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Futuristic Virtual Reality Ecommerce App & Shopping Web Development Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

September 13, 2023

Futuristic Virtual Reality Ecommerce App & Shopping Web Development Solutions

19% of consumers globally are interested in using virtual reality technology to shop and enhance their shopping experiences. Customers are 30% more likely to make a purchase from VR based shopping. These statistics clearly show that the market for virtual reality is rich and diverse.

Take your traditional business to virtual reality space with our virtual reality e-commerce app development solutions. Design an immersive app that enables shopping from the comfort of homes with convenient features like virtual try-ons, in-store experiences, gamification, virtual events, customizable 3D avatars, and multi-player functionalities. Get in touch with our experts at Suffescom today and create an attractive and captivating virtual e-commerce app & shopping site today!

Key Highlights

  • Immersive shopping experiences
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • 3D replicas
  • Increased sales
  • Live shopping
  • NFT marketplace

Boost Your Business Growth With Our Virtual Reality E-commerce App Development Solutions

Ready to take your store to virtual space? Get in touch with our experts and build a visually stunning and immersive e-commerce app to start your business's next phase of success.

How Does Virtual Reality E-commerce App Work?

A virtual reality (VR) e-commerce app integrates immersive technology to enhance the online shopping experience. With VR headsets, enter a virtual store environment, and browse and interact with products just like when in a brick-and-mortar store. This app utilizes 3D modeling and real-time rendering to create lifelike product representations. Users can try on items from different angles, pick them up, and even try them virtually. They may also interact with virtual shop assistants for guidance.

Our developers excel at creating virtual reality stores with 3D counter jumpers, visually stunning app design, seamless interface, multi-payment gateway integration, and multilingual functionality. Contact our experts and avail the best-in-class virtual reality e-commerce app development solutions.

Real-World Use Cases Of Virtual Reality E-commerce App

Many brands have already utilized VR technology and created their own VR apps, providing exciting shopping experiences for customers. Explore some of the popular VR apps and get inspired. We excel at creating more enhanced and advanced versions of such apps.


Nikeland is a virtual store created within the Roblox ecosystem. Customers can purchase NFTs, play games to earn incentives and prizes, and try on virtual items with their avatars in a setting that is similar to the original Nike showrooms. In March 2022, around 7 million customers from different countries visited Nikeland.


IKEA has an AR-based app that enables users to arrange IKEA furniture in their homes realistically. IKEA furniture, such as couches, chairs, footstools, and coffee tables, are included in the app as 3D models. Users are free to position objects wherever they choose and focus their cameras on their surroundings. The program gives a user a realistic image of the size, style, and usefulness of the furniture in their home.

Richard Lauren

Customers can browse and buy things in a virtual environment at Ralph Lauren's online store, which offers a distinctive buying experience. Products can be viewed in detail and interacted with by customers. In virtual reality, Ralph Lauren has re-created some of their most recognizable stores. Customers are able to browse the newest collection of designer clothing for kids, ladies, and men.


With the help of their tablets or phones, car buyers may modify cars in dealerships utilizing BMW's augmented reality experiences. Moreover, customers can don virtual reality goggles and experience what it's like to operate the vehicles, giving them a better understanding of their chosen cars and enabling them to select the ideal vehicle for their needs.

Virtual Reality E-commerce App Development: Features & Functionalities

As a leading virtual reality app development company, we develop apps with innovative and intuitive features. We deliver world-class features backed by emerging technologies to make your virtual reality ecommerce app unmatchable.

Virtual Try-on

Browse, try, and inspect clothes, accessories, and other products in a virtual space from the comfort of homes.

Live Shopping

As with any physical store, search and shop for products and services in a virtual environment with shop assistants, billing counters, virtual try rooms, and specific sections for specific items.

3D Replicas

With our expertise in 3D modeling development, we create exact replicas of physical retail stores in the virtual space to try on and browse products seamlessly.


With our expertise in metaverse game development, we add 3D gaming elements for a more exciting shopping experience. Add rewards and coupons for completing the challenges within the virtual reality platform.

3D Avatars

Create customized 3D avatars, enter the virtual e-commerce store, and indulge in buying and selling products and services.

NFT Marketplace

Similar to Nikeland, develop an NFT marketplace and integrate it with your platform to allow users to buy, sell and exchange NFTs of products and services within the VR e-commerce platform.


Hundreds to thousands of shoppers engage and browse products in virtual space at once seamlessly.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Make payments with multiple payment options, including crypto wallets, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets.

Customized VR E-commerce App Solutions

Grow into a multi-million e-commerce landscape with our customized VR e-commerce solutions. We create your e-commerce app in virtual space as per your needs, requirements, store functionalities, and more. Give us a chance now!

Types Of Virtual Reality E-commerce Apps We Build

Our pool of developers excels at developing multiple types of virtual 3D stores as per clients’ needs and requirements.

Virtual Store

Replicate physical retail environments in VR, allowing users to browse products and make purchases while feeling like they are in a real store.

Virtual Try Out

Visualize products in 3D or even in own space using augmented reality (AR) for a better understanding of how the product will look and fit.

Virtual Try-On

Enable customers to virtually try on clothing, accessories, or makeup to see how they look before making a purchase.

VR Showrooms

Showcase products, such as furniture or home decor, in immersive VR environments to help customers make informed decisions.

Interactive Catalogs

Explore products with 3D models, videos, and more, making the shopping experience more engaging.

VR Marketplaces

Host multiple retailers and products, enabling users to browse and shop from a variety of sources in one virtual space similar to a shopping mall.

Benefits Of Virtual Reality E-commerce App & Shopping Site

Building a VR e-commerce app comes with a lot of perks. Explore some of the benefits and open a new path to terrific customer engagement and revenue generation streams.

Increased Sales Conversion

The immersive nature of VR apps can lead to higher sales conversion rates as customers feel more connected to the products.

More Personalization

With virtual assistants, provide users with personalized experiences and show products according to their preferences and likings.

Global Reach

By breaking down geographical barriers and multilingual integration, anyone can shop from your virtual store, attracting a global audience.

Reduced Costs

Creating virtual e-commerce apps and storefronts costs much less than building a whole physical store from scratch.

Brand Differentiation

Virtual reality e-commerce apps set your e-commerce business apart, showcasing innovation and a commitment to customer experience.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Immersive shopping experiences, gamification elements, virtual try-ons, and more increase customer engagement and retention.

Take Your Physical Store To Virtual Space With Us

Transform your business into a virtual store with our AR/VR, metaverse, and AI expertise. Get in touch with our experts, leverage virtual reality's capabilities, and explore new ways of providing shopping experiences.

Choose Suffescom For Virtual Reality E-commerce App Development

Suffescom is a leading virtual reality e-commerce app development company with years of expertise in developing immersive and seamless virtual and metaverse. We leverage the latest technologies, such as AR/VR, AI/ML, blockchain, metaverse, and more, to build unmatchable virtual shopping environments.

AR/VR Specialists

More than 30 AR/VR specialists on our staff have in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.


Before releasing the final product, brands can start their project with an MVP to get a sense of how the system will operate.

Post-Launch Support

Even after the project is done, we still offer support to ensure that your platform is running without any vulnerabilities.


We stick to the price we quoted throughout the project and keep a transparent record of expenses related to the development process.

Free Consultation

Suffescom offers a free consultation to review your needs for a virtual reality e-commerce app project and get a cost estimate.

Large-Scale Solutions

We create projects with lasting value. Every platform provides the potential for expansion and improved performance through scalability.

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