How Much Does It Cost To Develop Web3 Games? | Web3 Game Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Web3 Games? | Web3 Game Cost

By Suffescom Solutions

June 22, 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Web3 Games? | Web3 Game Cost

Games have always been a fun pastime of one’s life, regardless of age. From the legendary arcade games like Snake and Mario to the modern-day action games like Call of Duty and PubG, the gaming industry has been flourishing at a rapid pace.

According to Statista:

  • The number of online users reaching around 1.7 million in 2026.
  • The gaming industry is expected to generate more than 321 billion US dollars in 2026
  • The revenue generation is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.17 percent, with a projected market volume of 239 billion US dollars by 2026.
  • User penetration will be up to 40.6% by 2026.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is around US 88 dollars in 2023.

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Web 3.0 game is the most widespread term in the gaming industry. With the addition of web3 technologies like blockchain, AI, VR, and AR, the gaming industry’s future is bright. Web 3.0 games are the upcoming future of games, and budding entrepreneurs worldwide are partnering with top Web3 gaming development companies and planning to launch virtual reality games.

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What are Web 3.0 Games?

Blockchain is the underlying force pushing the gaming sector towards a major transformation. New gaming concepts like play-to-earn, NFT games, and play-to-own, web 3.0 games are creating endless earning opportunities for gaming players. In web 3.0, the in-game assets are converted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), making it easy to prove ownership of assets and trade or sell them on the NFT marketplace, just like physical assets.

Web 3.0 gaming models like play-to-earn and play-to-own, web3 players can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies or in-game assets. Thus, creating an earning opportunity for them while playing web3 games. In-game assets were present in traditional Free-to-play games. But, due to the closed ecosystem, it is impossible to trade or sell them in the real world.

The addition of enterprise blockchain development in the game industry sparked massive growth and adoption of web3 games. Current popular highest-earning web3 games:

  • The Sandbox - $117 in daily revenue - $2,300 upfront cost.
  • Decentraland - $65 in daily revenue - $1,375 upfront cost.
  • Decentral Games - $53 in daily revenue - $200 upfront cost.

The average web3 game development cost varies between $60000 to $80000.

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Web 3.0 Gaming Models That Revolutionize Gaming Sector

Play to Earn (P2E)

Play to earn or P2E as the name indicates - where players get rewarded with in-game assets or cryptocurrencies. A game player needs to complete a particular quest, task, or battle to earn rewards that will be added to their crypto wallet. P2E is one of the earliest web3 gaming trends that allows players to enter the new world of games with minimal investment and start earning rewards as NFTs or digital tokens. With time these in-game NFTs or digital tokens become rare, and their price will increase. Players can trade or sell them on different NFT marketplace development platform and earn money.

Play and Earn (P&E)

The play and earn model may sound familiar to the P2E model as its updated framework. This web 3.0 revenue generation model puts focus back on entertainment rather than providing equal opportunity to earn while playing games. In earlier gaming models, players could even buy rewards. However, P&E aims to create more value for the gameplay by allowing players unique rewards, either enhancing their game skills or buying assets like NFTs and in-game assets. With this, players are encouraged to keep playing instead of earning more rewards, thus improving their gameplay experience.

Some of the Prominent Features of Web 3.0 Games

After reading about web 3.0 games and earning models, it’s time to focus on some of the web 3.0 gaming features. With better ownership, control, and flexibility, web 3.0 games are getting hugely popular among online gaming players. Let us have a look at the basic traits of web3 gaming platforms:

Easy Game Integration

The prominent feature of web3 games is that they are easily integrated with older games. With blockchain and web3 technologies, upgrading to web 3.0 games is a cakewalk with a reliable web3 game development company. By extending old games in the metaverse, players can create their avatars to enter the game and have a gaming experience like never before.

More Control Over In-Game Assets

Web 3.0 games are all about empowering game players with better control over in-game assets and game tokens. Traditionally, gamers can’t exchange NFTs and in-game assets or collectibles due to the closed nature of the games. However, blockchain and web3 technologies solve this issue of true ownership and interoperability between platforms. Web3 gaming allows players to have complete control over the in-game assets and either sell them on the NFT marketplace or take it to the next gaming platform.

Player Oriented Games

Web 3.0 games exist to enhance players' gaming experience and create an ecosystem that favors them. The P2E and P&E games create an environment where players earn rewards in terms of gaming assets and in-game tokens, which can be traded or sold to earn real-world currencies. Web 3.0 games are all about creating a world that benefits the players rather than just being a revenue generation method.

Minimal Downtime

Web 3.0 games run on a decentralized ecosystem without the governance of any central authority and with minimal maintenance cost. With information stored over a decentralized network, these games have minimal downtime and are highly scalable.

Transparent Gaming

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes Web3 games unhackable and avoids any single point failure. With blockchain-based voting, the players will have more control over the game improvements and important decisions. This allows web 3.0 games to provide a high level of transparency to the players or anyone within the network.

Web 3.0 Gaming Platform Technological Stack

Now that you know about the prominent features of web 3.0 gaming platforms, it's time to move to the tech stack needed for web3 game development. Following are the important web 3.0 gaming platform technological stack:

Web3 dApps

With the help of Web3 dApps or open source libraries, web 3.0 gaming developers can easily integrate web3 features into games. Thus, the entire web 3.0 development process is easy for developers with tools for in-game assets and transactions.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are an important tech stack for web 3.0 gaming platform development. With this, the developers can automate transactions, voting, in-game assets buying and selling, etc.

Node Providers

With Node providers' help, it is easy to transfer in-game information within the blockchain network. The Nodes or web3 networks play an important role in interacting with the smart contracts and enhance the overall working of the web3 game platforms.

Media Standards

In today’s world, for a game to work efficiently, it is vital to handle files in various media files of different formats. Media file standards such as HD audio, video, texts, and other formats need support from the web3 game platform. Using high-class media standards ensures the smooth running of the web 3.0 gaming platform.

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Crypto Wallets

Unlike traditional games, crypto wallet development is a vital part of the web 3.0 gaming platforms. Where the players are looking for a safe place to store the NFTs or game token bought or earned digital assets while playing games.

XR Hardware

To take players' gaming experience to the next level, web 3.0 games need next-level hardware tools such as 3D glasses, haptic gloves, earbuds, sensors, etc. When it comes to playing metaverse games, integrating these new-age hardware tools is a must for enhancing the players' gaming experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Web3 Game?

The average cost to develop a Web3 game is 75000 USD. However, web3 game development costing might go up depending on various factors mentioned below. For this reason, it is hard to provide an exact cost to make a web3 game.

Factors on which Web3 Game Development Cost Depends:

When you are getting in touch with the web3 game development company, the game design document (GDD) is an important document that defines the functionality and scope of the game. This document will set the path for your game development processes that the web3 game development company follows to build and design your game. With that being said, let us have a look at the factors that directly affect the cost of web 3.0 game development:

Web 3.0 Game Features

Web 3.0 game features, UI/UX design, and game interface play a major role in the project's overall cost. Important web 3.0 game features such as chat, voice call, character, in-game assets, etc. Depending upon what features you plan to add to your web3 game, the development cost will vary according to the complexity of the platform.

Development Team

The next vital factor that plays a major role in the cost of web3 games is whether you are opting to hire a freelance or in-house development team. With an in-house development team, you are sure about the confidentiality of your project, although the overall development cost might be high. With a freelance development team, preferably in locations like India, you can develop a web3 game for half the development cost. If you are worried about confidentiality, it is best to sign a non-disclosure agreement to avoid any risk.

The Complexity of Web 3.0 Game

The functionality and complexity of the web3 game and its features play a crucial role in the development cost. Not only cost but also these factors play a major role in determining the overall time needed to complete the gaming project.

Single or Multiplayer Game

The development cost of the web3 game also depends upon whether you are planning to build a single or multiplayer game. In a single-player web3 game, the developers only need to focus on game features, character, game design, and storyline. However, in multiplayer games, in addition to game features, a developer needs to pay greater attention to in-game interaction between players of different regions and connectivity.

Development Method

The next factor that plays a major role in web3 game development is whether you are going for scratch development or Whitelabel solutions. Scratch development is a time taking process and thus involves a huge investment. However, with Whitelabel web3 game solutions, you can add new features to the game and improvise it to reduce the overall development time and cost of the web3 game project.

Web 3.0 Game Development Services We Provide:

Web3 Game Development

Hire our web3 game development experts for your web3 game project and leverage their expertise to launch your web3 game project.

Web3 Game Design

Our web3 game experts will design the game, in-game assets, and tokens to ensure that your web3 game project will meet all your specific requirements and be a huge success.

Web3 Game Testing

We follow rigorous testing methodologies to ensure that your web3 game project is completely bug-free and flawless.

Web3 Game Marketing

With our web3 game development and marketing services, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our team follows proven marketing methodologies to ensure that your web3 game reaches a wider target audience to make it a success.

Web3 Game Consultation

Our expert will listen to your web3 game idea and provide you with the right tech-stack and development tools needed for your project.

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Web3 Gaming is the Future!

Although there are still doubts about the viability of the web3 games as the blockchain and web3 technologies are relatively new. But, one thing that is certain about the web3 gaming projects is that they are here to revolutionize the game sector forever, as we know. With web3 gaming development companies worldwide are collaborating to create a bigger and self-sustaining ecosystem. It is for sure that web3 games are here to stay for a longer duration.

With attractive web3 gaming models like P2E and P&E, entrepreneurs expect to grab the lion’s share in this growing market. Thus, it is an ideal time for budding investors to jump to the web3 game development wagon and dip their toes into the profitable business idea. With a reliable web3 game development partner like Suffescom, you are assured that your web3 game project will be a huge success.

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