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STEPN Like Marketplace: Make Your Steps Count

Build and launch an M2E fitness game with our STEPN clone app script embedded with top-class features that will take your business to heights of success. Hire our talented professionals and develop a mesmerizing move to earn app that lets your users earn rewards through running, dancing, jogging, etc.

Whitelabel STEPN App Solutions

STEPN clone app development is a ready-made solution that delivers features and functionalities similar to the STEPN Web3 lifestyle app. A 100% customized solution ensures the integration of features as per your business requirements. Our whitelabel STEPN app is a ready-to-develop, cost-effective solution that lets you explore market opportunities in less time.

Suffescom Solutions Inc., a leading STEPN clone development company, has designed and developed solutions for P2E gaming platforms, NFT marketplaces, customized crypto wallet development, and Web3 platforms & apps. Our 150+ blockchain developers have extensive knowledge of multiple blockchain platforms on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Hyperledger Fabric Sawtooth, EOS, Credits, Neo, etc.

Use Case Of STEPN Clone App Development

Our move to earn app like STEPN, has a terrific use case. Moreover, our STEPN clone app script offers reward-earning opportunities for users.

  • Pick A Sneaker

    Allow users to choose a sneaker that fits their fitness level. You can add various categories of shoes like walkers, joggers, runners, and trainers with GPS trackers. Once the user chooses a sneaker, a detailed page defining quality, efficiency, comfort, and resilience will appear.

  • Burning Energy

    After selecting a sneaker, users can move outdoors to burn energy and earn handsome rewards.

  • Compute Energy

    With a GPS tracker, users can easily measure energy. Like, the STEPN app shows two signals - red and green. To earn rewards, allow your users to run within the green zone.

  • Inspect Earnings

    The next step is checking and sharing your earnings on social media accounts. Finally, allow your users to earn more rewards to obtain efficient sneakers.

Use Cases of Stepn Clone App Development

Essential Components Of STEPN Clone Platform

Our move to earn platform is setting benchmarks, allowing businesses to earn massive money in crypto. With our STEPN clone components, get ready to build a robust platform that will help you gain popularity across generations.

  • Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain Technology

    STEPN like app, uses blockchain to build SocialFi & GameFi platforms. It stores transactional records in blocks with public, private & hybrid networking, providing businesses with a secure, decentralized, and immutable experience.

  • NFT Marketplace

    NFT Marketplace

    STEPN clone platform involves virtual buying, selling, and renting of shoes to track users’ steps. The ultimate feature of the platform cannot be achieved without the Whitelabel NFT marketplace. It keeps users' shoes secured with blockchain technology token standards.

  • Smart Contract

    Smart Contract

    Smart contracts simplify business and trade between two parties without any middleman. Embedded with predefined conditions, it enables users to fulfill transactions, allowing the asset to be transferred to the buyer on the STEPN platform in exchange for tokens.

  • Crypto Wallet

    Crypto Wallet

    NFT transactions occur through crypto wallets, making it a mandatory feature of STEPN clone development. It allows users to buy and sell GST & GMT tokens that help mint their sneakers, upgrade them, and access exclusive game content.

  • Tokens


    Tokens help in creating a unique identity for every asset. You can create your business name token, such as STEPN, and use GST and GMT tokens to fulfill needs like buying, selling, repairing, leveling up, etc.

  • GPS


    Our STEPN clone is backed with GPS trackers to help users track steps based on selected sneakers and show results in red and green signals. Green defines everything is going well, and red signals ask for improvement.

User Based Functions In STEPN Clone App

The perks of the STEPN clone can be accessed by downloading the app from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store. After signing up, a 12-word secret code is generated, which is helpful for account recovery in case the user forgets the password. With Apple Pay, users will buy SPARK or transfer GMT tokens to their in-app wallet to purchase sneakers. The availability of the filter tools helps them pick sneakers of their choice. After a successful purchase, the energy is reinstated at 25% every 6 hours, allowing users to resume their journey.

  • Download The Stepn App
  • Verification Code To Sign Up
  • Wallet Creation
  • Purchase SPARK
  • Transfer GMT
  • Purchase Stuff - Sneakers and Shoes

Game-Fi Elements In Our STEPN Clone App

Explore the fantastic Game-Fi elements of our STEPN clone that amplifies the gameplay experience. Engage your users with earning rewards/ mystery boxes and customized sneakers for increased business growth.

Game Modes

Make walking fun with the option of choosing different styles, sneaker types, comfort, efficiency, etc.

  • Solo Modes
  • Moonwalking
  • GPS Signal
4 Main Factors For GST/GMT

GST/GMT tokens are paid to users for every minute of movement, aiding in minting new sneakers.

  • Type of Sneaker
  • Sneaker’s Efficiency/Comfort Attribute
  • Speed of Movement
Mystery Box

Possesses minting scrolls, gems that help enhance the sneaker's characteristics.

  • Contains GST
  • Contains GEMs
  • Luck Value Of Sneaker
Marathon Mode

Allow participation in weekly/monthly marathons for more elevated running experience.

  • Weekly Marathon
  • Monthly Marathon
  • Set Goal
Dual Token Model

Dual tokens like GST and GMT motivate the participants to reach their fitness goals.

  • Green Metaverse Token
  • Green Satoshi Token
  • Upgrade Gems & NFT Sneakers
Leaderboard Rewards

Participants of the marathon are ranked and, based on that, receive rewards.

  • Gold NFT Badge
  • Silver NFT Badge
  • Bronze NFT Badge
Gems and Sockets

Allows users to unlock the Gem sockets after their sneakers reach beyond a level.

  • Gem Types and Level
  • Socket Types and Quality
  • Rainbow Gems and Socket

Takes place when a participant uses two sneakers to "breed" with and instantly receives a shoebox.

  • Dynamic Minting Costs
  • Shoe-Minting Variation
  • Minting Scroll
Social-Fi Elements and Systems

Allows users to personalize their sneakers by burning GST/GMT/NFT tokens.

  • Sneaker Customization
  • Inventory System
  • VIP System
Web3 development firm

Launch STEPN Like Marketplace

Hire our skilled experts to develop a STEPN like marketplace where users will trade and rent their NFT gems, sneakers, and earn badges. Our move to earn app like STEPN, has an in-built sort and filter attribute that aids in seamless navigation. The add-on feature includes a rental and a credit system. Connect with our experts and kickstart your STEPN clone development journey!

Features Of Our STEPN Clone App

Explore the fantastic features of our move to earn app like STEPN and tap into the era of modern fitness.

  • Tokenomics

    For fundraising and utility, STEPN offers dual tokens, i.e., GST (approx 6bn) & GMT (unlimited), to earn rewards.

  • Tax And Fee System
    Tax And Fee System

    Allows access to in-app activities like royalty, platform, and shoe-minting/rental under different tax rates.

  • Governance & Ecosystem Fund
    Governance & Ecosystem Fund

    Builds global STEPN ecosystem by collecting taxes channeled into treasury pools and unlocks 0.3% (=1.8Mn)/month of the total supply.

  • Decentralized Wallet
    Decentralized Wallet

    Allows swap/trade and liquidity functions on ETH, BNB, and SOL blockchains with a secure backup option.

  • Decentralized Exchange
    Decentralized Exchange

    With DOOAR DEX, the swap takes 1% trading fees and offers liquidity to GMT/USDC and GST/USDC pairs.

  • Carbon Offsetting
    Carbon Offsetting

    Allows users to contribute their GST earnings in exchange for fiat and is donated towards carbon credit burning.

  • Fusion System
    Fusion System

    The fusion system permits the user to enhance the 4 base attributes of the sneakers by burning the sneaker.

  • Anti-Cheating System
    Anti-Cheating System

    Prevents cheating in the game through motion sensor & health data, desensitized GPS data, and SMAC.

  • HP System
    HP System

    HP attribute helps users move when their energy, comfort level, and sneaker quality get decayed.

Skyrocket Your Business Growth With Our STEPN Clone Development

Collaborate with our smart team and build a fantastic STEPN clone app with top-tier features to amplify your business growth to the optimum level. Connect with our experts and transform your dreams into reality.

Tech Stack Covered In STEPN Clone

Launch M2E Fitness Game with outstanding technological stacks, making your STEPN like app extremely robust, secure, and scalable.

Web3 development firm
Programming Language For Backend MEAN or PHP | Solidity
Tools Android Studio(Latest Version)
Language Java/Kotlin (Updated Language)
Web Service REST API's
Web Service Format JSON Format
Database Mongo, Back end database (MySql)
SQLite local database Room local database
Design Unity 3D for graphics
Responsive All browsers & Devices

Why Hire Suffescom For STEPN Clone App Development

We have the experience and expertise to deliver top-tier STEPN Clone App Development services. We have already developed complex blockchain technology projects for NFT, Gaming, and crypto launchpads that are grabbing a great chunk of market profits.

  • NFT Marketplace Development

    Our experts have the experience to develop a customized NFT marketplace. We can easily provide you with any special feature in your ready-to-launch STEPN platform that you need.

  • Customized Token Standards Development

    Our customized token development services build our separate identity, among others. You can ask our experts for any requirement; we are ready to fulfill them.

  • Crypto Wallet

    Whether you are looking for a customized wallet or a ready-made solution, we have a solution to meet all your needs.

  • Blockchain Expertise

    We have 6+ years of experience in blockchain development and have 150+ dedicated blockchain experts who have the potential to handle any technology to build your solution.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

    We are just one call away from handling customer queries. You can approach us anytime with your questions or issues during development.

  • On-time Project Delivery

    We adopt agile methodologies that help us deliver the project within the decided timeline without hampering the quality.

FAQs About STEPN Clone App Development

  • What Is Spark in STEPN?

    SPARK credits equal the points purchased via Apple PAY, where each credit holds $0.1 USD.

    How to Earn STEPN Spark?

    SPARK credits are purchased by registering your card on Apple Pay.

  • How To Develop STEPN Clone?

    STEPN clone development involves either a whitelabel solution or developing everything from scratch. The process includes requirement gathering, analysis, development/design, testing, and launch.

    What Is Whitelabel STEPN Clone?

    Whitelabel STEPN clone possesses all the qualities of the original STEPN app developed at affordable prices.

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