Zed Run Horse NFT Racing Game | Launch an NFT Based Horse Racing Game like ZedRun?

By Suffescom Solutions

April 05, 2022

Zed Run Horse NFT Racing Game | Launch an NFT Based Horse Racing Game like ZedRun?

In ancient times, nobody could have imagined that real-world games were possible to play in virtual reality with the new-gen technologies. Now, all the physical world games have been brought on the screen, which not only offers the enjoyment of playing but also facilitates the players with unlimited opportunities to earn money while playing games. 

NFT based racing games are in more demand than other virtual games. And ZenRun has set the new benchmark in the gaming industry, considering the revenue generation and the number of users the game poses. 

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Horse Racing NFT Based Gaming Platform - ZedRun 

It is an NFT based horse racing gaming platform powered by blockchain technology that combines the concept of racing, digital assets, and crypto under one roof. It is the best place for audiences seeking racing platforms to make money. It reflects the physical horse race where bidding is done on the performing horse. The difference is that it is executed on the digital platform through a game called ZedRun.

Why Should Anyone Invest In A ZedRun Clone?

Like the other NFT powered games, horse racing games are also gaining popularity, and it is no surprise that young people are showing more interest and engagement with such games. Many people have a horse riding hobby, but they cannot participate due to certain conditions. So, now the disappointment is over as you can enjoy horse riding and bid at the convenience of sitting at your house or wherever you are, with no location and time constraints.

This newly formed interest among the people will work like a catalyst for your NFT based digital business, ZedRun clone. Various factors like a distributed ledger and NFTs make it the best and most secure horse racing gaming platform.

Every horse in the game has a unique identity like the real ones with different specific values. The ownership of the horses is kept safe with the use of blockchain technology and is maintained with full transparency.

Considering all the factors mentioned above, the ZedRun clone will offer you promising opportunities in the digital space. So, you can explore this lucrative business opportunity without any doubts. Following are the business benefits you can enjoy:

  •  Less Capital Investment
  • Fast Market Acceptance
  • Quick User Gaining
  • Huge ROI 

Know How do ZedRun Work?

Here is the complete working of the ZedRun horse racing gaming explained in a simple and a step by step way:

Create Your Stable

To create your stable, a user needs to connect their meta mask. You can do this in the following way:

Email Login- To quickly create a stable, you can use your email id. This way, you don't need to create a password to log in. The platform sends a unique link to your email address to complete the process.

MetaMask: ZedRun NFTs are compatible with the MetaMask clone wallet. So the users need to create their wallets first. 

Race the Horse

Once you complete the ZenRun with a virtual gaming solution, you can earn opportunities like speeding up the race. It offers advanced 3D assets to provide a better racing experience.

Breed Your Horse For More Legacies

You can improve the quality of your horse by breeding him, and you can also send your horse for racing classes. Through inheritance, the bloodlines of the horses can be carried forward. The horse breeding theory of ZenRun is the most crucial part of creating a dreamland NFT gaming platform.

Purchase New Horse 

You can purchase a new horse using your MetaMask wallet to join the race.

Multiple Race Levels

ZedRun horse racing has different racing levels like beta format, mainnet racing format, etc.

Payment and Transactions

You need to pay the amount from your wallet to make your horse participate in the racing. If your horse won after completing the race, you could collect your prize money in your wallet. Moreover, you can sell your horse to other users at prices determined by the horse's qualities.

What Are the Essential Components of the ZedRun Clone App?

The Zed Run clone app has various components which make up the complete racing platform. Following are the components:


It is the fundamental component of an NFT based P2E gaming platform to enlist the NFTs (in-game assets and collectibles ). The horses are listed on the platform depending on their classes. The classes are defined based on the result history and performance of the horses in previous races.


The new horses can be produced by breeding the existing horse in the stable or with the horse present in the marketplace. The breeding is not free on the platform; the interested candidates have to pay a considerable amount of money to the users.


Whether bred or grown, all the horses can participate in the race. The horse's first race is the Griffin race, which will decide the category of horses on the gaming platform. The racing panel has the tournament details, winner details, race results, etc.


In this component following options are provided :

  • Horse Rarity
  • Horse Availability
  • Genotype Purity
  • Zed Ecosystem
  • Bloodline Scarcity

What's new

It includes all the details about the new advancements on the platform. The in-game updates, new attributes availability, upgrades, and other entities associated with the app are listed here. This section provides mostly drops and data related to the drops. Drops are the new horses directly released on the platform.

Next to Run

All the upcoming races are scheduled on the next to run section. Every detail regarding the horses taking part in the race and the event's timing is given here. 

How to Create A Digital Horse Racing NFT Platform like ZedRun?

To launch your own gaming platform, you need to collaborate with an experienced NFT game developer. You can choose between the two options as follows:

  1. Build your own platform from scratch to deliver end-to-end services.
  2. Go with the white label clone solution customized to your needs.

Zed Run Clone Script

It is an error-free source code that can be customized as per the client's needs to create an app like ZedRun powered by blockchain technology. The horses in the games are called breathing NFTs. All the horses have unique values and characteristics powered by blockchain-based genetics. Using the ZedRun clone script, you can create the horse racing game in a short time by investing less money.

Why should you choose the Zed Run Clone Script?

Here are the top benefits of using Zed Run Clone Script to create your own NFT Gaming Marketplace like Zed Run.

  • Quick Launch
  • Fast Market Reach
  • Fully Customization
  • Less Technical Support Required
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What are the Essential Features of the ZedRun Clone App?

Filter and Search Options

The investors can purchase any type of horse they want, whether male or female. For this, the users must have advanced filter options to choose a specific category while buying horses. The filters can be applied on conditions like highest prices, lowest prices, recently listed and expiring, etc. With this option, the buyers can get what they are looking for

Horse Segregation based on Category

Horses are divided into different categories based on gender. For division, bloodline, gender, generation, breed, etc., are considered. The investors can choose the horses depending on their requirements and budget. They have to pay a different amount for strong horses and a different amount for ferocious horses.

  •  Play Button 

Users can show their gaming skills by using the play button on the gaming platform. Players can connect their wallets by downloading browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Players have the right to sync their magic link account and verify their authentication without any passcode.

  • Digital Wallet Integration

The e-wallets allow the users to enter the competition by connecting their wallets. Users can transfer funds completely free of gas fees. The platform executes the transactions very fast. The user gets the functionalities like a list of pending transactions, claim to win, real-time balance check, and funds withdrawal. The wallet integration on the platform offers a better user experience, effective fund management, and less loading time.

  •  Racing Section 

The racing section includes different panels like Events, Next to Run, Standings, Results, and Winnings. The players can see the list of live and upcoming competitions, different locations of tournaments, the winner's name, and event date/time. The Standing panel displays the list of the winners of the race. The list further contains Sprinters, Midrunners, Marathoners, positions, and average points. Also, the horses must take part in minimum possible events to get shortlisted in the qualifying spot. Horses play the matches depending on their categories based on distance.

  •  Data Analytics Dashboard 

Data analytics is the most important feature of the ZedRun clone to offer better guidance to the racers. Players need to follow a specific set of rules while playing the game and can see the leaderboard details, time and date of the racing match, horse performances, and bloodlines. This way, the players can deeply differentiate the weakness and strong points of the horses. Furthermore, they can take measures to increase the performance of their horses. The race participants can get tips and tricks to perform better in the long run, information about the upcoming events, live race videos, and interactive sessions between the players.

  •  Round the Clock Functional Help Center 

Players can reach the help desk anytime after registering on the platform. The platform offers dedicated technical support to its audience. If there are any issues with payment execution, wallet integration, or horse purchasing listing of NFTs, the players can immediately get the best possible assistance on the gaming platform. The racers will get the replies via email, live chat, phone, or how they want.

Wrapping Up

Are you passionate about delivering an unmatchable gaming experience to your audience in the real world? Then, it is the right time to make your entry into the real world with a NFT based gaming platform like ZedRun. Then, you can team up with a reliable and reputed blockchain development company. You might get unlimited options in the industry but choosing the right plays a crucial role in delivering what you exactly want. So, do your research a good look for the experienced one with a vast portfolio in blockchain development products, especially the NFT powered games? 

We can help you craft a gaming platform to make your dream into reality. We have a team of blockchain experts who have already delivered multiple virtual gaming platforms to our clients, making huge money for the owners.

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