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Launch your NFT game like Axie Infinity with Suffescom and create a P2E NFT game for trading of digital assets. Our tech team builds advanced Axie Infinity clone script equipped with exclusive features and offering high level customizations.

Axie Infinity Clone

Axie Infinity P2E NFT Game Stats

  • 254k+

    Daily Active Users

  • $2.4B

    Total Sales

  • $623M+

    Market Cap

  • 1,949,875

    Total Owners

Axie Infinity P2E NFT Game Stats
How Does Axie Infinity Clone Work?

How Does Axie Infinity Clone Work?

Axie Infinity leads the Play to Earn NFT gaming space with its innovative take on NFT games with features like breeding and battles between digital creatures called Axies. You can join the innovative gaming arena with your own P2E NFT Game like Axie Infinity. Suffescom’s Axie Infinity clone script features all the advanced elements of the popular game while leaving room for customizations. From choosing your preferred blockchain to building your own native token, customize your Axie Infinity Clone and join the P2E gaming market today!

Features of the Axie Infinity Clone Script

Axie infinity clone offers considerable attractive features that help gain a competitive edge in the market. It makes the gaming experience more engaging and in turn improves user retention and tidal profit.

  • Decentralized Platform

    Decentralized Platform

    Axie Infinity clone script supports a progressive decentralized system allowing community members to own assets and participate in the overall operations.

  • P2P Interactions

    P2P Interactions

    Players earn the in game tokens with battles which are then used to breed digital creatures. These are considered as new NFTs and are unique and traceable.

  • Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Integrate your preferred crypto wallet into the Axie Infinity clone script. Our Axie Infinity clone supports Metamask, Ronin, MyEther, Trust Wallet and more.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple Payment Options

    Axie Infinity clone offers flexible payment options. It is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, debit cards and more.

  • KYC And AML Integration

    KYC And AML Integration

    AML and KYC integration in Axie Infinity clone ensure there’s no room for unauthorized access to one's digital assets and data.

  • 2-Factor Authentication

    2-Factor Authentication

    Powered by 2 Factor Authentication, all digital assets on the platform are secured and inaccessible to third parties.

Core Functionalities Of Our Axie Infinity Clone App

The functionalities of Axie Infinity are fascinating to watch as well as play with. Axie Infinity clone will also have similar functionalities to imitate the working of the clone app thoroughly and offer the same level of experience and gameplay.

  • Battle

    The first and foremost functionality of the Axie Infinity clone script is that players send Axies to battle against opponents. The winning party gets SLPs and points for breeding Axies.

  • Land

    The clone app of Axie Infinity has its own economy, divided into plots of 301x301 grid. Players can buy, upgrade, or personalize the boundaries to set up shops.

  • Axie Breeding
    Axie Breeding

    The Axie infinity clone app allows players to upgrade their pets by breeding them. Interestingly, players can mate two different species to form a new Axie breed to play or trade.

  • AXS

    Axie infinity clone have unique AXS tokens to give users the governance rights making them eligible to provide suggestions for improvement or to vote on essential parameters.

  • Marketplace

    This clone script will also have its own NFT marketplace where players can sell, buy, or trade their in-game assets like Axies and digital land plots in the form of NFTs.

  • Smooth Love Potion
    Smooth Love Potion

    It is an ERC20 token used for breeding Axies, which can benefit the players in many ways. SLPs can be earned by activating adventure mode or engaging in battles.

Native Tokens Use Cases For Axie Infinity Clone

Axie Infinity Clone’s economy runs on native tokens which offer multiple use cases on the platform. Create your native token for the NFT game and let users engage with the platform using the tokens in different ways.

  • Staking Staking

    Players on the Axie Infinity Clone App can lock up their tokens via the staking dashboard. It gives the users access to fresh tokens and also the power to contribute in ways to improve the game.

  • Breeding


    Using SLS and AXS native tokens, users can breed the digital creatures (Axies) of the game to create offsprings. These new creatures are rare and therefore a more valuable and profitable NFT for breeders.

  • Governance


    AXS stakers get the governance powers on the platform. This means that holders of AXS, which is a unique governance token, will have a say in how the Axie Community Treasure is spent for improvement.

  • Trading


    The digital assets of the Axie Infinity clone app are tradable. The Axies or the tokenized land in the game can be bought or sold on the Axie Infinity Marketplace by connecting the crypto wallet.

Business Revenue Model Of Our Axie Infinity Clone App

Create an NFT game like Axie Infinity and explore new ways of generating revenue. With multiple native tokens and digital assets, the P2E Axie Infinity clone offers different ways of revenue generation.

  • In-App Purchases

    In-App Purchases

    Collect as much as 4.25% of revenue from every in game purchases including that of tokenized land plots, monsters, native tokens, etc.

  • Breeding Fees

    Breeding Fees

    Breeding of Axies on the platform is processed by burning of AXS or SLS native tokens, which are directly paid to the platform.

  • New User Purchases

    New User Purchases

    Every new user must purchase at least 3 Axies in order to begin playing the game. The cost of each could start at $200.

  • Lending Interest

    Lending Interest

    The platform lends Axies to users who are unable to make an initial expense and charge as much as 30% interest rate for the same.

  • Ad Revenue

    Ad Revenue

    You can opt for advertising space and rent it to brands and companies to run advertisements and set a price for each ad.

  • Trading Fee

    Trading Fee

    The trading of native tokens or digital creatures on the platform is charged a transaction fee by the creator as well as the marketplace.

Why Choose Us As Your Axie Infinity Clone App Development Company?

Suffescom Solutions is a top Axie Infinity clone app development company. We offer solutions that give you the advantage of the popular P2E NFT game as well as a competitive advantage with room for customizations. We have delivered over 100 similar NFT-based projects for several clients. We are entitled to provide 100% satisfaction with our top-notch clone app development services. Being the trustworthy partner, we always try to maintain transparency in our work style by regularly coordinating with the project owner. Our team is self-driven and has extensive knowledge of all the latest tools and technologies required to build clones of any game.

  • Expert Blockchain Developers

    With over 150 blockchain developers, we have a team that excels in every blockchain, including Solana, Ethereum, Hyperledger and TRON.

  • Free First Consultation

    You can connect with our tech experts and discuss the scope of your project. Have a free first consultation and get an estimate for your project.

  • Clone App Solutions

    As a leading clone app development company, we take pride in delivering quality solutions and helping business kickstart in an affordable way.

  • 24x7 Technical Support

    Our customer support executive team is available 24x7 via chat, email and call to assist you with the right solutions for your queries.

  • Post Launch Support

    Once we launch your Axie Infinity clone app, we assess the app and provide any maintenance and support services required.

  • 13+ Years of Expertise

    Suffescom has been delivering tech services around 96 nations since 2013 and has worked with Fortune 500 companies.

Our Axie Infinity Clone Script Development Execution Process

A whitelabel Axie Infinity Clone is a ready-made solution which does not require development from scratch. Despite being a pre-made solution, we follow a process that ensures the Axie Infinity clone script is implemented perfectly and performs as intended.

  • 01

    Clarification of Requirements

    The first step is to gather a clear picture of your requirements. It helps us create a better roadmap of your project and work towards it accordingly.

  • 02


    Axie Infinity clone script offers room for customizations in payment gateways, native tokens, digital creatures and more to fit the business’s image.

  • 03

    MVP Creation

    With basic gameplay mechanics and infrastructure in place, we create a Minimum Viable Product for you to garner the right customer feedback.

  • 04

    360° Testing

    Our quality assurance team conducts manual and automated sequential testing of every element to identify and optimize vulnerabilities.

  • 05

    Post Deployment Support

    We offer post deployment support for a few months after the launch of the game to ensure proper performance of the Axie Infinity clone app.

  • 06

    Scaling The Game

    You can opt to scale your Axie Infinity game infrastructure and mechanics to match the latest tech and user requirements.

FAQs Related To Axie Infinity Clone App Development

Answering the most commonly asked questions about Axie Infinity clone app development services.

  • Which blockchain will you use to create NFT game like Axie Infinity?

    Our team of blockchain developers excel at every popular blockchains, like Ethereum, Solana, Binance and TRON and can build your Axie Infinity clone app using any blockchain.

    How much does it cost to build a NFT Game like Axie Infinity?

    The cost to build an NFT game like Axie Infinity ranges from $10 - $30k. The cost will vary based on the customizations and other factors like the company size and location.

  • How many native tokens will you develop for my platform?

    We can build as many native tokens for your platform as you require. You give us the requirements and we will build and integrate the same into your Axie Infinity clone app.

    How long does it take to create NFT game like Axie Infinity?

    A whitelabel Axie Infinity clone script is ready for launch in 7-10 days. You can discuss the duration with our team for a better estimation.

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