Launch A Metaverse TikTok Like Platform | Virtual Tiktok Development

Launch A Metaverse TikTok Like Platform | Virtual Tiktok Development

By Suffescom Solutions

July 25, 2023

Launch A Metaverse TikTok Like Platform | Virtual Tiktok Development

TikTok has become a popular platform with millions and billions of users worldwide. How many people want to watch people dancing, singing, and other entertaining content online is stunning. As a result, TikTok generated $9.4 billion in annual revenue in 2022 and is expected to hit $18.5 billion in 2024.

With such growing popularity, TikTok has entered the world of metaverse- the new evolution of the internet. TikTok meta lets users connect with their favorite content creators virtually. It's a social network space where people meet up, chat, and join events in real time but through avatars instead of physically being present.

If you are looking for a company that leverages blockchain and metaverse to build a metaverse TikTok-like platform, then you are at the right place. Suffescom is a top-rated metaverse social media platform development company with expertise in developing immersive and interactive platforms. Come to us with your idea, and we will make it a reality with our high-end development solutions.

For now, let’s discuss all about metaverse TikTok, its features, and why you should launch your own metaverse TikTok-like platform:

Highlights Of Metaverse TikTok Platform Development

  • Interact with the audience in metaverse space
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Real-time interaction
  • Upload content in an immersive space
  • Built-in music library
  • Multiple users engage in a virtual space at once

Launch Your Metaverse TikTok-Like Platform Today

We help you create a viral social media platform in the metaverse that will take your business to new heights. With our app design and immersive features, you can ensure your platform will stand out.

Introduction To TikTok In Metaverse

Metaverse TikTok- a virtual reality space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users in real-time. This platform allows users to share their short-form video content with their audience in an immersive and interactive space. Users can create and share videos in real time within virtual world environments, incorporating augmented reality effects, 3D avatars, and virtual objects.

Users can customize their virtual avatars, explore virtual spaces, attend virtual events, and collaborate with other users in real-time to create shared video content.

Facts & Statistics: Why Should You Develop a Metaverse TikTok Like Platform?

  • TikTok has been the most downloaded app in multiple countries for the past three years.
  • TikTok has been gaining a lot of popularity, with users reaching more than 1 billion.

Must-Have Features to Include In Metaverse Tiktok Like App

At Suffescom, our team of experts includes immersive features in your platform that give you a competitive edge in the market. Here’s a glimpse at what features we add to your metaverse TikTok app:

Digital Avatars

Digital or 3D avatar development is an essential part of any metaverse platform. We create highly realistic and visually appealing 3D avatars that represent users in the virtual space. Creators and the audience can enter your platform by customizing their 3D avatars that match their personalities and references. Users can create and customize their own 3D avatars to represent themselves in the metaverse. Moreover, these avatars could be used in TikTok videos, allowing users to express themselves creatively in a virtual environment.

Immersive Recording And Uploading

Users can record and upload videos in real-time within the metaverse. They can share these videos with their followers and engage with the wider community. This would enable users to create and consume content seamlessly within the metaverse environment.

Metaverse Space

We provide a visually appealing metaverse space with 3D graphics and high-quality sounds where users can explore and interact with virtual environments. These spaces can facilitate social interactions, discover new content, and participate in events or challenges specific to the metaverse.

Enhanced Interaction

Content creators can interact with their audience in a metaverse-based TikTok in real-time. This could include live streaming, virtual meetups, Q&A sessions, or collaborative content creation, and all can be done in the comfort of their homes. Such features would enhance the sense of community and engagement within the metaverse.

Live Immersive Video Streaming 

Creators with their avatars can stream videos in an immersive space in real-time. They can interact with their audience without having to meet them physically. They can listen to their audience’s queries and answer them instantly.

Multiplayer Collaboration

Creators and their multiple audiences can meet up in the metaverse simultaneously. We create a platform that supports multiple users visiting the metaverse space simultaneously. This feature allows creators and users to conduct virtual events, tournaments, competitions, and more.

Crypto Wallet Development

Creators can take a premium version for which users must pay in crypto to watch their videos. For this, there is a need for crypto wallet development where users can store their cryptocurrency. Also, as an owner, you can sell customization of avatars and 3D spaces to users as digital assets within the platform. These digital assets can be stored by the user in the crypto wallet.

Built-In Music Library

TikTok is all about creating videos of songs and dialogues of famous actors. We add hundreds and thousands of songs and dialogues to the platform. Also, we give users the option to create their own songs and add them to the platform so that other creators and users can use them in their videos.

Take Your Users To Metaverse Social Media Space Like TikTok

With expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we design, develop, and deploy a metaverse social media platform that gives you a competitive edge in the market

Metaverse TikTok-Like Platform: Revenue Models 

TikTok meta is all about giving a metaverse space to users and creators where they can stream videos, watch 3D content, sell, buy, or trade digital assets as done in the NFT marketplace, and so much more. It holds great potential for huge ROIs and multiple revenue streams.

Commission From Content Creators

You can charge a fee from content creators for posting their content on your platform. Whenever a creator conducts a virtual meeting in the metaverse with their audience, they have to charge a specific amount to you for using your space.

In-App Purchases

Users can buy virtual environments, digital avatars, customizations, and other digital assets within the platform, a great revenue stream for business owners.


Even though the app is free to install, you can offer a premium version to users where they will have access to advanced features of the platform. For instance, creators can post their videos in the metaverse, but they must buy the premium version for live streaming and connect with audiences in real time.


Owners can partner with other brands and show their ads on your platform. Each time a user buys a product from that advertisement, you earn a specific profit percentage from each sale. This can help you earn millions.


For users and creators to customize their avatars and virtual spaces with equipment and other digital assets, you can charge them. Users must buy those digital assets to customize their virtual spaces and avatars per their preferences and personalities.

Developing Your Own Metaverse TikTok-Like Platform 

At Suffescom, we incorporate the latest features to make a platform exceptional from others in the market. We have provided our clients with a TikTok clone app for cost-effective solutions. Explore how we will develop your metaverse TikTok platform:

Detailed Market Research

This is the success factor of every platform. It is essential to create a platform that is completely different from others to give users something new and exciting. Therefore, we conduct thorough market research to understand what users expect from such platforms and where the other platforms cannot provide them. We add such features to your platform to attract an audience toward your TikTok meta-like app.

Keep Up With The Market Trends

After detailed market research, we ensure that we develop your platform per market trends. TikTok gained popularity because it launched a new feature of making short videos, and by entering the metaverse, it is providing a whole new space for users. We compile feedback from users and launch an extraordinary feature in your app.

Add Immersive features

As we take your users to a 3D space, we add immersive and interactive features to your platform, such as mesmerizing 3D environments, 3D models, and others, as mentioned in the feature section. It will give an enhanced immersive experience to users.

User-Friendly Interface

Creating an app like TikTok requires a visually appealing design and interface for the platform that users can easily use and navigate. We ensure that it is compelling to catch the attention of the users.

Social Platform Integration

Your platform must provide an easy registration process so that users do not have any difficulty logging in and registering themselves on the platform. So, we integrate social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more into your application. Also, users can share the content they like on other platforms.


We start with developing your platform with all essential features, interactive design, and a user-friendly interface. We use cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, metaverse, and cryptocurrency for developing your platform.

Testing And Launch

We conduct several tests on your application to ensure it works as intended. After it passes every test, we launch it across various platforms and devices such as Play Store and Apple Store.

Cost Of Developing Metaverse TikTok Platform

On average, the cost of developing a metaverse TikTok-like Platform varies between $30,000 to $300,000. However, this is just a rough estimation. The cost can vary depending on the complexity of your project, features to be added, tech stack used, developer’s location, app design, and more.

Contact our experts today and get a free quote for your metaverse TikTok-like platform development.

Hire The Best TikTok Meta-Like Platform Development Company 

Suffescom is a leading metaverse development company specializing in providing futuristic development solutions. We help businesses exceed their ability by delivering a metaverse platform to their audience.

Choose The Right Metaverse TikTok-Like Platform Development Company!

Imagine a virtual world where your users can stumble upon TikTok video feeds embedded within the metaverse landscape. Users could engage with these videos, leave comments, and even create their own TikTok-style content by recording videos of themselves using virtual reality devices or controllers.

Developing such a platform can take your business to new heights as you will provide your users with something extraordinary. It’s time for you to launch an app like Metaverse TikTo before it becomes a norm. For this, Suffescom is the right metaverse development company for you. We have 5.5+ years of experience in the metaverse industry and have built over 50+ metaverse-based projects for our clients globally

Our team of developers are expert in developing high-quality apps with immersive and interactive features. You can relax and let our developers handle the metaverse TikTok-like platform development.

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