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How To Build A Decentralized E-commerce Platform?

By Suffescom Solutions

February 20, 2024

How To Build A Decentralized E-commerce Platform?

Decentralized E-commerce platforms have become a new norm in the digital world. These platforms are loaded with advanced features and functionalities for the safety and security of users' data.

Building a platform with the state of the art that works for low transaction fees & a user-driven experience can help to achieve unmatchable business opportunities. Unlike traditional platforms, decentralized e-commerce platforms help to resolve ongoing business operations and make a business a trustworthy platform in the modern era.

You are at the right place if you plan to build a decentralized platform that ensures 100% data security and enhances business transaction speed at a low cost. Here, we will discuss in detail the benefits of a decentralized platform and how you can build it.

Let's scroll more and understand the potential & building scenario of the eCommerce industry for betterment.

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Why Build A Decentralized E-commerce Platform?

The advantages of building an online marketing platform on the customized blockchain are clear to almost everyone. Let's spread light once again.

  • Secured Transactions
  • Easy Procedural
  • Efficient Provide Chain
  • Real-Time Chase
  • Seamless Purchase Expertise
  • Customer Privacy
  • Loyalty Reward Programs
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Reasonable Value Worth
  • Flawless Logistic And Transportation Management

Blockchain In E-commerce

Blockchain technology has already paved the way for modern businesses with whole new revenue-generating opportunities.

E-commerce is one of the leading platforms that modify the country's economy and let it outshine, irrespective of the circumstances. But from time to time, the platform faces certain challenges and issues related to data safety. Their blockchain technology helps to make every trading transparent, unchanged with the network and helps to trace back dealing details.

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The anonymous feature of blockchain technology keeps the information safe and untouchable by authorities. The extensive features and functionalities such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and more allow owners to understand customers' tastes and preferences. Accordingly, businesses offer attractive offers to drive leads and sales. Adopting Blockchain technology in e-commerce platforms also ensures a secure payment gateway to sell your digital assets and get money in customized crypto wallets.

The ultimate approach of blockchain technology keeps the eCommerce business-enhancing and expanding.

Various Blockchains Technologies To Build Decentralized E-commerce Platform

There are various blockchain technologies available in the market that make your eCommerce platform a perfect fit option. These technologies enable faster transaction speed, low processing time, and affordable charge services. The top-rated blockchain technologies to build your decentralized platform are:

  • Ethereum
  • Hyper-ledger
  • Polygon
  • Polkadot
  • Solana
  • Corda

How to Build a Decentralized E-Commerce Platform?

Now you have enough knowledge about a decentralized E-commerce platform, now it's time to build a platform. Here we have a few brief steps that will be discussed in detail during the development process.

  1. Find out your business purpose and scope of project development
  2. Build a proof of concept to understand project layout & technical feasibility.
  3. Team build for project planning and design
  4. Product launch and release
  5. Final product marketing is essential.

Let's dig deep into the blockchain eCommerce marketplace development process;

1. Gather Business Requirement Information

The first step is to define your functional and business requirements for a decentralized eCommerce marketplace. For this, you can divide the task into small fractions. For instance, you want to use open-source code, peer-to-peer transactions, zero-commission transactions charges, or more. You need to focus on open-source code that creates peer-to-peer transactions at the lowest possible cost. Your selected blockchain technology can make online secured, transparent, and efficient payment processing.

2. Design Your Market Ecosystem

There is a need to set specific rules about the NFT platform or other eCommerce platforms for registration and effective buying and selling worldwide. To enjoy the ultimate advantages of shopping from anywhere, make sure your platform should be embedded with a less complicated ecosystem, where users can trade without any restrictions. Otherwise, users will skip your platform and plan to access the marketplace.

3. Plan Accomplish Architecture

The next step is to define your business architecture, it could be a little daunting task as you have to decide between the market server and transactions server for enhanced security. For this, you will need an experienced blockchain developer's opinion. Our developers at Suffescom solutions are ready with our blockchain consultancy services before building. It will help you to take the best industry platform advantages.

4. Design User Interface

Your eCommerce platform interface should be clean and user-friendly. Your users can get information and navigate through the platform easily. The web or app interface should be responsive and easy to adopt, irrespective of the screen size. You can catch our designing team, which creates Minimal Viable products before building a final version of the platform. You can ask for amendments to make it a convenient choice for your users.

5. Create API Integration Specs

Developing API integration is an important part of an eCommerce platform. It helps to add customer-focused features that make the platform convenient to use. The API integration includes data type, response format, response code, and mode that make it capable of automatic task completion and allow users to enjoy multiple cloud platforms. Considering the right type of API, businesses can develop faster, better, and at a lower-cost platform.

6. Test The Market Back-end Process

It is important to focus on eCommerce platforms' back-end process. Testing helps you to find whether every piece of code is functioning properly or not. It also helps you to fund bugs - manually and via the system. Our team conducts precise testing of every software and coding to ensure everything is functioning properly or not. We have a team of dedicated project developers who only work on testing segments. If the error is found, prompt actions are taken by the team to make a trustworthy and bugs-free platform.

7. Test Front-end Functionality

In a decentralized eCommerce store, another crucial step is to go with front-end testing. This testing defines the real-time experience of how the users will interact with your platform. Therefore to make a friction-less experience, blockchain experts start by conducting purchase item testing. From downloading apps to registration, in cart items verification, resolving address issues, and making payments. Everything is verified by testing developers on your platform.

8. Deploy Your Platform

You need to launch your platform by confirming only two factors at this stage. The first is to check the internet connection. It enables smooth machine functioning on nodes that ensure autonomous peers in the marketplace. Secondly, you need to be sure that your nides can verify ownership of ERC721 tokens (in the case of the NFT marketplace).

Still, if you have a query regarding decentralized NFT marketplace development, reach us NOW!

How Much Will it Cost to Build a Decentralized eCommerce Platform?

The cost of building a decentralized e-commerce platform is based on several factors - features, functionality, blockchain technology adoption, smart contract building, APIs integration, analytics power, and more. Every step adds value to your project but increases the business budget too. Normally, decentralized eCommerce platform cost ranges from $70000 to $120000. To know things in detail, you can also approach our experts, who have a complete picture of eCommerce decentralized project development.

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Final Thoughts!

Hope you got an answer to every query on how to build a decentralized e-commerce store. Remember, a Decentralized eCommerce store is the industry's future to provide decentralized information available for all but in a secured manner.

As the blockchain is soaring high and it's the right time to jump on the bandwagon. We have the right combination of technologies, designers & developers at Suffescom Solutions, who have developed imbued decentralized eCommerce marketplace, meeting all your business purposes.

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