Conducting Events In The Realms Of The Metaverse

By Suffescom Solutions

November 25, 2022

The metaverse has come a long way in just a matter of a couple of years and is predicted to reach a skyscraping revenue of $800 billion in 2024. The event industry is also a billion-dollar industry with tremendous scope in the metaverse.

Are you an event planner looking for a pathway to shift your business straight into the realms of the metaverse? Well, you are at the right place and at the right time. Suffescom has 6+ years of experience in the metaverse and is ever-ready to serve its clients with the best possible business solutions. 

Let us dive deep into this blog to discover the scope of the event industry in the metaverse. 

Understanding Virtual Events

With the change in trends after the pandemic era, events are now getting conducted in a rather hybrid mode. The online mode of video calls is now upgrading, with meetings and events being conducted in the realms of the metaverse. Many tech titans have already switched to virtual events where employees interact with each other through the virtual world. The technologies that fall under the umbrella of web3 are futuristic; consider the VR headset, with which users can teleport in a fantasy world. 

They can feel like they actually are a part of that ongoing process, physically. This is the real strength of the metaverse, where the potential line between the physical and digital worlds starts blurring. 

But remember, this is more of a blessing than a curse. 

What Is A Saas-based Metaverse Event-Based Platform?

Any saas based metaverse platform can leverage advanced technologies, including analytics, to streamline the network's workflow and maintain speed to achieve brilliant outcomes. This also works the same way for metaverse in business, where the same delivery model can be reshaped to perform smoothly in the virtual world. 

A metaverse-based event platform is a platform that organises events. These events can be complicated global conferences or simply wedding events. The metaverse is opening its doors to be the recent cost-efficient pathway for hosting events, and that too on a global scale. The categories of the metaverse events can be vivid with categories like lifestyle, entertainment, university events, concerts, meetings, training and workshops, social gatherings, and much more.

Metaverse events emerged during the pandemic era when the world was closed. People shifted to zoom calls and meetings while many of the tech titans started preparing for a groundbreaking update. They wanted to make the video calls more engaging and community-building for establishing long-term business relationships with clients. 

Why Host Metaverse Events? Discussing some Benefits:

The benefits are far more useful for event management and planning businesses. As no calamity can stop the metaverse events. People can be a part of these events from the very comfort of their living rooms. 

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Unique experiences

The metaverse offers an overall unique experience to the users. This technology is still in its birth phases, and soon after the tech giant “Facebook” changed its name to Meta, the metaverse started getting the limelight. The Metaverse gives a unique experience to the event attendees who get to be a part of the event in a virtual state and can almost work in real-time through their avatars. Interactions, including facial events, can also be expressed on avatars that will increase the networking of businesses and contribute to trustworthy community building. 

Advanced Insights and Metrics

The metaverse is not just about creating 3D avatars that can interact with each other but also serve options to view advanced metrics. Users can easily view project or meeting insights while participating in the meeting. This will include photos, stats, and video presentations that can be streamed in the meeting.


The meetups organised in the metaverse will be cost-effective as many aspects of extra expenditure will be saved, like transportation. Along with that, the metaverse event can be attended by anyone worldwide. 

Community building

A metaverse is a place where people can have long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. While meeting a person with their avatars through a VR headset can mean somewhat similar to meeting a person in real life. This way, events can build long-lasting client connections and market their meeting agenda precisely. 

A user-engaging and Gamified experience 

Attending can actually leverage a gamified experience in the metaverse event, where interactions can also be gamified to keep the audiences engaged and prevent confusion. Gamification also adds fun to metaverse events and keeps the attendees lively. During breaks, the attendees can engage in some sort of gamification. This will make sure a large number of attendees still remain part of the virtual events. The attendees will also leverage certain digital reactions like handshake options and handwaving customizations for their virtual avatars.

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Why Shall You Invest In An Event Management Platform In The Metaverse?

Making the metaverse saas platform is undoubtedly a lot of work. It can cost a lump sum of money and still require continuous moderation, even during the event. The only justification for enormous investments is the ROI. The metaverse events can generate revenue through a variety of sources:

Premium Event Passes

Event Planners in the metaverse can provide premium passes to avoid long queues at an event. These premium passes can also enable them to enter restricted areas that a classic user cannot enter. Event planners can allow their customers a majority of a special set of services through these premium passes. 


Sponsorship can help the planners in organizing the entire event. Through sponsor stalls and exhibits, the metaverse event planners can create a user-engaging event and manage the event's entire expenditure. 


Advertisements are one of the most useful tools for increasing the ROI of event planners entering the metaverse to host events. They can charge a good fee by providing a passage for various brands to market their products on virtual stalls and billboards. 


Event planners can also create some event-related unique NFTs that can be dropped into the events, which the attendees can choose from before purchasing. The organizers can work on certain commissions that they will benefit from every single NFT purchase. 

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Features Of A SaaS-based Metaverse Event Platform

Event Breakout Rooms

Event Breakout rooms help transform a massive event into smaller rooms where attendees can select seperate topics of discussion and create particular session tracks. 

Virtual Networking

Event networking will help create long-lasting impressions and build strong relationships with clients. Networking is the tactic that broadens the customer flow for businesses. In the metaverse, networking happens like never before, as users can typically greet each other and the organizer in an immersive space. 

Event Gamification

This feature will never make a meeting boring as the attendees can greet each other and also share interesting activities while the event takes place. For example, a metaverse concert is going on, and the users can hunt hidden special points in the meeting to keep the engagement process on point. By the end of the meeting, the attendee with a maximum number of points can win rewards. 

Event Registration

We offer a faster event registration process than our competitors, with multiple registration options for In-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Through registration, one can easily create a mobile-friendly event registration page as well and offer an easy-to-use registration. 

Customer Support System

Our services and support allow you and your team to be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like. We at Suffescom will make your event-hosting dream a reality by offering a hassle-free customer support facility. Our team of metaverse experts and dedicated project management are available 24*7 at the service of our precious clients.


Boost up your expected ROI by letting us create a feature of creating a space for sponsors and exhibitor booths. On these booths, information can be exchanged along with a room for sponsors to enter the events. This can be achieved by creating advertisements or workshops to market their services. 

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Picturing The Future Of Event Planning In The Metaverse

The most important plus point about metaverse events is the possibility of creating new ideas. The fact that an office building can only hold a specific number of office desks, while the metaverse can bring thousands of people together from the comfort of their homes, is commendable. 

The immersive and inclusive nature of the metaverse is such that it allows planners to make sure the avatars resemble the closest to the user. The avatar skin and customization options are multiple. The metaverse is the horizon where the digital clouds meet the physical waters. It is a fading line between real and digital life. 

Just as the physical events have stalls and sponsor booths, the virtual events also have one. Metaverse offers remoteness to office employees who cannot attend in-person meetings. Through the metaverse can easily attend a meeting just with a VR headset. The metaverse is the upgrade from the tired zoom meetings that could not create an immersive experience whatsoever. 

To be precise, every event planner should leverage metaverse to boost their business and flood their income. 

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We have 24*7 customer support, with regular project updates and client feedback. 


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