Build a Secure Crypto Payment Gateway Like BitPay

BitPay Clone App Script | Build a Secure Crypto Payment Gateway Like BitPay

By Suffescom Solutions

September 19, 2023

BitPay Clone App Script | Build a Secure Crypto Payment Gateway Like BitPay

There is a lot of hype around crypto-based payments because of the benefits like decentralization, anonymity, low fees, and transparency that it brings. Besides, cryptocurrencies operate purely in a blockchain network. Are you an entrepreneur running an online or offline business and wish to accept cryptocurrency as payment for your products or services? Then there’s a reasonable probability you'll be looking for crypto payment gateway development services. And you will be all set to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Trust us when we say that developing a BitPay clone script is the best bet for you to get the best crypto payment gateways. After all, the payment gateway should be able to work in tandem with your enterprise. Before we discuss how to acquire a BitPay clone, let’s take a glance at what BitPay is and why you should consider developing it for your business.

Launch A Robust Crypto Payment Gateway With BitPay Clone App Script

Looking to accept cryptocurrency payments? We at Suffescom Solutions offer top-notch Bitpay exchange platform clones that are whitelabel and customizable.

What Is BitPay and Why to Clone It?

Did you know? On average, 60,495 average transactions are processed per month on BitPay. BitPay provides a payment processing solution that can be integrated by merchants and vendors to accept cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. BitPay’s payment protocol introduces consumers to a more streamlined and safe cryptocurrency checkout process. Consumers simply need to select cryptocurrency as their payment method where the vendor supports BitPay and pays the invoice. BitPay was first launched in 2011. It is headquartered in the USA, Atlanta, and Georgia.

Features Of BitPay Clone App Wallet

Multiple Wallets

With BitPay Wallet, you can consolidate various cryptocurrencies into a single location and maintain multiple wallets under a single account. In simple words, you will not have to switch between multiple wallets, platforms, and exchanges for crypto management as all the assets are aggregated into a single place.

Unlimited Payment Processing

BitPay clone offers unlimited processing of transactions of crypto payment that erupt from multiple sources. The feature lets you accept payments online, through email, and even personally using the BitPay Wallet mobile application for comprehensive payment processing.

Multi-Language Support

BitPay clone script features multi-language support so that users belonging to different nationalities can access and use the app conveniently.

Email Billing

Email billing lets you accelerate the invoicing process by sending automated invoices to the customers. Besides, customers can be given the option to pay in a wide range of local and cryptocurrencies to experience a better invoicing and billing experience.

Robust Admin Panel

A BitPay Clone comes with a robust admin panel that allows admins to access, monitor the activities, and keep a check on the analytics.


Cryptocurrency is not monitored by any government authority or financial institution. Therefore, BitPay Wallet takes every necessary measure to keep your crypto funds safe. Safety of funds is ensured through two keys that are required to authorize transactions. This keeps the funds safe from fraud and costly chargebacks. Moreover, data encryption tools safeguard your environment and prevent hackers from accessing your system.

Merchant Directory

The purchase price includes access to a comprehensive directory of merchants who deal in cryptocurrencies. To put it in simple words, you can spend your coins on goods and services, just like you would spend your money.


Integration of numerous third-party software integrations lets you sell your goods online through popular eCommerce sites. Additionally, Compatibility with code libraries is a prominent feature of the BitPay clone script that allows for further backend customization.


You can settle your accounts with cryptocurrency, traditional money, or a combination of both through the BitPay Wallet. The wallet can place funds directly into your account, and you can find a comprehensive list of supported cryptocurrencies.

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Help Library

Users can access a robust help library, which ensures a higher return on investment from the product.

Create Your Own Secured Crypto Payment Gateway Like BitPay

At Suffescom, our whitelabel crypto payment gateway development services allow you to launch seamless and feature-rich platforms like BitPay Clone App Script. Contact us now!

Reasons To Develop A BitPay Clone App From Script

Businesses are eying to develop a BitPay clone script to take it forward, owing to multiple reasons. Let us look at the numerous aspects that make BitPay a highly preferred choice of business owners.


The records are stored and maintained in the secured blockchain network. Furthermore, the records are in an immutable and encrypted format, which means the occurrence of fraudulent activities or manipulation of records is minimized.


With BitPay, users can make payments without revealing their identity and protecting it in complete anonymity.


Users can connect and perform crypto transactions conveniently without having to pay to a third party or any intermediaries. This allows them to make use of the platform at low transaction fees while saving money.

Global Accessibility

Users can process crypto payments from multiple locations, devices, and operating systems.

Instant Settlement

Modern-day users like to perform instant transactions that are highly secure. BitPay clone script stores the records in the blockchain, which makes the transactions highly safe and secure.

Things To Consider Before Developing A BitPay Clone Script

Developing an app isn’t a process that comes easy because there are multiple factors that determine the success rate and the final output of the development process. Here, we have listed down a few things you need to consider before getting a BitPay clone developed. Let us go through them so that you do not land in a pool of complex situations while losing your money.

  • The portal of the website must support crypto payment processing.
  • The compatibility of the processor must be checked multiple times and from different perspectives.
  • Crypto payment gateway development must be customizable.
  • There must be no exception, and all the crypto payment processing should be handled in real-time.
  • Payment gateways processors must be able to support multiple cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Conversion of fiat into crypto and crypto into fiat must be seamless.
  • Planning of downtime prevention must be solid so that numerous users can be handled at the same time.
  • The crypto payment gateway development process must enable the database, protocols, and transactions.
  • While choosing the best BitPay clone script development services provider, you must be cautious as you select the provider.

How BitPay Clone Works?

BitPay is here to revolutionize the financial industry and aims to develop a faster, secure, and less expensive payment system that is accepted globally. You will be surprised to know that it is currently the most significant Bitcoin payment processor across the globe and helping businesses across six different continents. On any regular day, thousands of Bitcoin users avail the payment service. BitPay allows customers to pay with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to transfer funds directly to a bank account. These payments can be made in 38 countries and can be settled in euros, dollars, and other currencies.

By using the BitPay clone, customers can pay with Bitcoin during the checkout stage and pay the invoice to BitPay at a locked-in exchange rate. BitPay then converts the Bitcoin into fiat to protect the customers against the volatility risks. After this stage, businesses will receive a direct deposit into their bank account.

What Is Latest On Our BitPay Clone?

BitPay has emerged as the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services. On June 04, 2021, BitPay announced its 10th birthday. BitPay came into existence to make it easy for enterprises to accept bitcoin payments. Gradually, it grew into the largest bitcoin payment processor across the globe. It is serving and supporting thousands of crypto users. BitPay works with Microsoft, ATT, WeWork, Camping World, Newegg, and Surprisingly, it has processed more than $5 billion in payment volumes since the time it came into existence and has helped thousands of businesses worldwide. BitPay CEO Stephen Pair said, “I can anticipate the day when every store will accept payment in a cryptocurrency.”

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Bitcoin has disrupted the financial systems massively. “BitPay sees a different future for payments and is building blockchain-based payment technology solutions to transform how businesses and people send, receive, and store money around the world,” said Stephen Pair, co-founder and CEO of BitPay. “Ten years ago, we saw the potential for bitcoin to revolutionize the financial industry, making payments faster, more secure, and less expensive on a global scale. Now, we support 11 different cryptos, and users can make crypto payments using any crypto wallet.” (Source)

Receive High-End Bitpay Clone Platform Solutions Now

When building your crypto payment gateway like BitPay Clone, our team follows a systematic development process to guarantee excellent results. Give us a chance now!!

How To Get A BitPay Clone Script?

You must associate with a service provider who possesses rich experience in providing crypto-based services. The BitPay clone development process requires high expertise so that even the minutest functionality can be integrated into the solution. Final Comments: Suffescom Solutions is the top-notch crypto payment gateway solution provider and is a master at offering all sorts of cryptocurrency solutions to modern businesses. We have a team of experienced developers who provide bespoke solutions to the clients at the right time.

Do not go by our words but try us before you hire us to build a crypto wallet development platform like BitPay. And you will be all prepared to launch a BitPay clone script that the market has never witnessed before. Your business needs to become modern, and we have the services ready. Make a fundamental change to your enterprise by connecting with our experts to shed light on your idea and allow us to convert it into practicality.

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