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Kraken Like Crypto Exchange Development

We build a reliable crypto exchange like Kraken with high-security standards and loaded with all the features and functionalities of Kraken. Our Kraken clone script empowers users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using various fiat currencies. We build one powerful interface to let users trade, spot, and margin in a single platform.

Kraken Clone

Get Ready To Count Our Kraken Clone Platform Achievements

The numbers don’t lie; in fact, they speak for themselves.

  • 10M+


  • 190+

    Countries Supported

  • $207B+

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Get Ready To Count Our Kraken Clone Platform Achievements

Whitelabel Kraken Clone Development Company

If you envision launching your crypto exchange platform like Kraken charged up with original features, Suffescom Solutions can assist you throughout the process. Whitelabel Kraken clone script possesses all the attributes and functionalities that provide major liquidity options. This helps entrepreneurs in amplifying their trade volume globally.

Start Financial Business With Our Readymade Kraken Clone App

Build a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Kraken with our whitelabel Kraken clone script solutions. Dive into the deep end of the crypto world with our Kraken clone script, featuring robust security measures and lightning-fast performance.

Start Financial Business With Our Readymade

Crypto Exchange Platform Like Kraken App Screens

Suffescom offers technology solutions to a wide spectrum of industries across the globe, and we offer the best Kraken clone script solution to every client.

Features Of Our Kraken Crypto Exchange Clone App

Regardless of their degree of experience, customers can get started right away with the invention of the Kraken clone. Users may trade wiser, quicker, and more easily with the features of our whitelabel Kraken clone. With the development of cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken, we provide an additional layer of specialized, one-on-one service.

  • NFT Marketplace

    NFT Marketplace

    Users can purchase, sell, and exchange digital assets as individual tokens on the NFT marketplace. Blockchain technology protects these digital assets and tokens and offers a decentralized and transparent transaction platform.

  • Margin Trading

    Margin Trading

    Our Kraken clone provides more than 100 margin-enabled markets with up to 5x leverage to buy or sell a growing variety of cryptocurrencies. It increases exposure to market volatility and gives trading techniques more flexibility.

  • Futures Trading

    Futures Trading

    A choice that enables you to place bigger bets with a parallel market is futures trading. The whitelabel Kraken clone script adopts this trading strategy and is flawlessly included in its own marketing modules with 95+ futures.

  • OTC Trading

    OTC Trading

    OTC trading desk enables massive cryptocurrency trades with private and individualized services. With the help of automated RFQs that are discrete, safe, and fiercely competitive, it offers execution and settlement services.

  • Institutions


    Kraken Clone is one of the oldest and healthiest exchanges. Institutional clients benefit from high monthly limits on fiat and crypto financing choices, including fiat funding through numerous partners in seven global currencies.

  • API Trading

    API Trading

    Whitelabel Kraken Clone API Trading is a trustworthy and low-latency platform with award-winning security. All the problems are resolved through API trading, creating the ideal conditions for adding liquidity to the market.

  • Staking Rewards

    Staking Rewards

    In a whitelabel crypto exchange like Kraken, staking is crucial to the trading process since it creates a safer trading environment. The staking rewards method gives you a superior position and long-term increased proficiency.

  • Payment Gateway

    Payment Gateway

    A well-defined crypto payment gateway in our whitelabel Kraken clone accepts all bank transfers in the form of credit and debit cards. There is a proper exchange of digital payments while fiat currency is received at the other end.

  • Referral Program

    Referral Program

    A specific referral code is provided to the users to share with their friends/ family. The final outcome is a percentage discount, a few free currencies, special rewards, and some credit in the account when a complete trade occurs.

Develop A User-Friendly Crypto Exchange With Our Kraken Clone Script

Hire the most experienced clone app developers to develop a function-rich crypto exchange like Kraken Clone. We are experts in developing and delivering crypto exchanges with utmost perfection at an affordable cost.

Benefits Of Kraken Clone App Development

With the help of our cryptocurrency exchange platform, businesses may access a variety of cryptocurrencies and capitalize on the quickly expanding market for digital assets. This gives the firm new sources of income and establishes it as a competitor in the cutting-edge digital finance industry.

  • Advanced Exchange

    Our Kraken clone is a creation with cutting-edge application infrastructure. All the current exchange features have already been developed as tried-and-true traits. Your exchange is greatly improved in the hands of the user.

  • Custom-Built

    You can modify the pre-written script's basic application modules in a 360-degree fashion as the owner of a whitelabel Kraken clone. As a result, getting your whole advanced and tailored exchange for the business is simple.

  • Cost-Effective

    Our professionals efficiently complete all your application design transformation needs cost-effectively, aside from the Kraken clone being ready-made software that may be utilized reasonably for your exchange creation.

Benefits Of Kraken Clone App Development

Kraken Clone Script Working Model

The Kraken clone software functions like other Bitcoin exchange services. Before that, it differs due to its improving blockchain performance.

  • Initially, the user must create an account by registering on the platform. The registration is performed with the help of an email ID. After proper verification, the authorization link is sent to the registered Gmail ID. Click on the link and verify yourself.

  • The first step ends, and the user can sign in to the account. After that, important details like name, contact number, government-authorized documents, driver's license, bank details, etc., are submitted for the necessary KYC verification.

  • The next step is if the user wants to purchase any crypto-asset, they can readily deposit a certain amount of fiat money in their account. The user must also link/connect their bank account and credit/debit cards. This is done to deposit and withdraw the amount at any time.

  • After that, the user can select the type of trade and trading consistently in crypto coins. After the decentralized crypto trading development is completed, the cryptocurrency is automatically delivered to the user’s crypto wallet.

Why Is Kraken Exchange Popular For Crypto Trading?

Our whitelabel Kraken clone solution provides personalized, over-the-counter services that execute large trades that won’t disrupt the market.

  • Excellent Service
  • Versatile Funding Options
  • Rigorous Security Standards
  • High Volume Liquidity
  • Reduced Transaction fees
  • User-friendly Integration
  • Available All Over The World
  • Industry-Leading Liquidity Access
  • Corporate Treasuries

Our Whitelabel Kraken Clone App Potential

With Kraken clone script, you can dive into the world of digital assets and conquer the waves of the market like a true crypto titan. Talk to our team experts and get a free demo of our Kraken clone script now! There are a diverse set of perks that this platform offers. Here, the user can manage everything from features to transactions and security without any obstruction. Also, faster deployment is achieved through proper documentation, designing, development, and testing processes.

Our Whitelabel Kraken Clone App Potential

Choosing Suffescom For Kraken Clone App Development

We are a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company with all the capabilities to meet your business expectations. We have expertise in building white-label crypto exchanges. Our team of professionals provides you with the exceptional Kraken Clone platform with exceptional technical assistance.

  • Security & Compliance

    We prioritize security and regulatory compliance to protect user information and ensure ethical business practices.

  • Quick App Launch

    Feel free to share your unique ideas with us. We evaluate your ideas and put them to work for the quick app launch.

  • Quality Services

    We focus on the quality of our solutions and services so that our clients return to us for future development projects.

  • 24/7 Support

    Get the most practical solutions for technical issues related to the app. You can avail of our 24/7 technical support.

  • Data Integration

    We integrate with reliable financial data suppliers to deliver real-time market data for various financial instruments.

  • Cost-Effective

    Our experts provide cost-effective solutions that fit our client's budgets. We do not charge any hidden fees.

FAQs Related To Kraken Clone App Development

Top-rated Kraken clone app development-related questions we have been asked countless times.

  • How much does it cost to develop a Kraken clone app?

    Developing a Bybit clone app ranges from $8000 to $50000. It depends on factors such as project complexity, features, and the tech stack used.

    How do I make money with the Kraken clone script?

    The Kraken clone platform offers multiple revenue opportunities, such as NFT trading fees, transaction fees, margin interest, trading fees, etc.

  • How long does it take to build a Kraken clone app?

    Building a Kraken clone app can take about 10-15 days. Consult our experts today and get the exact Kraken clone app development information.

    Why choose Suffescom for Kraken clone development?

    Suffescom is a leading crypto exchange development company. We utilize the latest tech stack and framework to make your platform unique.

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