Blockchain-Based SuperMari🪙| Bringing The Most Popular Childhood Video Game To Blockchain

Blockchain-Based SuperMari🪙| Bringing The Most Popular Childhood Video Game To Blockchain

By Suffescom Solutions

July 18, 2022

Blockchain-Based SuperMari🪙| Bringing The Most Popular Childhood Video Game To Blockchain

Suffescom is developing Super Mario like game on Blockchain. The SuperMARI, by Suffescom Solutions is all set to bring back the fun of vintage gaming that has kept us all glued to our chairs in our early years. The game is aiming to rule both the web and the mobile platforms in 2024.

What's More Interesting in Our SuperMari Than a Game that Brings Back Memories?

For a long time, people have viewed playing video games as a fun activity. The SuperMARI brings out the several possibilities of Blockchain P2E games that are now more popular than before, helping gamers and investors enjoy the nostalgia of breaking bricks and collecting coins. The P2E games can turn those coins into real money.

Launch The Most Loved Game SuperMari To Blockchain

Develop one of the most favourite childhood game SuperMari with Suffescom Solutions. We have been successfully developing NFT's and blockchain games for a long time. Contact us now!

The older versions of this game had all your victories as a player in a particular match remained a secret, known only to you and your other players. However, whatever items you acquired or won while playing a game, like weapons or skins, ultimately belonged to the developers of that particular game.

Blockchain game development services benefit the players to track and analyze every move they and other players make, viewing all of the players' histories. This feels like a change of times when we compare them to the classic old gaming in the late 90s and early 2000s, thereby adding a lot of transparency to the ecosystem of gamers.

There wasn't a lot that you could do with them outside of the game. If the developers were to shut down the game or remove specific features that have an impact on the in-game property you own, there would be no compensation. Simply put, you would no longer have access to the items you have gathered over time. The play-to-earn (P2E) gaming model that rules The SuperMARI has the potential to completely alter that.

The SuperMARI is set to leave a positive mark in the world of blockchain gaming through its own virtual currency and native token "$MARI."

Suffescom Solutions holds a truly optimistic approach concerning the announcement of its game. In the words of our company's founder and CEO, Gurpreet Singh Walia, "With 150+ launched Blockchain projects ideas, we are highly confident of achieving the same level of success in the Blockchain-based SuperMARI gaming sphere."

The Features of Blockchain-Based SuperMari P2E game

The company hasn't revealed the full details yet, but it does show various interesting in-game reward systems for gamers. This includes the following:

  • Regular gameplay includes 1x rewards.
  • The daily login time limit contains two times the rewards.
  • Playing the game with friends earns you three times the rewards.
  • Playing the game with friends and winning at least 40% of the time results in 4x rewards.

This allows the gamers to receive multiple game rewards at the same time. In addition, the game will include some advanced innovations that will keep the gamers engaged extensively like:

  • No more impatience; the game will be free of advertisements.
  • Gamers can ditch the original skins and customize their avatars by selecting character skins.

What Inspired Us to Develop The SuperMARI On Blockchain?

Furthermore, as the technology evolves and becomes more widely adopted, we can expect to see more Blockchain features and applications in gaming, such as faster and more secure transactions, decentralized platforms for virtual worlds, and new forms of digital assets.

Earning rewards by completing missions and objectives, players can receive prizes in the form of cryptocurrencies. In conventional games, winning players receive points without worth outside of the game. However, consumers can earn cryptocurrencies through blockchain-based games that they can use as real money to buy goods from other gamers or even through e-commerce websites.

In NFT games, transparency is of utmost importance. Between participants, transparency fosters trust. The blockchain's capabilities make this attribute possible. Digital notebooks are used to keep track of game purchases. It is available to all players in the game as the record in the book. As a result, if a player purchases an item that they shouldn't, the other players will be aware of it and will take the necessary action.

Any platform built on a blockchain should prioritize security. Any of the greatest games to get NFT Blockchain games has their security taken care of by the blockchain network. Complete game information will be safely stored in a manual for each level of the game. As a result, it cannot be eliminated.

P2E games are beneficial for both gamers and developers, helping players to win real money through in-game assets. Developers who design and manage these games see an increase in revenue as the play-to-earn ecosystem evolves. While it is still early, the P2E model has the potential to attract a large number of new players, extending the customer base and increasing sales, which is a winning scenario for gaming developers.

Awards and Recognitions

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has received recognition and an award from the Hindustan Times, one of the top newspapers that basically head the national media, in May 2022 for its work in blockchain and web3 development.

For many leading industries, Suffescom Solutions Inc. has created over 150 Blockchain apps, and it is currently developing more. The company is already engaged in numerous Web3, Blockchain, and P2E gaming ventures. The goal of the company is to create a new open-access Blockchain P2E community for players.

Blockchain-Based SuperMari Game Development Services

Looking for an innovative and engaging way to bring your gaming ideas to life? Let us help you create a Blockchain-Based SuperMari game that will take the gaming world by storm!

Future-ready projects for the company adhere to all laws and regulations. The business offers a variety of gamers its cross-platform, barrier-free interactive Blockchain games.

How Do We Help You?

  • We recognize your needs.
  • We work on innovative concepts for Planning
  • We concentrate on Design and Development
  • We master Delivery and Support

The Bottom Line

Play to earn is revolutionizing gaming. As time-consuming and stressful as P2E gaming may appear, it is a great way to earn money while doing something you enjoy. If you enjoy virtual gaming, that is. The more time you invest and skills you develop using the platform, the more money you can make. We hope that we have provided you with enjoyable ways to earn money in the metaverse.

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