Exploring Enterprise Ethereum: Mass Adoption of Ethereum by Numerous Enterprises

By Suffescom Solutions

September 26, 2022

Enterprise Ethereum refers to the specific set of guidelines and technical specifications that a business needs to adopt Blockchain as its mode for business functions. Enterprise Ethereum brings out the importance of Blockchain technology for businesses. Ethereum and Bitcoin are permissionless, and anyone is eligible to add their blocks to the chain and follow the conceptualization of a decentralized administration. These public blockchains are highly anonymous. If we compare the public blockchains with the private ones, the identity of the people undertaking the transaction is never hidden away. 

Hunting for a way to embed Ethereum and its perk in your business enterprise? There are countless reasons why enterprises rely on Ethereum for their dApp development. Suffescom Solutions Inc. is the ideal blockchain-powered solution to your business questions. With more than six years of experience, we are the blockchain boomers of the digital world. 

Let us dive deep into the depths of the digital seas and explore the reasons for the success of Ethereum in the enterprise world.

Before Opting for Ethereum For Your Business, Make Sure That You Have The Answer To The Following Questions:

  • How decentralized are your firm's transactions? 
  • The companies that work on Web 2 frameworks make millions of transactions, but the centralization they provide is questionable. Isn't it? 
  • How much transparency does your company show? 
  • Is your company benefitting the planet in any case? How can the usage of blockchain impact this?

It is tough to answer all this in a discussion, but let us say that businesses can start with different testable units. Companies can start with enhancements socially by switching to the blockchain world. Many enthusiasts of the blockchain industry point toward Ethereum as the most appropriate blockchain for handling business ideas.

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Why do businesses need Ethereum?

The need to process data efficiently through an ethereum enterprise that is trustable and reliant all the way long for mass adoption. There always has to be a design that restricts the delivery of the products. Thus with the embedment of blockchain into the work of business processes and the issue of digital assets. Not all firms prefer to be in business, and technology has to be extremely advanced. The right problem has to be chosen for enterprises to adopt the enterprise ethereum. 

Below are the listed reasons for the accelerating Blockchain Adoption for Business:

Data efficiency 

The blockchain platform serves as the digital layer for the perfect coordination of events and information. Not all organizations streamline the firm processes. The top-tier data coordination aids the legacy systems that can be optimized successfully through an improved shared ledger system. 

Reliable transactions and safe business 

The sole reason for developing blockchain technology lies behind the development of digitalized agreements coded and embedded in smart contracts. The role of smart contracts lies in easing business logic and simplification this business logic across vivid business networks. It is commendable to see that most global IT companies use Ethereum for its assuring services.

Perfect Management of the digital assets 

Digital goods and assets are constantly becoming a golden growing business via the robustness of the Blockchain mechanism. Ethereum stands tall when talking about the blockchain networks that have created and managed digital assets like digital bank currencies and real estate ownership. After successfully managing the digital assets then, further steps proceed. 

Benefits of Enterprise Ethereum: 

Here are the reasons to opt for Ethereum other than any other blockchain network in the digital world. The scope of decentralization in the modern tech world is immense, which is thus opening doors for enterprises to step their feet in. 

Open for all

The most important asset of the public blockchain is the open environment for everyone. Logins can be from any device from any location. The only thing required is a stable environment and a high-speed internet connection. Being open to everyone without any barriers, blockchain technology can reap benefits in trustable portals. 

Anonymous nature

The most outstanding quality of a public blockchain is because of its anonymity. It is a completely secure mode for transactions to occur. But the highlight is that you can stay anonymous. It is a highly secure platform where your identity is given the utmost protection. Why waste time on private blockchains that can leak your personal information via hack attacks? Through private blockchains like Ethereum, your data is always protected. Ensure that your users ensure that their identity is safe and never trackable. 

Regulations and Rules

There are rarely any rules for the public blockchain if we talk about the network and server usage. This platform can be created according to your needs. Public Blockchain is a must-try as it is not limited to internal linking at any cost.  


The public blockchain companies show true decentralization, their most important characteristic. The feature is missing in the private blockchain domains. The reason for the above statement is that public blockchains are never under the control of a central entity but work on a distributed ledger system. The ledger is shared with other procedures where the maintenance activities are performed from distinctive nodes. The ledger is always kept updated consensually.  

Choosing The Correct Blockchain Game Development Engine

blockchain games. The game engine needs to be properly checked. It's important to select the appropriate gaming engine. For that, being in touch with experienced blockchain developers is important. Building a random app is not enough to generate revenue; th

Understanding Ethereum Mainnet and why is it built? 

Enterprise Ethereum applications are built on Ethereum Mainnet, in which the term Mainnet stands for the term main network. When Hyperledger 2016 tried to adopt Blockchain-powered solutions for conducting its business strategies, the idea of decentralizing the functioning of businesses was born. 

Not just Hyperledger but Corda and Quorum were a Blockchain-powered technology that hit the digital world with a storm. In 2019, the focus started relying on the development of public vs. private blockchains for doing business from just the private blockchains. 

Let us mention some enterprise solutions that are live on Mainnet in the finance sector:

  • Captcha 

hCaptcha is a Bot prevention CAPTCHA system that pays website operators for labeling the data for machine learning. Cloudflare now deploys this. 

  • Brave Browser 

The Basic Attention Token pays the user for their attention to advertisements, and the users, in turn, can deliver the publishers with some payments to support the cause of the ads. 

  • Audius 

It is a streaming service platform that connects music artists directly with their fans. The fans can pay the artists during their live streams. 

Choosing The Correct Blockchain Game Development Engine

blockchain games. The game engine needs to be properly checked. It's important to select the appropriate gaming engine. For that, being in touch with experienced blockchain developers is important. Building a random app is not enough to generate revenue; th

Comparisons of Public and Private Blockchains

Let us compare the two blockchains to assist you in choosing one for your business: 

Mode of Operation

While highlighting the roles of public and private blockchains, the public one is fused with extensive decentralization. This decentralized nature makes it hard to trace one monitoring network. Equal distribution of data takes place in the public blockchain, whereas, in the private ones, the decentralization of powers varies. In the latter, the system is monitored by one authority deeply rooted in the system. 

Accessibility Rights

The public and private blockchains differ quite massively when talking about accessibilities. In the public version of open source platforms, where many restrictions are involved, the user can easily access the records and make decisions. While on the other hand, private blockchains have a lot of access-related restrictions.   

Transaction charges

Public blockchains do tend to empty users’ pockets. Resources are never allocated based on the number of users. The excess number of nodes on the network significantly slows down the network's performance. Thus, as a result, it generally takes much more time for transaction procession and increases the cost. But private blockchain has fixed the user group resources. None of the prior expenses can occur with an increase in the number of transactions in the private blockchains.

Discussing Enterprise Ethereum Alliance 

The ethereum enterprise alliance aims to lead Ethereum blockchain technology build products to a stage where mass adoptions for creating the best technological solutions with real-world applications occur. Different tech giants and firms support Ethereum via Cloud and rely on its top-tier services. 

Initially launched in 2015, Ethereum's power had just been let loose in the digital market enabling smart contract-powered decentralized solutions. These solutions were equipped with real-world applications, and soon, the known tech firms started noticing the Ethereum Blockchain's promising potential. The Decentralized apps (dApps) created by Ethereum run without downtime, fraud, and third-party interference. With so many acing properties, no wonder Ethereum got popular quickly. 

Understanding The Entry of Layer 2

When discussing the Blockchain Trilemma, we highlight the three main properties of blockchain: decentralization, security, and scalability. The dilemma lies in the fact that out of the three trilemmas, it is said that only two can be achieved at once. Talking about the enterprise ethereum, ethereum has broken all barriers by recording a million-dollar transaction almost daily. Because of the success and popularity of Ethereum, gas prices have risen considerably. This is why the upgradation from Layer 1 to Layer2 is needed with scalability solutions. The plus points of Layer 2 are: 

1. Lower fees- lower transaction fees result in increased accessibility to all users. 

2. Safety and Security- Ethereum Mainnet steps in for increased safety and security.  

3. Improved user experience-  With an upgrade from Layer 1, the Layer too will assure much-improved user experiences. 

Understanding Scalability of Ethereum

The main motive of Ethereum, after gaining a high amount of fame among enterprises' which has driven the maintenance costs is Scalability. Scalability is increasing the transaction speed rate per second. And while doing so, the safety and the decentralized nature of the network must not be harmed at any cost. Layer 1 Ethereum has slower transaction speed rates sometimes due to high demands that also fluctuate the gas prices. The mass adoption of Ethereum resulted from the rising network capacities and the commendable transaction speed. 

Scaling solutions that enable high transaction rates also ensures that decentralization is kept intact at all costs. A barrier to entry flow in the nodes ensures no central power enters the system. Scaling is generally of two types on-chain scaling and off-scale scaling.

1.  Suffescom Solutions

Established in 2011, Suffescom Solutions is the leading Ethereum Blockchain-based Development Company. With more than 1500 clients globally, Suffescom has provided blockchain-powered solutions for more than six years consecutively. With coverage from international media, as an emerging Web3 marketplace development company, Sufffescom stands tall with its Ethereum-based development services. 

2. LeewayHertz

Another leading company developing and serving digital services is LeewayHertz, established in 2007 in the USA. They are the group of perfect tech geeks that serve various apps on the AppStore. 100s of startups and enterprises are active participants of the LeewayHertz software with expertise in AI/ML, Blockchain, Cloud, and Mobile. 

3. Consensys

An Ethereum-inclusive blockchain development firm, Consensys cultivates safe and efficient enterprise blockchain applications and development tools. Ethereum developers are provided with years of expertise. An excellent team of developers provides information and tools based on the Ethereum blockchain. An efficient team of developers also provides in-person along with virtual training. 

4. Unicsoft

Another reputable technology consulting company goes by the name of Unicsoft. Unicsoft provides A.I. and Blockchain solutions to assist startups and aid organizations that thrive to achieve their business strategies. The unicsoft team aces the machine learning game with expertise in Computer Vision, Data analytics, and sciences. By creating an efficient MVP, Unicsoft creates market-fit products, and the scaling is done quickly and efficiently. 

Choosing The Correct Blockchain Game Development Engine

blockchain games. The game engine needs to be properly checked. It's important to select the appropriate gaming engine. For that, being in touch with experienced blockchain developers is important. Building a random app is not enough to generate revenue; th

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