Mobile App Development For Kids | Kids App Development

Mobile App Development For Kids | Kids App Development

By Suffescom Solutions

July 25, 2023

Mobile App Development For Kids | Kids App Development

As per statistics, kids have a screen time of 6 hours per day, whether it is for gaming, learning, entertainment, or education. The market for kids' applications is rich and diverse, with hundreds of kids' app being developed and downloaded every day. As an app development company for kids, we excel at developing e-learning, education, AR/VR, gaming, web3, and blockchain-based apps. Our mobile app for kids features colorful visuals, simplified user interfaces, and engaging animations.

Suffescom is a top-rated mobile app development company specializing in creating applications for kids. You can come to us with your idea of creating kids' mobile apps, and we will make it a reality. We create a robust and scalable app that surely take your business to new heights. Get in touch with our experts today.

This article will discuss all about mobile app development for kids and why you should develop apps targeting the kids’ age group.


  1. Captivating animations and sounds
  2. E-learning platforms
  3. Blockchain-based kids mobile apps
  4. Immersive experiences
  5. Fun visuals
  6. Gamification
  7. Social apps
  8. Multiple revenue streams

Customized Mobile App Development For Kids

We offer customized kids mobile app solutions for multiple genres ranging from gaming and learning to music, creative, social, and more. Get in touch with our experts today.

Types Of Mobile Applications For Kids

Kids’ mobile apps are not just limited to educational or gaming apps; we excel in creating multiple kids’ mobile applications with interactive and innovative features. Building such apps can help you in gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Education Apps

Education apps make the learning experiences of kids engaging and enjoyable. We create e-learning apps with gamified features and video education using gaming design elements in educational environments. Also, with our expertise in Oculus game development, we create e-learning apps where kids above 12 can learn immersively by wearing a headset and indulging in real-life-like education experiences. Our apps let kids learn multiple languages as they do in Duolingo or learn diverse topics with watch engaging videos like in YouTube Kids apps.

Our experts design apps that make learning fun and engaging for kids. They cover a variety of subjects such as math, science, language, reading, and more. We use gamification techniques to encourage active participation and integrate reward progress.

Gaming Apps

Develop gaming apps for kids that challenge their cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. These apps may include jigsaw puzzles, logic games, memory tests, and other brain teasers to stimulate young minds. Our gaming apps feature playback narratives, caricatured graphics, gamification, speech narration, and stimulating audio for a more engaging experience for kids. We also excel in designing and developing metaverse games for kids that expose them to a whole new learning experience.

AR/VR Apps

Suffescom creates AR/VR apps for children over the age of 12. It takes them to a virtual world where they can play, learn, explore, and interact in an immersive space. These apps are designed for educational or gaming purposes. For instance, developing digital classrooms, practicals, and digital twins of university can be used for learning purposes by both teachers and kids.

Teachers can interact with kids using 360-degree visuals in the comfort of their homes. Learning also becomes more effective with the use of app-specific simulations and other prospects. The app’s diverse use case attracts a large consumer base that includes teachers, parents, and kids.

Art Apps For Kids

Design apps for kids that allow the exploration of the artistic side by providing coloring pages, drawing tools, and creative activities. These apps are integrated with engaging sound effects, mascots, and stimulating audio that guides and helps them draw. Kids art and coloring apps like Crayola Create & Play and Kids Doodle are some well-known examples of creative art mobile apps for kids.

Coding Mobile Apps For Kids

Allow kids to bring their mobile app ideas to life by learning about the basis of computer programming. Kids can learn how to create and develop apps, code, test and debug applications. It includes a bunch of courses and app development tools for kids to learn aspects of programming. Codakid is a popular mobile app for kids offering online courses on Roblox coding, Minecraft modding, etc.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, simple codes, 50+ design components, easy animations, open integrations, and logic blocks, kids can easily build and deploy apps. For instance, apps like Thunkable allows kids to develop apps with no codes, easy functionalities, and seamless deploying experiences.

Music Apps

Music apps introduce kids to the world of sounds, melodies, and rhythm. They may include musical instruments, virtual bands, or games that involve creating music. Moreover, kids can learn multiple languages and improve their vocal skills. From audiobooks, podcasts, and age-appropriate music, kids can explore the rich library of content. For instance, Spotify allows the creation of age-restricted profiles where kids can access age-appropriate content, podcasts and fun visuals with a kid-friendly interface.

Web3 E-Learning Apps For Kids

Web3 e-learning app development merges technology with immersive education experiences. These apps include better course access, remote learning, and better skill development. With the web3 application, your users will have personalized experiences, engage in collaborative learning, and much more. Moreover, web3 technology ensures seamless transactions on the platform without the need for third parties.

Kids Social Apps

Some apps offer a controlled and secure social environment for kids to connect with their friends or make new ones. These platforms emphasize safety and appropriate communication. Social apps like YouTube Kids and Zigazoo, an app like Tik Tok but for kids, exemplify controlled and secure environments for kids to connect with friends. Its robust content filtering system, age-appropriate content, and parental control settings enable customization of children's experience, including screen time limits and content restrictions.

Blockchain-Based Apps

Build decentralized apps for kids to foster a more secure gaming or learning experience for kids. dApps for kids offer complete ownership and control of the user data. From blockchain-based education platforms, social, and gaming dApps to puzzles or music, any app can be built on a blockchain with decentralized features.

There are a few popular dApps designed for kids in the current market. Blockchain-based app Pigzbe is a crypto piggy bank for kids to help them learn about crypto and how money works in the modern world. The app works on a blockchain-enabled currency called Wollo and gamifies the transaction and payment element to facilitate easier learning.

Build Mobile Application For Kids With Industry Leaders

You need the best team to back up your kids mobile app development project with digital solutions. With Suffescom, work with the best industry leaders and get exceptional kids mobile application development solutions.

Exciting Features Of Kids Mobile Applications

Mobile app development for kids requires careful consideration of the target age group, interests, and safety. We add interactive and safe features to your kid's mobile application to make it completely safe for a kid to use.

User-Friendly Interface

Integrate easy to use, simple, interactive, and visually appealing interface with high-quality and interactive sounds. Make the design more kid-friendly with engaging graphics including large buttons that assist kids with better navigation through the platform.

Age-Appropriate Content

Add images, content, and videos that are age appropriate. Adding parental gates prevents kids from being targeted by advertisements. These gates open a popup whenever a child tries to click on an ad. With this feature, children must proceed with the guidance of their parents. It helps to ensure the content is age-appropriate and the child is not exposed to any irrelevant and adult content.

Engaging Animation And Sounds

Adding captivating sounds and animation to the application attracts kids and makes their experience more enjoyable. Animations for navigating kids about what to do next and allowing kids to read the text through sounds provide seamless experiences for kids.

Educational Value

Parents only allow their kids to use kid’s applications when they provide educational value. Adding skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and more to the apps can help in attracting users. It's best to develop edutainment applications where kids can have fun while learning new things daily.

Parental Controls

Implement controls for partners so they can control app usage, restrict access to certain content and set limits to engage to ensure safe and balanced usage of digital devices. This feature stands out from others, as many apps do not have this functionality.


Kids love achievements and rewards as much as adults do. Just like any play to earn game development or e-learning platform, add rewards systems in your application; whenever a kid finishes a course or completes a level, they will be rewarded. Adding instant rewards like sparkles, cheers, fireworks, virtual toys, and stickers excite kids more than delayed rewards.

App Development For Kids: Revenue Models

With multiple revenue models of kid’s apps, earn millions and gain competitive advantages. Choose a revenue model before development, as it impacts the development process.

Subscription Model

With subscriptions to the app, kids have access to advanced features, unlock levels, virtual elements, audio stimulation, gamification, and more. Also, the subscription model starts with the offering of a free trial version, letting users experience the app and pay later for a premium version monthly, yearly or as a one-time payment.

In-App Purchases

Offer tools to kids to enhance their app experiences. For instance, offer virtual geometric tools like compasses, scales, and set squares in mathematics-based learning apps, enabling them to solve equations as they would with physical resources. Additionally, provide an option to rent these tools for a few days instead of buying them.

Advertisement And Partnerships

Create ad space within the app and rent it to brands for advertisements for a certain percentage. Set the agreements of the partnership and have a chance to earn for every click on the ad.


A freemium experience allows users to use the app without a cost for a specific period of time. They can purchase a premium version for ad-free app experiences and advanced features.

Developing High-End Mobile Application For Kids

Developing applications for kids can be sensitive as it does not contain any irrelevant and adult content, as it can negatively impact kids. Here's a step-by-step procedure for app development for kids:

Understanding Target Audience

Most of the time the application for kids is viewed, judged and downloaded by parents. So, you are not just targeting and attracting kids; you are targeting their parents also. It is necessary to conduct thorough research about parents' and kids' needs. You should meet their needs and provide educational value in your application so parents will let their kids engage with your application.

Define Age Criteria

Each kid's age group demands different app features and functionalities. You must define for which age group you are developing a mobile application. For instance, the 3-5 age group loves to explore apps with music, rhymes, and more, while the 5-10 age group looks for learning and fun activities.

3-5 Years

In this age group, toddlers indulge in apps with bright hues, easy engagements, soft and soothing music, and fun-filled activities.

5-10 Years

This age group prefers challenging learning activities with fun elements. Introduce core learning concepts with activities like planting, mathematical tables, easy code snippets, and shopping. These apps catch parents' attention, and they let their preschool kids enhance their cognitive and learning skills.

10-15 Years

Digital classrooms, AR/VR apps, social apps, piggy banks, and web3 apps attract teenagers and older children.

Create A Development Plan

We create a detailed development plan where we outline the features, tech stack, app design, functionalities, and more. We only start with the development process when you are satisfied with the development plan.

UI/UX Design

Designing an app for kids can be tricky as it differs from designing one for a general audience. We create an attractive, visually appealing app design that captures the kid’s attention. Adding high-quality graphics, bright colors, and tempting sounds is how a kid's app design should be.


After designing a kid-friendly app, we start with the development process, focusing on front/back-end development. We ensure the app is user-friendly and does not cause any complications in the user’s experience.

Testing And Launch

After conducting multiple tests on the application to ensure that the app is working as intended, we launch your application on various platforms and devices.

Post-Launch Support

Our work does not end after the launch of your application; we continuously monitor and upgrade your app as per the market trends and technology advancements.

Kids Mobile App Development For iOS, Android, And Windows

With expertise in programming languages like Flutter, React Native, Java, Python, and Swift, we develop apps for multiple devices and platforms.

Kids Mobile App Development For iOS

We offer mobile app development for kids services for iOS applications that include creating stable, scalable, and robust applications.

Kids Mobile App Development For Android

Create kid's applications for Android devices with the latest features and functionalities that are compatible with every latest version of the OS.

Kids Mobile App Development For Windows

Easy to use kids' application with user-friendly interface and fun visuals compatible with Windows.

Cost Of Mobile App Development For Kids

The cost of developing mobile apps for kids ranges between $5000-$150,000. Rest, it depends on the type of application you’re developing and the tech stack used. For instance, the cost of developing a simple app with normal features will vary between $5000-$50,000. Or, if you are looking for cost of web3 education platform development, its cost will vary depending on the complexity of your project.

To get a free quote on your development project, reach out to our mobile app developers today.

Hire The Best Kids App Mobile App Development Company

Suffescom is a top-rated mobile app development company with profound knowledge of the latest tech stack to build captivating and futuristic apps for modern kids.

Why Suffescom For Mobile App Development For Kids?

We understand that kids are sensitive, and their demands are always fluctuating. Developing an app for kids can be challenging as the target audience is different, and so is the development procedure. Our in-house development experts integrate methodology, features, and graphics that are kid-friendly.

Our designers know and understand which colors will entice kids and design an app that is simple and easy to use by both parents and kids. We have successfully delivered 300+ apps to our clients, and they were satisfied with our app development services. Here are some reasons why we would be the best technology partner for you:

  • Transparent charges
  • Improved code quality
  • Custom app design
  • 24/7 technical assistance
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • 13+ experience
  • White-label app development solutions

We respect the needs and ideas of our clients. Get in touch with us today and start your kid's mobile application development journey.

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