

If you've ever wondered what makes the Groupon Clone script so different from the competition, you should be aware of these advanced elements that make it function better. So, before you start the procedure, make sure your app has the following advanced features:

Navigation and Tracking:

Remember that users favor bargains that are close to their current location. Users may filter all of the deals accessible on your platform by integrating Google Maps or Apple Maps. With this approach, your app will genuinely assist users in obtaining the finest bargains available in their area and benefits companies in attracting consumers to their brand.

Payment Gateway:

Rather than using the default payment method, it's worth introducing various payment gateways to provide customers the option of paying with a credit/debit card wallet, net banking, PayPal, etc. Make sure your app allows users to buy coupons in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

Gift Cards:

This is one of Groupon's most appealing features, as it draws consumers in and keeps them engaged with the program. You might give the user gift cards to encourage them to take advantage of the deals and coupons. Gift cards and other promotional activities within Groupon Clone help in raising the company's visibility.

Price Comparison:

Users adore the idea of purchasing for less and getting the most discounts; therefore, they always want to check costs before snatching a deal. As a result, your app's price comparison feature comes in handy. Users can use their coupon codes and offers to compare the prices of products at different stores.

Social Media Integration:

Using Groupon clone script allows your users to share bargains, discounts and offers with their friends through social networking networks.

Cloud-Based Solution:

Cloud computing is critical for organizing and storing data securely and dependably. All processed and raw information linked with users, merchants, deals, stores, and payment data will be saved on the cloud, ensuring that the entire process runs smoothly.

Real-Time Analytics:

One of the most crucial elements for extracting processed information from chunks of data is real-time analytics. It also allows you to determine the correct and productive data related to deals and stores, allowing you to make the best option possible to help your business thrive.

Push Notifications:

By utilizing the power of push technology in-built inside Groupon Clone, you can keep your users informed about special deals, discounts, and coupons.

Advanced Groupon Clone App Development

We specialize in developing advanced Groupon clone apps that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our expert team leverages the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver top-notch solutions that drive business growth and success.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Groupon?

Before determining whether or not to construct a mobile app for their business, every business owner should estimate the total cost of building a Groupon clone app. But the truth is that predicting the overall cost of the app from the start has never been easy because many factors influence the final cost. After meeting the developer, the cost of an app is the first thing that comes to mind. But, to help you understand what aspects go into app development costs and how much they cost, we've listed the most important ones below:

Choice of App Platform

Android/ iOS/ Hybrid The most popular platforms in the world are Android and iOS; the platform you choose will affect the cost of app development. The cost of native app creation for a single platform is somehow within the budget, and as the number of platforms grows, so does the cost of app development.

So, the most cost-effective method to get a Groupon clone app developed for various platforms is to look for cross-platform app development solutions, which are 40% less expensive than designing two native apps.

The complexity of the Mobile App

One of the essential aspects that might affect app development costs is the app's complexity. In general, the cost of the Groupon clone app is classified as basic, medium, or advanced, depending on their level of sophistication.

  • Basic app development costs somewhere between $10k to $12k and above.
  • The cost of developing a medium-complex app is around $15k.
  • Advanced app development starts from $18,000 and beyond.

The app's complexity is determined by the features you choose and the number of screens you create. Furthermore, the app's UI/UX contributes to the app's complexity.

App Development Team To create a Groupon-like app, you'll need a highly competent and experienced team of mobile app developers, including:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Android App Developer
  • iOS App Developer
  • QA Engineers
  • UI/UX Designers

Most reputable mobile app development businesses provide various engagement models so that you can begin based on your budget and requirements. You can also hire engineers from mid-level organizations or global companies that supply services at highly competitive pricing to save money on a team. The app development team you choose will mostly be determined by the needs of your business and the projected time to market.


Getting your Groupon clone app up and running in the E-commerce space is the best idea you can make. This blog has covered everything you need to know about how much it costs to construct a Groupon-like app. Still, if you have any questions or concerns about the app development process, technology, or cost estimates, get in touch with the best clone app development company.

Assume you already have an app concept and are looking for the best strategy to get it to market. In that situation, you can hire highly qualified experts like us at Suffescom Solutions Inc. having extensive experience in developing business-empowering solutions.

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