Custom Private Blockchain Development Solutions | Private Blockchain Development Company

Custom Private Blockchain Development Solutions | Private Blockchain Development Company

By Suffescom Solutions

March 30, 2023

Custom Private Blockchain Development Solutions | Private Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain as a technology is not new to the masses. It has gained significant popularity over the past few years. The concept of decentralization is quite interesting and holds up to people’s expectations. As a big world, the Internet is susceptible to hacking, and there have been various instances where it has acted as a threat to data security. There is absolutely no data privacy. On the other hand, the blockchain has grabbed so much attention because it provides security and transparency that existing models could not offer.

Blockchain also has several classes based on the functionalities it provides. These are public, private, hybrid, and consortium blockchains. Majorly, public and private blockchains are in great demand. Both have their pros and cons, and depending upon that, the selection is performed. A public blockchain is entirely permissionless, whereas a private blockchain authenticates permissions before joining the network.

Before understanding public blockchain, let’s draw a comparison between the two.

Comparison Between The Public And Private Blockchain Network

Public Blockchain NetworkPrivate Blockchain Network
Permissionless BlockchainPermissioned Blockchain
DecentralizedMore Centralized
Lesser transactions per secondMore transactions per second
Aware of the network actorsUnaware of the network actors
More energy consumptionLess energy consumption
More data securityLess data security
Consensus algorithms used (proof of work, proof of stake )Consensus algorithms used (Proof of Elapsed Time, Raft)

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is the top-notch Private Blockchain Development Company that provides its clients with splendid private blockchain development solutions. The private blockchain development services we offer have catered to several startups and large enterprises to develop decentralized applications with tip-top security standards.

Understanding Private Blockchain

Private blockchain, as the word signifies, is built and used by private organizations. Various companies are required to optimize their business operations and don’t want unnecessary users to join their networks. Simply for that purpose, a private blockchain is framed. A private blockchain is not concerned with the high-grade security that a public blockchain possesses. But still, for a seamless and no interference kind of feature, this blockchain was made. Security is actually not a point of concern, but what matters is the transactions per second that are slightly more than the usual blockchain network. Another thing, in a private blockchain network, the transactions are free of cost, and most importantly, the owner has to take control of the node fleet.

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Need For Private Blockchain Implementation

There is a lot of confusion surrounding using a private blockchain if there is already a public blockchain network. Their availability is majorly at the enterprise-level applications such as healthcare, legal, supply chain management, and more. Here are a few pointers that categorically explain why there is a need for a public blockchain network.

Energy Efficiency

The minting of coins results in heavy energy emissions, which is unsafe for the environment.

On the other hand, in the private blockchain, there are pre-minted coins that prevent emission.


The cryptocurrencies in the blockchain are susceptible to risk. Some days the prices go up, and sometimes the prices go down. In a private blockchain, the concerned organization offers the regulation that makes it less volatile.

Legitimate Activities

As all the network members are a part of the organization, and there is no access to data/network to unknown individuals, this calls for legitimate activities. Authorized persons can acquire access to the platform.

Authorizing Enterprises

The only involvement of the enterprises in exchanging information and payment transactions is the sole reason behind entitling the businesses. The ultimate goal is to amplify the all-inclusive growth of the company in terms of generating massive sales and profits. That’s how enterprise blockchain platform development comes into play.

Blockchain Logic Customization

In a public blockchain, the data changes when all the members control 51% of the nodes. But in the case of the private blockchain, this percentage can be changed due to the customization feature that enables data modification at any point.

Advantages Related To The Private Blockchain Development

A private blockchain is a kind of network with numerous benefits, a few of which are discussed below;


The proper utilization of smart contract development helps eliminate manual labor. The staff that is hired to perform the tasks is replaced by the programs. So, the amount invested in paying fees to them is considerably reduced. Overall, the operational cost is lesser. Moreover, the transactions taking place in the private blockchain network are significantly lesser.


The throughput value in the private blockchain is generally higher. This means a large number of files can be transferred in a given period. It is because permission needs not to be taken from all the node members. This is a salient requirement of the entreprises, which is completely fulfilled by this blockchain.


Private blockchains are compatible with diverse blockchain networks. There is no issue whatsoever in building a connection between the poles apart blockchain. Even the data transmission between the different blockchains is entirely seamless.


There is proper control of a private blockchain on the overall infrastructure. If the enterprises feel like altering the rules or standards in any way, they have that power. So, the transactions can be very well balanced and modified at the same time without any hassle.

Cryptographic Auditing

There is no scope for modifying the data. In a public blockchain, the data in each block is modified considerably, but in the case of the private blockchain, there is no way that the data can be altered. Only the policies and regulations of the organization need to be followed.


Data privacy is the prime feature of the private blockchain. As it is restricted to a particular organization, the information is more likely to be kept private as there is no interference from unknown users. Only members are a part of the network that holds any ownership or are concerned in any way with that enterprise. Here, the identity of the users is revealed, which is not the case in the public blockchain network.

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Private Blockchain Development Process

The following steps will help you create a private blockchain network. After that, private blockchain development solutions can be implemented according to the industries involved.

Selecting The Framework

Firstly, one needs to consider whether or not the private blockchain needs to be built on the existing blockchain. If not, choose the blockchain framework that suits your needs. It could be either EVM-based, Substrate, Cosmos, or forking an already available protocol.

Building The Core Logic

The logic private blockchain requires building the core logic is extremely important. The already existing logic is modified, then the consensus algorithm is developed, followed by creating pallets, permission module selection, fixing the transaction fees, file storage alternative, enhancing the header information, and more.

Logic Development

Once you figure out the core blockchain logic, it's the right time to perform the development operations. It includes hosting a test network, finalizing the file storage path, building the genesis key store, choosing the number of nodes, API integration, etc.


After the successful development process, the test network is launched. The working of the crypto faucets can be checked; even the wallets, and SDKs, need to be checked with the help of the monitoring tools. The testing phase involves the connectivity problems, examining the integrations, scalability checks, assessing the performance, etc.

Launching The Test Network

The successful testing of the private blockchain network leads to the launching of the network. It is free from all the problems solved in the testing stage. After that, the wallet and faucets are integrated into the mainnet. This culminates the whole private blockchain development process.

Custom Private Blockchain Development Solutions

As a successful blockchain development company, we have been in the IT industry for over 13 years. More specifically, in blockchain, we have 5.5+ years of experience, and in this time span, we have built high-class blockchain apps as per the client's needs. Our core competency lies in developing applications from scratch or customizing features in the already existing blockchain systems. We have provided fully tailored Private Blockchain Development Solutions in fields like real estate, healthcare, education, gaming, ecommerce, retail, finance, etc.

Have a look at some of the high-rate private blockchain development solutions!

Real Estate

The real estate domain deals with the automatic ownership transference between the buyer and the seller when particular conditions are met. Our superior blockchain solutions for real estate have everything from data encryption of the marketplace to improved pre-purchasing techniques, automated verification, and uncovering sales transactions related to land and limiting the role of third parties.


Our hard-core financing solutions encompass quality platforms for banks with respect to risk management, customer assistance in the form of RPA, loan management in the case of P2P lending, and even SME lending. There is also an ease of money transference within or across the border in a secure environment.


Our blockchain experts will develop a secure private blockchain in healthcare network that effortlessly safeguards the patient's information. The most common problem faced in the healthcare industry is the irregular supply and tracking of medicines. This private blockchain network helps various pharma companies effectively manage their logistics part.


Our outstanding private blockchain development solutions are advantageous for the gaming realm. The availability of transparent transactions with improved security protects against attacks, threats, cheating, system collapse, etc. Our solutions are capable enough to validate virtual items, in-game assets, and gaming history, along with secure trading of assets.

E-Commerce &Retail

Our personalized Retail & E-Commerce blockchain solutions have assisted retailers in verifying the products in lesser time. The transactions that take place are perfectly safe, which raises data proficiency. Our ecommerce blockchain networks are integrated with useful features for crypto-based payments, custodial data access, product quality, inventory tracking, etc.

Cost Involved In A Private Blockchain Development Process

The private blockchain development process depends on various factors. The exact value cannot be gauged as the cost may vary depending upon the realm where the private blockchain development solutions need to be executed. The supreme elements that impact the cost of building a private blockchain network are shown below;

  • Project Characteristics
  • Development Process
  • Project Complications
  • Location Of The Development Firm
  • Integrated Features
  • Workforce Cost
  • Third party tools
  • UX/UI Interface

These are some of the predominant factors that can influence the costing of the project.

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Suffescom Solutions Inc. : Your Supreme Blockchain Partner!

We have been in the business for a decade now. We have worked with some largest enterprises and partnered with amazing brands. Our blockchain experts have substantial work experience in the relevant domain.

As an ideal Private Blockchain Development Company, we have built several blockchain applications/platforms and implemented dynamic private blockchain development solutions to meet clients' demands. Our ultimate objective is to provide a broad set of blockchain services to offer end-to-end solutions.

Based On The Following Reasons, Choose Us For Your Blockchain-Based Projects!

Experienced Professionals

Our blockchain specialists have adequate knowledge about the blockchain consensus algorithms such as Proof of Concepts, Direct Acyclic Graph, and certified developers for Enterprise Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger, Polkadot, and more.

Problem Solvers

We are great problem solvers as we listen to the issues that the clients are facing and then lead them to the appropriate solutions. We have a separate team of blockchain strategists that formulates the strategies and sort out the real root cause.

High-Tech Security

We follow top-class security elements and implement the finest practices so that security is not harmed at any level. We provide our clients with ultra-secure developed platforms so that there are no chances of any cyber attack.

Quality Project Delivery

We are fast in our approach while delivering projects on time. But the main thing is that the quality is not compromised at any level. Our solid teamwork, excellent practices, and great communication are the key factors that are accountable for maintaining the quality of the project.

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